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Pakistan’s dictatorial past hovers around the demonic local body polls 28.3.2015 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
Who would have thought that one day someone in a responsible post would ask the members of an elected National Assembly to learn ‘democratic’ ways, as far as the local body elections were concerned, from General Ziaul Haq.  Uproar followed the sudden and out of place reference to the most ‘beneficent’ of all the dictators Pakistan has had to deal with in the last six ...
APML to contest LB elections 23.3.2015 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
KARACHI - Predicting 2015 year of mid-term election former military ruler Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf  on Saturday announce to contest Local bodies’ election.  Addressing the AMPL meeting in a local hotel of Karachi, former President was of the view that the country is heading towards destruction and the only good politics can save Pakistan. “My preference is still Pakistan and ...
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Altaf should improve MQM’s tainted image: Musharraf 19.3.2015 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
Karachi- Former president Pervez Musharraf has urged MQM chief Altaf Hussain to take steps to improve the tainted image of his party, which has often been associated with violence, killings and extortion. In an interview, he said that no political party should be allowed to possess weapons and ammunitions, which remain the domain of security institutions. The former president said that the ...
Pak court issues bailable arrest warrant against Musharraf 10.3.2015 Hindustan Times: World
A court on Tuesday issued a bailable arrest warrant against former Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf for continuously staying away from the hearing in the murder case of Lal Masjid cleric Ghazi Abdul ...
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PML-N clean sweeps in Punjab 5.3.2015 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
Lahore- As many as 11 Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) candidates today won the Senate election from Punjab, while at least two from Islamabad. PML-N won all 11 seats of Punjab in the Senate. Raja Zaharul Haq won the technocrat seat while Professor Sajid Meer won cleric seat. Begum Najma Hameed and Ayesha Raza won the election on women seats. On the general seats, PML-N’s ...
Mush asks GB people to vote for ‘third force’ 1.3.2015 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
ISLAMABAD - Stressing the need of a third political force in the country APML chairman and former president Gen(r) Pervez Musharraf has said that both PML-N and PPP disappointed the masses during their successive rule in the country and also caused irreparable damage to the democratic order through their faulty policies. Addressing a convention on Gilgit-Baltistan organised here in Islamabad on ...
Why slogans of change are more rhetorical than actual in Pakistan 22.2.2015 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
‘Change’: an attractive term, which can easily fascinate the gullible ones into blind following and force the tougher ones to question their inclinations, if not totally abandon them. But the term ‘change’ is as evasive as it is old, as applied to cultural, social and political settings. Slogan of change is ominous, threatening to the existing social setups and has the ...
At His Villa, Pakistan's Musharraf Awaits Trial And Holds Court 18.2.2015 NPR News
Pakistan's former military ruler, Pervez Musharraf, faces charges of treason and murder. But in an interview with NPR, he says he has no regrets about returning to his homeland to face trial.
ISI-RAW fighting since independence must stop now: Musharraf 13.2.2015 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
Islamabad- Pervez Musharraf, the former Pakistani military ruler accused of sheltering and supporting the Taliban after 2001, has called for an end to the backing of militant “proxies” in Afghanistan. In an interview with the Guardian, Musharraf admitted that when he was in power, Pakistan sought to undermine the government of former Afghan president Hamid Karzai because Karzai had ...
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ISI cultivated Taliban to counter Indian interests: Musharraf 13.2.2015 New Kerala: World News
Read Full story of 'ISI cultivated Taliban to counter Indian interests: Musharraf' at
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Musharraf: Pakistan and India's backing for 'proxies' in Afghanistan must stop 13.2.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page

In interview with the Guardian, former Pakistan president voices his support for Ashraf Ghani and hints that he cultivated the Taliban

Pervez Musharraf, the former Pakistani military ruler accused of sheltering and supporting the Taliban after 2001, has called for an end to the backing of militant “proxies” in Afghanistan.

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A tale of two absurdities: the ridiculous policies of North Korea and Turkmenistan 10.2.2015 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
I have lost count of the arguments I've seen coming from people trying to establish the worse form of government: atheistic or theistic. The strangest thing that I have observed is that religionists, mostly Muslims, seem to support atheistic leaders like Stalin, even more than atheists, themselves. This really does strike a chord, doesn’t it? I mean it definitely weren’t the atheists ...
The Poverty of Pakistani Ideology | Jacobin 29.1.2015 Delicious popular
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A democracy’s defense 27.1.2015 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
Ever since Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf began its dharnas in mid-August, there has been a massive influx of opinions, a shift in loyalties and a confusion of concepts in the Pakistani people. There are various categories and explanations and interpretations of what has become one of the most controversial buzzword of Pakistani politics: democracy. There are many analysts and politicians whose ...
21st-century censorship : Columbia Journalism Review 5.1.2015 Delicious popular
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The fascist state of Pakistan 2.1.2015 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
The Oxford dictionary defines fascism as “an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization”. It is a system the world has put measures against since the end of WWII. There are laws that keep it at bay, such as making it illegal to deny the holocaust, of the countries that ban genocide denial, a number were perpetrators themselves.  In ...
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Amin Fahim not upset with PPP: Khrushid Shah 20.12.2014 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
KARACHI- Khurshid Shah, opposition leader and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader, Saturday claimed that Amin Fahim a senior PPP leader is not upset with the party. The sources said that Amin Fahim had met with the former military ruler General (retd) Pervez Musharraf a few days ago. They further said that Fahim is not happy with PPP leadership over nominating Sherry Rehman as vice ...
The wild swing between True Democracy and True Caliphate 13.12.2014 Nation : Last Twenty Four Hours News
If you were struggling to achieve true democracy, you would assume that you would stand for nothing less than the achievement of principles of fundamental rights, individual freedom and a representative form of government. However, what if you were not able to achieve all this by winning an election? Would you abandon these principles?   You cannot blame most people in Pakistan for ...
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