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‘Bioacoustics’: Google aims AI at whales, words and well-being 29.1.2020 Raw Story
Google on Tuesday provided a look at efforts to put artificial intelligence to use for good, from protecting whales to breaking language barriers. The internet giant unveiled projects on AI work teams a week after Google chief executive Sundar Pichai urged a “proportional approach” to regulating the technology. Among demonstrations on Tuesday was a “bioacoustics” […]
A rare species of ‘glass frogs’ reappear in Bolivia after 18 years 28.1.2020 Raw Story
A rare species of frog native to the eastern slopes of the Bolivian Andes has been spotted in the South American country for the first time in 18 years, the investigation team that made the discovery told AFP. The Bolivian Cochran frog is notable for its transparent belly, leading to its nickname, the “glass frog”. […]
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Editorial: Newsom's delta tunnel plan could work — but only as part of a more comprehensive water effort 26.1.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Gov. Gavin Newsom's single delta tunnel will work only if he learns from his predecessor's twin-tunnels mistakes.

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Are you in danger of catching the coronavirus? 5 questions answered 25.1.2020 Raw Story
Editor’s note: The Chinese government has quarantined Wuhan, a port city of 11 million people, and it has restricted travel to and from several other cities, including Beijing, to contain the coronavirus that has sickened more than 800 people and killed at least 25 as of Jan. 23, 2020. A case has been reported in […]
U.S. seeks to limit emotional support critters on planes 23.1.2020 LA Times: Business

The days of passengers bringing rabbits, turtles and birds on airplanes as support animals could be ending. Trained dogs get the seal of approval.

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Stoneflies and mayflies, canaries of our streams 22.1.2020 Raw Story
Experienced anglers recognize that for a trout, the ultimate “steak dinner” is a stonefly or mayfly. That’s why fly fishing enthusiasts will go to extreme lengths to imitate these graceful, elegant and fragile insects. I share their passion, but for different reasons. As a an entomologist who has studied stoneflies and mayflies for over 40 […]
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Endangered humpback chub fish on upswing in Colorado River basin, federal officials say 22.1.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
An endangered fish found in the Colorado River basin is on the upswing, federal officials said Tuesday as they proposed reclassifying the humpback chub as threatened.
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‘They’re not dead’: Falling iguana alert in Florida amid cold snap 22.1.2020 Raw Story
Green iguanas are considered a nuisance in Florida, where they are blamed for causing considerable damage to everything from seawalls to sidewalks — not to mention menacing endangered butterflies and snails. But the invasive species may have met their match in an unusual cold snap which sent thermometers plummeting in Florida, rendering the cold-blooded reptiles […]
Threatened and endangered species among the animals hard by Australia’s bushfires 20.1.2020 Raw Story
Australia’s bushfires have burned more than half the known habitat of 100 threatened plants and animals, including 32 critically endangered species, the government said Monday. Wildlife experts worry that more than a billion animals have perished in the unprecedented wave of bushfires that have ravaged eastern and southern Australia for months. Twenty-eight people died in […]
Scientists seek rare species survivors in wake of Australia wildfires 19.1.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Australia’s unprecedented wildfire season has so far killed — by one estimate — more than a billion wild animals. Scientists fear some of the island continent’s unique and colorful species may not recover. For others, they are trying to throw lifelines.
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With David Bernhardt running Trump’s Interior Dept, former corporate clients are lavishing tens of millions in new lobby spending 17.1.2020 Raw Story
“The corruption is absolutely shameless.” More than a dozen former lobbying clients of Interior Secretary David Bernhardt have spent nearly $30 million convincing the Trump administration to do the bidding of the fossil fuel industry, according to a new report by Public Citizen. The government watchdog released its study, entitled “Bernhardt Buddies,” on Thursday after […]
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Trump Has Suspended Nearly 50 Laws to Build the Wall 16.1.2020
Trump Has Suspended Nearly 50 Laws to Build the Wall
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Energy Companies Have a Great Friend At Trump’s Interior Department: Their Former Lobbyist 16.1.2020 Mother Jones
David Bernhardt, the man in charge of the nation’s public lands, has come through the revolving door of Washington, D.C. lobbying and back out again. Before becoming secretary of the Department of the Interior, he collected nearly $5 million for his firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck as a lobbyist and lawyer from energy clients. Since […]
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Australia’s Bushfires Expose an Extinction Crisis Decades in the Making 15.1.2020
The extinction crisis is acutely felt in Australia, where more than 1,800 species are federally listed as ...
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An Australia in flames tries to cope with an 'animal apocalypse'; California could be next 14.1.2020 LA Times: Environment

Wildfires in Australia are overrunning vast ecosystems and their wildlife. Nearly half of Kangaroo Island has burned.

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Boulder County’s populations of native bird species decline in the face of development 12.1.2020 Denver Post: Local
The Northern Hemisphere lost 3 billion birds, or 29% of the overall population, in the last 50 years. While the warming climate has played a demonstrative role in this decline – and will continue to do so with ever-increasing power – ornithologists in Boulder County have pointed to urban sprawl as a more immediate threat to the survival of the area’s native bird populations, without which local ecosystems cannot properly function, adding to the affects of climate change.
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The Faces of Extinction: The Species We Lost in 2019 11.1.2020
Along the way we said goodbye to bird species, a shark, two frogs, a snail, several plants, and a whole lot ...
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The Truth Behind That Viral “1 Billion Aussie Animals Are Dead” Stat Is Way More Complex—and Sad 11.1.2020 Mother Jones
Numbers help frame the sheer enormity and devastation of the Australian wildfires. The flames have overrun more than 32,000-square miles of landacross Australia, most acutely in the southeast states of New South Wales and Victoria. The fires have engulfed an area more than 50 times larger than California’s Mendocino Fire, the largest wildfire in the […]
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Trump announces sweeping changes to key environmental law 9.1.2020 Raw Story
US President Donald Trump’s administration announced Thursday sweeping changes to an environmental law that would speed up the construction of highways, airports and pipelines. Under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), signed into law by Richard Nixon in 1970, all major infrastructure projects must be subject to environmental impact assessment by relevant agencies. NEPA was […]
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Letters to the Editor: Foodies, stop parroting the meat industry on plant-based burgers 9.1.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Switching to plant-based burgers isn't about eating wholesome food; it's about reducing the terrible effects of animal agriculture.

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