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Updated species extinction list signals ‘urgent action needed to save life on earth’ 10.7.2020 Raw Story
More than one in four of the 120,372 plant and animal species assessed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature are at risk of extinction. The U.S.-based Center for Biological Diversity warned Thursday of the “urgent action needed to save life on Earth” in response to a new global assessment revealing that nearly […]
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Trump supporters funded a private border wall that’s already at risk of falling down 2.7.2020 Raw Story
Tommy Fisher billed his new privately funded border wall as the future of deterrence, a quick-to-build steel fortress that spans 3 miles in one of the busiest Border Patrol sectors. Unlike a generation of wall builders before him, he said he figured out how to build a structure directly on the banks of the Rio […]
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‘Incredibly reckless’: Trump moves to expand fossil fuel drilling in Alaska’s western Arctic region 26.6.2020 Raw Story
“At a time when oil prices are cratering, prioritizing expanding oil and gas drilling anywhere—let alone the Arctic—is ridiculous.” The Trump administration was lambasted Thursday for a proposal to open up most of Alaska’s Western Arctic reserve for fossil fuel drilling—a move conservation groups say would be a “disaster” for the climate and wildlife as […]
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Giant tortoise Diego, a hero to his species, is home 16.6.2020 Raw Story
Diego the giant Galapagos tortoise whose tireless efforts are credited with almost single-handedly saving his once-threatened species, was put out to pasture Monday on his native island after decades of breeding in captivity, Ecuador’s environment minister said. Diego was shipped out from the Galapagos National Park’s breeding program on Santa Cruz to remote and uninhabited […]
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Many land animals ‘will go extinct’ in just two decades 12.6.2020 The Moderate Voice

By Daniel T Cross Sustainability Times The northern white rhinoceros. The passenger pigeon. The Javan tiger. The golden toad. The Pinta Island tortoise. These are just some of the dozens of land-based vertebrate species that have gone extinct over the past century. Many more will likely follow them into oblivion soon, a team of scientists […]

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Jane Goodall warns humanity will be ‘finished’ after COVID-19 without ending ‘absolute disrespect for animals and the environment’ 4.6.2020 Raw Story
“Our disrespect for wild animals and our disrespect for farmed animals has created this situation where disease can spill over to infect human beings.” In a webinar Tuesday about pandemics, wildlife, and intensive animal farming, world renowned primatologist and conservationist Jane Goodall warned of dire consequences if humanity fails to rapidly reform the global food system and […]
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Monday’s Forum 1.6.2020 Outside the Beltway
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Dino-dooming asteroid hit Earth at ‘deadliest possible’ angle 26.5.2020 Raw Story
This much we knew: some 66 million years ago an asteroid roughly twice the diameter of Paris crashed into Earth, wiping out all land-dwelling dinosaurs and 75 percent of life on the planet. What remained a mystery was whether it was a direct hit or more of a glancing blow, and which would be more […]
We must redouble our efforts to save wild tigers 26.5.2020 The Moderate Voice

By John Goodrich In the past few weeks since the Netflix series “Tiger King” first aired, I have done nonstop interviews about the shameful commercial breeding of tigers in the United States in the name of “conservation.” As someone who’s devoted my entire career to saving this magnificent species in the wild, I find this […]

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Newly uncovered prehistoric human footprints provide a rare glimpse into ancient human group behavior 15.5.2020 Raw Story
When it comes to reconstructing how ancient creatures lived, palaeontologists like us are as much detectives as we are scientists. We’re used to partial evidence, dead ends and red herrings. It’s especially hard to reconstruct ancient behaviors, something we are particularly interested in. We must rely on either skeletal remains or the physical things left […]
Bats, Magical Thinking and Death in the New “Coronacene” 11.5.2020 The Moderate Voice

A prescient TMV article from early last year republished In February 2019 I wrote the article reproduced below for this and another publication about the differing ways the two Chinas were approaching the legal treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM; acupuncture, wildlife, cupping, etc.) In the article I chronicled the medical uselessness and some of […]

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City commissioner calls the old, sick, and homeless drains on society that coronavirus should kill 9.5.2020 Raw Story
Earlier this month, the five-member City Council of Antioch, California voted to remove Ken Turnage II from his role as chairman of the city planning commission after Turnage published a Facebook post saying, “the elderly, the homeless and people with weak immune systems as a drain on society who should be left to perish as COVID-19 […]
How climate change is contributing to skyrocketing rates of infectious disease 7.5.2020 Raw Story
A catastrophic loss in biodiversity, reckless destruction of wildland and warming temperatures have allowed disease to explode. Ignoring the connection between climate change and pandemics would be “dangerous delusion,” one scientist said. The scientists who study how diseases emerge in a changing environment knew this moment was coming. Climate change is making outbreaks of disease […]
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Your Perfect Green Lawn Is a Buzz Kill 7.5.2020 Mother Jones
Since the post–World War II rise of suburbia, the great American lawn has beckoned with the promise of a grassy, orderly Eden surrounding a single-family fortress. For just as long, lawns have been sending bees and other pollinating critters the opposite message: Buzz off. That’s because the very essence of a lawn (closely shorn, uniform, weed-free) […]
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Tunnel Vision: Lessons in the Impermanence of Permafrost 3.5.2020 Mother Jones
This piece was originally published in Undark and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. To enter the Fox permafrost tunnel—one of the only places in the world dedicated to the firsthand scientific study of the mix of dirt and ice that covers much of the planet’s far northern latitudes—you must don a […]
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Denver scientist leads discovery of new, bizarre mammal species that walked with dinosaurs 66 million years ago 29.4.2020 Denver Post: Local
The discovery of a prehistoric creature called creature Adalatherium, announced Tuesday, is an important clue for scientists researching how animals evolved on islands.
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Wildfires Can Reduce Biodiversity. Can Biodiversity Be Used to Reduce Wildfires? 26.4.2020
A biodiversity experiment in Australia showed animal species can help reduce flammable leaf litter by 24 ...
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‘Silent Spring is already here’: Global study shows nearly 25 percent drop in insect numbers the past 30 years 24.4.2020 Raw Story
“We keep getting clear signs that the way we live and the actions we take are having severe consequences.” he largest ever assessment of long-term insect abundance found that there has been a nearly 25% decrease of land-dwelling bugs like ants, butterflies, and grasshoppers over the past 30 years—a revelation that inspired fresh demands for […]
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How new global fault lines will usher in the most profound worldwide changes since World War II 16.4.2020 Raw Story
The coronavirus pandemic has upended the global economic system, and just as importantly, cast out 40 years of neoliberal orthodoxy that dominated the industrialized world. Forget about the “new world order.” Offshoring and global supply chains are out; regional and local production is in. Market fundamentalism is passé; regulation is the norm. Public health is […]
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Editorial: Let's finally protect mountain lions from freeways, rat poison, and angry property owners 16.4.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Mountain lions in southern California are endangered by rat poison and development. Time to protect them.

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