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Shiny metal garbage city: Chu Enoki's RPM 1200 12.1.2008 Boing Boing
Sculptor Chu Enoki made this beautiful cityscape, entitled "RPM 1200," out of highly polished metal drill bits, junk and garbage. Link (via io9)...
Where do the candidates stand on evolution? 12.1.2008 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Ronald Bailey, Reason’s science correspondent, took on an interesting project this week: documenting where every major-party presidential candidate stands on evolutionary biology. Oddly enough, this has taken on far more political significance this election cycle than the last two. It started back in May, in one of the more memorable debate moments of the year, when [...]
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Church joins fight against tickets in Dover 12.1.2008 The Daily Record: Local
The pastor of Dover United Methodist Church said on Friday that his church was improperly cited for an alleged sanitation violation late last month.
N.Y. Public Radio Donor Premium: A Bush 'White Trash' Can 12.1.2008 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
How left-wing is taxpayer-supported radio? WBAI-FM, the New York City home of the radical Pacifica Radio network that gets roughly $1 million each year in federal funds, is asking for contributions and offering a premium for $100 donors: a that says "White Trash" on it. For a short time only, WBAI offers a signed and numbered limited edition replica of New York artist, "Basket Sculpture." This round metal construction is functional as a waste basket. Each measures 12" x 10". For $100 , which includes both shipping and a donation to WBAI, you can have the pleasure of trashing the President every day just as he has trashed the United States Constitution. The WBAI website carries other little signs of radicalism here and there. How about their ...
Open Thread 12.1.2008 MyDD
Consider this an open thread... What's on your mind tonight? Tags: ( ...
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Illinois mother says in taped confession she killed autistic daughter to `fix' her 12.1.2008 Star Tribune: Nation
Mom Confesses She Killed Autistic Child 12.1.2008 AP National
PEKIN, Ill. (AP) -- A woman accused of killing her autistic daughter testified Friday that she attempted to suffocate the 3-year-old with a pillow three days before she succeeded with a plastic garbage bag....
Badly damaged clothes sent to flood victims as 'charity' 12.1.2008 Post-Bulletin: Local News
RUSHFORD VILLAGE -- Christopher & Banks pants missing a whole pant leg, sweaters with 4 inch by 6 inch holes and shirts missing sleeves were all put in boxes marked "charity."
Company Donates Damaged Clothing To Flood Victims 12.1.2008 WCCO: Local News
Christopher & Banks pants missing a whole pant leg, sweaters with 4 inch by 6 inch holes and shirts missing sleeves were all put in boxes marked "charity" and shipped to southeastern Minnesota to be distributed to flood victims, a recovery volunteer said.
Mom Confesses to Killing Autistic Child 12.1.2008 SFGate: Top Stories
A mother distraught over dealing with her 3-year-old daughter's autism said in a videotaped confession played in court that she suffocated the child with a plastic bag, hoping to "fix her" and give her peace in heaven. The toddler had scratch marks on... ...
Jurors in a Cape Cod Murder Case Testify About Racial Remarks 11.1.2008 NY Times: National
More than a year after it convicted a black trash hauler of murder, a jury returned to court for an extraordinary hearing on whether racism influenced its verdict.
Matthews Lectures Forked-Tongue 'Paleface' Bigots of New England 11.1.2008 NewsBusters
MSNBC host Chris Matthews didn’t just uncork his line on Primary Night about how New Hampshire Democrats would have displayed their racism to pollsters if they heard an "Archie Bunker voice" on the other end of the line. He repeated it on Wednesday’s "Morning Joe" show on MSNBC. He was upset at anyone who thought the pollsters and pundits were wrong about the Obama victory, when white voters lied to pollsters: "Methinks Paleface speak with forked tongue." Matthews declared he thought this was over in 2006: "I thought white voters had stopped being what they want to be. And you know what it tells me? People aren't proud of who they are." Host Joe Scarborough, asking Matthews to address the alleged bigotry in ...
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Holding Daniel Yergin and CERA Accountable 10.1.2008 The Oil Drum
This is a guest post by Glenn Morton, a geophysicist in the oil industry. For Kerr-McGee Oil and Gas Corp., Glenn served as Geophysical Mgr Gulf of Mexico, Geophysical Mgr for the North Sea, Dir. of Technology and as Exploration Director of China. Currently he is an independent consulting geophysicist, and he is known here at TOD affectionately as . This post started when I heard Daniel Yergin, the CERA Energy Analyst interviewed by Larry Kudlow on Sept. 14, 2007 on CNBC. Yergin claimed that the high price of oil was not supported by the fundamentals. My jaw fell to the floor. Last year (2006), the price of oil deserved to plummet by 20% (which it did). The amount of oil in storage tanks was very high. But this year, week on week, the oil in ...
The top 12 'Top 10' lists of 2007 / Best movies? Music? Look elsewhere. Here's the real list to help digest the year gone by 9.1.2008 SFGate: Top Stories
12) Top 20 dictators of the world (Parade). It's like a reality show in hell, a rogue's gallery of the most heartless, insane, power-mad thugs and cretins (all male, natch) this side of Dick Cheney's darkest orgiastic fantasy. Even Vladimir Putin made the... ...
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Morristown rapist sentenced to 20 years 9.1.2008 The Daily Record: Local
An illegal immigrant who grabbed a woman off a Morristown street and raped her was sentenced Tuesday to 20 years in prison. However, his cohort, who admitted restraining the victim, told a judge he wants to withdraw his guilty plea.
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Italy: Prodi Intervenes in Naples Trash Crisis 9.1.2008 NY Times: Europe
Prime Minister Romano Prodi announced emergency measures to deal with Naples’ mounting garbage crisis, including three new incinerators, a special garbage czar, and an attempt to get other regions to volunteer to take the trash. The northern Valle d’Aosta offered to help, reports said.
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China clamps down on plastic bag use 9.1.2008 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
China is to ban the use of some plastic bags and to force consumers to pay for others in its latest move to save on resources and ease the pressures on its environment...

Fox Gets it Wrong on Clinton 8.1.2008 Taylor Marsh
Fox Gets it Wrong on Clinton Shocking, right? The above video seemed appropriate considering the morning nonsense out of Major Garrett’s mouth. : I just reached Carville on his cell. Here’s what he had to say about this: "Fox was, is and will continue to be an asinine and ignorant network. I have not spoken to anyone in the Clinton campaign about this. I have not done domestic political consulting since President Clinton was elected. I’m not getting back into domestic political consulting. If I do go back, it would be safe to say that I’m the biggest liar in America." Asked if he knew whether Begala would be coming back, Carville continued: "To the extent that I know anything, as of nine this morning, no he ...
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China clamps down on plastic bag use 8.1.2008 The Guardian -- World Latest
Officials to ban use of some plastic bags and force consumers to pay for others in latest move to ease pressures on environment
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What Is This ‘Iranian Provocation’ BS? 8.1.2008 Common Dreams: Views
Not one news story about this week’s latest chapter in the administration’s ongoing effort to gin up a crazy war with Iran–the so-called “provocation” caused by Iranian naval speedboats approaching within 200 meters of a US destroyer–mentioned that the US, which sits some 7500 miles away from Iran, has sent a whole fully-armed armada into [...]
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