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Bush job approval rating bottoms out 21.2.2008 Raw Story
Research group reports Bush approval rating among Americans at 19 percent.

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Taiwan Lantern Festival causes concern for environmentalists 20.2.2008 International Herald Tribune: Front Page
Every year during the Lantern Festival, people in Taiwan light lanterns and send them skyward with prayers. But the nation's environmental protection agency, concerned over debris and fires, is encouraging a digital version of the folk ritual.
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Oklahoma attorney general asks federal judge to halt spreading of Arkansas poultry litter 20.2.2008 Star Tribune: Nation
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Court Order on Ark. Chicken Waste Sought 20.2.2008 SFGate: Business & Technology
More than a dozen Arkansas-based poultry companies have violated state and federal laws limiting the disposal of animal waste in the Illinois River watershed, argues Oklahoma's attorney general. Oklahoma is requesting a preliminary injunction to ...
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Oklahoma attorney general asks federal judge to halt spreading of Arkansas poultry litter 20.2.2008 Star Tribune: Business
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Pipe bomb found in Bellingham WA is defused 20.2.2008 AP Washington
BELLINGHAM, Wash. (AP) -- A pipe bomb found at Bellingham's Arroyo Park was defused by the the city's police department bomb squad today at a residence....
Snowstorm hits normally temperate Jerusalem for second time in recent weeks 20.2.2008 Star Tribune: Latest
Red Wing construction company fined for solid waste violations 20.2.2008 Star Tribune: Latest
Red Wing construction company fined for solid waste violations 20.2.2008 Star Tribune: Business
Safeway proposes building underground parking garage 20.2.2008 San Jose Mercury News: San Jose/Valley
The fact that the town has a shortage of parking is not new. But the fact that residents may park in an underground garage to go to the grocery store is new to Los Gatos.
Border Fence To Bypass Property Of Wealthy Oilman Who Donated $35 Million To Bush Library 20.2.2008 Think Progres
In October 2006, President Bush authorized the construction of a 700-mile border fence between the United States and Mexico. Now, however, the Department of Homeland Security’s construction plans are facing opposition from Texans who object to the fence cutting through their property. The Washington Post reports on the hard line the Bush administration is [...]
We Won't Stop Global Warming 19.2.2008 The Oil Drum
I made the following comment recently in a discussion on : If you put it to a popular vote, and people learned that GHG emissions could be arrested (hypothetically) if they were willing to pay $7/gallon of gasoline, what percentage would vote for that? My guess is that it would be well less than 20%, implying that GW concerns will give way to economic concerns. At one time I was really worried about Global Warming. And at the risk of starting a Global Warming debate here (one that I don't wish to participate in), my position is that the scientific consensus backs the hypothesis that human activity is contributing to Global Warming. I am not an atmospheric scientist, so in this case I rely on the scientific consensus of the experts. This is ...
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Snowstorm engulfs Lebanon and cuts roads 19.2.2008 Earth Times
Beirut - A severe snowstorm hit Lebanon on Tuesday, cutting off mountain roads and isolating people from the capital, Lebanese police said. Most local televisions interrupted their regular programs to air reports from various areas across Lebanon ...
Strike by Ethinic Minorities Shuts Down Nepal’s Capital 19.2.2008 NY Times: World
On Monday a general strike called by ethnic minorities demanding more rights created a fuel shortage that caused schools to close and many buses to stop running in Katmandu.
Jonathan Hoenig: ‘I think the employer has the right to discriminate.’ 19.2.2008 Crooks Liars
In my continuing series on the FOX Saturday stock shows, Jonathan Honeig is back. The CapitalistPig and FOX’s stock show rock star from Cashin’ In, does what he does best. Act like an insane Republican free market–tax cutting—New Deal hating—super hawk and attack all things Democratic. The topic was should employers [...]
New fluorescent lights, and new recycling problems 18.2.2008 International Herald Tribune: Editorials
How many officials in Britain, China and the U.S. does it take to change a lightbulb?
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Obama meets with Edwards 18.2.2008 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Obama meets with Edwards

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Iraq is McCain's 'winning issue'?! 18.2.2008 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Iraq is McCain's 'winning issue'?!

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CNN Invites Charles Barkley to Trash Conservative 'Fake Christians' 17.2.2008 NewsBusters
: On CNN's The Situation Room on Friday, former NBA star (and current TNT basketball??analyst) Charles Barkley trashed conservatives as "fake Christians." You could tell how much CNN was going to enjoy this. At the top of the hour, anchorman Wolf Blitzer promised: "Plus, he's rooting for Barack Obama and he's taking shots at Republicans and the religious right. You're going to find out who NBA great Charles Barkley is calling fake." The screen graphic also read: "Barkley Takes on the Right: Blasts 'Fake' Christians." Blitzer made no attempt to ask the basketball star how a "real" Christian can whole-heartedly??support Obama's liberal social agenda. Ted Turner may no longer own CNN and TNT, but his spirit -- ...
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A dangerous warming trend in Copenhagen 17.2.2008 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Could it be that global warming has given rise to six straight nights of rioting by the mysterious "Danish youth"...
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