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Independent repair guy on the planned obsolescence of Apple products 18.4.2017 Boing Boing Louis Rossmann is an independent service technician in New York City who has repaired Apple products for years. In this video, Rossman passionately explains how he is able to effect repairs that Apple refuses to do -- notably, he can fix a common faulty sensor problem with $2 worth of parts, a repair that Apple charges $750 for (Rossman charges less than half of that, and in cheaper markets, you can get it done for as little as $75). The laptop Rossman is fixing has a retail value of $650, meaning that Apple's repair pricing effectively turns an otherwise perfectly good machine into ewaste. Rossman doesn't think Apple has an obligation to fix these older machines in an economical way, but he is furious that Apple has gone to lengths to prevent him from effecting these repairs -- Apple has withdrawn many of the crucial diagnostic tools that independent service techs have relied on, and they've also managed to get third-party diagnostic tools removed by making ...
Beautiful articulated anatomical, natural history and microscopic pendants 18.4.2017 Boing Boing
Etsy seller Tcustom is a carver who casts their small creations to make beautiful, detailed articulated keychains and pendants, the best of which use contrasting materials. Some of my favorites: Anatomical Human Head ; Salamander Life Cycle ; Mitochondria and Trilobite ...
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Inert Products: simulated suicide bombs and body parts for training exercises 17.4.2017 Boing Boing
If four years of life with your circumcision simulator has taken some of the bloom off the rose, you can refresh your collection of odd simulators with Inert's line of training gadgets for people combating suicide bombers, which include suicide vests , IEDs (including "person borne" IEDs ), and complete training kits for gaming out guerrilla battles and/or multiple shooter responses, with fake guns, rocket launchers, balaclavas, grenades, etc. For added realism, the company sells scorched, dismembered torsos and legs . I know, just looking at these things conjures up visions of gag gifts gone horribly, horribly wrong. But think of the Halloween Haunted House possibilities of one of these Middle Eastern Bomb Builder Simulated IED Workshop Kits (I'm not clear about what makes this "Middle-Eastern" -- are the bombs filled with ...
The amazing world of Casio watchmodding 15.4.2017 Boing Boing The last time we wrote about the Casio F-91W digital watch, it was to note the odd connection between the timepiece and suicide bombing, but that's not the only extraordinary activity pursued by aficionados of the watch: they also love to mod 'em. Some modders just fill their watches with oil, which gives the displays groovy tints and allegedly renders them waterproof. But the more ambitious modders add SD slots, new LEDs, and networking capability. These simple watches beg to be modded: Watch Week forums user hansp inverted the colors on the screen on a F-91W with a simple linear polarizing film. Others have adjusted the LED light—which is notoriously shitty in the original, with the bulb shining at a 90 degree angle away from the stuff you actually want illuminated on the face—and added different colors or ...
Old timey electric go-kart 12.4.2017 Boing Boing My friend Donald Bell produces and hosts a weekly video show called Maker Update . Each week in Maker Update, Donald will take a closer look at one of the tools the Cool Tools archive. This week, Donald checks out a plastic razor blade . It’s in the video ...
Prison inmates built working PCs out of ewaste, networked them, and hid them in a closet ceiling 12.4.2017 Boing Boing
Inmates in Ohio's Marion Correctional Institution smuggled computer parts out of an ewaste recycling workshop and built two working computers out of them, hiding them in the ceiling of a training room closet ceiling and covertly patching them into the prison's network. The prisoners used the PCs for a number of activities, including several criminal acts like identity theft and credit-card fraud. They were able to network their PC by using a guard's password; the use of this account on days when the guard wasn't on-shift tipped off the prison's systems administrators that something was awry. James Clavell's debut novel King Rat contains a fictionalized account of the real hidden radios that British POWs built in Changi, a Japanese death-camp in Malaya (now Singapore), building them into bedposts and water-bottles and plugging them in at night to hear Allied radio broadcasts about the war's progress. American prisoners have displayed similar levels of ingenuity in the decades since, matched only by the ...
Tiny robot pendants made of repurposed electronic waste 27.2.2017 Boing Boing
Romanian artisan Andreea Strete creates these delightful TinyRobots , charming anthropomorphic creatures made of recycled electronic components. She describes why she started the project: I try to keep electronic waste out of the environment by making these up-cycled characters, assembling the components and transform them into something more than just scrap. Each TinyRobot is fully encased in resin, easy to carry around with you! They even come with a certificate of adoption! Robots are people too! Check them out! Looks like a fun DIY project for kids, ...
Millions of lead-filled CRTs have been abandoned in warehouses across America 17.2.2017 Boing Boing
The swift replacement of CRT screens with flat panels created tons of extremely toxic e-waste, with dangerous tubes and leaded glass posing unique environmental and safety hazards for disposal workers and sites. Startups like Closed Loop Refining and Recycling aimed to capitalize on these problems, charging recycling centers every time they took in one of the 705 million CRTs sold in America after 1980, and warehousing them against the day they figured out how to safely dismantle them. After playing a years-long shell game with environmental regulators -- engaging in shenanigans like moving tubes from one warehouse to another to evade rules requiring waste to be disposed of within a year -- the company went bust, leaving warehouses full of super-toxic, lead-leaching e-waste that the taxpayers will have to deal with. Closed Loop used off-the-books facilities to house the sets, leaving regulators and bankruptcy trustees with the challenge of simply knowing where the future problems will be. It's not alone, ...
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States aim to legalize the “Right to Repair” your gear 26.1.2017 TechCrunch
 “Unofficial” product repair shops may be getting a leg up in Nebraska, Minnesota, New York, Massachusetts, and Kansas. These states are working to legalize repair of devices from any manufacturer, including litigious Apple. Why is this necessary? Because Homeland Security raids repair shops on claims of counterfeit repair part importation and most devices are locked down,… Read ...
Gadget mountain rising in Asia threatens health, environment 15.1.2017 AP Business
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- The waste from discarded electronic gadgets and electrical appliances has reached severe levels in East Asia, posing a growing threat to health and the environment unless safe disposal becomes the norm....
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Apple pays $450,000 for alleged hazardous waste violations 7.12.2016 AP Business
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Apple is paying $450,000 to settle allegations that the iPhone maker operated and closed two hazardous-waste processing plants without submitting the proper paperwork to California environmental regulators....
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A visit to the crapgadget impulse aisle with Meh. 10.11.2016 Boing Boing
A visit to the crapgadget impulse aisle with Meh.
How Apple will convince us to love the dongle 11.8.2016 techCrunch
 Hi, and welcome to my obligatory hot take on the nearly confirmed no-headphone-jack iPhones we’re about to see rolling out of Apple. I’m not an absolute fan of this idea, but we’ve seen this sort of behavior from Apple before — most notably the move from the 30-pin dock jack that probably caused a bit of an e-waste problem, forcing users and most notably hotels to… Read ...
Crack in apartment ceiling turns out to be a problem after all 11.7.2016 Boing Boing


"A crack appeared on the ceiling of my sister's apartment," writes atmanz11. "Three days later, this happened."

Talking Tech Trash: How To Improve Your E-cycling Program 5.7.2016 Inc
Every year we produce 3.2 million tons of e-waste. Sadly, more than 80 percent of this e-waste is sent to landfills. Find out how your company can make a difference.
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Amazon Puts Out the Fire With Budget Phones for Prime Members 29.6.2016 Wired Top Stories
Amazon Puts Out the Fire With Budget Phones for Prime Members
After its own phone flopped, Amazon's subsidizing popular budget devices for Prime members. The post Amazon Puts Out the Fire With Budget Phones for Prime Members appeared first on WIRED.
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KFC's new meal box with a built-in battery to charge mobile devices 23.6.2016 Boing Boing
KFC's new "Watt a Box" is a meal box with a built-in battery, micro-USB, and lightning cables to charge your smartphone. It's available as a special limited edition "prize" for customers at KFC stores in Delhi and Mumbai. BGR reviewed the Watt a Box. It's a fun marketing gimmick but, no surprise, the battery kinda sucks. They claim it's a 6,100mAh power bank but perhaps a better approach (and name) would have been a Bucket of Batteries. From BGR: The power bank claims to have a 6,100mAh battery but the claims fell short during our brief test. We put an iPhone 5s to charge, which gained 17 percent battery after charging for half-an-hour. But the downside was that the power bank was drained during this process. We recharged the power bank to 100 percent and tried to charge a Redmi Note 3. But the power bank ran out of juice again with the phone gaining just 7 percent of charge... KFC is not the only one to toy with such marketing campaigns. Pizza Hut came up with a limited edition box in Hong Kong that ...
Great ports we have loved 23.6.2016 TechCrunch
 As we approach a new era in computing in which thinner, lighter, and presumably more hostile devices become the norm, let’s look back on some ports we have all known and loved and that are now gone to that great e-waste yard in the sky. Read ...
Apple wants to kill a bill that could make it easier for you to fix your iPhone 19.6.2016 Chicago Tribune: Business
When Jessa Jones found out her kids had submerged her iPhone in her toilet, causing a clog, she thought her phone was a lost cause. It powered on but didn't seem to be taking a charge anymore. The Apple store warns against water damage, which is not covered by warranty. It wasn't until Jones ...
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Apple wants to kill a bill that could make it easier to fix an iPhone 18.6.2016 Washington Post
A bill in New York's state legislature would require hardware manufacturers like Apple or Microsoft to make repair instructions and parts available to the public.
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