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National parks seeing huge spikes in visitation this summer 3.9.2015 AP National
GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. (AP) -- Visitors heading to the Grand Canyon lately know they are going to get two things when they arrive: breathtaking views and long waits, whether it is to get into the national park itself or to find a parking spot inside. A few frustrated tourists have even turned around and left....
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Barack Obama to give Mount McKinley back its Native American name 31.8.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest

Highest peak in North America to be renamed Denali, an Athabascan word meaning ‘the high one’

Barack Obama, has said he will be changing the name of the highest mountain in North America from Mount McKinley to Denali.

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What’s The Actual Impact Of Setting Ivory Stockpiles Ablaze? 28.8.2015 Think Progres

While many conservation groups have called on both supply countries and transit countries to destroy the stockpiles of ivory they seize at their borders or collect from national parks as a way to curb demand, the impact of such efforts are complex and not well-studied.

The post What’s The Actual Impact Of Setting Ivory Stockpiles Ablaze? appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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Gabon: protecting vital forests, and communities 27.8.2015 The Guardian -- World Latest
The west African nation is working to balance competing demands of retaining biodiversity and mitigating climate change with the immediate needs of its people Anne-Marie Ndong Obiang has a machete attached to her belt, which she assures us is “for cutting off poachers’ fingers”. In her spotless forest-green camouflage uniform she does not appear to be joking. Working for Gabon’s National Parks Agency (ANPN) she has firsthand experience of the harsh conditions in the big reserves in the north of the country, some almost impenetrable. Gold prospectors, often from neighbouring Cameroon, have been known to leave craters 40 metres deep in the middle of the woods. Obiang is head of the Raponda Walker Arboretum close to the capital Libreville, which is on the Atlantic coast. Her priority here is to combat uncontrolled urban sprawl. “My fellow eco-wardens and myself can’t look the other way for a moment without someone starting to build beside the track,” she says. True enough quite substantial houses are ...
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North End residents just won a seven year fight against city hall 27.8.2015 Boston Globe: Massachusetts
North End residents just won a seven year fight against city hall
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Free days at California's national parks: A photographic history seen through The Times' archives 26.8.2015 LA Times: Top News
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Cartoon: Guns gone wild in national parks 25.8.2015 Daily Kos
(Click to enlarge) This cartoon was inspired by this disturbing NYT article . I like to think the right to bear s'mores without being shot at falls under the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Follow Jen on Twitter at ...
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Lion kills safari guide in Zimbabwe park that also was home to Cecil 25.8.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
A lion charged and killed a safari guide who was leading a group of tourists in the same national park in Zimbabwe that was the home of Cecil the lion who was killed by a bow hunter in ...
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I Can't Stop Reading One-Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks 25.8.2015 Mother Jones
The National Park Service turns 99 years old on Tuesday. To celebrate, the Department of the Interior has waived admission fees for all NPS sites for the day. That's a pretty sweet deal. You should stop reading this right now, call in sick, and enjoy the great outdoors. National parks are great. But not everyone agrees. Yelp is filled with one- and two-star reviews of America's most pristine and majestic natural wonders. And honestly, they're riveting. What makes a national park a one-star destination varies from one reviewer to the next. Maybe the tacos at the visitor center aren't up to snuff. Maybe it was cloudy. Maybe the park was too cowardly to cut down some trees for spillover parking lots. Maybe it was President Barack Obama's fault. Whatever the case, you can thank these people for leaving the campgrounds a little bit less crowded for the rest of us: Joshua tree: The desert is too hot. Esther Lee /Flickr I looked it up, and it's true—the bees at Joshua Tree National Park are out of control . In ...
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Nine National Parks Every American Should See 25.8.2015 News
From scenic mountains to historical monuments, it can be difficult to narrow down your next National Park trip. Here is the best that America has to offer.
The Colonial Origins of Conservation: The Disturbing History Behind US National Parks 24.8.2015 Truthout - All Articles
The year 2016 will mark the 100th anniversary of the United States National Park Service. It's time to recognize that conservation dogmas were originally rooted in colonial conquest and inextricably bound up in the genocide committed against Native Americans.       Iconoclasm - questioning heroes and ideals, and even tearing them down - can be the most difficult thing. Many people root their attitudes and lives in narratives that they hold to be self-evidently true. So it's obvious that changing conservation isn't going to be an easy furrow to plow. However, change it must. Conservation's achievements don't alter the fact that it's rooted in two serious and related mistakes. The first is that it conserves "wildernesses," which are imagined to be shaped only by nature. The second is that it believes in a hierarchy, with superior, intelligent human beings at the top. Many conservationists still believe that they are uniquely endowed with the foresight and expertise to control and manage so-called ...
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Obama Administration Proposes First-Ever Protections For Recreation Lands Near Moab, Utah 21.8.2015 Think Progres

The so-called “master leasing plan” is a new tool that aims to reduce the environmental impacts and conflicts associated with resource extraction on public lands, such as drilling and mining.

The post Obama Administration Proposes First-Ever Protections For Recreation Lands Near Moab, Utah appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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The first thing to do to fight illegal immigration is . . . 20.8.2015 The Moderate Voice

All of the recent talk about illegal immigration overlooks a factor that adds to the problem of illegal immigration. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [...]

The post The first thing to do to fight illegal immigration is . . . appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

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Uncle Sam Joining Ranks of Businesses Reviewed on Yelp 19.8.2015 Inc
Under a deal with Yelp, the government will officially recognize the public's star ratings on its federal agencies, from the Transportation Security Administration to national ...
Man who allowed Cecil the lion hunt on his land charged 19.8.2015 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Zimbabwe has charged a man on whose land the well-known Cecil the lion was shot by American dentist Walter James Palmer in ...
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Zimbabwe charges farmer over killing of Cecil the lion, but not American dentist 19.8.2015 Washington Post
Zimbabwe has charged a second man in connection to the killing of Cecil the lion, but his name is not Walter Palmer.Prosecutors on Tuesday accused Zimbabwean farmer Honest Ndlovu of allowing the American dentist to hunt Cecil on his land without the required permission, the Associated Press reported.Read full article ...
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Uncle Sam joining ranks of businesses reviewed on Yelp 19.8.2015 AP Business
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Watch out TSA: You'll be joining the ranks of beauty salons, taco stands, and other services reviewed on Yelp, and Uncle Sam says it will take the online ratings into account to improve what the government calls "customer satisfaction."...
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Taiwan: Cycling tour showcases coastal routes, national parks 17.8.2015 LA Times: Commentary
The island nation of Taiwan is the focus of Bicycle Adventures' new cycling tour. The 11-day tour, led by Lonely Planet writer and cyclist Joshua Samuel Brown, will begin in Taipei with a high-speed train ride to the city of Kaohsiung at the southern end of the island.
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For some Yellowstone bison, the roaming ends at the slaughterhouse 16.8.2015 Washington Post
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. — Even for a park with a history of unhappy encounters between people and wildlife, 2015 is shaping up as an eventful year for Yellowstone and its bison. Since mid-May, five visitors have been hurt — gored, trampled or tossed into the air — in run-ins with the park’s most famous residents. Read full article ...
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Man up for a motorcycle camping tour in Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite national parks 15.8.2015 LA Times: Commentary
"Saddle up, boys," the expedition leader said. "It's time to hit the trail."
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