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National parks face $12B backlog 7.2.2016 Durango Herald
WASHINGTON – The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, but the system faces a multibillion-dollar maintenance backlog that officials say is no cause for rejoicing.Long-delayed projects range from replacing water works at the Grand Canyon to making sure the Jefferson Memorial doesn’t sink into...
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National parks face $12 billion backlog for maintenance work 6.2.2016 Chicago Tribune: Nation
The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, but the system faces a multibillion dollar maintenance backlog that officials say is no cause for rejoicing. Long-delayed projects range from replacing water works at the Grand Canyon to making sure the Jefferson ...
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National parks face $12 billion backlog for maintenance work 5.2.2016 AP National
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, but the system faces a multibillion dollar maintenance backlog that officials say is no cause for rejoicing....
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Messiaen's ode to Utah's national parks is a multimedia wonder at Disney Hall 5.2.2016 LA Times: Commentary

The dot dot dot that Olivier Messiaen placed at the end of the title for his monument to Utah's national parks, "Des Canyons aux Étoiles …" (From the Canyons to the Stars …), clearly implies something beyond. Knowing the French composer's consummate devoutness, that should be way beyond.

His 95-minute,...

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Spotlight on green news & views: River otters, tundra fires and permafrost thaws, methane leak 4.2.2016 Daily Kos
Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the Green Diary Rescue) appears twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Here is the most recent previous Green Spotlight . More than 24,550 environmentally oriented stories have been rescued to appear in this series since 2006. Inclusion of a story in the Spotlight does not necessarily indicate my agreement with or endorsement of it. OUTSTANDING GREEN STORIES  Michigan: Rick Snyder channels the Wise Men of Chelm  written by Brainwrap: “One of the stories about the people of Chelm was about a playground located near the top of a cliff. Every once in awhile, a child would fall off the cliff and injure themselves on the ground below. The Wise Men of Chelm came up with an ingenious solution to the problem: They built a hospital at the bottom of the cliff. That way, the children could be rushed into the emergency room quickly for medical treatment. I was reminded of this story when reading  the following AP article posted moments ago:  Michigan Gov. ...
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National park visits are climbing -- especially (wait for it) at Joshua Tree 2.2.2016 LA Times: Commentary

National park visitor traffic surged in 2015, as did visits to most of California’s national parks — especially Joshua Tree, which posted a 27.43% increase in visitors.

Nationwide, rangers counted 305 million visitors to the park system’s 409 units. National Park Service director Jonathan B. Jarvis...

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Without a solution to the poaching crisis, the death of conservationists will continue | Ben Fogle 2.2.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest
The murder of helicopter pilot Roger Gower while protecting Tanzania’s wildlife is the latest example of those on the frontline in the war against illegal ivory being outnumbered and outgunned The death of Roger Gower, shot through his helicopter by AK47 while protecting Tanzania’s game reserves from poachers , is the culmination of a worrying trend in the east African nation that has seen its wildlife populations plummet in recent years. In 2014 a helicopter donated to the Tanzanian government to help the anti-poaching operations crashed , killing four. In December last year, Tanzania National Parks’ head of anti-poaching Emily Kisamo was murdered . Four have been charged, but there are still uncertainties as to the reasons for his killing, or the cause of the helicopter ...
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Stop the privatization of California's public coastline 30.1.2016 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: What a country. Entire buildings in Pacifica built on a picturesque but unstable clifftop outside San Francisco are currently falling into the Pacific Ocean. The California Coastal Commission should be protecting the coast from such developments, not trying to put more of them on...

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10 adventures to pursue in San Francisco's Golden Gate National Recreation Area 30.1.2016 LA Times: Commentary
10 adventures to pursue in San Francisco's Golden Gate National Recreation Area Exploring the attractions of this urban-rural wonder will take you from redwoods to Alcatraz, from old Army buildings to museums, from horseback rides surrounded by hills to walks on the beach. By Christopher Reynolds...
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As the National Park Service turns 100, a look back, and forward 30.1.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Like many great love affairs, mine began in childhood. The details are sketchy, drawn from memory and from photographs in a family album, old Super 8s. Our two-toned station wagon is loaded up in the driveway of the Altadena home, room for five, our gear and a black Labrador named Sheba.

The Central...

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Celebrating our national parks 30.1.2016 LA Times: Commentary
Celebrating our national parks The 409 units of the National Park Service are as varied as the United States itself and an incredible legacy for Americans. The Los Angeles Times Travel section begins a yearlong look at some of those units, why they matter, how the park service is working to tell...
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The National Park Service: Some facts and figures 30.1.2016 LA Times: Commentary

If the National Park Service is celebrating 100 years, does that mean the oldest national park is only 100 years old?

No. Yellowstone, which was established on March 1, 1872, is the first national park.

People talk about 59 parks, but we also hear the number 409 in reference to parks. What's the...

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National Parks celebrates 100 years: Readers share their memories 30.1.2016 LA Times: Commentary
A camping adventure that nearly ended a marriage. A trip that started one. Abilities overestimated. Kindnesses encountered. Those are among the memories of national parks that readers shared. We will continue to add to this treasure-trove, so if you have one you'd like to share (and a photo), send...
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Bears get a handle on opening car doors – but could it be their downfall? 29.1.2016 The Guardian -- World Latest
‘Food-conditioning’ and other adaptive behaviors have become common among bear populations – and could lead them into dangerous contact with humans William Hefner was on his honeymoon with his new wife Sara, driving back to their rented condo in the mountains above Gatlinberg, Tennessee, when he first saw the bear. At first, he said, he thought it was a huge dog nosing around. They followed it in the car; Hefner started videoing. As he watched in amazement, the bear reared onto its hind legs, niftily pulled the handle of a parked car, and opened the door. “He walked up to the car and opened it like he owned it – hopped right in,” Hefner said. “He seemed like he knew what he was doing … It was a shock, it was hard to believe. But after your nerves calm down and you realise the animal isn’t gonna maul you, it was kinda neat, kinda cool to see ...
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Congress needs to stop ignoring the repairs backlog at national parks 25.1.2016 LA Times: Commentary

When household budgets are tight, people tend to put off expensive maintenance projects. So a leaky roof gets patched instead of replaced, or paint is left to peel for a season or two or three longer than a homeowner (not to mention the neighbors) would like.

Government agencies do the same thing....

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Eco-warrior Tompkins' widow to deepen conservation work 22.1.2016 AP Business
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- The widow of American conservationist Doug Tompkins, who died last month while kayaking in South America's Patagonia region, says she'll build on her husband's legacy of protecting threatened ecosystems in Argentina and Chile....
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Got an awesome national park memory? Share it with us 20.1.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Ever waited out a snowstorm under a sequoia? Or fallen asleep to the howls of wolves in Yellowstone?

As the National Park Service turns 100 this year, we are seeking your favorite park-related memories.

Your recollections will be included in our coverage of this important celebration of some of...

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The corporate grab sparking the controversy over Yosemite Park's trademarks 20.1.2016 LA Times: Commentary

If you're a lover of U.S. national parks in general and Yosemite National Park in particular, you've probably been moved to outrage over reports that a New York corporation has claimed the trademark rights to several names associated with the park.

These include the historic Ahwahnee Hotel, Curry...

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Visit a Colorado National Park Monday - for free 18.1.2016 Headlines: All Headlines
National parks throughout the country will offer free admission on Monday, January 18 to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Trademark grab in Yosemite is too clever by half 16.1.2016 LA Times: Commentary

For the generations of families and adventurers who've been camping, hiking and skiing in Yosemite National Park, Thursday's announcement was mind-boggling: The National Park Service is changing the names of five famed park attractions, some of them more than a century old, that have drawn millions...

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