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Mark Zuckerberg struggles to put his best Facebook forward during a day in the hot seat 11.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room 14 years ago, it was, in his own words, “an idealistic and optimistic company” meant to “connect people” in new ways.

The Facebook chief executive, now 33, expanded that goal Tuesday when he and his social media empire inadvertently...

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NFL draft analysis is a cottage industry — and everyone wants to join the neighborhood 11.4.2018 Washington Post
What was a one-man field just a decade ago has exploded into a round-the-clock, unending frenzy: There are now dozens of podcasts, websites and social media accounts dedicated to the draft, several others dedicated to aggregating them, and still more focused on critiquing them.
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Hungarians go to the polls today. But are voters enough to protect democracy? 8.4.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Elected politicians can follow the letter of the law and yet manage to tilt the playing field.
Why Sinclair Broadcasting 'Is Extremely Dangerous To Our Democracy': 'BradCast' 4/3/2018 4.4.2018 BradBlog
On today's BradCast: Good news for voters in two separate federal court cases concerning the National Voter Registration Act, and bad news for democracy, as a rightwing media outlet is using trusted local television anchors -- and our public airwaves -- to deceptively promote the Trump Agenda. [Audio link to ...
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Murdoch proposes Sky News sale to Disney 3.4.2018 BBC: Business
21st Century Fox says it would sell Sky News to Disney in an effort to ease its proposed acquisition of Sky.
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The Daily 202: Visuals and ego motivate Trump to take a harder line on Putin 30.3.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Animation of a nuclear attack helped shift the president’s thinking about Russia.
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Overhauling state media for Xi’s ‘new era’ 24.3.2018 Hindu: Diet & Nutrition

The massive China Central Television Tower (in picture) — a 5,75,000-sq. m. structure — looms high over Beijing’s Central Business District. Its sharp lines, which some say resemble an oddly shaped

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The Batman Villain Behind Cambridge Analytica 22.3.2018
Billionaire recluse Robert Mercer gave us Breitbart, Steve Bannon and a whole new way to exploit information for political gain. His Cambridge Analytica used Facebook's vast databases to create highly specified voter profiles targeting people's deepest fears and biases while its CEO bragged about using bribery and sex as weapons against opponents. Welcome to the aftermath of Citizens United. Billionaire Robert Mercer speaks on the phone during the 12th International Conference on Climate Change hosted by The Heartland Institute on March 23, 2017, in Washington, DC. (Photo: Oliver Contreras / For The Washington Post via Getty Images) Well lookee here, now. We got ourselves a no-shit Batman villain. He is a billionaire computer genius who sees the world as a clockwork of hyperdetailed algorithms, and is often described as "reclusive" and "secretive" by the press. He describes himself politically as "Libertarian," but his actions suggest he is just another person who doesn't really know what the word ...
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Justice Department's effort to halt AT&T-Time Warner merger goes to trial as both sides spar over evidence 20.3.2018 LA Times: Business

The high-stakes antitrust showdown over AT&T Inc.’s planned $85 billion purchase of Time Warner Inc. began in a Washington courtroom Monday as both sides sparred over some key issues that signaled their legal strategies.

Opening arguments aren’t scheduled until Wednesday in a trial U.S. District...

iHeartMedia turns the dial to bankruptcy 15.3.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
The country's largest radio broadcaster, iHeartMedia spent years trying to manage $20 billion in debt. Now, the company has reached an agreement that will cut that debt by half.
Why Sinclair’s latest plan to sell major TV stations has critics crying foul 14.3.2018 Washington Post
Why Sinclair’s latest plan to sell major TV stations has critics crying foul
The Ghost of Fascism in the Age of Trump 13.2.2018 Truthout - All Articles
President Donald Trump attends a roundtable discussion in the Cabinet Room of the White House on February 6, 2018, in Washington, DC. (Photo: Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images) Trump may not currently be in possession of storm troopers or planning genocidal acts, but he represents a form of fascism that is distinctive to the United States and needs to be remembered, analyzed and engaged for the lessons it can teach us about the present. While these ghosts of fascism can be terrifying, they can also educate us and imbue us with a sense of civic justice. President Donald Trump attends a roundtable discussion in the Cabinet Room of the White House on February 6, 2018, in Washington, DC. (Photo: Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images) In the age of Trump, history neither informs the present nor haunts it with repressed memories of the past. It simply disappears. Memory has been hijacked. This is especially troubling when the " mobilizing passions " of a fascist past now emerge in the unceasing stream of hate, ...
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Los Angeles Times sold to local billionaire for $500 million 7.2.2018 AP Business
The Los Angeles Times is being sold to a local billionaire for $500 million, ending its strained tenure under the owner of the Chicago Tribune....
Billionaire doctor on verge of buying Los Angeles Times 7.2.2018 AP Business
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Los Angeles Times is on the verge of a sale that would take it from its Chicago-based parent company and put it in the hands of a local billionaire doctor....
Sale of Los Angeles Times to billionaire being negotiated 7.2.2018 AP National
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The owner of the Los Angeles Times is in talks to sell the newspaper to a billionaire medical entrepreneur....
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Another dictator lashes out at press freedom 19.1.2018 Washington Post: Editorials
A pioneering news outlet faces closure in the Philippines.
Want to see Oprah be president? Maybe she should start with city council. 9.1.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Why chose another charismatic newcomer when there are plenty of qualified women to chose from?
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Reports: FCC head Ajit Pai skips CES tech show after threats 5.1.2018 AP Business
NEW YORK (AP) -- Published reports say Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is skipping the CES gadget show because of death threats....
Disney's Potential 21st Century Fox Merger Continues Troubling Trend of Media Consolidation 26.12.2017 Truthout - All Articles
In the US, only a handful of media companies control what children and adults watch and read. Now that number could get even smaller. The proposed $52.4 billion merger of Disney and 21st Century Fox would combine the first and third largest film companies in the world, creating a media monopoly that could be as powerful as a state actor on the world stage. Visitors watch fireworks exploding over the Disney castle at Shanghai Disneyland in Shanghai on December 20, 2017. (Photo: Chandan Khanna / AFP / Getty Images) In the US,  only a handful  of media companies control what children and adults watch and read.  Now that number could get even smaller. The proposed  US$52.4 billion merger  of Disney and 21st Century Fox would merge the first and third largest film companies in the world. Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Searchlight, 20th Century Fox and Big Sky would all be under the same umbrella. Disney would also acquire control of TV channels like FX and National Geographic, adding to a portfolio that ...
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Even with 'Star Wars' surge, moviegoing could hit 22-year low. Blame bad sequels, rising ticket prices and streaming 23.12.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Hollywood is celebrating the end of 2017 with astronomical sales from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” which is on track to soon exceed $1 billion in global ticket sales and eventually become the biggest movie of the year. But that won’t be enough to write a happy storyline for the industry.


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