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Five theories for the record-low US abortion rate 23.9.2019 BBC News - US & Canada
Abortion rates fall to their lowest level since the procedure was legalised. Here are five theories.
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Trump, in call, urged Ukraine to investigate Biden's son 21.9.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
President Trump urged the new leader of Ukraine this summer to investigate the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, a person familiar with the matter said Friday. Democrats condemned what they saw as a clear effort to damage a political rival, now at the heart of an explosive whistleblower complaint against Trump.
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Column: How will Russian manipulation affect the 2020 election? We still have no idea 11.9.2019 LA Times: Commentary

MIT professor Sinan Aral explains how taking four basic steps could help us explain the effect of social media manipulation on our election.

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Robert Mugabe died a 'very bitter' man, nephew says 9.9.2019 BBC: World
The long-time Zimbabwean leader was "bitter" about being ousted in 2017, a relative tells the BBC.
The 'code of silence' killing US police officers 4.9.2019 BBC News - US & Canada
Suicide rates among US police are on the rise. But it's long been an unspoken reality of the job. Why?
Raab should 'pick a fight' with Iran over Zaghari-Ratcliffe 3.9.2019 BBC: Front Page
The husband of a woman jailed in Iran is worried Brexit issues could cause people to "forget" about her.
Brexit debate: Behind the scenes in Parliament 3.9.2019 BBC: Front Page
Newsbeat’s politics editor Jim Connolly has had exclusive access to the House of Commons before the MPs take their seats later today.
Iran's former President Ahmadinejad relies on tweets to help maintain a public persona 1.9.2019 L.A. Times - World News

People closely associated with former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad say the ex-president manages his own Twitter account and writes his own tweets.

Yang Hengjun: Australian writer faces spying charges in China 27.8.2019 BBC: World
Australia says it has serious concerns for Yang Hengjun who has been detained in Beijing since January.
US Backs Xenophobia & Mob Violence in Hong Kong 20.8.2019
The ferociously anti-Chinese network behind the demonstrations has been cultivated with the help of U.S. funding and a Washington-linked local media tycoon, reports Ben Norton.   By Dan Cohen    The Grayzone President Donald Trump tweeted on August 13 that he “can’t…Read more →
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How online extremists are shaping the minds of white teens 19.8.2019 BBC: World
How can parents intervene when boys seem drawn into extremist internet culture - and should they?
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What has gone wrong with rail franchising? 16.8.2019 BBC: Front Page
Calls to reform the system are growing amid anger over rising fares and poor punctuality.
How bad is Pakistan's plastic bag problem? See for yourself 14.8.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Prime Minister Imran Khan's ban on plastic bags in Pakistan goes into effect on Aug. 14. Environmentalists say it's a good idea — but argue that the plan is flawed.
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Op-Ed: Why Trump will win his challenge to California's tax return law 9.8.2019 LA Times: Opinion

California's new law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns runs smack into the Constitution's protections for political parties and federal elections.

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Jared O'Mara: Who runs an absent MP's office? 9.8.2019 BBC: Front Page
Jared O'Mara is "taking time out" for personal reasons but what does that mean for his constituents?
McConnell says Senate will consider gun background checks 9.8.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The Republican leader told a Kentucky radio station that President Trump called him Thursday morning and they talked about several ideas. The president, he said, is "anxious to get an outcome and so am I."
Mass shooters are almost always men. Why don't we talk about this? 8.8.2019 LA Times: Opinion

Unless we recognize the hard truth that men commit almost every mass shooting, we cannot address the underlying causes.

PATRICK LAWRENCE: Finally Time for DNC Email Evidence 6.8.2019
The crumbling of Russiagate focuses attention on the considerable evidence that Russian intelligence agencies charged with intrusion into DNC servers had nothing to do with it.  By Patrick Lawrence Special to Consortium News Three years after the narrative we call…Read more →
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Editorial: Trump's cynical response to mass shootings falls far short of what's needed to protect the U.S. 5.8.2019 LA Times: Opinion

After El Paso and Dayton shootings, Trump's support for "marrying" legislation on "strong background checks" with immigration reform pushes his agenda.

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Japan's first severely disabled lawmakers join parliament 1.8.2019
The election of the two politicians is seen as major step for representation and visibility.
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