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Labour promises free jobs retraining for adults 12.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
Labour pledges a £3bn increase in adult education investment to update skills for work.
Energy Companies Undertook the Greatest Scam in History 11.11.2019
Environmental activists rally outside of New York Supreme Court with a banner reading: Exxon Knew
Science isn't enough to stop climate change; the rest of us are needed -- and we are needed now.
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Housing ladder: 'We live apart to save more money to buy a home' 10.11.2019 BBC: Business
Getting on the housing ladder is challenging, but what options are there for first-time buyers?
A Message to PBS: Televise the Trump Impeachment Hearings for All to See 9.11.2019
For the sake of the nation, public television should not only broadcast the hearings live but repeat them in ...
General election 2019: Boris Johnson 'does not understand' deal trade checks 9.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
After the PM says NI firms can "bin" customs forms, Labour accuses him of not understanding his deal.
The Supreme Court Considers Political Lies in the Bridgegate Case 6.11.2019
Bridget Kelly stands behind two figures while holding a pink bag
The "Bridgegate case" offers the Supreme Court another opportunity to endorse the power to lie in politics.
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Newsletter: That quid pro quo 6.11.2019 L.A. Times - World News

Here are the stories you shouldn't miss today: TOP STORIES That Quid Pro Quo Gordon Sondland, U.S. ambassador to the European Union and a key defender of President Trump in the impeachment inquiry, has revised his statement to House impeachment investigators.

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'Deep fake' videos could upend an election — but Silicon Valley may have a way to combat them 5.11.2019 LA Times: Nation

Technologists unveil the first significant effort to arm reporters and campaigns with software tools to combat the growing problem of "deep fake" videos. The effort faces formidable hurdles — both technical and political — and developers say there's no time to waste.

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Uprooted: The 1950's plan to erase Indian Country 4.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
In the 1950s, the United States government came up with a plan to solve what it called the "Indian problem." It would assimilate Native Americans by moving them to cities and eliminating reservations. The 20-year campaign failed to destroy Native cultures and tribal sovereignty, but its impact is still felt today.
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Outrage over right-wing Euro-MPs' Kashmir visit 30.10.2019 BBC: World
They were the first international group to visit the region since it was stripped of its autonomy.
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WhatsApp sues Israeli firm over phone hacking claims 30.10.2019 BBC: Business
Facebook-owned WhatsApp alleges NSO Group was behind a cyber-attack on phones and messages.
Kindle Unlimited Should Stop Giving Subscribers Free White Nationalist Content 27.10.2019
Part of the Kindle application is seen on an iPad on October 24, 2017.
Kindle Unlimited's suggestions list can easily send a reader into a tailspin of radical right-wing fodder.
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Opinion: Tulsi Gabbard may not be a Russian asset. But she sure talks like one 26.10.2019 LA Times: Opinion

2020 candidate Tulsi Gabbard has been accused of being a Russian asset. After appearing on Fox News, it's hard not to at least label her as a Republican.

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What abortion law change means to NI women 22.10.2019 BBC: Front Page
BBC News NI speaks to four women with very different opinions on the emotive issue.
Ukraine impeachment inquiry resumes with diplomat who warned of 'nightmare' 22.10.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Ambassador William Taylor talked with compatriots in real time about his objections to President Trump's policy. Now he's scheduled to meet behind closed doors with members of Congress.
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Tribal Sovereignty Is Key to the Struggle for Democracy in 2020 21.10.2019
Several people march in a line while carrying a banner
There is a blossoming of tribal community initiatives which are built on traditional Indigenous wisdom and practices.
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Miscarriages: Calls for better care for women in Wales 19.10.2019 BBC: Health
Women who have experienced multiple losses say there is not enough support in Wales.
Brexit: What does the deal say about workers' rights? 19.10.2019 BBC: Front Page
What does Mr Johnson's new agreement say about environmental standards or workers' rights?
BBC 100 Women 2019: Who is on the list this year? 16.10.2019 BBC: Front Page
Our most inspiring and influential women of 2019 give us their vision of a female-led future.
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Eritrea - where ATMs are unknown and Sim cards are like gold dust 15.10.2019 BBC: World
A BBC team gets rare access to Eritrea, often described as one of the most repressive states in Africa.
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