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Justice Department holds meetings on Russia probe as Republicans push for classified records 24.5.2018 LA Times: Nation

The Department of Justice will host two unusual meetings for congressional leaders Thursday as Republicans demand classified records involving the use of a confidential FBI informant during the early days of the Russia and investigation.

Law enforcement and intelligence leaders have resisted turning...

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The Health 202: Democrats are no longer cheering Obamacare plans 24.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Republicans are the ones who own its problems, they say.
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The Cybersecurity 202: The FBI is trying to thwart a massive Russia-linked hacking campaign 24.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
The DOJ attributed the malware to the group known as Sofacy, also known as Fancy Bear.
Jared Kushner is finally granted a White House security clearance after downgrade 24.5.2018 LA Times: Nation

Jared Kushner has received his full security clearance after more than a year of delay and controversy, removing a hurdle to his continued service as a key advisor to President Trump, his father-in-law.

Kushner lost his access to top-secret intelligence in February, an embarassing setback for a...

Trump barred from blocking Twitter users by judge 24.5.2018 BBC News - US & Canada
A judge rules that blocking access to the president's tweets violates free speech.
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The Health 202: How Democrats got a version of 'right to try' they like even less 23.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Congress passed a bill making it easier for critically ill patients to access experimental medicines.
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Why politics follows geography 23.5.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Why politics follows geography
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The very real risks posed by Trump's use of a cellphone 22.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Even if Trump's phone is completely secure — is Sean Hannity's?
Believe the autocrat 22.5.2018 Washington Post
Believe the autocrat
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The Daily 202: A tale of two elections 22.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Compare Trump's reaction to the reelection of Maduro and Putin.
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The Cybersecurity 202: We surveyed 100 security experts. Almost all said state election systems were vulnerable. 21.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Our survey revealed deep concerns that states aren’t prepared to defend themselves against the types of cyberattacks that disrupted the 2016 election.
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The Daily 202: Hillary Clinton warns of ‘a full-fledged crisis in our democracy’ at Yale 21.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Vanquished Trump rival quotes from “Fascism” and “On Tyranny” in gloomy speech.
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Zuckerberg meeting with EU parliament leaders to be webcast 21.5.2018 Washington Post: World
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has agreed to have his meeting Tuesday with the leaders of the European parliament about data privacy be broadcast publicly through web streaming.
Michael Cohen payments put spotlight on New York investment firm linked to Russian billionaire 21.5.2018 Washington Post
Michael Cohen payments put spotlight on New York investment firm linked to Russian billionaire
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Stalls, stops and breakdowns: Problems plague push for electric buses 20.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

When Chinese battery maker BYD Ltd. approached Southern California officials in 2008 touting ambitious plans to build electric cars, local politicians jumped at the promise of thousands of jobs and cleaner air.  

In the nine years since, agencies have awarded BYD grants, subsidies and public contracts...

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Military intel issues alert on Gujarat student, she calls it ‘character assassination’ 19.5.2018 India – The Indian Express
Trump nominates acting VA secretary Wilkie for permanent job 19.5.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
In a surprise announcement that caught the candidate off-guard, President Donald Trump said Friday he'll nominate acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie to permanently lead the beleaguered department.
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The Health 202: These Republicans may pay a political price for their health-care votes 18.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
And Democrats know it.
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The Daily 202: Rex Tillerson is just the latest Trump aide to speak out after getting fired 18.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
His speech shows the peril of a president who fires so many people.
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Probe of leaked banking records related to Michael Cohen grows after New Yorker report 18.5.2018 Washington Post
The Treasury Department’s inspector general will look at the uncorroborated allegation that records were removed from a government database of suspicious transactions.
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