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Protests greet Austrian far Right’s swearing in 18.12.2017 Hindu: News
New govt. could slash social benefits for asylum seekers
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Republicans Push Bill to Strip Migrant Workers of Their Few Rights, Undercut US Workers 18.12.2017 Truthout - All Articles
Migrant laborers works in California's strawberry fields outside of Salinas in Monterey County on July 30, 1997. (Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein / Corbis via Getty Images) Faced with a labor shortage caused by aggressive immigration enforcement and under pressure from the agriculture lobby, Congress is considering an expansion of the H-2A agricultural worker visa program. The proposed reform, eagerly supported by corporate interests like Trump's Mar-a-Lago, guarantees cheap imported labor beyond agricultural work to meat and poultry processing, forestry and logging, and fish farming, while massively undercutting the wages of US workers. Migrant laborers works in California's strawberry fields outside of Salinas in Monterey County on July 30, 1997. (Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein / Corbis via Getty Images) Exposing the wrongdoing of those in power has never been more important. Support Truthout's independent, investigative journalism by making a donation! Immigration arrests have surged (up 43 percent) under ...
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Two more immigrant teens in custody ask judge to allow abortions 18.12.2017 Washington Post
The requests are the latest challenges to the new U.S. policy of discouraging, and even blocking, teens detained for being undocumented from terminating their pregnancies.
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As migrants flee for Canada, fears rise over the perils of frigid illegal crossings 16.12.2017 Washington Post
With tightening U.S. immigration policy sending people for the border, local officials in Minnesota and Canada are angry about being shoved onto the front lines of the debate.
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America’s chaotic, crazy, challenging, great, tumultuous, horrible, disappointing year 15.12.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
A look back at the ups and downs of public opinion in 2017.
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Congress must act on the ‘dreamers’ 14.12.2017 Washington Post
Congress must act on the ‘dreamers’
White House wants technology cuts, pay freeze to fund border wall, according to Democrats 14.12.2017 Washington Post: World
A report by Democratic staff cites information provided by “a whistleblower.”
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Trump administration focus on immigration and drug war outweigh democracy concerns in Honduras 14.12.2017 LA Times: Commentary

In what critics call a weakening of U.S. support for democracy in Latin America, the Trump administration appears to be prioritizing concerns about illegal immigration and drug trafficking from Honduras over the country’s violent and flawed election process.

The administration’s relative silence...

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Trump's fragile bubble just got popped - bigly 13.12.2017 Washington Post
Trump's fragile bubble just got popped - bigly
My Family Fled to the US to Survive. We Deserve to Stay. 13.12.2017
This article was originally published on I grew up in Los Angeles and Seattle, but my siblings used to warn me not to reveal that we were from Mexico. They were afraid that we would be persecuted, deported, and separated from one another, so they made sure I knew about the possible repercussions of being undocumented. But that doesn't mean I fully understood it -- I couldn't really comprehend the extent to which it would impact our lives practically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I learned what it meant, piece by piece. It meant that my uncle couldn't volunteer as a chaperone for an elementary school field trip, because a routine background check might give Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) information it could use to deport him. It meant that when my fifth-grade teacher taught us about Social Security, I learned that our family didn't have it. It meant introducing myself as "Caesar" rather than "Cesar," and telling people I was born in Los Angeles. It meant working for ...
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Donald Trump cannot stop endorsing losers 13.12.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Donald Trump's losing streak in endorsements is now at three.
For Minnesota Somalis, a raw, rising fear of deportation 13.12.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Minnesota immigration lawyers are scrambling to get emergency stays for some clients who've been ordered deported to Somalia. Their families fear they could die in Somalia's violence. Their stories are heart-rending.
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Vote on the ‘dreamers.’ Now. 13.12.2017 Washington Post: Editorials
Congress should act now to craft a path to citizenship for young immigrants brought to the United States as children.
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A question of faith: Evaluating the 'Trump Miracle' 13.12.2017 Washington Post: Politics
In Alabama, Stephen K. Bannon made the case for Trump's new America. Let's evaluate.
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Sessions and new Homeland Security chief describe efforts to crackdown on gang violence, illegal immigration 13.12.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions and the new chief of Homeland Security on Tuesday linked Monday’s subway bombing in New York City to what they said were misguided immigration rules, calling for stepped up border security and an end to family reunification policies.

Sessions and Kirstjen M. Nielsen, who...

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Trump links New York bomb attack to immigration debate 12.12.2017 LA Times: Nation

President Trump cited the suspect in the New York subway bombing on Monday as an argument for his crackdown on legal as well as illegal immigration, after the administration said the man entered the country in 2011 on a family immigrant visa.

“Today’s attempted mass murder attack in New York City...

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Appeasement is a bad reason to support the Maryland Trust Act 12.12.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Appeasement is a bad reason to support the Maryland Trust Act
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Trump’s deportation tough talk hurts law-abiding immigrants 11.12.2017 Washington Post: Editorials
Lacking millions of ‘bad hombres,’ the administration turns on honest people.
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Henry A. Giroux on Developing a Language of Liberation for Radical Transformation 10.12.2017
At the moment, people in the US are enduring a numbing assault from an authoritarianism brought to full fruition under Donald Trump. However, a galvanizing hope can shape a new vision and activism that will be transformative in the battle against an oppressive capitalism, says author and scholar Henry A. Giroux, who talked to Truthout about his new book, The Public in Peril. Hundreds of University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee students protest a Trump campaign rally on their campus, January 1, 2014. Protests by young people could become illegal in the future, according to Henry A. Giroux. (Image: Joe Brusky / Flickr ) What are the longer-term trends that gave rise to the presidency of Donald Trump? What will be the national and global impacts? And what do we need to do to resist? Henry A. Giroux tackles these questions in The Public in Peril: Trump and the Menace of American Authoritarianism. "This courageous and timely book is the first and best book on Trump's neo-fascism in the making," says Cornel West. ...
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US cities should be sanctuaries for Americans, not for criminal aliens: Trump 10.12.2017 Hindu: International
After a US court acquitted a Mexican migrant accused of gunning down an American woman in the sanctuary city of San Francisco.
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