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Liberia gold mine collapse: Dozens arrested at 'lawless' rescue site 17.2.2019 BBC: World
More than 60 are held as Liberian authorities seek to restore order at a mine where dozens are trapped.
Gavin Newsom pushes for new ties with Mexico as Trump fights to build wall 17.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

As President Trump pushes Mexico further away, declaring a national emergency to force the construction of a wall along the border, Gov. Gavin Newsom and California lawmakers have made clear they want to draw the country closer.

Along with a commitment to reopen a trade office in Mexico City, the...

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Can Trump’s Wall Survive His Fake Emergency? 16.2.2019
The legal question will come down to intent.

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From ‘The Conners’ to ‘black-ish,’ TV shows tread on culture wars and political divisions 16.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

A bit of optical magic happened last spring when Alba, the Venezuelan matriarch in “Jane the Virgin,” was sworn in as an American citizen. A portrait of President Trump morphed into a picture of Barack Obama, who, with a sly smile, winked at Alba. The fleeting scene was a playful yet provocative...

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Trump's national emergency is fake and the GOP knows it. Stop him before the damage is done 15.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Like many critics of President Trump, we expected that he would someday abuse the power of the office to such a degree that it would trigger a confrontation with Congress or the courts. And now he’s doing it, in pursuit of a wall along the southern border that Mexico isn’t financing.

On Friday,...

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Immigrant farm laborers deserve more than just 'guest worker' protections 15.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

To the editor: There is an urgent need for immigration reform to address the situation in agricultural communities, but I disagree with some of the points made by American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall.

We should respect the valuable role of farmworkers and ensure that they enjoy...

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Colorado Republicans back Trump’s border wall, cite immigration as top concern in poll 14.2.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
President Donald Trump's focus on illegal immigration and his willingness to shut down the government have resonated strongly among the vast majority of Colorado Republicans, a new poll has found.
Incarcerated Immigrants Are Being Tortured 13.2.2019
Hunger strikers in a Texas immigration jail are risking their lives to draw attention to the conditions.

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Face it, President Trump: Congress isn't going to give you money for your wall 13.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Faced with seemingly irreconcilable differences between the two parties’ positions on border security, top congressional appropriators nevertheless ground out a tentative deal Monday to fund much of the federal government through September. Many of the details have yet to be revealed, but the broad...

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California loses border wall challenge in federal court 13.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

A federal appeals court has rejected arguments by the state of California and environmental groups who tried to block the reconstruction of sections of the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Monday that the Trump administration did not exceed its authority by waiving...

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Read Gov. Gavin Newsom's prepared remarks for his first State of the State address 13.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Here are the full prepared remarks for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s first State of the State address:

Mr. Speaker, thank you for being a champion for all Californians – and for welcoming Jen and me into your house today.

Madam Pro Tem – thank you for your commitment to collaboration, which has helped make...

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New Mexico Governor Orders National Guard Away From Border 12.2.2019
Turning the border into a war zone will not improve safety and security.

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Brown was right to send National Guard troops to the border. Newsom is right to withdraw them 12.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Nearly a year ago, President Trump asked several states to deploy National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexican border. It was a crisis, the president blustered at the time, and the Border Patrol needed help. Central American migrants were moving north in caravans, intent, he seemed to say, on overrunning...

Gavin Newsom has been more antagonistic to Trump than Jerry Brown was. And he's just getting started 12.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Gavin Newsom’s decision to reassign National Guard troops from the Mexico border is likely just the beginning of a more aggressive stance by California and its new activist governor against President Trump's policies.

In his first month in office, Newsom has taken a more antagonistic approach to...

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US border security deal reached to avert new US shutdown 12.2.2019 BBC: World
The tentative agreement on border security breaks a longstanding stalemate in Congress.
Border funding fight bogs down over detention beds. Here's why 12.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Barely three weeks after parts of the federal government were shut for 35 days in a battle over border security spending, another partial shutdown is possible on Friday.

With negotiations at an impasse, the latest dispute is over beds for detained migrants.

Democrats say limiting the number of...

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Trump Says 42 Million Want to Come Here. But 52 Million Want Out. 11.2.2019
Emerging from his White House cocoon, Trump tries to recover some momentum with a bunch of freshly baked lies.

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US shutdown: Parties in fresh talks as next deadline looms 11.2.2019 BBC: Front Page
Negotiators hope to reach a border security deal to head off another government closure on Friday.
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#Free21Savage Coalition hopes to bring awareness to rapper detained by ICE 11.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

During one of the Grammy Awards’ earliest performances of the night, rapper Post Malone took the stage to perform his hit “Rockstar,” a song that was also nominated for the coveted record of the year award for rap/sung performance. But notably absent was the song’s co-star, rapper 21 Savage.


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Gov. Gavin Newsom to pull National Guard from California's border with Mexico 11.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

As a second partial government shutdown looms in Washington over border discussions, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday will order the removal of roughly 360 National Guard members from California’s southern boundary with Mexico, repudiating President Trump’s characterization of a recent influx of Central...

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