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Albania arrests 39 in crackdown on immigration crime rings 17.3.2018 Washington Post: World
Albania police have arrested 39 people in a crackdown on crime rings illegally sending about 1,000 Albanians to Britain, the United States and Canada.
Medical tourists, undocumented immigrants and ballooning costs: California's path to single payer is rocky 17.3.2018 LA Times: Commentary

After state Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) pulled the plug last year on a fast-moving but half-baked Senate bill to guarantee premium-free health insurance to all Californians, the nurses union that sponsored the legislation called it a “cowardly act” and threatened to push for a...

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In California's rural, conservative north, there are big dreams for cleaving the state 17.3.2018 LA Times: Commentary
For die-hard State of Jefferson activists, the dream of a 51st state lives on, with much hope in the Trump administration.
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How an undocumented Irish immigrant became an unofficial U.S. diplomat 17.3.2018 Washington Post
Niall O’Dowd was a crucial off-the-books bridge between the United States and the IRA in the effort to bring peace to Northern Ireland.
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Immigration advocates warn ICE is retaliating for activism 16.3.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
ICE denies the allegations, saying it does not target immigrants for holding advocacy positions.
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Fewer foreign doctors are coming to study in the United States, report shows 16.3.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Fearing he would die if he stayed, Mohamed fled the civil war in his home country of Syria, heading to Saudi Arabia where he spent six years working as a physician. While there, Mohamed worked toward his goal of coming to the United States to train.

He aced the U.S. exams required of all physicians...

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The Daily 202: Trump may hire multiple cable news personalities as part of shake-up 16.3.2018 Washington Post: Politics
The reality TV president turns to talking heads now more than ever.
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Does President Trump's border wall pay for itself? 16.3.2018 Washington Post: Politics
The president tweeted about a study that suggests the wall pays for itself. But it's an estimate of an estimate that's fiercely disputed.
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Lawyer in US illegally gets California statewide appointment 16.3.2018 AP National
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- An attorney and immigrant rights activist is the first person living in the U.S. illegally to be named to a statewide appointment in the nation's most populous state, California's Senate leader announced Wednesday....
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In a first, an undocumented immigrant is appointed to a statewide post in California 16.3.2018 Washington Post
In a first, an undocumented immigrant is appointed to a statewide post in California
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A Tunisian refugee makes a place for herself in France in well-crafted drama 'Foreign Body' 15.3.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Politics and sensuality make for intriguing bedfellows in “Foreign Body,” Raja Amari’s accomplished survival tale about an undocumented young Tunisian woman finding her identity in France.

Having fled her homeland in the aftermath of the Jasmine Revolution, Samia (Sarra Hannachi) arrives in Lyon,...

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4 Pinocchios for Trump’s narrative on immigrants and crime 15.3.2018 Washington Post
In his weekly address, President Trump glosses over nuance, maligns the mayor of Oakland, and neglects to provide crucial context.
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Yes, the Parkland kids could change U.S. gun policy. Here’s what it would take. 15.3.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Successful social movements find ways to bring together communities that have survived similar traumas – so they can fight their common enemies.
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Trump should should tour Central Valley farm fields — and leave his immigration agents at home 15.3.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Hard-liners who want to deport all immigrants living here illegally should visit a California farm at harvest. In fact, that’s especially a good idea for President Trump.

The president might learn a thing or two about undocumented farmworkers and the urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform...

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Federal judge in D.C. weighs ordering administration to restart ‘dreamers’ program 15.3.2018 Washington Post
Federal judge in D.C. weighs ordering administration to restart ‘dreamers’ program
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Message to Trump: California isn’t in the deportation business 15.3.2018 Washington Post
Message to Trump: California isn’t in the deportation business
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For Xavier Becerra, California's attorney general, the fight with Trump is personal 14.3.2018 Washington Post
For Xavier Becerra, California's attorney general, the fight with Trump is personal
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In Newport Beach, Trump is passing for Reagan 14.3.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Can you guess which Southern California city has a John Wayne Day on the birthday of the late actor and staunch conservative?

Clue: It’s the same city that has a statue of former President Ronald Reagan.

You’re disqualified if you live in Newport Beach, which I visited Tuesday to test the water...

Trump inspects border wall prototypes, denounces California 14.3.2018 Hindu: Health
‘We have a lousy wall over here now, but at least it stops 90, 95 percent’, said Trump
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Smattering of peaceful protests greet Trump at border 14.3.2018 AP National
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- President Donald Trump's motorcade Tuesday zipped past demonstrators who both jeered and cheered him and his plans for a "big beautiful border wall" after he inspected prototypes....
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