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Prince Fosu inquest: Man died 'in plain sight' at detention centre 2.3.2020 BBC: Front Page
"Gross failures" led to Prince Fosu's death from malnutrition, dehydration and hypothermia, an inquest finds.
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Royal couple, eh? 13.1.2020 L.A. Times - World News

Harry and Meghan haven't said where they might move, but some Canadians are said to be contemplating having the royal couple as neighbors.

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'It's inexcusable we don't know who we can hire' 9.12.2019 BBC: Business
The Conservatives' immigration plans lack clarity, says the head of a UK business group.
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Trump Has Built a Bureaucratic Wall to Keep Out Immigrants He Says He Wants 8.12.2019
The Trump administration's sweeping changes to the H-1B program has denied visas to many who have worked here for ...
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General election 2019: Conservatives promise 'equal' immigration system 17.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
The party's post-Brexit immigration plans include a rise in the cost migrants would pay to use the NHS.
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General election 2019: Tory plan to attract more NHS staff from abroad 8.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
The Royal College of Nursing says the proposed "NHS visa" will not do enough to fix staff shortages.
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Trump Administration’s Denials of H-1B Visas Are Being Overturned at Record Rate 18.10.2019
Trump Administration’s Denials of H-1B Visas Are Being Overturned at Record Rate
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UK 'needs more overseas vets and architects', say government advisers 29.5.2019 BBC: Front Page
Migration rules should be relaxed for some jobs to plug gaps in the labour market, officials say.
Trump’s immigration plan doesn’t have to be dead on arrival 24.5.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Last week, Donald Trump finally did something conventional. Following the path of other recent presidents, he proposed a comprehensive overhaul of the U.S. immigration system that is doomed to fail.

Similar attempts were made — in better faith — by President George W. Bush and President Obama in...

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Trump's weak immigration proposal should be a prompt for actual comprehensive reform 17.5.2019 LA Times: Commentary

The immigration reform plan put forward by the White House on Thursday is a woefully insufficient answer to a terribly difficult problem.

Under the plan President Trump outlined, the government would issue fewer family reunification visas and more merit-based visas weighted toward younger people...

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Trump will pitch immigration plan already facing stiff opposition in Congress 16.5.2019 LA Times: Nation

President Trump will announce a sweeping immigration plan Thursday to boost border security and foreign workers while reducing family reunification, but the White House proposal has little chance of advancing in Congress.

The unveiling of the long-awaited plan, which was prepared by Jared Kushner,...

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Stephen Moore, Trump's pick for the Fed, just got a key immigration program dead wrong 22.4.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

President Trump’s planned nomination of fiscal commentator Stephen Moore for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board has been taking on water since it was announced last month.

Critics have pointed to Moore’s lack of economic credentials, his advocacy of disastrously misguided fiscal policies, his ...

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Leaked files show U.S. has tracked immigrant rights activists, lawyers and journalists 8.3.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Reports that the U.S. government kept a database on journalists, activists and immigration attorneys during an investigation into last year's migrant caravan has stirred outrage among civil rights groups, drawn concern from lawmakers and prompted more people to come forward with additional allegations...

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Here's how to handle Central American migrants — like the Cuban rafters and Soviet Jews before them 13.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

The United States has a long history of responding to migration emergencies with legislative remedies crafted for specific situations. Sometimes, the intent has been to open doors, at other times to close them. The current influx of Central American asylum seekers at our southern border also needs...

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Immigrant tech workers struggle to get H-1B visas under Trump: 'I’ve never felt so helpless' 1.2.2019 L.A. Times - Technology News

Leo Wang thought a promising career in the United States was within his grasp. After leaving home in China in 2015, he earned a graduate degree in entrepreneurship and innovation at USC and was hired at a Silicon Valley data storage company.

But after his first year on the job, Wang, 32, found...

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Immigration White Paper: Post-Brexit migration plans unveiled 19.12.2018 BBC: Front Page
The UK will "get control over our borders" as free movement from the EU ends, ministers will say.
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Brexit won't ruin Strictly Come Dancing - No 10 26.10.2018 BBC: Front Page
It comes after Sir Vince Cable claimed dancers from EU countries might not be allowed in to the UK.
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Psychological Resources in Latinx Struggle Against Systemic Oppression 12.8.2018
In these turbulent times, Latinx people are drawing strength from their community's history of struggle.

The post Psychological Resources in Latinx Struggle Against Systemic Oppression appeared first on Truthout.

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Indians with advanced degree may have to wait 151 years for green card, says report 16.6.2018 Hindu: Home
The new calculation on the Green card wait period by Cato Institute comes after the USCIS recently released number of applicants for such cards.
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U.K. to ease work visa norms 15.6.2018 Hindu: Diet & Nutrition
Government is to commission a review of its Shortage Occupation List.
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