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Shamima Begum: What is her legal status? 21.2.2019 BBC: Front Page
The UK has stripped the IS bride of her British citizenship - so what happens now?
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Britain plans to strip citizenship of teen who joined Islamic State, lawyer says 20.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Shamima Begum, a London teenager who left Britain four years ago to join Islamic State, is to be stripped of her U.K. citizenship by the government, her family's lawyer said Tuesday.

Attorney Tasnime Akunjee tweeted that the family is "very disappointed with the Home Office's intention to have...

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As Venezuela spirals downward, South America struggles to absorb its migrants and refugees 18.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Latin American countries are straining to cope with an influx of Venezuelan immigrants, a tide of humanity that is expected to increase in 2019 as the troubled socialist government of Nicolas Maduro clings to power.

Experts now estimate that more than 4 million Venezuelans, or more than 10% of...

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From ‘The Conners’ to ‘black-ish,’ TV shows tread on culture wars and political divisions 16.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

A bit of optical magic happened last spring when Alba, the Venezuelan matriarch in “Jane the Virgin,” was sworn in as an American citizen. A portrait of President Trump morphed into a picture of Barack Obama, who, with a sly smile, winked at Alba. The fleeting scene was a playful yet provocative...

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U.S. agency tightens immigration rules to spotlight child marriage 16.2.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services released new rules for officers to identify visa petitions in which spouses are minors. No minimum age requirement for such requests currently exists.
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Immigrant farm laborers deserve more than just 'guest worker' protections 15.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

To the editor: There is an urgent need for immigration reform to address the situation in agricultural communities, but I disagree with some of the points made by American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall.

We should respect the valuable role of farmworkers and ensure that they enjoy...

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Sheriff Villanueva says he'll make 'deliberate policy shift' on immigration 15.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Alex Villanueva’s upset victory in last fall’s L.A. County sheriff’s race hinged on the overwhelming support he got from immigrant rights advocates and Latino voters.

By vowing to strictly limit his department’s cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and keep the county jails...

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Here's how to handle Central American migrants — like the Cuban rafters and Soviet Jews before them 13.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

The United States has a long history of responding to migration emergencies with legislative remedies crafted for specific situations. Sometimes, the intent has been to open doors, at other times to close them. The current influx of Central American asylum seekers at our southern border also needs...

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21 Savage released on bond after nine days in ICE custody 13.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Rapper 21 Savage was released from on bond Tuesday after the U.K. native was arrested by federal immigration authorities on suspicion of overstaying a visa that expired in 2006.

Savage, born She'yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, has been granted an expedited hearing after spending the previous nine days...

More immigrants sue US over end to protected status 12.2.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The lawsuit filed late Sunday in federal court in San Francisco alleges that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's decision to end so-called temporary protected status for the countries was motivated by racism.
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Denver immigration court cases delayed by shutdown may not go before judges until 2020 8.2.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
During the government shutdown, hundreds if not thousands of hearings in the federal immigration court in Denver were canceled. And because of a nationwide backlog in the immigration court system, those with cases in Denver could wait years before they get a new hearing.
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US-India Farmington university row: 'I fled after fake college raid' 8.2.2019 BBC: World
The University of Farmington was a scam so why did 129 Indian students risk their future to enrol there?
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AP Fact check: Trump's claims in his State of Union address 6.2.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Trump used information selectively in claiming a drop in drug prices not seen in half a century and promised the nation it would see bountiful benefits from a trade deal that hasn't been approved.
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Lea la transcripción completa de la respuesta de los demócratas al discurso de Trump hecha por el procurador general Xavier Becerra 6.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Good evening.

Buenas noches.

It is an honor to be here with you from C.K. McClatchy High School in the City of Sacramento, the capital of the State of California. I am here with future leaders of our country — McClatchy students — where I also studied . . . four decades ago!

Es un honor estar con...

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Read the full transcript of President Trump’s State of the Union speech 6.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Madam Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, the First Lady of the United States, and my fellow Americans:

We meet tonight at a moment of unlimited potential. As we begin a new Congress, I stand here ready to work with you to achieve historic breakthroughs for all Americans.


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Windrush row over criminal deportation flight to Jamaica 6.2.2019 BBC: Front Page
Campaigners insist some of the men are being unfairly targeted by the "hostile environment" policy.
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Windrush scandal: Eligible victim wrongly denied help 5.2.2019 BBC: Front Page
Willow Sims found herself in debt and facing eviction and deportation after losing her right to work.
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21 Savage responds to ICE arrest, petition launched to prevent the rapper's deportation 5.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

A lawyer for 21 Savage released a statement Monday afternoon in the wake of the rapper’s arrest and detainment by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials on Sunday.

According to lawyer Charles H. Kuck, ICE refuses to release Savage, born Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, on bond of any amount,...

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21 Savage: Rapper 'will fight' against deportation from US 5.2.2019 BBC: World
The US says 21 Savage is a felon, but his lawyer says he's "the type of immigrant we want".
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US fake university: India protests after students arrested 3.2.2019 BBC: World
Dozens of students were arrested for enrolling at a fake campus set up by US immigration officials.
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