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San Jose mayoral candidates sound off on regional issues 15.3.2014 San Jose Mercury News: Opinion
This is a full transcript of a Silicon Valley Leadership Group forum at which candidates Dave Cortese, Rose Herrera, Sam Liccardo, Madison Nguyen and Pierluigi Oliverio answered questions from Mercury News editorial pages editor Barbara Marshman.
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In wine country, it's sour grapes for machismo! 28.2.2014 San Jose Mercury News: News
Napa Valley pruning competition opened to women this year, and guess what? A woman scored highest; Economic and social forces bringing more Latinas to vineyard work.
Feds busted alleged worker smuggling ring in Texas 31.1.2014 MSNBC
Feds busted alleged worker smuggling ring in Texas
US says it busted worker smuggling ring 31.1.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
US says it busted worker smuggling ring
How much do migrants cost or benefit a nation? 25.1.2014 BBC: Front Page
Calculating how much migrants cost or benefit the nation
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Mexico City bets on tap water law to change habit 24.1.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
Mexico City bets on tap water law to change habit
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Police, Banks Help Undocumented Workers Shake 'Walking ATM' Label 20.1.2014 NPR News
Attacks on undocumented day workers have frustrated police agencies for years. Workers carry wads of cash and rarely report the crimes. In a controversial move, some banks have been stepping in to help some of the workers open bank accounts to make them less of a target.
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Bulgaria's president: 'Don't play on fear. Stop attacking us' 22.12.2013 The Guardian -- World Latest
Rosen Plevneliev says David Cameron needs to be part of an honest discussion on EU migration For months, a dark blue armour-plated police van has been parked outside Sofia's only mosque, the 16th-century Banya Bashi, in the city centre, a stone's throw from the synagogue and Catholic and eastern orthodox cathedrals. The four officers standing outside it, nursing polystyrene cups of hot coffee in the freezing Balkan winter, are at the frontline of what is a growing crisis: a clash between the country's natives and an influx of people forced from their homes by war or poverty. Over the last two years, around 11,000 people from Syria, Afghanistan, Algeria, Mali and Morocco, among others, have come to Bulgaria, many through a porous border with Turkey. It is the first wave of immigration in Bulgaria's modern history, and has come at a time of immense hardship. The country's unemployment rate doubled from about 5% of the labour force in 2008 to more than 11% this year. In the same five-year ...
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From the Balkans to Boston 2.12.2013 BBC: Front Page
Views from Britain's "most Eastern European town"
Hidden in plain sight: slavery on a high street near you 20.11.2013 The Guardian -- World Latest
A new report argues the three main strategies to combat forced labour are inadequate. The first step to improving these is to understand the business of forced labour Forced labour is often described as a hidden crime. But it is not as difficult to unearth as many in the UK, including businesses and government, seem to believe. The problem is not so much that we cannot find forced labour; it is that either we choose not to look where it is most likely to occur or we simply misclassify those being exploited as criminals rather than victims. A new approach to detecting and enforcing forced labour is necessary. To pinpoint its occurrence we need to start by examining the forces of supply and demand. The supply of workers into forced labour situations depends on their degree of vulnerability. Some workers – immigrants with limited legal opportunities to work, the homeless, or those with alcohol or drug dependency – are most at risk. Businesses looking to profit from forced labour ...
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Chinatown: the next front in the gentrification war | Michelle Chen 18.11.2013 The Guardian -- World Latest
The real Chinatown is being replaced by 'development'. For those fighting back, it's about civil rights not just culture There will always be a little corner of the American public imagination reserved for Chinatown. Whether the word evokes for you the stereotypical mystique of opium dens and gambling halls, or the gritty restaurants and garment factories that fueled generations of working-class immigrant families, Chinatown, as a cultural idea, seems to endure through the generations as a place of wonder, chaos, and cultural hybridity. But the real, brick-and-mortar Chinatown is vanishing rapidly, as its people, traditions and cultural life are swept away by what some call "development". The Chinatown where I spent much of my childhood, in Lower Manhattan, was a messy jumble of street hawkers, sludgy outdoor fish markets and streaming New Year's dragons; it was crowded, smelly, hectic and, to a kid, overwhelmingly vast. Today, I see the Chinatown of my youth dwindling fast. It seems, on the ...
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Team takes healthcare plan to ethnic areas 2.10.2013 LA Times: Top News
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Why Picking Your Berries For $8,000 A Year Hurts A Lot 9.8.2013 NPR News
Picking berries is hard, sometimes back-breaking work. But consumers rarely consider the physical labor required to deliver them fresh fruits and vegetables. In a new book, a medical anthropologist argues that farmworkers who suffer physically while picking fresh fruit and vegetables deserve better health care.
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Alan Durning: Bring back flophouses, rooming houses and microapartments 29.7.2013 Opinion

This article is adapted from Alan Durning's new book, "Unlocking Home: Three Keys to Affordable Communities"; Sightline Institute.

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Farmers worry about fate of immigration bills 8.7.2013 Nation
ATWOOD, Mich.—For northern Michigan fruit grower Pat McGuire, the most potent symbol of the immigration debate isn't grainy television footage
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2 years after immigration laws, Ga., Ala., stable 6.7.2013 Nation
VIDALIA, Ga.—Two years after Georgia and Alabama passed laws designed to drive away people living in the country illegally, the states'
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2 years after illegal immigration crackdowns, Ala. and Ga. look much the same 6.7.2013 Star Tribune: Business
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The benefits of immigration reform 9.6.2013 LA Times: Commentary
By regulating the future flow of foreign workers, legislation pending in the Senate has the long-run potential to lift all boats.

As an economist, an immigrant and a scholar of the effects of immigration on the U.S. economy, I find that few pieces of legislation have engaged me more than the proposal for comprehensive immigration reform that the full Senate will take up this week.
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Vast underground migrant sweatshop found beneath Moscow street 6.6.2013 MSNBC
Vast underground migrant sweatshop found beneath Moscow street
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Washington Post: Seeds of a solution on immigration 29.5.2013 Salt Lake Tribune
the Washington Post Published May 29, 2013 01:01AM MDT The following editorial appeared in Tuesday’s Washington Post: So many parts of the nation’s immigration system are rusting, clanking or broken that the situation affords an opportunity for reformers in the Senate: Devise a legislative fix for practically everything and, in the process, forge a broad coalition for a sweeping overhaul that includes legalizing 11 million unauthorized immigrants. The absurdly dysfunctional agricultural sector is a prime example. Up to two-thirds of the workforce... ...
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