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Bomb attack on German soccer team was thought to be terror. Prosecutors now call it part of a get-rich-quick scheme 22.4.2017 LA Times: Commentary

A 28-year-old Russian immigrant in Germany was arrested on Friday and charged with attempted murder for a bungled attack last week against one of the country’s top soccer teams, in what authorities say was a nefarious attempt to drive the club’s share price down through a stock market gambling...

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Today: Cold Reality: ICE Isn’t Ready to Ramp Up Deportations 21.4.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Overworked and underprepared: That’s how a new report describes U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. I'm Davan Maharaj, editor-in-chief of the Los Angeles Times. Here are some story lines I don't want you to miss today.


Cold Reality: ICE Isn’t Ready to Ramp Up Deportations


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Mexico's bargaining chips with Trump? How about a corn boycott 30.3.2017 L.A. Times - World News

First domesticated here 10,000 years ago, corn is not only a staple of the Mexican diet, but also a symbol of Mexico itself.

Since the passage of the North American Free Trade agreement in 1994, it has also become a symbol of Mexico’s growing economic dependence on the United States.

Now, as President...

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Despite Trump's bluster, rolling back Obama-era environmental regulations is not a done deal 29.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Make no mistake, President Trump’s order Tuesday rolling back key Obama administration policies to combat global warming is a very bad step for the country, and for the world. As it is, U.S. efforts to reduce the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions need to be stronger if the planet is to avoid the...

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DWP training program has high costs and low graduation rate, audit finds 29.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

An audit of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's training programs found that the utility spends $40 million a year on apprenticeship programs, but low graduation rates have created staffing shortages and driven up overtime expenses.

The findings from City Controller Ron Galperin's office,...

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Trump's poll numbers are low. But the people who put him in office say it's not time to judge him — yet 29.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

It’s been five months since the euphoria of a Donald Trump rally at the local arena brought optimism to this former Democratic stronghold. The snow from a long winter has begun melting into the rocky soil, and the digital sign in a torn-up parking lot blinks hopefully: “Warm days are coming.”


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Chinese tech giant Tencent buys 5% stake in Tesla 29.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Chinese technology giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. has bought a 5% stake in electric car and solar firm Tesla Inc., according to a regulatory filing submitted Tuesday.

The $1.8-billion investment gives one of China’s most valuable companies another foothold in a growing industry and provides Elon Musk’s...

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American Airlines buys $200-million stake in China Southern Airlines 28.3.2017 LA Times: Business

American Airlines has agreed to pay $200 million for a stake in China Southern Airlines, one of the country's three major state-owned carriers, and expand commercial cooperation.

China Southern Airlines said in an announcement Tuesday through the Hong Kong stock exchange that the purchase will...

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Stocks edge up, and oil rises 28.3.2017 LA Times: Business

U.S. stock indexes edged higher in morning trading Tuesday, recovering after an early slide. Investors weighed the latest batch of company earnings and economic news. Banks and other financial stocks led the gainers, while phone company stocks were down the most. Energy stocks rose as oil prices...

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A trade war is brewing inside the White House between rival camps 28.3.2017 LA Times: Nation

Soon after President Trump took office, an executive order was quietly drafted to suspend talks with China on an obscure but potentially far-reaching treaty about bilateral investment.

After eight years and two dozen rounds of negotiations, the treaty terms were almost in final form. Pulling out...

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Billionaire doctor demands right to buy more shares in fight for control of L.A. Times parent 28.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Patrick Soon-Shiong, the L.A. billionaire battling for control of Los Angeles Times owner Tronc Inc., is pressuring the company’s board to allow him to buy more stock now that Chairman Michael Ferro has been allowed to up his stake.

In a letter sent Monday to Tronc executives and obtained by The...

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Stocks sink early on Washington worries before paring losses 28.3.2017 LA Times: Business

Worries that Washington may not be able to help businesses as much as once thought knocked stock indexes down hard early Monday, but they clawed back most of their losses and ended the day mixed.

The Standard & Poor's 500 index fell 2.39 points, or 0.1%, to 2,341.59 for its seventh drop in the...

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As millennials 'Venmo' each other money, banks fight back with their own mobile apps 27.3.2017 LA Times: Business

Odds are, you’ve at least heard of Venmo, but there’s also a good chance you haven’t used the mobile app or anything else like it to send money to family or friends.

But that’s likely to change over the next few years, as banks, payment companies and even the likes of Google and Facebook push so-called...

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Failure of their healthcare bill leaves Republicans running Obamacare. That could open the way for bipartisan changes 26.3.2017 LA Times: Nation

Unable to kill the Affordable Care Act, Republicans may now have to fix it.

The White House and even GOP members of Congress risk a huge political backlash if they allow the healthcare law to come apart, as President Trump has predicted it will.

That leaves Republicans with a strong incentive to...

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Boy, these Washington big shots ate well while their healthcare bill was blowing up 26.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary

One can always count on this feature in the aftermath of any great event that has taken place behind closed doors: the journalistic “inside story.”

It’s known in the trade as a “tick-tock.” And the implosion of the House Republicans’ Obamacare repeal bill has thrown off its fair share of examples,...

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The old magazine scam is alive and well. Here's how to fight back 26.3.2017 LA Times: Business

Dear Liz: I got scammed by a magazine company a year ago. I thought the call was about two magazines I wanted to stop as I was moving. The woman talked fast and took me through the steps with my bank card (which was stupid of me, I now know) as if she was helping and at the end she said, “Oh, those...

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Why California stinks for first-time home buyers 26.3.2017 LA Times: Business

If you’re a millennial living in California, buying your first home doesn’t come any harder.

California ranked as the toughest state in the nation for first-time home buyers, who typically would be in the millennial age bracket of 18 to 34, according to a recent report by Claes Bell, an analyst...

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Trump tweets: Keystone XL pipeline is a go 25.3.2017 LA Times: Commentary
Everything President Trump has tweeted (and what it was about) March 24, 2017, 3:41 p.m. His tweets have the power to shape international relations, send stock prices up - or down - and galvanize the American public.We're watching how Donald Trump is using this platform of unfettered communication...
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California jobless rate dips to 5% as state adds 22,900 jobs in February 25.3.2017 LA Times: Business

California’s unemployment rate ticked down to 5% in February, reaching a 10-year low on eight consecutive months of job growth.

Businesses in California increased their payrolls by a net 22,900 employees, according to data released Friday by the state’s Employment Development Department.

By comparison,...

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Trump administration approves Keystone XL pipeline, but its future remains in question 24.3.2017 LA Times: Nation

President Trump reignited a bruising battle over the nation’s energy future that environmentalists had hoped was behind them when he announced Friday that his administration has issued a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

But, although Trump portrayed the pipeline as a done deal now, its future...

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