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Mistakes Made in New Orleans Flood Maps 17.11.2007 AP National
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- A system of flood gates and pumps built since Hurricane Katrina to help alleviate flooding in several New Orleans neighborhoods may not be as much help as authorities first said....
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Filling your car's tank? Expect to feel the pain 7.11.2007 Post-Bulletin: Local News
Gas prices at many stations topped $3 a gallon Monday. Analysts say the average gas price has never topped $3 in November
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‘The Most Dangerous Dam in the World’ 31.10.2007 Crooks Liars
  Just when it seemed I couldn’t be surprised by events in Iraq, I see the story of the Mosul Dam. The largest dam in Iraq is in serious danger of an imminent collapse that could unleash a trillion-gallon wave of water, possibly killing thousands of people and flooding two of the largest cities in [...]
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Gov't May Buy Thousands of Miss. Homes 10.10.2007 AP National
BAY ST. LOUIS, Miss. (AP) -- The federal government is considering buying out as many as 17,000 homes along the Mississippi coast and remaking the land into a vast hurricane-protection zone, raising anxieties that it could destroy the waterfront lives many residents are struggling to rebuild after Katrina....
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Worries Aren’t Weatherproof for High School Football Team 25.9.2007 NY Times: National
For the South Plaquemines Hurricanes, a fragile post-Katrina normalcy was set on edge on Saturday when their season was threatened by another tropical storm.
Big Water-Project Measure Is Approved by the Senate 25.9.2007 NY Times: National
The Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill authorizing $23 billion in water resource projects, including $3.5 billion in work for hurricane-ravaged Louisiana.
Money to Be Released to Raise La. Homes 24.9.2007 AP National
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- An agreement to release $1.1 billion in federal aid to help tens of thousands of New Orleans-area homeowners elevate their homes against flooding appears near. But there's a big catch....
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Nursing Home Owners Acquitted in Deaths 9.9.2007 NY Times: National
The trial over the drowning of 35 residents was the only prosecution to result from deaths in Hurricane Katrina.
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Judge Dismisses Claims CO2 Emissions Caused Hurricane Katrina 8.9.2007 NewsBusters
While media carped and whined about the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina devastating New Orleans, a judge in Gulfport, Mississippi, ruled on a lawsuit filed against oil, coal, and electric utility companies that could have significant implications on future litigation involving greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, not one press outlet found the judge's decision at all newsworthy. Not one! To set this up, NewsBusters on August 15 a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of a number of Mississippians claiming that the greenhouse gas emissions of a very long list of companies doing business in the Gulf exacerbated the strength of Hurricane Katrina thereby making them responsible for the citizens' ...
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Naomi Klein | The Shock Doctrine 8.9.2007
In The Guardian UK, Naomi Klein says, "What [is] happening in Iraq and New Orleans was not a post-September 11 invention. Rather, these bold experiments in crisis exploitation were the culmination of three decades of strict adherence to the shock doctrine."
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No Logo author on exploiting disaster 8.9.2007 Raw Story
I met Jamar Perry in September 2005, at the big Red Cross shelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Dinner was being doled out by grinning young Scientologists, and he was standing in line. I had just been busted for talking to evacuees without a media escort and was now doing my best to blend in, a white Canadian in a sea of African- American southerners. I dodged into the food line behind Perry and asked him to talk to me as if we were old friends, which he kindly did. Born and raised in New Orleans, he'd been out of the flooded city for a week. He and his family had waited forever for the...

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Nursing Home Owners Are Acquitted in Deaths 8.9.2007 NY Times: National
The owners of a suburban New Orleans nursing home were found not guilty of negligent homicide in the drowning of 35 residents during Hurricane Katrina.
Extract: The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein 8.9.2007 The Guardian -- World Latest
In our first extract from Naomi Klein's new book, she reveals the business of exploiting disaster.
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Where The Katrina Money Went 5.9.2007
Claims of high federal spending on Gulf Coast reconstruction are misleading.
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Windfall: How Conservatives, Contractors, and Developers Cashed In on Katrina 3.9.2007
In Mother Jones, Jean Casella and James Ridgeway report on "a timeline of how disaster became opportunity" for the Bush administration and its allies.
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Steve Chapman: Drowning our money in New Orleans 1.9.2007 Star Tribune: Commentary
Why rebuild where a city didn't belong in the first place? Why not, say, pay to help the locals relocate?
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Air-dropped damns could fix levee breeches 31.8.2007 New Scientist: News
Massive self-filling water-bags could be dropped by helicopters to rapidly repair levees breached by storm damage
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Windfall: How Conservatives, Contractors, and Developers Cashed In on Katrina 31.8.2007 Common Dreams: Views
In those first emotional days after Katrina laid waste to the Gulf Coast, widespread predictions of a political sea change arrived from liberal and even some conservative commentators. “Americans are ready to fix their restless gaze on enduring problems of poverty, race, and class that have escaped their attention,” Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter wrote in [...]
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Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Coke FRIDAY! 31.8.2007 Daily Kos
From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE... Today Is Karl Rove's Last Day At The White House C&J releases this EXCLUSIVE transcript of Bush and Rove's last conversation in the Oval Office (they're not the only ones who know how to bug a room, y'know): So this is it. Guess so. I just wanted to say, y'know... I know. It's okay, you don't have to say it. This is hard. Yeah. Write me? Sure. Every day, boss. Cool. I... I should prob'ly get goin'. Yeah. Long drive. Long drive. Texas. Yeah. Texas. You, uh... You got everything? Yeah. Need gas money? I'm good. Okay then. Pinky shake? Okay...pinky shake. Attaboy. Say, Karl... Yes, Mr. President? You think we'll ever get the chance to fuck over ...
Rebecca Solnit | The Lower Ninth Battles Back 31.8.2007
Rebecca Solnit writes for The Nation: "If you measured the Lower Ninth Ward by will, solidarity and dedication, from both residents and far-flung volunteers and nonprofits, it would be among the best neighborhoods in the United States. If you measured it by infrastructure and probabilities, it looks pretty grim."
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