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US, China impose visa restrictions on each other in Tibet row 8.7.2020 Raw Story
The United States and China imposed visa restrictions on each other in tit-for-tat moves over their disagreement on Tibet, adding fuel to the diplomatic fire between the superpowers. China announced Wednesday its curbs on people from the US who “behave badly” on Tibet-related issues, in retaliation for American curbs unveiled a day before. Secretary of […]
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Friday News Dump: Ghislaine Maxwell Is Finally Arrested, And Other News 3.7.2020 Crooks Liars
So now we know why Trump and Barr were so driven to get rid of SDNY chief Geoffrey Berman and replace him with an inexperienced Trump hack: They were probably trying to block this investigation! Ghislaine Maxwell, the socialite charged with helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse girls, agreed to a detention hearing in Manhattan ...
Hong Kongers scrub social media history in face of security law 3.7.2020 Raw Story
Hong Kongers are scrubbing their social media accounts, deleting chat histories and mugging up on cyber privacy as China’s newly imposed security law blankets the traditionally outspoken city in fear and self-censorship. China’s authoritarian leaders enacted sweeping new powers on Tuesday — keeping the contents secret until the last minute — after more than a […]
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Hong Kong's new national security law takes effect on anniversary of handover 1.7.2020 L.A. Times - World News

China's leaders were caught off guard by Hong Kong's fierce protests. A year later, they're armed with a law that ensures Beijing's firm control.

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China passes Hong Kong security law: reports 30.6.2020 Raw Story
China passed a sweeping national security law for Hong Kong on Tuesday, a historic move that critics and many western governments fear will smother the finance hub’s freedoms and hollow out its autonomy. The legislation was unanimously approved by China’s rubber-stamp parliament on Tuesday morning, little more than six weeks after it was first unveiled, […]
China approves national security law for Hong Kong against threats of U.S. retaliation 30.6.2020 LA Times: Nation

The new law will stifle dissent in a city where millions of protesters demanded autonomy from China. Hong Kong's future as a global financial hub is now unclear.

Trump begs China’s Xi for re-election help — reveals Ukraine bribe was real: claims Bolton 18.6.2020 Raw Story
Donald Trump pleaded with China’s leader Xi Jinping for help to win re-election in 2020, the US president’s former national security advisor John Bolton writes in an explosive new behind-the-scenes book, according to excerpts published Wednesday. Bolton alleges in a blistering critique that Trump’s focus on winning a second term was the driving principle of […]
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Zoom censorship: Virtual conferencing company says it blocked meetings, suspended accounts at China’s request 12.6.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
Zoom said the Chinese government told it online meetings to commemorate Tiananmen Square were illegal and demanded that the company terminate the meetings and the host accounts of the organizers, even though they did not live in China.
George Floyd killing: A propaganda victory for America’s adversaries? 4.6.2020 Raw Story
The killing of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, at the hands of Minneapolis police on May 25 has sparked global criticism not only from America’s allies but also its many political adversaries, for whom American police brutality and racial injustice could be a valuable propaganda tool. “They want to suffocate us as they suffocated this […]
Op-Ed: Hurting Hong Kong trade won't protect pro-democracy forces or punish China 4.6.2020 LA Times: Opinion

A new security law in Hong Kong is bad, but Trump's revocation of Hong Kong's special trade status could make matters even worse.

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Deleting Facebook, downloading VPNs: How Hong Kongers are preparing for a draconian law 30.5.2020 LA Times: Nation

Hong Kongers are preparing for a new reality as China moves to impose new national security powers over Hong Kong that are seen by many as a "death knell" for the former British colony's freedoms.

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Op-Ed: Hong Kong is the front line of a new cold war. If it burns, the world gets burned too 29.5.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Beijing is using the coronavirus crisis to crush Hong Kong's demands for more freedom, thinking the world is too busy to care.

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Letters to the Editor: China's lawlessness on Hong Kong demands a strong U.S. response. Too bad we have Trump 27.5.2020 LA Times: Opinion

We hoped that more trade with China would serve all countries' interests. That has backfired, and the U.S. is not in a position to respond.

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Beijing vows to shield firms from US sanctions over Xinjiang 25.5.2020 Raw Story
Beijing on Monday vowed to shield a Chinese government institute and eight companies sanctioned by the US over alleged human rights violations in the restive Xinjiang region, where China is accused of mass repression of mostly Muslim minorities. The US Department of Commerce announced the sanctions on Friday, saying they were triggered by human rights […]
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Hong Kong activists plan new protests over proposed security law 24.5.2020 Raw Story
Hong Kong’s pro-democracy campaigners called for fresh protests on Sunday, their first test after China sparked outrage with a proposed new security law that many fear will spell the end of the city’s treasured freedoms. The proposed legislation is expected to ban treason, subversion and sedition, and follows repeated warnings from Beijing that it will […]
Outrage in Hong Kong as China pushes security law 23.5.2020 The Moderate Voice

Hong Kong (AFP) – Pro-democracy campaigners in Hong Kong vowed Friday to take to the streets in protest over what they said was China’s fiercest assault on the city’s treasured autonomy with its move to impose a security law.The proposal for the legislation — expected to ban treason, subversion and sedition — was introduced into […]

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'Hong Kong is in a state of shock': New law is China's latest show of strength 22.5.2020 LA Times: Nation

A sweeping security law signals Beijing's determination to crush pro-democracy protests at the risk of deepening its rift with the U.S. It is a bold strategy from Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

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China proposes law giving Beijing more power to crack down on opposition in Hong Kong 21.5.2020 LA Times: Nation

China's ceremonial parliament will consider legislation that would give Beijing greater powers to crack down on opposition in Hong Kong.

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Cuba’s Resilience Through Economic Crisis Prepared It for COVID Health Crisis 16.5.2020
Cuba serves as a point of reference for what is possible -- critical even -- for our collective ...
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US presses China on Panchen Lama 25 years after disappearance 15.5.2020 Raw Story
The United States on Thursday renewed calls on China to free the Tibetan identified 25 years earlier as the Panchen Lama and warned Beijing not to see the episode as a model for handling the Dalai Lama’s succession. On May 14, 1995, the exiled Dalai Lama, a Nobel laureate with a wide global following, recognized […]
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