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Is it safe to travel to Hong Kong? 2.11.2019 L.A. Times - World News

The chant of "What about the riots?" from people in Los Angeles fell on my deaf ears.

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China warns it won’t tolerate dissent in Hong Kong 1.11.2019 Raw Story
China warned Friday it would not tolerate any challenge to Hong Kong’s governing system, as it laid out plans to boost patriotism in the city and change how its leader is chosen or removed after months of pro-democracy protests. Beijing also said it would brook no foreign interference in Hong Kong affairs as it discussed […]
‘I can’t breathe’: Fresh UK arrests over 39 dead found in truck 26.10.2019 Raw Story
British police investigating the discovery of 39 bodies in a truck said Friday they had arrested two people, as a security source in Hanoi said some of the victims could be Vietnamese. The grisly case has shocked Britain and turned the spotlight onto the dangers of human trafficking. Police initially believed the victims were all […]
NBA Legend Charles Barkley Won’t Criticize China, Tells VP Pence, ‘Shut The Hell Up’ 26.10.2019 NewsBusters
The China/NBA debacle rolls on, this time involving a verbal spat between Vice President Mike Pence and NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. The “Round Mound of Rebound” is touchy over criticism that his former league won’t risk money to call out the human rights abuses of the Chinese communist government, becoming instead the “Round Mound of ‘Shut the Hell ...
‘It’s Complicated’: Disney CEO Bob Iger Won’t Speak Against Communist China 24.10.2019 NewsBusters
Following in the footsteps of cowardly NBA hypocrites who blast Trump/conservatives but never China with its large number of human rights abuses, Disney CEO Bob Iger has decided to keep his mouth shut about the communist state because not doing so would pose a threat to his Mickey Mouse ...
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China Violates Human Rights, Brags About It on Popular App TikTok 21.10.2019 NewsBusters
TikTok, the viral Chinese app that may live on your high school student’s phone, serves another devious purpose. It is a propaganda tool for the Chinese government. Australian human rights activist and Uyghur Muslim Arslan Hidayat tweeted a video taken from TikTok which was allegedly posted to an official Chinese police account in the Zhangwan District, Shiyan City, Hubei ...
Hong Kong leader's policy address marked by chaos as rowdy lawmakers protest 16.10.2019 LA Times: Nation

As Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam attempts to make an annual policy address, protesting lawmakers climb on tables, wear masks of China's president.

Hong Kong leader abandons policy speech after heckles from lawmakers 16.10.2019 Raw Story
Hong Kong’s embattled leader abandoned a State of the Union-style speech on Wednesday after she was heckled by rowdy opposition lawmakers during chaotic scenes inside the city’s legislature. The speech by chief executive Carrie Lam was billed as an attempt to win hearts and minds after four months of seething pro-democracy protests. Instead, it laid […]
US House passes Hong Kong ‘Democracy Act’ 16.10.2019 Raw Story
The US House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday sought by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong that aims to defend civil rights in the semi-autonomous territory, prompting an angry response from China. The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which will now move to the Senate before it can become law, has drawn rare […]
US senator warns Hong Kong becoming ‘police state’ 14.10.2019 Raw Story
Strife-torn Hong Kong is sliding towards becoming a police state, US senator Josh Hawley warned Monday, as the financial hub braces for a rally calling on Washington to punish China over sliding freedoms. The international finance hub was battered by another weekend of unrest Sunday as hardcore pro-democracy protesters and police fought running battles across […]
Kerr Gives China Another Pass, Rips on America's Abuses & President Trump 11.10.2019 NewsBusters
Earlier this week, Newsbusters' Gabriel Hays exposed Golden State Warriors' woke coach Steve Kerr for saying nothing about China's brutal crackdown on freedom-seeking Hong Kong citizens. "If only he would be as circumspect when gun control or Donald Trump are at issue,'' Hays wrote. No sooner said than done. In a Thursday press conference, Kerr gave China another pass, ridiculed President Trump and condemned America for abuses and gun ...
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Apple chief defends pulling app used by Hong Kong protestors 11.10.2019 Raw Story
Apple chief Tim Cook on Thursday defended the decision to pull an app used by protesters in Hong Kong to track police, according to a leaked email to employees obtained by a tech news site. Apple removed the mobile application from the App Store after criticism by Beijing, which is stepping up pressure on […]
Does Hong Kong Even Need the NBA? 11.10.2019 Mother Jones
Last Friday night, Daryl Morey, the general manager of the NBA’s Houston Rockets, tweeted an image with the seemingly innocuous text: “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.” Within the hour, he was forced to delete the tweet, his account under siege by angry replies from Chinese nationalists. By Saturday, the Rockets had been effectively […]
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Curry Silent on China/NBA Issue, ‘Different’ Than Gender Equality, Gun Violence 10.10.2019 NewsBusters
The recent Chinese/NBA debacle is a time of reckoning for folks who take athlete activism seriously. In the past, superstar Golden State Warrior captain Stephen Curry has been quite vocal about status quo lefty politics and his hatred for Donald Trump, but like his coward coach, Steve Kerr, the outspoken can’t star seem to find an answer when asked about actual oppression from the NBA’s business partner, the communist Chinese government. ...
NBA Talks Good Freedom Game, But Fans Get Ejected for Protesting China 10.10.2019 NewsBusters
The NBA sure talks a good game about free speech rights ― out of one side of its collective mouth. Amidst China's seething anger over Houston general manager Daryl Morey expressing support for freedom in Hong Kong, NBA commissioner Adam Silver mildly defended the American's free speech rights. But on Tuesday night, two fans were ejected from an NBA exhibition game in Philadelphia for peacefully protesting against China. Talk about ...
Apple pulls HKmap from App Store, the day after Chinese state media criticized its “unwise and reckless decision” to approve it 10.10.2019 TechCrunch
Less than a day after Apple was criticized by Chinese state media for allowing HKmap in the App Store, the crowdsourced map app said it had been delisted. Its removal comes less than a week after Apple reversed its initial decision to reject the app, which provides information about the location of pro-democracy demonstrations, street […]
U.S. hits China over human rights. Beijing says it's just a distraction from NBA, trade talks 9.10.2019 LA Times: Business

National security, human rights, IP protection -- from Beijing's perspective, they're all excuses for tech protectionism.

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US restricts Chinese officials’ visas over Uighur ‘repression’ 9.10.2019 Raw Story
The United States said Tuesday it would curb visas for Chinese officials over “repression” of Uighurs and other Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang, a day after imposing commercial restrictions. “The United States calls on the People’s Republic of China to immediately end its campaign of repression in Xinjiang,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo […]
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MIT is reviewing its relationship with AI startup SenseTime, one of the Chinese tech firms blacklisted by the U.S. 9.10.2019 techCrunch
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology said it is reviewing the university’s relationship with SenseTime, one of eight Chinese tech companies placed on the U.S. Entity List yesterday for their alleged role in human rights abuses against Muslim minority groups in China. A MIT spokesperson told Bloomberg that “MIT has long had a robust export controls […]
China's leading AI start-ups hit by U.S. blacklisting 9.10.2019 L.A. Times - Technology News

A U.S. Commerce Department move to blacklist four of China's leading artificial intelligence start-ups has thrown billions of dollars of foreign investment into doubt

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