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Ceasefire Fails to Quell Darfur Violence 15.11.2007 Truthout.com
IRIN News reports, "A unilateral ceasefire announced by Khartoum in late October has failed to improve security in Darfur, where armed groups continue to do battle, according to humanitarian and civil society officials."
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Hundreds of thousands raped for being on the wrong side 12.11.2007 The Guardian -- World Latest
Sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is being used as an instrument of war in the ensuing conflict
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A Sudanese student's problem stirs U class to action 9.11.2007 Star Tribune: Local
A University of Minnesota human rights class is working to free the abducted Sudanese nieces of one of their classmates, himself a victim of the country's strife.
Chad investigating reports that 74 children had already been flown to France 8.11.2007 International Herald Tribune: Front Page
Chad will investigate reports at least 74 Chadian children were flown to France more than a month and a half ago without their parents' knowledge, a senior judicial official said Thursday.
The Mother Jones Interviews 7.11.2007 Mother Jones
an archive of mother jones interviews We ask, they tell. An archive of Mother Jones Q&As.
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University student seeks help finding nieces 7.11.2007 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A University of Minnesota student has enlisted the help of classmates to put pressure on officials in Washington to help his nieces in Sudan.
Historical wounds underlie outrage at plight of Chadian 'orphans' 4.11.2007 International Herald Tribune: Front Page
Europe's record in Africa explains the outrage at members of a French charity who tried to fly 103 children from Chad to France last week.
Sudanese spies trained by Indians? 3.11.2007 Earth Times
Khartoum, Nov 3 - Sudan's spy chief has said Sudanese intelligence officers receive training in India among other friendly countries, a local newspaper ...
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Egypt: Darfur Letter to Arab League 31.10.2007 Global Voices
Elijah Zarwan from Egypt posts a letter sent out by a coalition of Arab human rights organisation to the Arab League on Darfur.
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Roundup: 07's 'top 25 censored stories' 30.10.2007 Raw Story
Human traffic builds US Iraq embassy, US controls Africa's resources, more...

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Bush discussees Sudan with Uganda's Museveni 30.10.2007 Earth Times
Washington - US President George W Bush Tuesday urged countries to increase pressure on Sudan and rebel groups to end the violence in the troubled Darfur region. It is important to continue putting the pressure on respective parties to come up with ... ...
Guantanamo military Lawyer Breaks Ranks to Condemn ‘Unconscionable’ Detention 27.10.2007 Common Dreams: Headlines
WASHINGTON - An American military lawyer and veteran of dozens of secret Guantanamo tribunals has made a devastating attack on the legal process for determining whether Guantanamo prisoners are “enemy combatants”. The whistleblower, an army major inside the military court system which the United States has established at Guantanamo Bay, has described the detention of one [...]
Sudanese Orphans Focus of Arrests of 9 French Adults in Chad 27.10.2007 NY Times: World
Police in Chad arrested nine French adults traveling with more than 100 children from Sudan accusing them of human trafficking.
Nine French arrested in Chad for kidnapping 103 children - Summary 26.10.2007 Earth Times
Paris - The arrest in Chad of nine French nationals on charges of kidnapping 103 purported Darfuri orphans led to serious accusations against the human rights organizations involved on Friday. Chadian President Idriss Deby called the action of the Fr... ...
Packaging a Tragedy 26.10.2007 Newsweek Top Stories
What the Save Darfur movement did right, where it went wrong—and what its strategy can teach us about the future of political advocacy.
Make China Be Nice? 26.10.2007 Antiwar.com
Excerpt: The despotic regime in Myanmar is among the most odious governments on earth. The military has ruled the isolated state for more than four decades.
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Carter offers himself as Burma envoy 25.10.2007 The Guardian -- World Latest
Ex-US president offers to act as a mediator.
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Inclusive peacemaking; Israel and the U.S. 23.10.2007 International Herald Tribune: Editorials
Inclusive peacemaking; Israel and the U.S.
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12 Books in Search of a Policy 23.10.2007 Antiwar.com
Excerpt: They came in as unreformed Cold Warriors, only lacking a cold war -- and looking for an enemy: a Russia to roll back even further, rogue states like Saddam's rickety dictatorship to smash.
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Chalmers Johnson | Intellectual Fallacies of the War on Terror 22.10.2007 Truthout.com
Chalmers Johnson, writing for TomDispatch.com, says: "Stephen Homes is a law professor at New York University. In 'The Matador's Cape', he sets out to forge an understanding - in an intellectual and historical sense, not as a matter of journalism or of partisan politics - of the Iraq War, which he calls 'one of the worst (and least comprehensible) blunders in the history of American foreign policy.'"
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