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Coronavirus: 'Refunds unlikely' if travellers have to self-isolate 3.7.2020 BBC: Business
Travel insurance is unlikely to cover those who have to cancel a holiday because they have Covid symptoms.
Colorado lawmakers brace for possibility of Governor Polis’ first veto in 2020 30.6.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is likely to veto a bill meant to limit opioid prescriptions -- and, thus, to curb future opioid addiction and overdose cases -- according to the bill's sponsors.
Health care in Ukraine 30.6.2020 Healthcare Economist
Recently I read an interesting book called Moneyland by Oliver Bullough. The book describes how with porous borders facilitated by the internet, the rich can evade taxes, hide assets, and basically pick and choose the international legal system most favorable to their interests. One interesting part of the book discusses health care in the Ukraine…
Two friends were tested for COVID-19. One paid in cash and was billed $199 – the other paid with insurance and was billed $6,408. 29.6.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
During the pandemic, there has been wide variation between what providers bill for the same basic diagnostic test, even in how much a test can cost two patients at the same location.
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Coronavirus drug price ‘an outrage’: $2,340 for remdesivir, or even more for those with private insurance 29.6.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
“We’re in uncharted territory with pricing a new medicine, a novel medicine, in a pandemic,” Gilead’s chief executive, Dan O’Day, told The Associated Press.
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‘Free handout to insurance industry’: Trump administration tells insurers they don’t have to cover COVID-19 tests for workers 25.6.2020 Raw Story
“According to the Trump administration, insurance company profits are more important than the lives of nursing home residents and workers.” The Trump administration issued policy guidance this week telling health insurance companies that they are not required by law to cover the Covid-19 tests employers may compel workers to undergo as a condition for returning to their […]
Bill to extend health insurance savings program with new fees on companies awaits Polis’ signature 24.6.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
It might seem counterintuitive to lower insurance costs through fees on insurance companies and hospitals, but what reinsurance does is remove some uncertainty.
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Those greedy insurance companies? 8.6.2020 Healthcare Economist
Health insurance companies are not spending as much money as expected. While COVID-19-related costs are up, the cost savings from people foregoing or delaying elective care has more than offset the COVID costs. Health insurers are refunding much of that savings to their enrollees. However, this is due to a provision of the ACA that…
Will Our Future Be Organized By the Rich or the Poor? 4.6.2020
Will Our Future Be Organized By the Rich or the Poor?
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This billionaire Republican governor has been sued dozens of times for millions in unpaid bills 27.5.2020 Raw Story
Raymond Dye had a buildup of blood behind his left eye that prevented him from seeing. David Polk had an abnormal heartbeat, and his wife had high cholesterol. Roger Wriston’s wife had a bad back. All the men had worked for a collection of coal companies owned by Gov. Jim Justice and his family, which […]
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How a company misappropriated Native American culture to sell health insurance 20.5.2020 Raw Story
Jill Goodridge was shopping for affordable health insurance when a friend told her about O’NA HealthCare, a low-cost alternative to commercial insurance. The self-described “health care cooperative” promised a shield against catastrophic claims. Its name suggested an affiliation with a Native American tribe — a theme that carried through on its website, where a feather […]
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Angst and advice from a health insurance insider 18.5.2020 Raw Story
Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen.After hearing the storyof Anna Davis Abel’s fight with her insurance company over testing related to COVID-19, we heard from a listener who has worked for a health insurance company for decades.“I am shocked,” she wrote. In Davis Abel’s position, “I would be screaming from the rooftops.”She […]
To stay afloat in the pandemic, doctors forced to turn to GoFundMe 16.5.2020 Raw Story
A few weeks ago, I received an unsettling email. The staff at my daughter’s pediatrician’s office — a family-run private practice in Brooklyn that serves more than 3,800 patients — was shifting to part time. The practice had applied for the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, meant to help small businesses weather the economic […]
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Insurance companies rush to embrace Obamacare so they can survive recession 14.5.2020 Raw Story
Health insurance companies who for years have resisted taking part in the Affordable Care Act’s health care exchanges are now rushing back into them to stave off financial calamity brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Politico reports that United Healthcare this week said it would reenter Maryland’s Obamacare exchange years after it exited the market. […]
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‘Massive giveaway to health insurance CEOs’: Democratic COBRA plan denounced as costly taxpayer gift to for-profit industry 13.5.2020 Raw Story
“We’re facing the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression—subsidizing the insurers is not going to cut it.” For weeks, progressive lawmakers and advocacy groups pressed the House Democratic leadership to support an emergency expansion of Medicare coverage to the tens of millions of people who have lost their jobs and their employer-provided health insurance during the […]
In ‘terrifying’ indictment of for-profit system, 12.7 million Americans have lost insurance due to coronavirus 1.5.2020 Raw Story
“If we take anything away from this pandemic, it’s that health care should not be tied to employment.” New research from the Economic Policy Institute reveals that the number of Americans who are losing their employer-based health insurance is growing rapidly, with more than 30 million people laid off or furloughed in the last six weeks due […]
To Understand COVID in Prisons, Listen to Incarcerated People 28.4.2020
The media must push back against rosy reports from prison officials and demand to speak directly with the ...
Democrats Poised to Propose Medicare for Those Who’ve Lost Health Coverage 28.4.2020
Democrats Poised to Propose Medicare for Those Who’ve Lost Health Coverage
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Marco Rubio’s final humiliation: His seven-year campaign against key Obama policy was just terminated by the Supreme Court 28.4.2020 Raw Story
“Q: Did Marco Kill Obamacare?” asked a 2015 tweet from the presidential campaign of Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., before presumptively answering the question: “A: You bet he did.” OK, so who wants to tell him? Rubio, like his fellow failed presidential aspirant Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, staked his campaign on bringing down Barack Obama’s signature […]
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Supreme Court rules insurers can collect $12 billion under Obamacare 27.4.2020 LA Times: Nation

The Supreme Court says insurance companies can collect $12 billion from the U.S. government to cover losses in the early years of Obamacare.

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