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Senate panel rejects tighter abortion limits 1.10.2009 Nation
WASHINGTON — The Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday rejected a Republican proposal to tighten restrictions on abortion in a bill to overhaul the health care system.
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Health bill survives attacks - vote by week's end? 1.10.2009 Boston Globe: Latest
Health bill survives attacks - vote by week's end?
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Democrat says GOP wants sick to just 'die quickly' 1.10.2009 Boston Globe: Latest
Democrat says GOP wants sick to just 'die quickly'
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Tort reform is the healthcare debate's frivolous sideshow 1.10.2009 LA Times: Business
Tort reform is the healthcare debate's frivolous sideshow
CNBC's Cramer: Blame Congress for Obama's Diminishing Popularity 1.10.2009 NewsBusters
Karl Rove, David Axelrod - look out. CNBC "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer has the political climate figured out. Since inauguration, President Barack Obama has seen his approval ratings fall by almost every poll and that's historically a normal reaction as the newness wears off a new president. During his Sept. 30 "Stop Trading" segment on CNBC's "Street Signs," Cramer pointed out that although the prospects of Obama's ideal health care reform package passing are doubtful, health insurance providers are facing fallout from a publicity campaign meant by the administration to push through health insurance reform. That gives the administration a new villain. Video below fold "The last thing they need is still ...
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78% of Physicians Say Public Option Would Negatively Impact Health Care 1.10.2009 Gateway Pundit
78% of Physicians Say Public Option Would Negatively Impact Health Care
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Editorial: States' rights push is a true 'Hail Mary' 1.10.2009 Star Tribune: Editorials
GOP's Emmer may score political points, but little more.
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A Breast-Cancer Scare Made Socialized Medicine OK 1.10.2009 Newsweek Top Stories
When I first moved abroad, I didn't see the point of socialized medicine. Then I developed a lump in my ...
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Chris Bowers: Our Only Hope For The Public Option Is The White House 1.10.2009 Crooks Liars
When in doubt, I turn to Chris Bowers . He didn't disappoint me - he had ready a step-by-step explanation of what needs to happen to get the public option in the bill sent to the Senate floor: The bad news is that we learned today that the Senate Finance Committee will not report a public option in its version of health care reform. The good news is that we also learned today that there are 51 votes in favor of Schumer's public option. Here is how we get to 51: Add Joe Biden Arguably, proving that there are 51 votes in favor of Schumer's public option is the bigger news. This is because everyone knew the public option would be defeated in committee, but claims that there were 51 votes in favor of a trigger-less public option were pretty ...
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Rachel Maddow: Republicans Now Pretending to be the Champions of Medicare 1.10.2009 Crooks Liars
DOWNLOADS: (118) PLAYS: (514) Rachel Maddow and Sen. Bernie Sanders discuss the GOP's hypocrisy when now claiming to be the great champions of Medicare after years of railing against it. MADDOW: Belated salvo in the scare the bejesus out of elderly voters so they‘ll put you back in power regardless of whether you‘re telling the truth war is an editorial in the conservative newspaper, “The Washington Times,” and it screams “Death Panels by Proxy”—ostensibly argues that the so-called Baucus bill on health reform encourages doctors to withhold health care from Medicare patients. Health care reform is a secret plot to kill people on Medicare. This is now become an ongoing strategic conundrum. How do you plan to win an argument ...
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Health bill survives attacks from Republicans 1.10.2009 Salt Lake Tribune
Washington » A White House-backed overhaul of the nation's health care system weathered repeated challenges from Republican critics over taxes, abortion and more on Wednesday, and the bill's architect claimed enough votes to push it through the Senate Finance Committee as early as week's
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Abortion language heats up healthcare battle 1.10.2009 LA Times: Nation
Abortion language heats up healthcare battle
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Alan Grayson stands by his words: 'I apologize to the dead and their families...' 1.10.2009 Crooks Liars
Alan Grayson hit back today at the Republicans who said he should apologize for his biting attack against them . He got honest about the Republican plan for health care reform: "Don't get sick. That's right, don't get sick." That has them screaming. Well, how quickly they forget what they've been saying about Obamacare. Stuff like the phony death panels and let's kill Grandma . That kind of stuff. Here's what Grayson had to say in response to the whining. Grayson: Last night here in this chamber I gave a speech. I’m not going to recount every single thing that I said, but I will point out that immediately after that speech, several Republicans asked me to apologize. Well, I would like to apologize. I would like to apologize to the dead. And ...
A look at the Senate Finance health care bill 1.10.2009 Boston Globe: Latest
A look at the Senate Finance health care bill
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Fed Reserve Chairman Bernanke says regulators should prevent the next 'too big to fail' firm 1.10.2009 Star Tribune: Politics
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Why We Shouldn't Listen to Overpaid Celebrities About Healthcare 1.10.2009 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
By now you've likely seen Will Ferrell's hysterical public service announcement concerning healthcare reform. In response, an as of yet unknown organization has created a fabulous video mocking Ferrell's efforts: Something terrible is happening... Overpaid celebrities don't have a big enough voice when it comes to Healthcare Reform. Without further ado (video embedded below the fold, h/t Hot Air via reader David Nussbaum): Delicious! ...
CNN anchor challenges Frank Luntz for role in right wing anger 1.10.2009 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
DOWNLOADS: (131) PLAYS: (870) CNN's John Roberts challenged GOP pollster Frank Luntz for his role in using "charged language" and fomenting right-wing anger at health care reform. Heather: This was a typical softball interview from John Roberts where he didn't hit Luntz the way I would have if given the chance to ask him how he feels about selling his soul for a buck and giving the Republicans their talking points on the health care debate. That said, I think Roberts is the first person I've seen in the MSM to actually ask the man if he should feel any responsibility for whipping up the anger at these town halls. You would never see that question asked of Luntz over at ClusterFox that he loves to call home. It's a question that ...
Grayson stands by criticism of Republican plan: ‘I would like to apologize to the dead.’ 1.10.2009 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Yesterday, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) said the Republican health care plan is “don’t get sick,” and if you do get sick, “die quickly.” After offering those facetious and sadly accurate remarks, Grayson came under criticism from Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), who demanded that Grayson apologize on the House floor. Speaking to reporters this afternoon, [...]
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No Affordability Without A Public Health Insurance Plan 1.10.2009 Truthout - All Articles

Medical supplies.
Monica Sanchez believes the health care debate should not focus on lowering the price of insurance, but should rather make health care more affordable. (Photo: JGNY / flickr)

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Grayson on ‘die quickly’ quip: ‘I apologize to the dead’ 1.10.2009 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
US House Rep. Tom Price, the Georgia Republican who introduced a motion condemn Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson for saying that the Republican health care plan amounts to hoping that the sick "die quickly," said he would withdraw the motion to give Rep. Grayson (D-FL) a chance to apologize. Well, Grayson has apologized -- just not to [...]
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