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The Case for Climate Reparations 28.11.2020 Mother Jones
This piece was originally published in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. When it comes to dealing with floods, droughts, heat waves, or other adversities that our lively planet throws at us, one classic solution for humanity has always been to simply pick up and leave. Mobility […]
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Editorial: Double hurricanes could make the Central America migration crisis even worse 18.11.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Back-to-back hurricanes devastating Nicaragua and Honduras, strained by five years of drought, will only add to the region's migration problem.

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211 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD NOT VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP (Cartoon and Column) 3.11.2020 The Moderate Voice

Get a cup of coffee and sit down. This is my final pitch before election day (you may have already voted) for why you should NOT vote for Donald Trump. I have been putting this together since late August. I’m going to list every reason I can think of that should persuade you from voting […]

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U.S. election results to shape how world warms as Paris climate pact exit looms 2.11.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
What happens on election day will to some degree determine how much more hot and nasty the world’s climate will likely get, experts say.
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Tsunami, Small Wave or Calm Waters 29.10.2020 The Moderate Voice

While most of the polls have Biden way ahead of Trump in the race for president, some have it fairly close. In addition, many Democrats refuse to believe the results of the polls, remembering the 2016 debacle with Hillary ahead in the polls for most of the campaign. Many Democrats are still shell-shocked from 2016 […]

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Mutual Aid Is Essential to Our Survival Regardless of Who Is in the White House 27.10.2020 Truthout.com
Mutual Aid Is Essential to Our Survival Regardless of Who Is in the White House
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Trump’s Attacks on Science Have Scarred Our Public Institutions 22.10.2020 Truthout.com
The damage under Trump is the culmination of the GOP’s longstanding war on science for the benefit of ...
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Op-Ed: Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court could shred environmental protections 22.10.2020 LA Times: Opinion

It was disturbing to hear her describe climate change as 'a very contentious matter of public debate' rather than as scientifically established fact.

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ExxonMobil’s Supposed Shift on Climate Belies Its Donations to Climate Deniers 19.10.2020 Truthout.com
The company’s professed support for a carbon tax is a disingenuous public relations ploy to delay government ...
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Climate change spurs doubling of disasters since 2000: UN 13.10.2020 Raw Story
Climate change is largely to blame for a near doubling of natural disasters in the past 20 years, the United Nations said on Monday. The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction said 7,348 major disaster events had occurred between 2000 and 2019, claiming 1.23 lives, affecting 4.2 billion people and costing the global economy some […]
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The underground ‘Parthenon’ protecting Tokyo from floods 12.10.2020 Raw Story
It has been called Japan’s underground “Parthenon”, a cavernous complex charged with protecting Tokyo and surrounding areas from catastrophic flooding — a risk experts warn is growing as climate change advances. Above ground, there is little to give away the cathedral-like feat of engineering that forms the main reservoir of the Kasukabe flood tank, the […]
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The water is up to his ankles — but he still doesn’t believe climate change is real 12.10.2020 Raw Story
Daniel Schexnayder has water up to his ankles as he stands outside, surveying damage to his home inflicted by Hurricane Laura six weeks before Louisiana was pummeled by a second storm, Delta. But he still does not believe in climate change. “I’m on the other side. I’m with Trump,” the 58-year-old carpenter said only hours […]
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Pence Said Trump Listens to Scientists. That’s a Joke, Right? 8.10.2020 Mother Jones
Surprise! Vice President Mike Pence said a bunch of gibberish on climate change. During the vice-presidential debate, when moderator Susan Page of USA Today asked Pence about his views on climate, Pence claimed that he and Trump are listening to the scientists. “The climate is changing,” he said. “But the issue is, what’s the cause and […]
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What caused California's rolling blackouts? Climate change and poor planning 7.10.2020 LA Times: Business

The state recently experienced four of its five hottest August days in the last 35 years — and its power grid wasn't prepared.

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Opinion: Among the debate casualties: Serious discussion of climate change 30.9.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Moderators must move climate change to the forefront in presidential debates. It is a global threat of historic magnitude.

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Warming oceans more ‘stable’ and that’s bad, scientists warn 29.9.2020 Raw Story
Global warming is making the oceans more stable, increasing surface temperatures and reducing the carbon they can absorb, according to research published Monday by climate scientists who warned that the findings have “profound and troubling” implications. Man-made climate change has increased surface temperatures across the planet, leading to atmospheric instability and amplifying extreme weather events, […]
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Fallout From Climate Disasters Are Being Exacerbated by a Housing Crisis 28.9.2020 Truthout.com
Fallout From Climate Disasters Are Being Exacerbated by a Housing Crisis
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1.8 Billion Tons More Greenhouse Gases Will Be Released, Thanks to Trump 28.9.2020 Truthout.com
A new report details the consequences of environmental policy rollbacks the Trump administration has pushed so ...
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Black Voters Could Be Decisive Eco-Voters in the Most High Stakes Election in US History. 28.9.2020 Mother Jones
This story appeared in WURD as part of the Covering Climate Now project and is being shared through the Climate Desk Partnership. It’s not only been a summer season (now autumn) of a deadly pandemic, toxic politics, and social unrest, but the nation has been rocked by a non-stop series of environmental calamities triggered by […]
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Both Parties Used to Love the Carbon Tax. So Why Are They Giving up on It? 26.9.2020 Mother Jones
This piece was originally published in Grist and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. It was a cold February day in Salem, Oregon, and Republican state senators were fleeing the capitol. It was weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the country and kept Americans huddled inside. So members of Oregon’s legislature were […]
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