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Is the Tide Turning on President Trump’s War on Science? 22.2.2019
Now that Democrats control the House, Trump’s attack on science-based policymaking could be curtailed.

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Energy Company Pushes Navajo Nation to Assume Liability for Coal Plant 22.2.2019
If the Navajo Nation were to buy the plant, Peabody could shift liability for the shutdown onto the tribe's shoulders.

The post Energy Company Pushes Navajo Nation to Assume Liability for Coal Plant appeared first on Truthout.

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Trumped Up Rage: President and MAGA-Hatters to Blame for EVERYTHING 22.2.2019 NewsBusters
Phony racially-motivated attacks and Democrats being caught in blackface were just some of the controversies that liberal journalists and celerities actually blamed on Donald Trump and his Wall-endorsing, red hat-wearing, supporters this past month.   ...
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Metro Transit's C Line set to launch in early June with electric buses 22.2.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The C Line is expected to carry about 9,000 people within about 10 years.
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Guns, religion and climate change intensify Nigeria’s deadly farmer-herder clashes 22.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

It was about 1:30 a.m. and the dance party was winding down. Dozens of teenagers and twenty-somethings had been celebrating for hours in late December at a church gathering in Kutura, a village in northern Nigeria’s Kaduna state.

Somebody turned off the generator powering the party. As the kids...

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Introducing Blockchain Impact Award Winner BitLumens 22.2.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
What does renewable energy have to do with poverty and access to the financial system? Plenty, according to BitLumens, a Swiss company that uses blockchain to help get people on the power grid, build their credit profiles and reduce carbon emissions.
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Seth Myers: Climate Change Really IS A National Emergency 21.2.2019 Crooks Liars
"One of the most dire consequences of a Donald Trump presidency may be its impact on climate change," Seth Myers said last night. "And if there was any hope that Trump might soften his position on climate issues after he won, his cabinet picks tell a different story." He reminded viewers that 16 of the hottest years in recorded history — including the hottest so far: 2016 — have occurred since 2000. "So just to recap, 2016 was the hottest year ever. Donald Trump won the presidency, and on top of that, the f*king Chicago Cubs won the World Series. "I'm pretty sure that's three of the four horseman of the Apocalypse right ...
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Trump Uses Old Video To Pretend 'New Construction' On Wall 21.2.2019 Crooks Liars
"It looked official. After all, it was from the President of the United States..." Brian Williams didn't hide the snark on Wednesday's 11th Hour show. Trump used a video showing Army Corps of Engineers repairing an extension of an existing border fence in New Mexico, touting it as "new" wall construction. He really does think his base are idiots. PS Trump's fake national "emergency" actually takes money from the Army Corps of Engineers. He would unlawfully steal money from Army Corps of Engineers projects, including $160 mil in CA-48, to fund a monument to his ego. When we face real emergencies like climate change & the opioid crisis, it defies belief that he would so casually waste taxpayers’ money. ...
Trump’s pick to lead climate security panel calls climate science ‘a cult’ 21.2.2019 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias
In his ongoing war with U.S. intelligence agencies, President Donald Trump is now challenging the military’s longstanding conclusion that climate change poses a serious national security threat to America, appointing a fringe climate science denier to lead the effort. Trump has decided to assemble a Presidential Committee on Climate Security, spearheaded by William Happer, one of […]
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Colorado AG files brief supporting stronger vehicle fuel standard opposed by auto dealers 21.2.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser has filed a legal brief in support of stronger vehicle fuel-efficiency standards, saying the state recently adopted its own rules because the Trump administration is pushing for weaker ones.
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Scientists Slam White House Climate Change Panel 21.2.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
"The ice doesn’t care what this administration thinks. It’s just going to keep melting," climate change expert, David W Titley, told Newsweek.
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Today: Big Campaign Brother Is Watching You 21.2.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Welcome to the brave new world of campaigning, where your trip to the grocery store or favorite TV show can make its way to a political candidate’s war room.


Big Campaign Brother Is Watching You

It sounds like a paranoiac’s worst nightmare, but the reality today is that smartphones...

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Will California’s bullet train be derailed by a waffling governor and a petty president? 21.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

A little over a decade ago, when California’s bullet train was still a dream on paper, its backers promised that the nation’s first true high-speed rail system would transform the way we travel and yield significant economic rewards for the state. They laid out a vision of innovation and progress...

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Why California should turn down Trump’s offer to raise Shasta Dam 21.2.2019 LA Times: Commentary

If the Trump administration wanted to increase California’s water supply by the most cost-effective means possible, it would immediately drop its attempt to raise Shasta Dam by 18.5 feet.

It would instead put $1.5 billion — the cost of the proposed Shasta enlargement, in 2019 dollars — toward a...

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Seth Meyers mocks Trump: ‘We are going to build a space wall and Mars is going to pay for it’ 21.2.2019 Raw Story

On Wednesday, comedian Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump after he set a new precedented by declaring a national emergency in order to get funding for a wall at the US-Mexico border. Meyers explained that since Trump declared a national emergency to cut around Congress to fulfill a campaign p...

The post Seth Meyers mocks Trump: ‘We are going to build a space wall and Mars is going to pay for it’ appeared first on Raw Story.

Brand New From Seth Meyers: The Real National Emergency Is Climate Change [VIDEO] 21.2.2019 Little Green Footballs

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump and his allies freaking out about a Democratic plan to fight climate change.

Trump pick to lead climate panel said environmentalist arguments are ‘just like demonization of Jews under Hitler’ 21.2.2019 Raw Story

The oil-financed pick to lead Donald Trump’s climate change panel has said some interesting things on TV in the past — including one comparison between environmentalists and Nazis. Vox reported that physicist, climate change denier and national security council senior director William Happer h...

The post Trump pick to lead climate panel said environmentalist arguments are ‘just like demonization of Jews under Hitler’ appeared first on Raw Story.

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Trump Is Considering a Fervent Climate Denier to Lead a White House Panel Assessing Climate Change Risk 21.2.2019 Mother Jones
A prominent climate denier, William Happer, will reportedly head up the White House’s latest effort to cast doubt on the threat of climate change. According to the Washington Post, the Trump administration is assembling a panel to assess climate change impacts on national security in a possible effort to question the connection that has been repeatedly affirmed by federal reports, agencies, and intelligence and […]
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A New Report Says Trump Plans to Fire Dan Coats. Here’s What Made Their Relationship So Rocky. 21.2.2019 Mother Jones
Nine days before President Donald Trump was inaugurated, he compared American intelligence officers to Nazis. Since that inauspicious start, the intelligence community has been viewed as more foe than friend by a president more inclined than most to disagree with its assessments. Caught in the middle of that tense relationship is Dan Coats, a former […]
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Solar for schools and 9 other state environmental budget items to watch 21.2.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Gov. Tim Walz's budget proposal mostly maintains environmental programs, but there are some changes, such as a tax credit for farmers who install buffers along waterways and new spending on strategies to reduce food waste.
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