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Drumbeat: January 15, 2010 15.1.2010 The Oil Drum
Saudi Arabia and the oil bank The only way to manipulate commodity prices is through the ability to secure supply. In the oil markets, funds, whether ETFs or hedge funds, are categorically unable to make or take delivery of the underlying commodity, and are therefore unable to manipulate the price. It is only "end user" producers and distributors, or the few traders with the capability to make and take delivery, who are in a position to manipulate oil prices, and in order to do so they require funding, or leverage. I believe that it is macro manipulation by oil producers, funded by cheap money from investors, which has been the principal reason for recent movements in the oil price. The advantage producers have over oil traders is that ...
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Inside Europe: E.U. Seeks to Regain Influence on Response to Climate Change 15.1.2010 International Herald Tribune: Business
Stunned by being sidelined at the Copenhagen climate conference, the European Union is debating how to overcome the setback.
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Rise in World Trade Fails to Lift Shipping Industry 15.1.2010 International Herald Tribune: Business
Much like the giant banks crippled by the subprime mortgage crisis, cargo shipping companies are paying now for having expanded too aggressively during the boom, according to analysts.
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China holds first public beauty pageant for gay men 15.1.2010 Earth Times
Beijing - A club in China's capital prepared to hold the nation's first public beauty pageant for gay men late Friday, with the winner scheduled to represent China in a global contest. Organizers Gayographic said the Mr Gay China Pageant would undou...
Stock futures mostly lower before fresh economic reports, bank earnings 15.1.2010 Star Tribune: Business
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China's foreign reserves rise to $2.4 trillion 15.1.2010 SFGate: Business & Technology
China's foreign reserves rise to $2.4 trillion
Inflation threat to China and India 15.1.2010 Financial Times US
Inflation is emerging as the key economic problem for India and China as growth surges in the wake of the global financial crisis, the Asian Development Bank warned on Friday
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Soros fund to set up Hong Kong office 15.1.2010 Financial Times US
Soros Fund Management, billionaire investor George Soros’ investment company, is setting up an office in Hong Kong to take advantage of the region’s growth, said a person familiar with the matter
Intel results fuel bullish mood 15.1.2010 Financial Times US
Global markets overview: Forecast-busting results from the US technology bellwether add to the optimists’ case as attention turns to JPMorgan Chase, the first of the Wall Street banks to report
Shiseido to buy Bare Escentuals for $1.7bn 15.1.2010 Financial Times US
Shiseido is to acquire Bare Escentuals, a US-based prestige cosmetics group, in a $1.7bn deal that highlights the Japanese cosmetics groups’ ambitions to expand its global presence
China says December foreign investment doubles 15.1.2010 SFGate: Business & Technology
China says December foreign investment doubles
For Google, a Threat to China With Little Revenue at Stake 15.1.2010 NY Times: Technology
Analysts say that staying in China would be risky for Google, and the economic pain of leaving would most likely not be felt for years.

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The Story The Media Is Missing Because It Does Not Fit Their Narrative 15.1.2010 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Let’s admit there is media bias. We know there is despite the best efforts of some on the left to deny it. I cannot tell you the number of reporters at major networks and newspapers who will, in private moments, admit there is a real bias. In most cases it is not an intentional bias. It is a product of being largely highly educated, liberally inclined, white urbanites who live on the Upper West Side, have drivers whisk them off to their studio or out of Adams-Morgan into downtown DC where they hang out with other fashionable liberals who, unlike me, think Jimmy Choo is a shoe manufacturer and not, a I thought, a Chinese restaurant. They talk about what’s in the New York Times Magazine and on its front page. They gossip about who ...
Hailing Google, US lawmakers seek Internet law 15.1.2010 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
WASHINGTON — US lawmakers on Thursday sought to prevent Internet companies from censoring information overseas, hailing Google's threat to pull out of China as a turning point but saying it needed official support. Members of Congress said they had new momentum to enact a bill that would prohibit US firms from storing users' personal information in [...]
Court case throws light on internet sales of stolen bank details 15.1.2010 Financial Times: Media
A British man is facing jail for masterminding a criminal website from an internet café in London's Wembley district, in a case that provides a fascinating glimpse...
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'Green News Report' - January 14, 2010 15.1.2010 BradBlog
IN TODAY'S AUDIO REPORT: Epic humanitarian crisis in Haiti; More toxic Chinese toys, toxic plastic bottles, and toxic housedust; Rolling Stone calls out the 'IDIOTS' ... PLUS: The pervasive destruction of Mountaintop Removal mining ... All that and more in today's Green News Report! Got comments, tips, love letters, hate ...
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UN Should Be Sidelined in Future Climate Talks, Says Obama Official 15.1.2010 Headlines
by Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington and John Vidal Jonathan Pershing, who helped lead talks at Copenhagen, instead sketched out a future path for negotiations dominated by the world's largest polluters such as China, the US, India, Brazil and South Africa, who signed up to a deal in the final hours of the summit. That would represent a realignment of the way the international community has dealt with climate change over the last two decades. read ...
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Obama pledges $100m aid and troop support 15.1.2010 The Guardian -- World Latest
• Brown urges Britons to help alleviate tragedy • China's Sichuan quake team one of first to arrive Barack Obama led a global wave of emergency pledges to Haiti tonight with a promise that "one of the largest relief efforts in recent history" was under way. Dozens of countries, from as far afield as Iceland and New Zealand, sent rescue workers, medical equipment and temporary shelter and made cash donations. The US committed $100m (£60m) in aid and the support of thousands of troops. An aircraft carrier, the Carl Vinson, was due to arrive off Haiti's coast tonight with the Pentagon saying it would also send three amphibious ships, including one carrying up to 2,000 marines. Separately, 3,500 troops from the 82nd Airborne ­Division ...
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China Tells Foreign Web Companies To Obey Rules 15.1.2010 WCCO: National
In China's first official response to Google's threat to leave the country, the government Thursday said foreign Internet companies are welcome but must obey the law and gave no hint of a possible compromise over Web censorship. Foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu, without mentioning Google by name, said Beijing prohibits e-mail hacking, another issue cited by the company. She was responding to questions about Google at a regular ministry briefing.
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General Electric: world's largest company still has spark 15.1.2010 The Guardian -- World Latest
General Electric is emerging stronger from the recession, says its chief, Jeff Immelt. It is now investing in green technology – and sees a future in markets such as India and China Jeff Immelt has entered the building, and his London branch office in Mayfair is in a bit of flap. The chief executive of the world's largest company passes through only a couple of times a year on a tour of General Electric's European outposts. He has already done Paris, Lyon, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Copenhagen and is on his way to Abu Dhabi, so persuading the 6ft 4in former college footballer to stand still for a picture presents a challenge. When he is not pressing the flesh with 323,000 employees or behind his desk in Connecticut, Immelt is more used to ...
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