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Stock-dumping GOP senator’s husband gave $1 million to pro-Trump super PAC after insider trading scandal broke 21.5.2020 Raw Story
The husband of stock-dumping Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) donated $1 million to the leading pro-Trump super PAC after news broke of her alleged insider trading. Jeff Sprecher, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, donated April 29 to America First Action, according to a report filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission, after news broke […]
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Experts across the country are worried about absentee voting preparations — here’s why 21.5.2020 Raw Story
More than 30 statewide elections will be held in the 91 days from May 19 to August 18, previewing how unfamiliar or difficult absentee voting may be across America this fall. The next big test is June 2, when eight states and the District of Columbia hold their presidential primaries. Despite President Trump’s claims that […]
Another private jet company owned by a Trump donor got a bailout — this one for $20 million 16.5.2020 Raw Story
An Omaha, Nebraska-based private jet company whose principal owner donated generously to Donald Trump and Republicans ahead of the 2016 election received $20 million in taxpayer aid from the federal bailout package passed in March. Jet Linx Aviation, which caters to well-to-do CEOs and executives, was the second private plane company founded or owned by […]
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MSNBC Legal Analyst Jill Wine-Banks Gave Max FEC-Allowed Cash to Joe Biden 8.5.2020 NewsBusters
MSNBC Legal Analyst Jill Wine-Banks somehow thought it wouldn’t be controversial or a stain on her objectivity to fund presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign. Federal Election Commission records show that Wine-Banks contributed the maximum FEC-allowed $2,800 to Biden’s campaign March 10. Her contribution to Biden makes any of her analysis of the Trump administration going forward suspect due to a glaring conflict of interest. To make things worse, Wine-Banks’s bio on the professional women’s group The Chicago Network says that ...
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James Carville Outs Trump Campaign Grifters: They're In It For The Money 7.5.2020 Crooks Liars
James Carville may not know everything, but he knows how campaign operatives behave. And he knows a losing campaign where staffers have given up, too. That's the Trump campaign, in his eyes. And he didn't sugarcoat it on Wednesday's "The 11th Hour": JAMES CARVILLE: His campaign manager’s got two condos, a Ferrari, a yacht, a Range Rover. They’re all just fleecing the campaign. It’s just about making money and they’re going in, they’re giving him fake polls! This whole thing is just like a crumbling empire right before your eyes. Everybody is trying to take everything they can get on the way out and they’re trying to prop him up so they all can make money. Carville is not making up the stuff about the luxury automobiles. Huffpo reports: Brad Parscale, whom Trump named to run his 2020 effort in early 2018, has already collected $38.9 million through his companies from Trump’s various reelection committees between January 2017 and the end of March, according to a HuffPost analysis of Federal ...
CNN-Labeled ‘Republican Strategist’ Ana Navarro Gave Cash to Joe Biden 7.5.2020 NewsBusters
Insufferable CNN-labeled “Republican strategist” Ana Navarro continued to prove why she’s the farthest thing from a “Republican strategist.” She funded the campaign of presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden. Federal Election Commission records show that Navarro contributed $250 February 29, to Biden. Three days before the recorded donation, Navarro said on Twitter: “Oh, Jesus. He is pure decency and empathy. I love @JoeBiden.” She donated to Biden three days ...
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GOP consultant: Trump’s campaign officials are raking in cash for themselves like a ‘criminal enterprise’ 6.5.2020 Raw Story
On Tuesday, writing for the Huffington Post, S. V. Date painted a damning picture of how a vast array of Republican consultants are making enormous amounts of money off of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. “Brad Parscale, whom Trump named to run his 2020 effort in early 2018, has already collected $38.9 million through his […]
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Oklahoma Supreme Court strikes down law that would have required tens of thousands of notaries for mail voting 5.5.2020 Raw Story
On Monday, the Supreme Court of Oklahoma struck down a requirement that absentee ballots be notarized, making it substantially easier to vote by mail ahead of an election threatened by fears of the coronavirus pandemic. The decision, which follows a lawsuit by the League of Women Voters, is a victory for voting rights activists. The […]
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The Ohio primary just raised a new red flag for the 2020 election 30.4.2020 Raw Story
Ohio’s Democratic presidential primary winner was never in doubt, but its voting process was. The April 28 primary, the second statewide vote-by-mail contest since the pandemic interrupted the 2020 election, highlighted new complexities facing voters if the nation shifts to mostly absentee voting this fall. In addition to postal delivery delays possibly disqualifying hundreds of thousands of ballots—as was seen in […]
Critics say expanding the Supreme Court might cause a ‘death spiral’ of democracy. Guess what? That’s already here 27.4.2020 Raw Story
Earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court interfered in an election in Wisconsin in yet another 5-4 decision meant to secure an electoral advantage for the Republican Party. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, a federal district court had granted a one-week extension to Wisconsin’s mail-in ballot deadline. The election included not only Wisconsin’s presidential primary, but […]
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Soros Democracy PAC Gives $1,000,000 to NARAL Group Behind Disgusting Anti-Trump Abortion Attack Ad 20.4.2020 NewsBusters
Could liberal billionaire George Soros be more disgusting? He’s using his super PAC to exploit the coronavirus and attack President Donald Trump and using the issue of abortion to do it.Federal Election Commission data revealed that Soros’s Democracy PAC gave $1 million to the radical pro-abortion group NARAL Freedom Fund. "A new ad from the abortion rights group NARAL Freedom Fund features young women accusing the President and his allies of putting ‘ideology over science,'" National Public Radio (NPR) reported April 15. NPR also noted the ad ...
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Sara Gideon 'Leapfrogs' Past Susan Collins In Fundraising 17.4.2020 Crooks Liars
The Bangor Daily News used the adjective "leapfrogs" in their headline yesterday to describe the fundraising prowess of Sara Gideon, the likely Democratic opponent of the awful Susan Collins, and I think it's an apt one. For the first time in her nearly quarter-century in the U.S. Senate she has a real challenger. Polls are close and the race is rated a toss-up, but how sweet it would be to see Maine get a real representative in there, instead of some mindless toady like Susan Collins. Source: Bangor Daily News AUGUSTA, Maine — Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Sara Gideon raised $7.1 million during the first quarter of 2020, surpassing Republican Sen. Susan Collins after the incumbent had already set a record for the most fundraising during a Maine campaign. Gideon’s fundraising during that period — which nearly equaled what she had raised during the entirety of 2019 — brought her to about $14.8 million raised so far this cycle, according to filings that were due to the Federal Election Commission on ...
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Longtime Trump friend Stanley Chera dies from COVID-19 complications 13.4.2020 Raw Story
Stanley Chera, a New York real estate developer and a longtime friend of President Donald Trump, has died from complications related to being infected by COVID-19. CNN reports that Chera died over the weekend after being hospitalized last month after testing positive for the coronavirus. Trump in recent weeks has talked about having a friend […]
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Republicans admit they lose when elections are fair and free 9.4.2020 Raw Story
ANNOUNCER: Welcome to Moyers on Democracy. Bill’s guest in this episode is the journalist David Daley, whose reporting and advocacy have fired up a generation of activists fighting for free and fair elections. His best-selling first book, RATF*CKED-WHY YOUR VOTE DOESN’T COUNT  showed how Republicans used gerrymandering to lock up control of many state and local government for years, […]
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Seth Meyers: Are the 'President's Actions Evaporating Good Ideas?' 9.4.2020 NewsBusters
Where there is a national crisis, there is typically a leftist late night host attempting to politicize and exploit the situation. Count among them NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers, who hosted Senator Kamala Harris on Tuesday night’s show to skewer conservatives and President Trump ...
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Wisconsin governor tries to force GOP to delay election as pandemic rages 4.4.2020 Raw Story
On Friday, Politico reported that Gov. Tony Evers (D-WI) is calling an emergency special session of the Wisconsin General Assembly, where he will pressure GOP officials to delay the state’s election date to May 26, switch to all-mail voting, and send ballots to every registered voter who has not requested one. This effort, intended to […]
Sanders Campaign Mobilizes Donors to Raise $2 Million for Coronavirus Relief 21.3.2020
Sanders Campaign Mobilizes Donors to Raise $2 Million for Coronavirus Relief
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New York Gov. Cuomo’s Panel Proposes Medicaid Cuts Amid Coronavirus Crisis 21.3.2020
A panel appointed by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled a plan to reduce the state's Medicaid spending by $400 ...
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We Can’t Let COVID-19 Drive Us Into Authoritarianism 21.3.2020
We Can’t Let COVID-19 Drive Us Into Authoritarianism
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Our Responses to COVID-19 Must Center Disability Justice 21.3.2020
Our Responses to COVID-19 Must Center Disability Justice
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