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Letters to the Editor: Democrats must pack the Supreme Court. Democracy depends on it 14.8.2020 LA Times: Opinion

The current Supreme Court has chipped away at voter protections in service to the Republicans. Only an expanded court can fix this.

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Trump Campaign Appears to Be Hiding Massive Facebook Spending — But Why? 13.8.2020
Trump Campaign Appears to Be Hiding Massive Facebook Spending — But Why?
Trump’s campaign is using murky shell companies to hide Facebook ad spending — but why? 13.8.2020 Raw Story
The Trump campaign has spent tens of millions of dollars on Facebook ads, but has not reported any of that spending to the Federal Election Commission, records show. Along with a number of affiliated committees, the campaign appears to be funneling payments to Facebook through shell companies. Official committees affiliated with presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden have also […]
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Republicans paid huge, strange sums to Facebook and a mystery company for ‘list acquisition’ 8.8.2020 Raw Story
After reporting essentially no payments to Facebook for about three years, the Republican National Committee paid the social media company $5.5 million for “list acquisition” between September and November 2019, according to Federal Election Commission filings. This article first appeared in Salon. The RNC has also paid about $5 million for contact lists to a mystery company […]
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Let’s End the Vote Challenge GamePalast on Ralph Nader Radio Hour 7.8.2020
“We must outlaw challenges to signatures unless there is a report filed that the ballot has been stolen,” writes Greg Palast, in his new book, How Trump Stole 2020. Palast is greatly concerned that signatures on mail-in ballots will prove to be “an easy target for nitpickers with a partisan agenda to challenge” and could... READ MORE
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Outraised 250-1, Progressive Marquita Bradshaw Upsets Establishment Opponent 7.8.2020
Outraised 250-1, Progressive Marquita Bradshaw Upsets Establishment Opponent
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Rep. Ilhan Omar’s challenger hit with campaign finance complaint 5.8.2020 Raw Story
MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party officials charged Tuesday that Antone Melton-Meaux, the top challenger to incumbent U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, skirted campaign finance laws by hiding some of his top political consultants in next week’s nationally watched Democratic primary.A Federal Election Commission complaint obtained by the Minneapolis Star Tribune alleges that Melton-Meaux’s campaign violated federal […]
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GOP senator took donations from drug companies who benefited from his vaccine bills 3.8.2020 Raw Story
Republican Sen. Steve Daines of Montana, who faces a tough re-election fight this year, received thousands of dollars from pharmaceutical companies while pushing Congress to fund a fast-tracked coronavirus treatment and vaccine development program that eventually awarded contracts to those companies, Federal Election Commission records show. This article first appeared in Salon. The $10 billion program, […]
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Obama’s John Lewis Eulogy: “Let’s Honor Him by Revitalizing” the Voting Rights Act 31.7.2020 Mother Jones
In 1965, John Lewis was brutally beaten by Alabama state troopers as he led a march advocating for the protection of Black Americans’ right to vote—an event that helped lead to the signing of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. In his gripping eulogy to Lewis at the late lawmaker’s memorial service Thursday, former President Barack […]
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Op-Ed: Poll worker shortages are threatening the 2020 election. Young people can be the solution 30.7.2020 LA Times: Health

Older poll workers are hesitant to work elections due to COVID-19. We need young poll workers to prevent poll closures and voter suppression.

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Trump campaign masked $170 million in ‘illegal’ payments: watchdog 29.7.2020 Raw Story
A nonprofit transparency watchdog filed a complaint Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) accusing President Donald Trump’s campaign and joint fundraising committee of laundering nearly $170 million through firms belonging to former campaign manager Brad Parscale and campaign lawyers. The complaint accuses the Trump campaign of diverting money through two companies, American Made Media and Parscale Strategy, in […]
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Trump Campaign Accused of Laundering $170 Million 28.7.2020 Mother Jones
A watchdog group is alleging that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has laundered $170 million through companies controlled by campaign officials as part of an effort to avoid disclosing which vendors it is really paying for services. Under Federal Election Commission rules, campaigns are supposed to detail who they are paying. While some campaign vendors do hire sub-contractors […]
Robert E. Lee High School in Virginia Renamed to Honor John Lewis 24.7.2020
Renaming the school to honor Lewis "will serve as an inspiration to our students," one board member ...
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Senators Introduced a Bill to Restore the Voting Rights Act. It’s Named After John Lewis. 23.7.2020 Mother Jones
Forty-eight senators introduced legislation on Wednesday to restore the Voting Rights Act after it was gutted by the Supreme Court in 2013. The lawmakers named the new bill after civil rights icon John Lewis, a member of Congress from Georgia who passed away Friday. The “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act”—sponsored by 47 Democrats and […]
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McConnell Laughs When Asked If COVID Relief Bill Will Pass by End of Next Week 22.7.2020
Benefits are set to expire next week for around 30 million Americans thrown out of work by the ...
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Former Presidents of Bar Association Urge “Disciplinary Proceeding” Against Barr 22.7.2020
The letter writers cite four instances of the attorney general violating his obligations to the American ...
USPS Needs Financial Aid to Continue Providing Essential Services 22.7.2020
The U.S. Postal Service is facing insolvency due to crisis-related drops in mail revenue and increased ...
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Trump’s Reelection Strategy Involves Terrorizing Us With Secret Stormtroopers 22.7.2020
Trump has successfully normalized the unthinkable, and in places like Portland, he appears to be doing it to get ...

In “The Verdict,” a sleazy lawyer played by Paul Newman crashes a stranger’s funeral and cons the widow with a blast of blarney about her late husband: “I knew him vaguely through the Lodge. He was a wonderful man.” I thought of that scene while reading the Republican tributes to John Lewis. The civil rights […]


Editorial: Honor John Lewis — and serve democracy — by reinvigorating the Voting Rights Act 22.7.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell must match his praise for John Lewis with action.

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