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Tanzania postpones constitutional referendum: election commission 3.4.2015 World

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete delivers a speech in Berlin, on January 27, 2015Tanzania's electoral commission postponed Thursday a constitutional referendum planned for April 30 after huge delays in registration, officials said. "We are still updating the permanent voters register. The exercise is very important before holding any elections," National Electoral Commission (NEC) chairman Damian Lubuva told reporters.

Tanzania arrests 32 witch doctors over albino murders 7.3.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories
By Fumbuka Ng'wanakilala DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Police in Tanzania said on Friday they had arrested 32 witch doctors this week as part of a campaign against ritual killings of albinos. President Jakaya Kikwete last week vowed to stamp out the practice he said brought shame onto the east African country, and albino campaigners called on authorities on Friday to execute people convicted of the murders. "The witch doctors were arrested in possession of different items, including potions and oil from an unknown source," the police chief in the north-western town of Geita, Joseph Konyo, told reporters. He did not say whether they had been charged, or caught with anything relating to albinos, whose condition means they lack pigment in their skin, eyes and hair.
Tanzania police arrest 32 witch-doctors over ritual albino killings 7.3.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page
  • Activists say at least 75 albinos have been killed since 2000
  • Seventeen people convicted of murders already on death row

Police in Tanzania said on Friday they had arrested 32 witch-doctors this week as part of a campaign against ritual killings of albinos.

Activists say attackers have killed at least 75 albinos in the east African country since 2000 to use their limbs and other body parts as charms meant to guarantee success in love, life and business.

Related: Tanzania bans witchdoctors in attempt to end albino killings

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Tanzania albinos decry politicians as police halt protest over killings 2.3.2015 Health
By Kizito Makoye DAR ES SALAAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tanzanian police banned a demonstration on Monday to protest against attacks and murders of albinos, fuelling concerns that authorities are not committed to ending violence against albinos whose body parts are highly valued in witchcraft. The protest, organized by the Tanzania Albinism Society, initially received police approval amid growing anger over the lack of protection for albinos in the wake of the recent abduction and suspected killing of two albino children. A one-year-old boy, Yohana Bahati, was snatched from his home in Tanzania's northwestern Geita region last month. United Nations officials estimate about 75 albinos have been killed in the east African nation since 2000 and have voiced fears of rising attacks ahead of an election this year as aspiring politicians seek good luck charms from witch doctors.
Tanzanian families seek safe havens for albino children, fear attacks: TRFN 25.2.2015 Health
By Kizito Makoye DAR ES SALAAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tanzanian parents with albino children are racing to find safe havens for their youngsters after the abduction and suspected murder of two children raised fears of more attacks on albinos ahead of elections later this year. Two albino children have gone missing in the past two months despite a government ban on witch doctors, who are accused of encouraging attacks on albinos to get body parts from which they make charms and spells that they claim bring good luck and wealth. Last week police found the body of one-year-old Yohana Bahati just days after an armed gang snatched him from his home in northwestern Tanzania's Geita ...
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Abducted Tanzanian albino boy found dead with limbs severed: police 18.2.2015 Health
By Kizito Makoye DAR ES SALAAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tanzanian police said on Wednesday they had found the mutilated body of a one-year-old albino boy whose abduction renewed calls for tougher action to stop the killing of albinos for their body parts, prized in black magic. An armed gang snatched Yohana Bahati from his mother at their home in northwestern Tanzania's Geita region on Sunday, a month after the government announced a nationwide ban on witch doctors, who are accused of encouraging attacks on albinos. He was the second albino child in two months to be abducted in the Lake zone of Tanzania. More than 70 albinos, who lack pigment in their skin, hair and eyes, have been murdered in the east African nation in the past decade, according to U.N. figures, many hacked to death and body parts removed to make charms and spells that witch doctors claim bring good luck and wealth.
Tanzanian police arrest leading opposition figure at rally 29.1.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories
Tanzanian police arrested a senior opposition figure and 32 supporters, officials said on Wednesday, at an allegedly illegal rally where police used tear gas to scatter demonstrators. Tanzania is due to hold a referendum on a new constitution in April and a general election in October when opposition parties plan to field a single presidential candidate to challenge the Chama Cha Mapinduzi party's 54-year grip on power. On Wednesday the National Assembly Speaker temporarily adjourned the parliamentary session which descended into a shouting match after opposition lawmakers demanded an urgent debate on Tuesday's arrests. Opposition lawmakers said police had beaten up the opposition supporters they ...
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Tanzanian opposition chief charged with organising protest 28.1.2015 World
A top Tanzanian opposition party leader was charged Wednesday with holding political rallies without a permit, prompting fellow lawmakers to storm out of parliament in protest. Ibrahim Lipumba, chairman of the opposition Civic United Front (CUF), pleaded not guilty in a court in Dar es Salaam, a day after he and some 30 supporters were arrested. The CUF, which is part of the ruling coalition on the semi-autonomous Zanzibar archipelago, holds 35 seats in the 357-seat national ...
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Tanzania cabinet reshuffled as energy scandal claims fourth politician 28.1.2015 The Guardian -- Front Page

President Jakaya Kikwete forced to take action after energy minister resigns following alleged role in $180m going missing from Tanzania’s central bank

Tanzania’s president has reshuffled his cabinet following the departure of a fourth senior politician over a multimillion-dollar energy scandal.

On Saturday, the energy minister, Sospeter Muhongo, resigned over his alleged role in the affair last year that saw $180m (£116m) taken from the country’s central bank.

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WorldViews: 15 ways things will get worse in 2015 1.1.2015 Washington Post: World
The new year ought to bring with it new hope and optimism for the time to come. But it's hard to feel positive after a 2014 marked by so much conflict and tragedy. Scanning the globe, here are WorldViews' gloomy predictions for how things may get worse in 2015.Read full article ...
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Why Supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Could Mean A New Chapter For Environmentalism 20.12.2014 Think Progres

"It's not just about a post on Facebook or a blog entry or a series of supportive statements -- we're determined to engage on these issues over the long-haul."

The post Why Supporting ‘Black Lives Matter’ Could Mean A New Chapter For Environmentalism appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Tanzanian leader declares himself free of cancer after surgery 29.11.2014 Yahoo: Top Stories
DAR ES SALAAM (Reuters) - Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete declared himself cancer-free on Saturday after undergoing prostate surgery in the United States earlier this month. Kikwete, 64, has led east Africa's second-biggest economy since 2005 but must step down next year at the end of his second and final term in office. "I was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer, which was later down-graded to stage 1 cancer," Kikwete said in a televised address at the airport after returning from the United States. ...
Cheers and Jeers: Thursday 20.11.2014 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
$20 monthly contribution: click here Snail mail, the address is: Bill Harnsberger, 16 Pitt Street, Portland, ME, 04103. Thank you! From the GREAT STATE OF MAINE… So let's say they do eventually build the Keystone XL pipeline. And, of course, there's eventually a big ol' blowout that dumps a whole bunch of Satan's bitumen where it shouldn't be dumped. I've been around the track long enough to know how the response will unfold: "We're not aware of any oil spill." "Oh….THAT? That's just a minor 'outflow event.' Nothing to see here, please move along." "Okay, yes. Now that the media and environmentalists have published photos and samples, it is, we conclude, a slightly larger event than first indicated." "I got this! I got this!" "Working with law enforcement agencies from the state and federal governments, we have succeeded in stopping the leak…of damning evidence by the media and environmentalists, and have banned them from the land and airspace around the area. If we catch them there again they'll be ...
Touch-Screen Votes Reportedly Flipping R to D and D to R in Several VA Towns [VIDEO] 5.11.2014 BradBlog
By our count, Virginia is now the 7th state to report touch-screen voting flipping in the 2014 election (though we may have missed a few in Pennsylvania and elsewhere). During Early Voting, prior to today's mid-term, we've covered 100% unverifiable touch-screen votes reportedly flipping on screen in Texas (D to R), ...
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Candidates in hottest races make final appeals: 'Your vote matters' 4.11.2014 LA Times: Nation
Hopscotching across fiercely divided terrain, candidates in the country's hottest contests made their final urgent appeals Monday in a midterm election that will determine control of the U.S. Senate and the size of the Republican House majority.
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Business briefs: Crunch time for BID election 1.11.2014 Steamboat Pilot
Time is running out for downtown commercial property owners and tenants to vote in the election that will decide whether a new property tax downtown will support things like marketing and maintenance. The property owners and tenants who haven't automatically gotten their ballots in the mail to vote in the downtown business improvement district tax election can request and receive them here in Steamboat. Mainstreet Steamboat Springs Manager Tracy Barnett said she will be able to accept ballot request forms and give out ballots until 7 p.m. Tuesday at her office at in the Sequoia building at 141 Ninth St. Voters who have questions or who want to make an appointment to do ballot paperwork can contact Barnett at 970-846-1800 or at Only commercial property owners who are registered to vote in the state and whose property is registered in their name and not an entity like a business or corporation automatically will receive a ballot in the mail. Local grad joins Denver law ...
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Quick Hits: GOP Versus Registration Nation 31.10.2014 BradBlog
The pace of GOP voter suppression stories and scams is now cascading in faster than we're able to fully check out or report in detail. So, for now, here are a few very important stories that are likely to become even more relevant in the coming days, even as ...
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Why GA's Pre-Election Polls May Be Meaningless 30.10.2014 BradBlog
The Politicus USA headline typified MSM coverage of what Brad Friedman often refers to as the "horse race" -- "Democrats Surge As Michelle Nunn Leads Georgia Senate Race In Third Straight Poll." For The BRAD BLOG, and for a good many election integrity advocates and computer scientists, that narrow focus ignores ...
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Unverifiable Diebold Touch-Screen Voting Systems Reportedly Flipping R to D in Maryland 29.10.2014 BradBlog
As we told you recently, after 100% unverifiable touch-screen voting systems reportedly began flipping votes from Democratic to Republican in Texas, and from Republican to Democratic in Illinois, and then from "NO" to "YES" on an anti-choice measure in Tennessee, there would be more. There always is, as we discussed ...
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E-Votes Flip D to R in Texas, R to D in Illinois: More Trouble With Touch-Screens 28.10.2014 Truthout - All Articles
Diebold voting machine in El Paso, Texas, on February 25, 2008. Voting machines are increasingly popular in US elections, although concerns about accuracy and hacking persist. (Image via Shutterstock )And so begins our traditional, biennial (if not more frequent) coverage of partisans understandably freaking out when their 100% unverifiable touch-screen votes are seen flipping on screen from a candidate or candidates of their preferred party to a candidate or candidates from a different party. Historically, over the past decade since we've been covering it (and related issues), this issue has occurred far more often for Democratic voters seeing their votes flip to Republicans. Nonetheless, the opposite phenomenon (as well the scenario involving third party or independent candidates) is not entirely uncommon. And, in all cases, voters should be concerned, election officials should be embarrassed and elected officials who continue to allow the use of these unverifiable secret vote-counting systems --- ...
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