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ES&S iVotronic Touch-Screen Voting Systems Now For Sale on eBay! 19.3.2014 BradBlog
Hey! Great news! Just in time to practice up your hacking skills before the 2014 mid-term elections, you can now buy your very own ES&S iVotronic touch-screen voting system from eBay!... Yes, the very same voting systems that are so incredibly sensitive and vulnerable to tampering (and which have failed so ...
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Libya: a country on the brink | Editorial 18.3.2014 Guardian: Comment is Free
Morning Glory's story makes grim reading for anyone who cares about the future of the country There can be few better symbols of Libya's post-Gaddafi trauma than the plight of the oil tanker Morning Glory. On 11 March, the North Korea-registered ship slipped out of the Libyan port of Es Sider during a storm and headed out into the Mediterranean. It was under the command of a group of rebels from Libya's most oil-rich region, Cyrenaica, who intended to sell its £20m cargo of crude to help fund an autonomous government. The Libyan navy, whose capital ships are mostly at the bottom of the sea following Nato's 2011 air campaign, was unable to stop it, as was the air force, which was in a state of near-mutiny. After Morning Glory had shouldered its way out into international waters, the Islamist-dominated Congress in Tripoli sacked the country's long-suffering prime minister, Ali Zeidan, with whom it had been at loggerheads, and he fled to Germany. On Monday, US navy Seals seized control of the ...
Tanzanian women hope for a stronger voice in new constitution 13.3.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
After intensive lobbying by a coalition of women's rights groups, gender equality is climbing the agenda in Tanzania at a key time • How a young woman was helped out of sexual slavery – animated video This year is critical for women in Tanzania. In just a few months, we'll find out if the country is to have a new national constitution with the power to transform the lives and protect the rights of millions of women. We've walked a long, hard path to create a fair society that enables women to flourish, but there have been successes. Amina, 22, is a young woman involved in prostitution in Dar es Salaam. Commercial sex work wasn't in her life plan, but she was lured away from her village as a young girl with the promise of work as a maid in the city. Over the past two years, a government-led commission has been travelling around the country to hear from ordinary people about what they want to see in the revised governing principles of our nation. Supported by VSO in partnership ...
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Girls soccer players honored in league voting 12.3.2014 San Jose Mercury News: Peninsula
From Daily News DispatchesLocal girls soccer players were honored in all-league voting in the Bay Division of the Peninsula Athletic League.
$265 million bond measure to go on June ballot for Sequoia district high schools 7.3.2014 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
It's official: Voters in the Sequoia Union High School District will get to decide in the June 3 election whether to approve a $265 million bond for school facilities.
California governor signs $687M drought relief legislation 2.3.2014 Terrorism
California Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday signed into law a $687 million drought-relief package to deal with a water shortage he has called the worst in the state's modern history. The largest share of the drought relief package - $549 million - comes from accelerated spending of bond money voters previously approved in two ballot propositions. Those measures will fund storm water recapturing, expanded use of recycled water, better management of groundwater storage and stronger water conservation measures. While much of the United States has been pummeled by a series of snow storms, California in recent months has struggled with a drought that threatens to inflict the worst water crisis in recorded state history. ...
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Sequioa school district may seek $265 million bond measure in June election 28.2.2014 San Jose Mercury News: Peninsula
The Sequoia Union High School District board will hold a special meeting Wednesday to decide whether to place a $265 million facilities bond measure on the June 3 election ballot.
Survey suggests voters would pass $290 million bond for Sequoia district schools 18.2.2014 San Jose Mercury News: Peninsula
If the Sequoia Union High School District goes to voters this year with a facilities improvement bond as high as $290 million, there's a good chance they will approve it, a pollster hired by the district has concluded.
Sequoia Healthcare board gives CEO second big raise in 15 months 13.2.2014 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
The Sequoia Healthcare District board has given the organization's chief executive officer a 5.6 percent raise, boosting his annual salary an extra $10,000 to $192,800.
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Anna Margareth Abdallah: 'They say, "Don't vote for the woman, she wears lipstick"' 9.2.2014 The Guardian -- World Latest
The Tanzanian MP, a member of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi party, has been challenging patriarchal expectations for almost 40 years Gaby Hinsliff introduces the Observer's series on female politicians around the world When Anna Margareth Abdallah entered the Tanzanian parliament in 1975, she was one of only five female MPs. Today, she is one of 126 – more than a third of the total – and the first woman to chair the standing committee on defence and security. But it has been a long journey that is far from complete. "It's quite hard, especially because of African traditional culture where a woman's place is in the kitchen," she says. "Women have a tough time contesting elections and they have to show exemplary proficiency to get recognised. They work hard to be extra diligent. But we are trying and we have been doing it for the last 50 years. At least now women are recognised." Now 73 and a great-grandmother, Abdallah began her political career as a provincial governor and had to ...
Peninsula readers' letters: February 5 5.2.2014 San Jose Mercury News: Peninsula
Letters from Daily News readers.
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Sequoia district tests voters' mood for $225 million bond measure for school facilities 30.1.2014 San Jose Mercury News: Peninsula
Armed with a $225 million wish list of facility improvements, the Sequoia Union High School District is polling residents to see how much support there might be for a bond measure in June or November.
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Another VA 'Recount' Coming: 9-Vote Margin in Special Election for Control of State Senate 11.1.2014 BradBlog
Meanwhile, back in we go again... Yes. As reported by the State Board of Elections website tonight, that's a 9-vote margin in the state Senate special election held on Tuesday to replace Democratic state Sen. Ralph Northam who is vacating his seat after being elected last November as VA's next ...
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Saturday nutpick-a-palooza: OF COURSE Obama cheated in 2012! 30.11.2013 Daily Kos
Today's source material: Add it up. The 2012 Presidential election was stolen based on the cover-up of murder in Benghazi, a mafia-like conspiracy to use the IRS to silence free speech and destroy Obama’s political opposition, fraudulent health care promises, and fraudulent jobs reports. The Gambino crime family hasn’t got anything on Obama. In 2000 Democrats talked about a President getting elected under “illegitimate terms.” Well look who perfected the art. Barack Obama committed pure fraud to win re-election. If this doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment, nothing ever will. There was something in there too about the Black Panthers, because you can't have wing nut conspiracy theories without racism. So folks…what are we doing about it? ...
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This Day in Blogging History: Soviet SF movie; Disabled boy's tiny pony vs smellophobic neighbors; Diebold surrenders (Cached) 27.11.2013 Boing Boing
This Day in Blogging History: Soviet SF movie; Disabled boy's tiny pony vs smellophobic neighbors; Diebold surrenders
VA AG Race: About That 500+ Vote Republican Pickup in Bedford County 20.11.2013 BradBlog
Sometimes it's a good idea to get a full explanation before these things become fodder in a contentious partisan legal election contest. So that's what we've tried to do. Happily, the General Registrar of Bedford County, VA was more than willing to help. Last week, and the week before, The BRAD ...
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LIVE TWITTER COVERAGE: Provisional Votes Tallied in Fairfax County, VA - Last Ballots Before Certification of the Razor-Thin VA AG Race 13.11.2013 BradBlog
I'm testing out Twitter's new "Custom Timeline" feature below, while following the tallies of the provisional ballots in Fairfax County, VA. This will be just about the last of the new votes added in the incredibly close Attorney General's race, which Mark Herring (D) currently leads by just over 100 ...
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'Green News Report' - November 12, 2013 13.11.2013 BradBlog
  IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: The devastation of Super Typhoon Haiyan, and the climate change signal; PLUS: The denial industry sinks to new lows, as the U.N. meets again to hammer out a global climate treaty ... All that and more in today's Green News Report! Listen online here, or Download MP3 ...
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Colbert Crushes '60 Minutes' Discredited Report on GOP's Pretend Benghazi 'Scandal' [VIDEO] 13.11.2013 BradBlog
On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen was joined (hilariously!) by Poncho Denews, aka heroic old-school newsman Charlie Skinner from "HBO's documentary The Newsroom", aka Sam Waterston to absolutely destroy CBS' completely bogus and now mildly "corrected"/retracted super-explosive extra-special exclusive on BenghaziGate!!! Nailed it (in two must-watch parts)... The Daily Show also ...
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BREAKING: Democratic Candidate Takes Lead in Razor-Thin VA Attorney General Tally 12.11.2013 BradBlog
For the first time since the bulk of votes were tallied in Virginia on Election Night last Tuesday, the Democratic candidate for Attorney General, state Sen. Mark Herring appears to now have taken the lead over Republican state Sen. Mark Obenshain in the razor-thin results of more than 2.2 million ...
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