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U.S. Relies on Sudan Despite Condemning It 11.6.2007 Common Dreams: Headlines
WASHINGTON - Sudan has secretly worked with the CIA to spy on the insurgency in Iraq, an example of how the U.S. has continued to cooperate with the Sudanese regime even while condemning its suspected role in the killing of tens of thousands of civilians in Darfur. President Bush has denounced the killings in Sudan’s western [...]
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Sudan Is Secret Partner Of CIA 11.6.2007 Tompaine.com
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'Message' Campaign for Egyptians Barred From Ballot 11.6.2007 Washington Post: World
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, June 10 -- Salah Noman Mubarak did his bit as a candidate for the opposition Muslim Brotherhood movement ahead of Monday's parliamentary elections: He planted big, smacking kisses on beaming constituents. Held earnest policy discussions over glasses of tea. Dropped in at the ma...
Satellite Images Show Atrocities 11.6.2007 Washington Post
High-resolution technology is proving to be a powerful new weapon in struggle to end genocide.
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These Satellite Images Document an Atrocity 10.6.2007 Washington Post: World
Before December 2005, the Chadian village of Bir Kedouas , left, was a tidy collection of huts in walled compounds and cultivated fields. A later satellite image shows what is left: The former homesites (marked with red circles) and fields are now a charred scar in the earth. The entire population...
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Future of war will go with the flow / Water promises to be flash point 10.6.2007 SFGate: Op-Ed
Hussein Mohammed Ali Tayat sighs heavily as he sips thick black coffee from his demitasse cup. "I lost a large portion of my banana crop -- millions of shekels -- to drought last year. I have 17 family members to support, and the situation is getting worse... ...
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Hollywood Stars Find an Audience For Social Causes 10.6.2007 Washington Post: World
Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore traipsed purposefully up the Capitol steps last month in a simple black dress, red-soled black pumps and russet mane, not for a film shoot but to lobby for child feeding programs in Africa as a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. World Food Program.
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President Bush Discusses Iraq, AIDS with Pope 10.6.2007 NPR News
President Bush met Pope Benedict XVI for the first time Saturday in Rome. Reporters were not allowed in the Pope's private library during the meeting, but the president afterward acknowledged that the Pope expressed concerns about the treatment of Christians in Iraq.
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Bush Meets With Pope, Discusses Iraq, Africa 9.6.2007 NPR News
President Bush has his first meeting with Pope Benedict XVI. At the Vatican, the two discuss the war in Iraq, the U.S. humanitarian record, aid to Africa and the situation in Darfur.
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G8 urges Sudan to accept Darfur peace mission 8.6.2007 New Kerala: World News
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Mahdi Covers Native Sudan With Passionate Purpose 8.6.2007 Truthout.com
Nadra Mahdi is part of a surge of young Sudanese female journalists covering the country's struggles. Assignments take her from Darfur in the west to desertification in the east to city streets where female tea-sellers fight to subsist.
Amnesty Launches 'Eyes on Darfur' Site 7.6.2007 Washington Post: World
Atrocities in western Sudan as well as injustices in Zimbabwe, Lebanon and Burma have prompted American scientists to assist human rights organizations by devising tracking techniques using satellite imagery. The effort was made possible by benevolent donors and geospatial firms offering...
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Sudanese Lawyers Receive Guidance for Possible Trials Over Darfur 7.6.2007 NY Times: Europe
Sudanese lawyers are looking ahead to the day when victims of mass rape and torture seek justice in tribunals like the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
'Eyes on Darfur' Site Launched 7.6.2007 Washington Post
Amnesty International mounts online effort to monitor settlements threatened by brutality.
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Sudan's At-Risk Villages Get Help from Satellites 7.6.2007 NPR News
Using a Web site and high-powered satellite cameras, Amnesty International USA plans to track developments in 12 at-risk villages in Sudan by sending up-to-date images to a Web site.
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Satellites To Watch For Darfur Violence 6.6.2007 WCCO: National
Human-rights activists are using high-resolution satellites to keep watch over imperiled villages in the Darfur region of Sudan and posting the images online to enlist help preventing violence.
 CBS News Interactive: Crisis In Darfur
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Minn. Investment Board To Divest From Sudan 6.6.2007 WCCO: Local News
The Minnesota State Board of Investment is taking steps to pull state money out of companies that do business in Sudan.
More Political News
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G8 to call on China to take action over Darfur: Merkel 6.6.2007 Hindustan Times: News
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she would ask China to use its clout over the Darfur conflict, when G8 members hold talks with Beijing later this week.
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Clinton Beats Blitzer in CNN Debate 5.6.2007 Common Dreams: Views
Maybe the Democratic presidential candidates should rethink their decision not to debate on the Fox New Channel. It couldn’t be worse than the theater of the absurd CNN organized Sunday night at New Hampshire’s St. Anselm College – which, it should be noted, was co-sponsored by an even more aggressively conservative media outlet than [...]
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President Bush Delivers Remarks In Prague 5.6.2007 Washington Post: Nation
PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: President Ilves, Foreign Minister Swarzenberg, and distinguished guests: Laura and I are pleased to be back in Prague, and we appreciate the gracious welcome to this historic hall. Tomorrow I will attend the G-8 Summit, where I will meet with the leaders of the world's m...
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