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Why did the U.S. travel ban add counterterrorism partner Chad? No one seems quite sure. 25.9.2017 Washington Post: World
"Astonishment and then indignation,” said the director of the Chadian Human Rights Association.
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The Latest: South Sudan official expresses optimism at UN 23.9.2017 Washington Post: World
The Latest on the United Nations General Assembly (all times local):
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Despite proposed budget cuts, officials say the U.S. is committed to humanitarian aid 22.9.2017 Washington Post
Despite proposed budget cuts, officials say the U.S. is committed to humanitarian aid
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Trump's puzzling speech to African leaders, annotated 21.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
The president conjoined the name of two countries, Namibia and Zambia, creating the nonexistent nation of “Nambia."
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The Fact Checker's 10th anniversary 20.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
For the past 10 years, the Fact Checker has examined the statements of leading politicians.
Fact Check: Does Medicare have fewer administrative costs than private insurers? 19.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
Democratic lawmakers are using fuzzy numbers to make a politically advantageous point.
United Nations General Assembly live updates: World awaits President Trump's first assembly 19.9.2017 LA Times: Commentary
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The U.N. pledged to improve the lives of the world's most needy. Enacting that plan is another matter 17.9.2017 LA Times: Commentary

It’s been two years since the United Nations adopted 17 goals aimed at fighting poverty and inequality, protecting the environment and fostering peace.

The target year for achieving those goals is 2030, but that’s little time, given the scope of the agenda, and experts note formidable obstacles...

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This ethnic cleansing in Asia is the most brutal the world has seen in years 17.9.2017 Washington Post: Editorials
U.S. pressure on the military could help Burma’s persecuted Rohingya minority.
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Trump promises to eradicate terrorism after 'vicious' London attack 16.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
President Trump said he's sending thoughts and prayers to London after a terrorist attack on their subway on Sept. 15, and said he would end "radical Islamic terrorism."
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The children of South Sudan's war face hunger, rape and other violence on their long, often-solitary walks to safety 15.9.2017 L.A. Times - World News

Obede Lutana lost both his parents in South Sudan’s increasingly vicious civil war—his father shot to death by soldiers last year on the family’s farm near Yei, his mother killed in an outbreak of disease.

Lutana was left to live with his cousin, a young woman who cared for him as the chaos escalated...

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Cholera Fears Rise Following Atlantic Hurricanes: Are We Making Any Progress? 15.9.2017
As hurricanes barrel through some of the most impoverished communities in the Western Hemisphere, and as floods ravage  Yemen,   Sierra Leone ,  Bangladesh and India , now is the time to rethink and prioritize cholera epidemic prevention and response. In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in 2016, a surge of cholera in Haiti increased the  death toll from the disease . Officials in Haiti this week are already urging people to  add bleach to their drinking water  to prevent the spread of cholera in the aftermath of Irma.  I am a medical anthropologist, and I've worked for over a decade in parts of the Horn of Africa regularly affected by outbreaks of cholera and other infectious diseases. I am concerned about cholera in the Caribbean in the aftermath of Irma and other hurricanes on the horizon. But there is some good news -- if we take action.  Rare in Wealthy Nations, but too Common in Impoverished Ones Cholera is an infamous scourge, particularly in impoverished, flooded and war-torn areas. It causes a ...
Trump on White House: 'This is a house like no other' 15.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
President Trump spoke at the White House Historical Association reception and dinner on Sept. 14, applauding the group.
Sanders on Comey: 'His actions were improper and could have been illegal' 15.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed the former FBI director violated federal laws by leaking his personal memo to the New York Times.
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Flake says he's 'glad' Trump is talking to Democrats 15.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said that he's “glad” President Trump is speaking with Democrats, on Sept. 14 at the Capitol.
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Trump on deal with democrats: 'DACA now and the wall very soon' 15.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
President Trump spoke to reporters on Sept. 14 about his deal with Democrats on DACA and immigration reform, saying "we're moving very rapidly on the wall."
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Trump insists 'many' Republicans 'really like' DACA plans 15.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
President Trump insisted “many” Republican members of Congress support his plan to work with Democrats to make a deal on DACA, during a flight from Florida to Washington, D.C. aboard Air Force One on Sept. 14.
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Trump: Susan Rice 'shouldn't have' unmasked administration officials 15.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
President Trump was critical of President Obama's former national security adviser, Susan Rice, for her decision to “unmask” members of the Trump administration in classified intelligence reports in 2016.
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Jemele Hill tweet raises questions about journalistic ‘objectivity’ 15.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
ESPN host Jemele Hill came under fire on Sept. 11 after calling President Trump a “white supremacist” in a tweet.
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Schumer caught on hot mic: Trump 'likes us' 15.9.2017 Washington Post: Politics
Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) was unintentionally recorded on the Senate floor saying Trump "likes us, he likes me anyway."
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