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Israel Headed To Third Election In A Year 12.12.2019 Outside the Beltway
Having failed to form governments after two successive elections, Israel is headed for a third election inside of a year.
Indicted Netanyahu to resign ministries, remain PM: lawyers 12.12.2019 Raw Story
Embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, facing criminal charges and a new general election, will resign from all other ministerial positions he holds but remain premier, his lawyers said Thursday. The announcement to the supreme court came the same morning as parliament dissolved itself and set a date for a new election, the third within […]
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Israel in uncharted territory as it heads into a third election in less than a year 12.12.2019 LA Times: Nation

Israel will hold an unprecedented third election after the Knesset failed to muster the votes needed to nominate any candidate for prime minister.

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Israel heads for third election in a year as deadline to form government expires 12.12.2019 Raw Story
Israel is heading for an unprecedented third election within a year after a deadline to create a coalition government ran out at midnight local time on Wednesday and parliament was dissolved. The prospect of a new election prolongs a political stalemate that has paralysed the government and undermined many citizens’ faith in the democratic process. […]
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Israel heading towards third general election in a year 11.12.2019 BBC: World
PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his main rival, Benny Gantz, have been unable to form majority coalitions.
UK voters face a stark left-right choice that will (finally) decide Brexit — and might shape America’s future 11.12.2019 Raw Story
Precisely as Donald Trump is being impeached by the U.S. Congress, British voters go to the polls on Thursday in a history-shaping national election, the U.K.’s third in less than five years. It has numerous echoes and resonances of the forthcoming U.S. presidential election, starting with the charismatic but abominable incumbent prime minister, Boris Johnson, […]
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With two days left, deadlocked Israel faces repeat vote 9.12.2019 Raw Story
Israel edged closer to a third election within a year Monday as neither the embattled premier Benjamin Netanyahu nor his main rival appeared close to forming a government two days before a deadline. Right-winger Netanyahu and former army general Benny Gantz, who leads the centrist Blue and White alliance, traded blame over the impasse ahead […]
Opinion: Is Netanyahu all-powerful or a victim? Either way, this Israeli has had enough 8.12.2019 LA Times: Opinion

The newly indicted prime minister should resign and break his chokehold on the state of Israel.

Lawyer to be charged with graft in new woes for Netanyahu 5.12.2019 Raw Story
Israel’s state prosecutor said Thursday he intends to charge the personal lawyer of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with money-laundering in the state’s purchase of submarines from German firm Thyssenkrupp. Netanyahu has in the past been questioned as a witness in the case but was not considered a suspect. Nevertheless, with prospects of another snap election […]
PBS's Amanpour Hypes Theory Netanyahu 'Incited' Yitzhak Rabin's Assassination 3.12.2019 NewsBusters
On Monday's Amanpour & Co. show on PBS (also shown on CNN International), host Christiane Amanpour devoted a segment to interviewing the director of a film, titled Incitement, that has come under criticism for suggesting right-leaning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu helped stoke up "incitement" that led to the 1995 assassination of left-leaning Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by a Jewish ...
Israel planning new Jewish settlement in flashpoint Hebron 1.12.2019 Raw Story
Israel’s new hard-right defence minister on Sunday ordered officials to start planning a new Jewish settlement in the heart of the divided West Bank city of Hebron. Naftali Bennett’s announcement came as the prospects of a third snap election since April loomed larger, with the minister’s New Right party leaning heavily on settlers for support […]
On CNN, NYT's Friedman Slams 'Sick' GOP for Sticking With Trump 25.11.2019 NewsBusters
During a discussion on the indictment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the panel on Sunday’s Fareed Zakaria GPS repeatedly compared Netanyahu to President Trump. The New York Times columnist Tom Friedman praised members of Netanyahu’s Likud Party for turning their backs on the Prime Minister while complaining that the “sick” Republican Party has not done the same thing to ...
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Confusion and uncertainty deepen in Israel as Netanyahu fights for political survival 23.11.2019 LA Times: Nation

It remains unclear whether Benjamin Netanyahu, the first sitting prime minister of Israel to be indicted on criminal charges, will be forced to quit.

A major democracy fights to maintain the rule of law – this time, it’s Israel 23.11.2019 The Moderate Voice

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. AP/Oded Balilty David A. Frank, University of Oregon Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit charged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with three counts of corruption on Nov. 21. At the same moment, former White House Russia expert Fiona Hill was testifying before the House Intelligence Committee about the Trump Administration’s efforts to […]

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Israel's Netanyahu facing fight of his political life 22.11.2019 BBC: World
Corruption charges against Israel's PM compound its political crisis, as he fights for his survival.
The end of King Bibi? Indicted Netanyahu fights for future 22.11.2019 Raw Story
Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment on corruption charges prompted speculation Friday that the end of his decade-long tenure as ‘King Bibi’ is nigh. The Jewish state woke up to an indicted sitting prime minister for the first time, after the country’s attorney general announced late Thursday he had charged the 70-year-old with bribery, fraud, and […]
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Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel PM defiant in face of 'coup' 22.11.2019 BBC: World
The prime minister has been charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust.
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Benjamin Netanyahu claims corruption indictment ‘is an attempt to stage a coup’ 22.11.2019 Raw Story
Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday became the country’s first prime minister to be indicted in office, on corruption charges, but defiantly condemned the “coup” against him and vowed to hold onto power. The shock announcement compounded the political chaos gripping Israel which has been without a government for months and faces the prospect of a […]
Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted On Multiple Charges 22.11.2019 Outside the Beltway
After a year of controversy and investigation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been indicated on charges of fraud and bribery.
Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to be indicted on corruption charges 22.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
It's a massive blow for the longtime leader, who has been fighting to keep his job after two inconclusive elections this year. He is accused of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.
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