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Putin seems to be enjoying the Trump impeachment show 9.10.2019 L.A. Times - World News

Russia has been a pariah since annexing Crimea. Now attention is on Ukraine, whose leader's call with President Trump is the focus of an impeachment inquiry.

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Trumplomacy: Are we seeing the end of a close Israel-US relationship? 9.10.2019 BBC: World
After years of warm relations, are the Israeli and US leaders starting to drift apart?
Netanyahu considers party primary to shore up leadership 3.10.2019 Raw Story
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may call for primaries within his Likud to show the party is unified behind him as he struggles to form a coalition after deadlocked elections, a statement said Thursday. Netanyahu’s main rival Benny Gantz and his centrist Blue and White alliance have suggested Likud members abandon their longtime leader in […]
Netanyahu faces key day in bid to remain Israel PM 2.10.2019 Raw Story
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a key day Wednesday in his attempt to remain premier, with both a planned corruption hearing and his unity government talks nearing a dead end. The hearing comes as deadlocked results from a September 17 general election leave Netanyahu plotting how to survive politically and continue his reign as […]
Israel PM Netanyahu faces final hearings in corruption cases 2.10.2019 BBC: World
Israel's PM hopes to avoid being indicted on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.
Netanyahu faces tough odds in forming Israeli government 26.9.2019 Raw Story
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched into what could prove to be an impossible mission to form a new government Thursday after the president tasked him with doing so following deadlocked elections. The mandate from President Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday night gave Netanyahu a temporary victory, but he must now cobble together a coalition without […]
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Netanyahu Gets First Crack At Forming New Israeli Government 26.9.2019 Outside the Beltway
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is getting the first shot at forming a new government. Whether he'll succeed or not is another story.
Israeli president asks Netanyahu to form new government 25.9.2019 Raw Story
The office of Israel’s president says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been given the difficult task of forming a new government. Wednesday’s decision came after President Reuven Rivlin’s attempts to broker a unity government between Netanyahu and his chief rival, Benny Gantz, failed. Rivlin and Netanyahu were to give statements later Wednesday. Netanyahu faces an uphill struggle. After […]
Israeli elections: Netanyahu asked to form next government 25.9.2019 BBC: World
The interim prime minister is tasked with setting up a new administration after coalition talks fail.
The Trump-Kushner peace plan could be a victim of the messy Israeli election 25.9.2019 Raw Story
Donald Trump’s much-ballyhooed bromance with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu is on the rocks because Netanyahu’s Likud party failed for a second time this year to win enough votes to secure his political future, throwing Israeli politics into indefinite disarray. Trump—hater of non-winners—had no problem quickly throwing his one-time bestie under the bus. He […]
Israel final vote results give Netanyahu additional seat 25.9.2019 Raw Story
Israel’s election committee published final results from last week’s election on Wednesday that gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud an additional seat, but which did not change the deadlock the country faces. The final results from the September 17 vote gave the rightwing Likud 32 seats compared to Benny Gantz’s centrist Blue and White’s 33 […]
Israeli negotiators seek to break Netanyahu-Gantz deadlock 24.9.2019 Raw Story
Negotiators for Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main opponent Benny Gantz met Tuesday to discuss possibilities for a unity government that both men say they should lead after last week’s deadlocked election. The chief negotiators for Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud and Gantz’s centrist Blue and White gathered to follow up on a meeting between […]
Israel's president urges Netanyahu and his rival to join forces 24.9.2019 L.A. Times - World News

A national unity government may be a long shot — and Israel's only hope of avoiding a third election

Israeli elections: Netanyahu and Gantz take 'significant step' towards deal 24.9.2019 BBC: World
PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his main opponent Benny Gantz held talks after inconclusive elections.
Israeli president to meet Netanyahu, Gantz in bid to break deadlock 23.9.2019 Raw Story
Israel’s president will meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main opponent Benny Gantz together on Monday as he pressures their two parties to form a unity government after last week’s election. The key meeting comes as the deadlocked vote results threaten Netanyahu’s long tenure in office, but he has shown no sign of willingly […]
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Israeli elections: Arab parties back Gantz to oust Netanyahu 23.9.2019 BBC: World
The endorsement is the first of its kind by an Arab political group in Israel in more than 25 years.
Israel set for crucial talks on who should be the next prime minister 22.9.2019 Raw Story
Israel was set for crucial discussions Sunday on who should try to form the next government as last week’s deadlocked election threatened Benjamin Netanyahu’s long reign as prime minister. President Reuven Rivlin was to hold separate meetings with all the political parties voted into the latest parliament, to hear their recommendations on who should be […]
Mired in post-election deadlock, Israelis face the prospect of a third vote 21.9.2019 L.A. Times - World News

Publication of the official results of Israel's Tuesday election, three days after balloting ended, did little to challenge the conventional wisdom that Israel is a hopelessly deadlocked country.

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Israeli elections: What do the results reveal? 21.9.2019 BBC: World
Benjamin Netanyahu's political base has fractured, leading to an uncertain future.
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Israel vote deadlock confirmed by near-complete results 20.9.2019 Raw Story
Israeli vote results on Friday confirmed a deadlock in the country’s general election and put Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party as the second-largest, leaving him with a tough battle to extend his long tenure in office. The near-complete official results from Tuesday’s election gave ex-military chief Benny Gantz’s centrist Blue and White alliance the […]
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