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Presidential Race Influencing Congress on Iraq 29.9.2007 Congressional Quarterly
By the time Congress finishes a supplemental spending plan for the Iraq War, senior Democrats say, it is likely that voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina will have made their choice on White House hopefuls.
Democrats' Chances to Alter Iraq Strategy Dwindling 29.9.2007 Washington Post: Congress
Senate Democrats' failure to reach agreement with wavering Republicans on legislation to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq forced party leaders to concede yesterday that they are running low on options for altering President Bush's war strategy this year.
Levin seeks negotiation on Iraq with GOP 28.9.2007 The Hill
Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) vowed Friday to resurrect negotiations with a key Republican to forge a...
Left Jab 28.9.2007 Liberal Oasis
I'll be on XM Radio's Left Jab this weekend, airing on XM Channel 167 at 11 AM ET Saturday and 1 PM ET Sunday, talking about the presidential field on Iraq and the State Children's Health Insurance Program....
Wartime Contracting Commission (Finally) Created 28.9.2007 TPM Muckraker
It only took, oh, seven years and up to $6 billion in potentially-criminal contracting fraud, but Congress is finally set to create an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate contracting in...

SCHIP veto threat gives Dems shot in arm 28.9.2007 Politico
For Dems, Bush’s promised veto of children’s health insurance bill is gift from political gods.
Congress sends Bush bill to keep government running 28.9.2007 Star Tribune: Politics
Grassley seeks House votes for SCHIP bill 28.9.2007 The Hill
The Senate approved a bipartisan children’s health insurance bill on Thursday, putting the political triumph of a veto override within...
As Bush seeks $190B more for war, Dems signal protracted battle looms 28.9.2007 The Hill
As the Bush administration took its case to Congress Wednesday for an additional $190 billion for the wars in Iraq...
Rangel’s heart tells him to undo some tax cuts 28.9.2007 The Hill
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), who has repeatedly dodged questions on how he would handle the expiration of the Bush tax...
With Few Details on War Spending Request, Lawmakers Target Bush Policies 27.9.2007 Congressional Quarterly
Poor oversight of security contractors in Iraq led the list of concerns aired at Wednesday’s Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on the fiscal 2008 war supplemental spending bill.
Has Hillary Peaked? 27.9.2007 Liberal Oasis
Tim Russert began last night's presidential debate in exactly the right way: asking all the presidential candidates if they would pledge to have all US troops out of Iraq by the end of the next presidential term: January 2013. Unstated...
Gates seeks $190bn for war spending 27.9.2007 Financial Times US
At a dramatic congressional hearing that saw the eviction of several dozen mostly female protesters, Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, urged lawmakers to approve $190bn to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
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Budget procrastinators blame politics 27.9.2007 Politico
Just like in previous years, Congress delays paying the bills until the last minute.
Dems find Bush, GOP hold cards on Iraq 27.9.2007 Politico
Iraq debate tipping point postponed from September to March — if ever.
Gates to Request $190B to Fund Wars 27.9.2007 Washington Post: Congress
The Defense Department is seeking an additional $42.3 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bringing the total request for 2008 to nearly $190 billion, according to prepared testimony Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates is to present to Congress this afternoon.
Gates asks for billions more for Iraq, Afghanistan 26.9.2007 The Hill
As the Bush administration took its case to Congress Wednesday for an additional $190 billion for the Iraq war,...
Today's Must Read 26.9.2007 TPM Muckraker
"It may be worse than Abu Ghraib." That's a senior U.S. military official explaining to The Washington Post how strongly Iraqis are reacting to Blackwater's September 16th shooting of civilians in...

Hotline After Dark -- The Speaker Has The Floor 26.9.2007 The Hotline
Still a lot of TV talk last night on Iranian Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in the "Situation Room": On Iraq: "We changed the debate on the war. We put a bill on the president's desk which said that we wanted the redeployment of troops out of Iraq to begin in a timely fashion and to end within a year. The president vetoed that bill. He got quite a response to that veto and the Republicans in the Senate then decided that he was never going to get a bill on his desk again. So we have a barrier. And it's important for the American people to know that while I can bring a bill to the floor in the House, it cannot be brought up in the Senate unless there is a 60 vote." Asked if they can't limit funding: "I wish the speaker ...
Lonely Baird remains unapologetic 26.9.2007 Politico
A month after Dem Baird switched sides on Iraq and embraced Bush’s 'surge,' he remains persona non grata.
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