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Will Americans let Trump start World War III for Saudi Arabia and Israel? 19.9.2019 Raw Story
On Saturday, September 14, two oil refineries and other oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia were hit and set ablaze by 18 drones and 7 cruise missiles, dramatically slashing Saudi Arabia’s oil production by half, from about 10 million to 5 million barrels per day. On September 18, the Trump administration, blaming Iran, announced it was […]
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A man in full: Raw Story interviews George Soros 11.9.2019 Raw Story
The following was originally published Sept. 18, 2006. Raw Story’s John Byrne: I know you didn’t want to get tied down on a particular presidential candidate, or individual personalities, but I’m wondering if the Democrats were to take the House in November, and you were sort of the leader of the party — or the […]
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Andrea Mitchell Fears Mattis ‘Normalizing’ President By Not Trashing Trump 6.9.2019 NewsBusters
Throughout her interview with former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on Thursday, MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell repeatedly urged him to criticize Trump. After Mattis refused to do so, Mitchell lectured: “Do you fear that you might be normalizing the decisions of this president because you are so critical of his ...
Iraq suspends US-funded TV over report on corruption in religious bodies 2.9.2019 Raw Story
Iraq’s media commission Monday slapped a three-month suspension on the US-funded Al-Hurra TV for airing a controversial report alleging corruption in the country’s powerful Sunni and Shiite religious institutions. The 12-minute documentary broadcast on Saturday claimed that Sunni and Shiite Muslim authorities were misusing state funds and had suspicious ties to armed factions. Iraq’s Communications […]
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Iran's Opposition Groups are Preparing for the Regime's Collapse. Is Anyone Ready? 28.8.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Many analysts say current tensions could easily escalate into an armed conflict and the collapse of the Tehran regime. That prospect has raised the question of what kind of Iranian government might come next.
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The Resilience of ISIS in Afghanistan Might Scuttle Trump’s Plan to Withdraw US Troops 23.8.2019 Mother Jones
An all-too-frequent tragedy struck Afghanistan this past Saturday when a suicide bomber affiliated with the Islamic State entered a crowded wedding hall in west Kabul and blew himself up, killing more than 60 people. The horrific attack plunged Afghanistan’s capital city into mourning during an especially crucial period of negotiations between the United States and the […]
A Sweeping New Lawsuit Blasts ICE Over “Horrific, Inhumane” Conditions in Immigration Detention 21.8.2019 Mother Jones
Jose Segovia Benitez has a tattoo of the Statue of Liberty on his chest. He served two tours oversees as a US Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he was honorably discharged in 2004 after being hit by an explosive device. When he went back home to Long Beach, California, he had a traumatic brain […]
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All 84 startups from Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Day 1 20.8.2019 techCrunch
It’s that time of year, Silicon Valley’s investor technocrati and advice-giving Twitter celebrities descended upon Pier 48 in San Francisco to judge the latest summer batch of Y Combinator startups. TechCrunch was there, as well, and we were tapping away feverishly as co-founders pitched to woo investors. There are 197 companies in total in the […]
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No deal yet in latest Afghanistan talks, but Trump planning big cuts in U.S. presence 14.8.2019 L.A. Times - World News

Another round of U.S. talks with the Taliban ends, apparently without a deal on declaring a cease-fire or other objectives.

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International programs favored by Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence will be spared by federal budget cuts: report 14.8.2019 Raw Story
President Donald Trump has been calling for extensive cuts to foreign aid programs. But on Monday, a senior Trump Administration official told Roll Call that that programs favored by Vice President Mike Pence and White House adviser Ivanka Trump will not be affected by a package of foreign aid cuts. President Trump is “not going to touch […]
Man Who Never Lived in Iraq Dies There After Trump Administration Deported Him 9.8.2019 Mother Jones
A Detroit resident deported to Iraq—a country he had never visited, with a language he did not speak—died this week because he was unable to obtain insulin for his diabetes. The man, 41-year-old Jimmy Aldaoud, was deported in June and died Tuesday. A Greek-born Iraqi national, he said in an undated Facebook video prior to […]
Tommy Tuberville Perfected His Folksy Trumpism in That Great Lab of Democracy: Local Sports Radio 7.8.2019 Mother Jones
“I don’t need the job and I ain’t going to be politically correct,” said Tommy Tuberville recently at a campaign rally. Intentionally or not, it’s a pretty good summation of Tuberville’s approach to his run for US Senate. Tuberville is best known for his 40 years as a college football coach—most notably at Auburn where, in […]
Iran has hundreds of naval mines — but sailors say US Navy minesweepers are too old and broken to do the job 5.8.2019 Raw Story
The U.S. Navy officer was eager to talk. He’d seen his ship, one of the Navy’s fleet of 11 minesweepers, sidelined by repairs and maintenance for more than 20 months. Once the ship, based in Japan, returned to action, its crew was only able to conduct its most essential training — how to identify and […]
Opinion: 2020 candidate Seth Moulton on how Democrats are ignoring common sense in the fight against Trump 1.8.2019 LA Times: Opinion

Congressman Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) sat with the Times editorial board to discuss his 2020 campaign.

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Russia Accuses U.S. of Stealing Syria's Oil, Using Money to Fund Militant Groups 29.7.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
A senior Russian military official claimed that the U.S. was using insurgents to sabotage Syrian government oil and gas facilities while looting such natural resources from areas under the control of its allies.
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The United States has passed a point of no return 29.7.2019 Raw Story
[Editorial note: This remnant of a manuscript, discovered in a vault near the coastal town of Walpole, Massachusetts, appears to have been part of a larger project, probably envisioned as an interpretive history of the United States since the year 2000. Only a single chapter, probably written near the midpoint of the twenty-first century, has survived. […]
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The Great Reckoning 25.7.2019
From a vantage point in the not-too-distant future Andrew J. Bacevich looks back on 2019 as a year when, in retrospect, it was clear the United States had  passed a point of no return. By Andrew J. Bacevich [Editorial note:…Read more →
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Iranian Foreign Minister Trolls U.S. on Twitter, Mocks Weapon Sales Hypocrisy 17.7.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Javad Zarif hit out at the U.S., claiming Iran has only built a potent military because America is arming its rivals.
American Suicide & What Trump Isn’t Doing About It 8.7.2019
It’s an epidemic with life-and-death significance for a pivotal portion of Trump’s base, but the president has paid no attention to the way it is afflicting U.S. civilians, writes Rajan Menon. By Rajan Melon We hear a lot about suicide when…Read more →
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Here are 9 things Trump could have done for veterans instead of his military ego trip 4.7.2019 Raw Story
President Donald Trump demanded a military parade for his inauguration and he didn’t get it. Now it appears he’s wanted one ever since. As other world leaders tapped into the secret desires of the self-described billionaire, he was invited to witness the Bastille Day festivities in Paris. When he arrived in China, the president was […]
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