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Couple makes millions off Medicaid managed care as oversight lags 16.2.2018 LA Times: Business

Norma Diaz and her husband, Joseph Garcia, have dedicated their careers to running a nonprofit health insurer that covers some of California’s neediest residents.

For three decades, they have worked for a Medicaid managed-care plan, Community Health Group, serving nearly 300,000 poor and disabled...

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Mueller deputy Andrew Weissmann has a reputation for hard-charging tactics — and sometimes going too far 16.2.2018 LA Times: Nation

When FBI agents raided the northern Virginia home of President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul J. Manafort Jr. on July 26, they came with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

They arrived before dawn, forced the front door lock and burst in with a no-knock warrant, tactics typically used in...

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Steve Bannon Interviewed By Robert Mueller For Over 20 Hours 16.2.2018 Crooks Liars
Well, this is interesting. "Sloppy" Steve Bannon reportedly met with Special Counsel Bob Mueller for over 20 hours just this week alone, according to an NBC News report . Bannon was one of Donald Trump's chief strategists during the election and also worked in the White House as an "adviser" prior to being ousted late last year, so he knows where all the skeletons are. Why does this matter? Well, 20 hours is a LONG time. I mean, shockingly long. They must have covered a ton of topics. NBC reports that following his Mueller interviews, Bannon returned to Capitol Hill on Thursday to meet with the House Intelligence Committee to answer more questions. Bannon had previously refused to answer questions, but apparently he decided to return and answered about two dozen questions today. Just as a reminder, on January 16th Bannon refused to answer questions, so a subpoena was issued DURING the interview. Bannon still refused to answer questions. The White House eventually "negotiated" what questions could be ...
Costly human flaggers along RTD’s A-Line don’t make crossing safer, experts testify in hearing crucial to opening of G-Line 16.2.2018 Denver Post: Local
Flaggers positioned at crossings along the University of Colorado A-Line to the airport for nearly two years -- at an estimated cost in the tens of millions of dollars -- are no longer needed and should be removed, several experts testified at a state hearing Thursday morning.
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Congress May Hold Steve Bannon in Contempt 16.2.2018 Mother Jones
The House intelligence committee is considering a vote to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress, after the former chief White House strategist refused to answer key questions when he appeared before the panel on Thursday in connection with its ongoing Russia investigation.  Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the committee, said Bannon […]
For Trump's national security team, addressing the threats means ignoring the tweets 15.2.2018 LA Times: Nation

Sitting side by side at a long, black-draped table, six U.S. intelligence chiefs all sounded the same alarm — Russian meddling in U.S. politics didn’t stop after the 2016 presidential race and could get worse in this year’s midterm elections.

It was a striking display of unanimity and one that...

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The Trump White House Still Can’t Get Its Story Straight On Rob Porter 15.2.2018 Outside the Beltway
Whether it's the abuse angle or the more serious issue of security clearances, the White House still can't get the story straight on the Rob Porter case.
The Daily 202: A pragmatic Bernie Sanders seeks an immigration compromise to protect ‘dreamers’ 14.2.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Democrats resist Trump’s efforts to drive a wedge between them, reflecting how much the party has evolved on the issue over the past decade.
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SpaceX could launch demonstration satellites for its constellation Saturday 14.2.2018 LA Times: Business

SpaceX could launch the first two demonstration satellites of its proposed network of satellites as early as Saturday, according to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission.

The two satellites, known as Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b, are set to launch as the so-called secondary...

The Finance 202: Trump dusts off protectionist trade rhetoric 14.2.2018 Washington Post: Politics
But his follow-through has been shabby.
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The Health 202: Planned Parenthood goes on the offensive 14.2.2018 Washington Post
The Health 202: Planned Parenthood goes on the offensive
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Eight takeaways from the budget proposal 13.2.2018 Washington Post
Many of the ideas are dead on arrival, but the blueprint speaks volumes about President Trump’s values — and contradicts many promises he made as a candidate.
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Want national security oversight? Don't leave it to Republicans. 9.2.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Want national security oversight? Don't leave it to Republicans.
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Who Are the Holy Land Foundation Five? 9.2.2018 Truthout - All Articles
In 2004 federal agents raided and arrested five Palestinian-American fathers, who had been leaders of a Texas-based charity called the Holy Land Foundation. This resulted in lengthy prison sentences for the men, who the government accused of "supporting terrorism" by donating to charities in Palestine that the US government itself had long worked with. People are seen at Qalandiya military checkpoint, located between Jerusalem and Ramallah on February 9, 2018, in Ramallah, West Bank. (Photo: Issam Rimawi / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images) In July 2004, federal agents raided the homes of five Palestinian-American families, arresting the fathers, who had been leaders of a Texas-based charity called the Holy Land Foundation. Until 9/11, the HLF was the largest Muslim charity in the United States, but in December 2001 the federal government shuttered the organization and seized its assets. The first trial of the HLF-5, held in 2007, ended in a hung jury. The second trial was marked by highly questionable ...
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Nixon fired the man investigating him. Will Trump? 9.2.2018 Washington Post
Nixon fired the man investigating him. Will Trump?
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Think tank sues Education Dept. over public records requests on college accrediting bodies 9.2.2018 Washington Post
Think tank sues Education Dept. over public records requests on college accrediting bodies
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Twitter executive on fake news: 'We are not the arbiters of truth' 9.2.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Users can't get angry about false information if Twitter is open about its nonexistent fact-checking, right?
Maybe it’s not surprising the White House kept Rob Porter around 9.2.2018 Washington Post
Maybe it’s not surprising the White House kept Rob Porter around
Improving poll numbers give Republicans hope that the midterms might not be so bad 8.2.2018 Washington Post
President Trump’s approval rating rises, the generic ballot tightens and the tax law becomes more popular in several surveys.
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Mueller And The Limits Of Attorney-Client Privilege 8.2.2018 Crooks Liars
Last Friday, the Republican majority of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence released “the Nunes Memo .” Weighing in at four pages, the Memo attacked the justification for a U.S. counter-intelligence investigation of Carter Page. It implied that the Trump-Russia investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was purely political and legally groundless. Consequently, large swaths of the media, legal and political classes, and public are again focused on the fate of Mueller. There are comprehensive refutations of the memo’s attack, including this one . The best refutation comes from the Nunes memo itself, which says this in its last paragraph: “The Papadopoulos information [that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton] triggered the opening of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016 by FBI agent Pete ...
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