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CNN panel cracks up laughing at Trump lawyers trying to make Rudy Giuliani into ‘the coffee boy’ 28.1.2020 Raw Story
President Donald Trump’s legal team fought Monday to try and claim that Rudy Giuliani had nothing to do with the president’s efforts in Ukraine. It’s a claim that flies in the face of the documents, testimony, text messages and more that have been revealed throughout the course of the investigation that hangs the albatross around […]
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Housing Discrimination Is Rising. Trump Is Attacking Protections Against It. 27.1.2020
Housing Discrimination Is Rising. Trump Is Attacking Protections Against It.
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Influence of Wall Street Donors Has Exploded in Decade Since “Citizens United” 27.1.2020
Influence of Wall Street Donors Has Exploded in Decade Since “Citizens United”
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Would Greta Thunberg generation play with these toys? 27.1.2020 BBC: Front Page
Toymakers are far from ditching cheap plastic figures, but is the industry moving to more sustainable products?
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Are Trump and his circle manipulating the markets for personal gain? Here’s the evidence 26.1.2020 Raw Story
Donald Trump has been impeached by the House of Representatives for abuse of power and obstructing a congressional investigation into his attempt to blackmail a foreign country into aiding him in the 2020 presidential election. He is now the third president in American history to have earned that ignominious distinction. Trump will not be convicted by the Republicans […]
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The rapid rise of 'Buy now, pay later' 26.1.2020 BBC: Business
Deals allowing customers to spread payments interest-free are increasing but charities warn of building debts.
“Once again, the Trump administration chose gun industry profits over public safety.” 24.1.2020 Raw Story
“Once again, the Trump administration chose gun industry profits over public safety.” Gun control advocates slammed the Trump administration Thursday for siding with gun manufacturers and lobbyists after the White House slashed the oversight process for exporting weapons overseas. In a new rule entered into the Federal Register on Thursday, the administration shifted oversight of […]
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Trump to issue new rule restricting visas for pregnant women in latest attack on most vulnerable 24.1.2020 Raw Story
“If you think this won’t be used to blatantly discriminate against immigrants based on gender and age, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.” In the Trump administration’s latest effort to restrict travel to the U.S., the U.S. State Department is planning to issue new guidance to consular officers empowering them to refuse […]
Following Earthquake, Puerto Rico’s Largest Bank Hinders a Just Recovery 23.1.2020
Hundreds of vacant residences that were repossessed by the banks could be used to house 6,400 displaced ...
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‘Biggest loss of clean water protection the country has ever seen’: Trump guts safeguards for US streams and wetlands 23.1.2020 Raw Story
“This all-out assault on basic safeguards will send our country back to the days when corporate polluters could dump whatever sludge or slime they wished into the streams and wetlands that often connect to the water we drink.” The Trump administration is set to continue its corporate friendly assault on U.S. environmental regulations Thursday by […]
Republican Kevin McCarthy gets taken down by former top GOP colleague 23.1.2020 Raw Story
Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was attacked by a former Republican colleague who alleged McCarthy and his fellow members of Congress have allowed the House GOP to become the official shill for the White House. In a profile for the New York Times, former Oversight Committee Chairman Tom Davis (R-VA) shamed the GOP House for the […]
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New Trump rules give his own golf courses freedoms to pollute Florida — and 6 other states 23.1.2020 Raw Story
President Donald Trump’s golf courses could end up polluting streams and wetlands under a new rule by his administration. “The Trump administration on Thursday will finalize a rule to strip away environmental protections for streams, wetlands and other water bodies, handing a victory to farmers, fossil fuel producers and real estate developers who said Obama-era […]
READ IT: Adam Schiff’s opening argument charges that ‘Trump corruptly abused the powers of the presidency’ 23.1.2020 Raw Story
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) offered the opening arguments from House impeachment managers on Wednesday during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Schiff, the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and a former federal prosecutor, offered the following opening, as prepared for delivery: Mr. Chief Justice, Senators, counsel for the President, and my fellow […]
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Abuses of power in Trumpworld and Davos 23.1.2020 Raw Story
As the Senate debates Donald Trump’s future, chief executives, financiers and politicians have assembled in Davos, Switzerland, for their annual self-congratulatory defense of global capitalism. The events are not unrelated. Trump is charged with abusing his power. Capitalism’s global elite is under assault for abusing its power as well: fueling inequality, fostering corruption and doing […]
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Premiership to release report into Saracens' salary cap breaches 22.1.2020 BBC: Front Page
Premiership Rugby begin preparations to release the report into Saracens' breaches of the salary cap.
‘A trifecta of untruth’: CNN fact checker busts Trump lawyers for multiple impeachment trial lies 22.1.2020 Raw Story
President Donald Trump’s attorneys made multiple false claims during Tuesday’s impeachment trial, and CNN fact checker Daniel Dale was on top of all of them. During a Wednesday morning segment with CNN’s John Berman, Dale dissected and exposed the multiple untruths spouted by the president’s legal team made during the opening of the impeachment trial […]
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Newly released emails show White House prepared to freeze Ukraine aid hours before Trump’s phone call 22.1.2020 Raw Story
White House budget officials were preparing to freeze aid to Ukraine the night before President Donald Trump’s infamous July 25 phone call to the country’s new president, according to newly released emails. The Office of Management and Budget handed over nearly 200 pages of records related to the president’s actions toward Ukraine to the transparency […]
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Get ready for Enron II: Republicans are re-opening the energy market to underhanded dealing 22.1.2020 Raw Story
Neil Chatterjee, head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, is taking our nation back to pre-Enron days when the commission was so weak it didn’t even explicitly prohibit manipulating energy markets. Under Chatterjee, a former Mitch McConnell aide, the number of new investigations was halved – to 12 – in fiscal 2019, compared with the […]
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Peru to install cameras at Machu Picchu after damage 22.1.2020 Raw Story
Peru is installing security cameras at its world renowned Machu Picchu site after it was damaged earlier this month by foreign tourists, authorities said Tuesday. “We are going to strengthen security at Machu Picchu by installing high-tech cameras,” Jose Bastante, head of the archeological park, told AFP. Bastante said 18 cameras will be located at […]
Mick Mulvaney released treasure trove of OMB documents — 2 minutes before midnight 22.1.2020 Raw Story
Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney released a huge cache of documents on Tuesday evening — minutes before the midnight deadline. The documents were released to the ethics group American oversight, which had pursued a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the department. “Two minutes before midnight, OMB released 192 pages of […]
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