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How Democrats missed a key 15-day ‘window’ to get Trump’s taxes — and they may now be blocked until after 2020 23.8.2019 Raw Story
When Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives in 2018, they pledged to start holding President Donald Trump accountable — including, notably, by obtaining his tax returns. But House Ways and Means Committee Chair Richard Neal has been reluctant to aggressively use his authority in demanding the documents, as a new Washington Post report […]
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Why Are So Many NRA Board Members Jumping Ship? 23.8.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
One of the key accusations lodged against the NRA by departing board members is that they were prevented from carrying out many of their legally mandated responsibilities.
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Trump officials to face congressional grilling over president’s link to white nationalist terrorism 22.8.2019 Raw Story
Next week, Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are poised to question members of the Trump administration about the dangerous rise in white nationalist violence. Just last weekend, a man slaughtered dozens of people in El Paso, Texas, after citing an “invasion” on the Southwest border. In addition to questioning senior national security officials about […]
Increasing numbers of Americans support gun background checks 22.8.2019 Raw Story
In the aftermath of the shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, public debate once again turned to what Congress should do to reduce gun violence. One of the challenges that many policymakers face is understanding the views of the general public. Policymakers tend to be most concerned about the magnitude and intensity of […]
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US Revives Clause That Kept Nazi-Era Refugees Out of the Country 22.8.2019
A clause in U.S. immigration law that restricted those “likely to become a public charge” has made a disturbing comeback, reports Laurel Leff.  AP Photo/Seth Wenig By Laurel Leff The Conversation During the Nazi era, roughly 300,000 additional Jewish refugees…Read more →
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Trump Administration Revives Public Charge Clause That Kept Nazi-Era Refugees From The US 22.8.2019 Crooks Liars
“Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet. And who will not become a public charge,” said Acting head of Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli. AP Photo/Seth Wenig Laurel Leff , Northeastern University During the Nazi era, roughly 300,000 additional Jewish refugees could have gained entry to the U.S. without exceeding the nation’s existing quotas. The primary mechanism that kept them out: the immigration law’s “likely to become a public charge” clause. Consular officials with the authority to issue visas denied them to everyone they deemed incapable of supporting themselves in the U.S. It is not possible to say what happened to these refugees. Some immigrated to other countries that remained outside Germany’s grip, such as Great Britain. But many -— perhaps most -– were forced into hiding, imprisoned in concentration camps and ghettos, and deported to extermination ...
Former Trump official caught having sex with White House staffer on roof of government building 22.8.2019 Raw Story
A former official in President Donald Trump’s General Services Administration was caught having a sexual encounter with a White House staffer on the roof of his office building, NBC News4 Washington reported Wednesday. The incident happened in 2017 according to the report, which detailed multiple HR violations under the associate administrator, including drinking vodka from […]
IMF tells Trump that his economic plans are not working in unusually-blunt statement 21.8.2019 Raw Story
US tariffs on China won’t fix the trade deficit, and neither will weakening the US dollar through interest rate cuts, International Monetary Fund economists said Wednesday. In unusually-blunt language, the blog post seemed targeted straight at President Donald Trump who has loudly and constantly demanded the Federal Reserve cut interest rates to weaken the US […]
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Trump comes publicly unglued again – rages at his own Fed chair for acting ‘like a golfer who can’t putt’ 21.8.2019 Raw Story
President Donald Trump resumed his attacks on Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on Wednesday, blaming him for keeping the economy from growing much faster. In yet another Twitter screed, Trump said, “The only problem we have is Jay Powell and the Fed. He’s like a golfer who can’t putt, has no touch.” Trump appointed Powell […]
Trump’s broken at least 8 huge promises he made to his base — and has already started blaming others 21.8.2019 Raw Story
President Donald Trump, like all politicians, came into office promising to make bold and dramatic changes. On Wednesday, Axios ran through some of the major things Trump promised to do as president — and which of those things he has accomplished or is working on. On the one hand, Trump threw out a number of […]
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Whistleblower alleges misconduct in IRS audits — and it could finally deliver Trump’s tax returns: report 21.8.2019 Raw Story
On Tuesday, Politico reported that House Democrats received a tip from a whistleblower about possible misconduct at the Internal Revenue Service in audits of presidential tax returns — and plan to use this revelation to bolster their legal case for obtaining President Donald Trump’s tax returns. In a federal court motion, House Ways and Means […]
Republicans likely to block ‘background checks’ after Trump’s abrupt reversal: report 20.8.2019 Raw Story
After two mass shootings over one weekend, President Donald Trump signaled that he would be open to strengthening background checks. He promptly dropped his resolve to sign gun regulations one week later when he said that there were already strong background checks on the books. With the president’s apparent reversal, Republicans in Congress also appear […]
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‘No comment’: Emails show the VA took no action to spare veterans from a harsh Trump immigration policy 20.8.2019 Raw Story
The VA’s approach differs sharply from the Pentagon’s, which won an exemption for active-duty members of the military. Top officials of the Department of Veterans Affairs declined to step in to try to exempt veterans and their families from a new immigration rule that would make it far easier to deny green cards to low-income […]
Hong Kong in Crosshairs of Global Power Struggle 20.8.2019
The U.S. and other Western powers are working to preserve a capitalist dystopia and manufacture consensus for long-term conflict with China, write Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers Hong Kong is one of the most extreme examples…Read more →
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Believe it or not, good news: Trump’s counterattack against clean energy is collapsing 19.8.2019 Raw Story
For two years the cabal of fossil fools surrounding Donald Trump have  leveraged an impulsive president’s loathing of his predecessor, tapped their reactionary right-wing networks, mobilized coal and oil lobbies and political donations, and thrown themselves vigorously into two missions:  Bring back the coal industry and stop the “Stalinist” threat of wind and solar power. […]
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NYPD finally fires cop who killed Eric Garner 19.8.2019 Raw Story
The New York Police Department announced on Monday that it was firing Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer who killed Eric Garner by placing him in a choke hold in 2014. James O’Neill, the Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, made the announcement of Pantaleo’s firing during a Monday afternoon press conference in which […]
How judicial conflicts of interest are denying poor Texans their right to an effective lawyer 19.8.2019 Raw Story
This story is a collaboration between The Texas Tribune and Texas Monthly. I. For decades, Texans who can’t afford a lawyer have gotten caught in a criminal justice system that’s crippled by inadequate funding and overloaded attorneys. A growing body of caseload data — and a recent lawsuit — point to an even more fundamental hazard: […]
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Angry Minnesota farmer bashes ‘insulting’ Trump comments that ‘we’re great patriots’ during his trade war 19.8.2019 Raw Story
President Donald Trump has insulted at least one Minnesota farmer by his claim that farmers are “great patriots” who want him to continue his trade fight against China. “This wound is self-inflicted, by our president,” said Gary Wertish, who is the Minnesota Farm Bureau president. “We definitely agreed with it in the beginning. But it […]
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CNN’s Jake Tapper confronts Trump adviser Navarro with long list of experts calling him a disaster 18.8.2019 Raw Story
In a highly contentious interview on CNN’s “State of the Union”, host Jake Tapper confronted Donald Trump’s top economic adviser, Peter Navarro, with a seemingly endless list of economists, analysts and business publications who believe he and his economic advice have both been a disaster and that he is not being straight with the public. […]
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Psychoanalyst Justin Frank on why Trump ‘hates reality’ and must be ‘quarantined’ 18.8.2019 Raw Story
Donald Trump is a living, breathing national emergency. Our president has repeatedly encouraged violence against his perceived enemies — and at least some of his supporters are following his lead. These are not isolated incidents. There are dozens of court cases where Donald Trump has been cited for “inspiring” acts of violence and other crimes. There are […]
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