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Court says Trump Administration can’t stall environmentalists challenging energy companies 6.7.2020 Raw Story
An appeals court called out Trump regulators for perverting our nation’s checks and balances to shunt landowners and environmentalists into legal limbo and allow energy companies to seize their land and build pipelines while their legal actions were pending. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said in a 10-1 decision quietly released […]
Katie Porter demands resignation of Trump small business chief for enabling ‘abuse’ of Covid-19 relief funds 3.7.2020 Raw Story
California Congresswoman Katie Porter is demanding the resignation of the Trump administration’s small business chief for enabling “abuse” and “waste” of coronavirus relief funds and refusing to comply with basic government oversight efforts. Porter’s call came after the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said in a report last week that it “encountered the most difficulty trying […]
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Column: Pressure builds on Uber and Lyft under California's gig worker law 3.7.2020 LA Times: Business

Uber and Lyft are being squeezed by enforcement of California's gig worker law.

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Manu Tuilagi: Overseas move would halt England career, says RFU 3.7.2020 BBC: Front Page
The Rugby Football Union has no plans to change the rules regarding foreign-based players even if Manu Tuilagi was to move abroad.
After months of inquiry, Trump campaign still appears to have not returned illegal foreign donation 3.7.2020 Raw Story
Following two published reports and months of follow-up conversations via phone and email, the Trump campaign has consistently refused to answer the question of what happened to an unlawful $2,800 donation which ended up on its balance sheets in 2019. The most recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) records indicate that the Trump campaign has still not disgorged Turkish national […]
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Contracts reveal Trump giving Big Pharma free rein to gouge taxpayer-funded coronavirus drugs 3.7.2020 Raw Story
Government contracts obtained by consumer advocacy group Knowledge Ecology International show that the Trump administration is giving pharmaceutical companies a green light to charge exorbitant prices for potential coronavirus treatments developed with taxpayer money by refusing to exercise federal authority to constrain costs. Through the Freedom of Information Act, Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) last week got […]
‘A scandal’: Contracts show Trump giving big pharma free rein to price gouge taxpayer-funded coronavirus drugs 2.7.2020 Raw Story
“The amount of money the government is throwing at companies is unprecedented. Normally when you write bigger checks, you should have more leverage, not less leverage.” Government contracts obtained by consumer advocacy group Knowledge Ecology International show that the Trump administration is giving pharmaceutical companies a green light to charge exorbitant prices for potential coronavirus treatments developed […]
Trump administration to allow taxpayer-funded shelter providers to ban homeless transgender people, because Jesus 2.7.2020 Raw Story
The Trump Dept. of Housing and Urban Development late on Wednesday moved to roll back an Obama-era regulation that bans discrimination by taxpayer-funded shelter providers against transgender people. HUD Secretary Ben Carson wants to allow anti-transgender discrimination under the guise of religious freedom. A statement on the HUD website filled with coded language says the […]
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Trump supporters funded a private border wall that’s already at risk of falling down 2.7.2020 Raw Story
Tommy Fisher billed his new privately funded border wall as the future of deterrence, a quick-to-build steel fortress that spans 3 miles in one of the busiest Border Patrol sectors. Unlike a generation of wall builders before him, he said he figured out how to build a structure directly on the banks of the Rio […]
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Trump attacks anti-segregation rule he blames for ‘devastating’ America’s suburbs 1.7.2020 Raw Story
On Tuesday, President Donald Trump tweeted that he was “studying” the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule — claiming that it is “devastating” to America’s suburbs, and that former Vice President Joe Biden would make it “MUCH WORSE” if elected president. At the request of many great Americans who live in the Suburbs, and others, […]
Louisville will investigate mayor for actions around Breonna Taylor’s killing 30.6.2020 Raw Story
The three Louisville police officers involved in the killing of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor in March have yet to face any criminal charges for their actions but, on Monday, Louisville Metro Council’s government oversight committee announced an investigation of another public figure closely involved in the events surrounding Taylor’s killing: Mayor Greg Fischer.The committee plans to […]
Hospital executive charged in $1.4B rural hospital billing scheme 30.6.2020 Raw Story
A Miami entrepreneur who led a rural hospital empire was charged in an indictment unsealed Monday in what federal prosecutors called a $1.4 billion fraudulent lab-billing scheme.In the indictment, prosecutors said Jorge A. Perez, 60, and nine others exploited federal regulations that allow some rural hospitals to charge substantially higher rates for laboratory testing than […]
National security experts accuse White House of ‘politicizing intelligence’ as Trump bans Dems from Russia briefing 30.6.2020 Raw Story
Legal and national security experts expressed concern and anger Monday afternoon as word spread the White House would be briefing Congress on bombshell reports Russia has been paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers – and that Democrats would be banned from that briefing. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said the White House never briefed the […]
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GOP witness says William Barr must resign if he knew of Trump’s photo op before clearing protesters 30.6.2020 Raw Story
George Washington University Professor Jonathan Turley, a witness for House Republicans, on Monday said that Attorney General William Barr should resign if he knew about President Donald Trump’s Lafayette Square photo op before protesters were forcefully cleared from the area. “There was evidence the plan was put into place 48 hours before,” Turley told the […]
Money talks: Big business, political strategy and corporate involvement in US state politics 29.6.2020 Raw Story
Political spending by corporations is big business. As one corporate executive with experience in business-government relations says, “A company that is dependent on government that does not donate to politicians is engaging in corporate malpractice.” Our research group heard that statement during a series of interviews with industry insiders that we conducted for a study […]
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House Fails to Override Trump’s Student Loan Forgiveness Veto 27.6.2020
The failed vote comes as a whistleblower alleges that officials killed a loan forgiveness site for being too ...
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‘Outrageous’: Trump administration waived ethics reviews for lawmakers and federal officials seeking small business loans 27.6.2020 Raw Story
“This is the exact time when we should be worried about government officials, even members of Congress, taking money out of the hands of others in need.” The Trump administration in April quietly issued a sweeping waiver exempting members of Congress and other federal officials from ethics rules in order to allow them and their families to […]
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Florida suspends drinking alcohol in bars as new COVID-19 cases shatter previous records 26.6.2020 Raw Story
Texas is not the only state bringing back tougher restrictions to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation on Friday announced that bars could no longer serve alcohol for on-premise consumption effective immediately. The move to restrict alcohol consumption at bars comes on the same day that […]
‘Big banks couldn’t be happier’: Stocks surge as Trump regulators gut restrictions on risky Wall Street gambling 26.6.2020 Raw Story
The rollback, noted the Wall Street Journal, hands “Wall Street one of its biggest wins of the Trump administration.” Bank stocks jumped and lobbyists rejoiced Thursday after U.S. regulators voted to gut the so-called Volcker Rule, a set of regulations imposed in the wake of the 2008 Wall Street collapse limiting the ability of financial institutions to engage in high-risk […]
Trump wants to sell bombs to the Saudis so much he’s trying to kill Congressional oversight of arms sales 26.6.2020 Raw Story
President Donald Trump wants so desperately to sell bombs to Saudi Arabia that he’s willing to kill Congressional oversight of arms sales to do it. Trump is so furious that both parties are holding up his arms sales, that he’s considering making things even worse. “If adopted, the change would effectively end congressional oversight over […]
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