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For India, it should be neighbourhood first 18.2.2018 Hindu: Lead
While other geopolitical issues are important, New Delhi must give South Asia its fullest attention
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Commerce Department urges Trump to impose tariffs or quotas on steel and aluminum imports 17.2.2018 LA Times: Business

The Commerce Department is urging President Trump to consider hefty tariffs and quotas to limit the import of steel and aluminum, after concluding the rising flow of those foreign-made products constitutes a threat to America’s national security.

The recommendations were contained in a report released...

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Commerce Dept. backs tariffs on imported aluminum and steel 17.2.2018 AP Business
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Commerce Department is urging President Donald Trump to impose tariffs or quotas on imported aluminum and steel, which it calls a natural security threat....
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US rejects China-led bid for Chicago Stock Exchange 16.2.2018 BBC: Business
Regulator's decision is the latest rejection of a Chinese firm's attempt to do business in the US.
Electronics-recycling innovator faces prison for trying to extend computers' lives 16.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Eric Lundgren is obsessed with recycling electronics.

He built an electric car out of recycled parts that far outdistanced a Tesla in a test. He launched what he thinks is the first “electronic hybrid recycling” facility in the United States, which turns discarded cellphones and other electronics...

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Uber lost $4.5 billion in 2017, but its revenue jumped 15.2.2018 L.A. Times - Technology News

Ride-hailing giant Uber's full-year net loss widened to $4.5 billion in 2017 as the company endured a tumultuous year that included multiple scandals, a lawsuit alleging the theft of trade secrets and the replacement of its chief executive.

The results also showed that Uber cut its fourth-quarter...

Trump mulls China sanctions, scrapping S. Korea trade deal 14.2.2018 Hindu: News
Accuses Beijing of decimating American steel, aluminium industries via subsidies
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Don’t disrupt global economy, China warns 14.2.2018 Hindu: News
U.S. trade sanctions will hit the world economy, Beijing warned on Wednesday, after President Donald Trump threatened to impose fresh tariffs on imports from China. Washington has already imposed a ra...
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The Finance 202: Trump dusts off protectionist trade rhetoric 14.2.2018 Washington Post: Politics
But his follow-through has been shabby.
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Trump considering 'all options' on steel, aluminum cases 14.2.2018 AP Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump is looking for advice from a range of lawmakers as he considers whether to impose trade sanctions on aluminum and steel imports....
The Trump administration is reportedly moving to privatize the International Space Station 12.2.2018 TechCrunch
 The Trump administration is planning to privatize the international space station instead of simply decommissioning the orbiting international experiment in 2024, according to a report in The Washington Post.  According to a document obtained by the Post, the current administration is mulling handing the International Space Station off to private industry instead of de-orbiting it as… Read ...
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Jake Matthews vs. Li Jingliang live round-by-round coverage 11.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary
India, China vie for influence as crisis unfolds in Maldives 11.2.2018 Washington Post: World
As a political crisis plays out in the Maldives, a quiet tug of war is taking place around it, with heavyweights China and India vying for strategic dominance in the picturesque Indian Ocean nation.
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Putin’s Silk Road gamble 9.2.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Putin’s Silk Road gamble
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‘The hard part is about to begin’: U.S.-South Korean relations fray as Olympics open 9.2.2018 Washington Post
‘The hard part is about to begin’: U.S.-South Korean relations fray as Olympics open
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Net neutrality, sex, falconry: In one week, I crashed as many D.C. conferences as possible. 8.2.2018 Washington Post
Net neutrality, sex, falconry: In one week, I crashed as many D.C. conferences as possible.
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How Donald Trump is like Ronald Reagan 8.2.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
The two administrations are both drunk on deficits.
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Red pandas rescued in Laos stir fears over exotic pet trade 8.2.2018 The Moderate Voice

The rescue in Laos of three endangered red pandas trafficked from China has raised fears the rare animals are increasingly being coveted by exotic pet owners. Landlocked Laos, which borders China and Vietnam, is a key transit hub in the global trade in illegal wildlife, but experts say the discovery of red pandas there is [...]

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China January trade surges amid tension with Washington 8.2.2018 Washington Post: World
China’s export growth accelerated in January amid mounting trade tension with Washington while imports surged as factories stocked up ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday.
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Trump gets a trade lesson 7.2.2018 Washington Post
Trump gets a trade lesson
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