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The Lobbying-Media Complex 12.2.2010 Common Dreams: Headlines
by Sebastian Jones

President Obama spent most of December 4 touring Allentown, Pennsylvania, meeting with local workers and discussing the economic crisis. A few hours later, the state's former governor, Tom Ridge, was on MSNBC's Hardball With Chris Matthews, offering up his own recovery plan.

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Challengers gain in important phone software fight 12.2.2010 SFGate: Business & Technology
Challengers gain in important phone software fight
Explaining Obamanomics 12.2.2010 AlterNet
Republicans, Tea Partiers, deficit vultures, and Raging-Dog Democrats, all see Obamanomics as more taxes and more spending. That’s nonsense.
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Barack Obama’s Beijing blues 12.2.2010 Hindustan Times: World
It’s not the best of times in Beijing to confess to idolising U.S. President Barack Obama and his ideas of human rights that get censored in the Chinese media, reports Reshma Patil.
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Trade-off between growth and fiscal deficit 12.2.2010 HBL: Opinion
The Central Statistical Organisation's advance estimates of gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the current fiscal, at 7.2 per cent against 6.7 per cent in 2008-09 based on the revised 2004-05 series, is reason for cheer, with the economy
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Wider role in Doha circle 12.2.2010 HBL: Opinion
The year 2010 has been ushered in with new hopes and expectations of a better performance of world trade compared with the past
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GOP candidate labeled truther after Glenn Beck ambush 12.2.2010 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
A Tea Party activist running in the Republican primary for Texas governor has raised eyebrows by not distancing herself from 9/11 conspiracy theories during an interview on The Glenn Beck Program. Beck began his interview with Debra Medina on Thursday by stating: "There was a theme that ran against you, which is that you're a 9/11 [...]
Glenn Beck Exposes Truther 'Tea Party' Candidate, Hypes Theocratic Fanatic 12.2.2010 Little Green Footballs
Glenn Beck deserves some credit today for exposing Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina as a 9/11 Truther . Medina was known as the “tea party candidate,” which shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been following the recent bad craziness at tea party events. It’s not mentioned in this article, but she has also appeared on the Alex Jones conspiracy show, worked for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, and even placed a banner advertisement on the neo-Nazi Stormfront website. Radio host Glenn Beck, saying he was responding to e-mails he got from listeners, asked Medina in a national interview this morning whether she believed the U.S. government was involved in the September 2001 attacks on the World Trade ...
Opportunity Knocks 12.2.2010 TOI: Editorial
There's scope for cultivating gainful ties with Turkey and Iran
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McCain Backs Down To Hannity: ‘I Never Quite Understood’ Global Warming 12.2.2010 Think Progres
For the past week, Fox News’ Sean Hannity has been using the snow storms that have wreaked havoc on the Northeast to bolster his belief that climate change is not real. They “seem to contradict Al Gore’s hysterical global warming theories,” Hannity said on Monday. Last night, Hannity continued with the meme during a telephone [...]
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Rickshaw pullers win right to work Delhi streets 11.2.2010 The Guardian -- World Latest
Judge overturns ruling that numbers should be capped saying it would deny pullers of the right of free choice of work Mohammed Sharif sucks heavily on his beedi cigarette and grins through stained teeth. One of a hundred or so rickshaw riders who ply their trade around the Delhi neighbourhood of Nizamuddin West, he jokes that for once the notoriously slow Indian legal system has made him happy. Sharif and his colleagues were today celebrating the decision of the Delhi high court that a cap set by local authorities on their numbers was illegal and campaigns to enforce it by harassing pullers or destroying rickshaws should stop. "I am very happy," said Sharif, a father of six. "I can keep working. That's all I ask." Instead of singling ...
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Texas Gubernatorial Tea Party Candidate Implodes On Glenn Beck Show 11.2.2010 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
This was a textbook case on how to end a campaign in one interview. Tea Party candidate Debra Medina imploded today on the Glenn Beck radio show. The Republcian candidate for governor is a 9-11 Truther. She said questions still remain. Trail Blazers reported: TV and radio commentator Glenn Beck dismissed the candidacy of Debra Medina when she left open the door to a conspiracy fringe group that believe the U.S. government might have been behind the 9-11 destruction of the World Trade Center. Beck, a leading personality for conservatives, asked her point blank if she believed such a theory. “I don’t have all the evidence there, Glenn,” Medina replied. “So I’m not in a place – I have not been out ...
Weak demand still hurting US seaports - Fitch 11.2.2010 SFGate: Business & Technology
Weak demand still hurting US seaports - Fitch
Stocks trade flat as EU pledges support for Greece 11.2.2010 SFGate: Business & Technology
Stocks trade flat as EU pledges support for Greece
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UN endangered species organization accuses Zimbabwean security forces of wildlife poaching 11.2.2010 Star Tribune: World
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Boeing taps former trade rep for board 11.2.2010 Chicago Tribune: Business
Boeing taps former trade rep for board
Olbermann: Limbaugh and Palin Trying To 'Kill Us All' With Global Warming Disinformation 11.2.2010 NewsBusters
Keith Olbermann Wednesday claimed that conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin are trying to kill us all by disinforming the public about the dangers of global warming. Speaking with Newsweek's Howard Fineman about how conservatives are using the recent snowstorms in the Northeast to refute Al Gore's catastrophic climate claims, the "Countdown" host said, "[L]ife on earth is going to be threatened because the people who recognized and warned about climate change did not just go with that phrase, climate change, and instead chose global warming, opening this opportunity up for Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin to kill us all." Earlier the factually-challenged MSNBCer declared, ...
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Op-Ed Contributor : We Want China to Lead 11.2.2010 International Herald Tribune: Editorials
China is too big and the challenges too great for it to retreat into insularity.
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Time to Tax Financial Speculation 11.2.2010 Views
by Sarah Anderson

For decades, international activists have been pushing the idea of a tax on financial transactions. Such a tax would give us a twofer: a drop in short-term speculation that serves no productive purpose and leads to dangerous bubbles, and 2) loads of money that could be used for good things, like health, climate, and jobs programs.

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Sidelining Cap and Trade’s Green Critics 11.2.2010 Common Dreams: Headlines
by Neil deMause

The sweeping bill to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions that moved through Congress over the last year received relatively scant media attention, taking a distant back seat to the healthcare reform bill and its attendant public uproar.

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