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Toyota resale values drop for 2nd time in week 8.2.2010 SFGate: Business & Technology
Toyota resale values drop for 2nd time in week
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Entry point 8.2.2010 Telegraph: Opinion
Entry point
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Drumbeat: February 8, 2010 8.2.2010 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Obama renews call for oil taxes in 2011 budget "For our members—the small businessmen and women of our nation's oil and gas industry—this is a knockout blow," Somerlyn Cothran, executive director of the National Stripper Well Association in Tulsa, said on Feb. 2. "Implementation of this budget proposal would mean a significant loss of jobs and a dramatic loss of tax revenues for each of the 35 states where our members are productive, contributing businesses. Plus, the resulting decrease in oil production will serve only to make America even more dependent upon foreign oil." Cothran noted that while a marginal, or stripper, well produces 15 b/d or less of oil, US stripper wells collectively produce 20% of the country's oil or 1.2 million ...
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China sabre rattling risks starting trade war 8.2.2010 Financial Times US
Two months after the Copenhagen climate change conference, one incident still causes a buzz in Beijing: the moment when, according to witness accounts, a Chinese official started to jab his finger at Barack Obama
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Microsoft: Pirated software still in Russian shops 8.2.2010 San Jose Mercury News: Business
Associated Press MOSCOW — One-quarter of Russian software outlets sell bootleg Microsoft programs, the company charged Monday as it published the results of a survey intended to elbow authorities into taking more action.
PM praises NI decommissioning 8.2.2010 BBC: Front Page
Gordon Brown praises the work of the international decommissioning body after three NI paramilitary groups get rid of their weapons.
Costa Rica elects first female president 8.2.2010 The Guardian -- World Latest
Laura Chinchilla wins 47% of the vote and will be Latin America's fifth woman president when she takes office Costa Rica has elected its first female president in a landslide victory, marking another political milestone for women in Latin America. Laura Chinchilla, from the centrist ruling party, won 47% of the vote in a crowded field in yesterday's poll, further eroding the region's reputation as a bastion of machismo and patriarchy. "Wives and working women continue overcoming barriers to make a greater Costa Rica," the 50-year-old said in her acceptance speech. "All the women and also the men who have accompanied us have made it possible that a daughter of this country can today be president." Chinchilla is the fifth woman to be ...
‘Industrialisation key for Bottom Billion’ 8.2.2010 Hindustan Times: Views
Kandeh K. Yumkella, director- general, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (Unido), believes that industrialisation and sustainable development can go hand-in-hand. He spoke to Hindustan Times on a range of issues. Excerpts:
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Microsoft: Pirated software still in Russian shops 8.2.2010 Boston Globe: Latest
Microsoft: Pirated software still in Russian shops
Obama Starts New Push on Free Trade Deals 8.2.2010 Common Dreams: Headlines
by Ian Swanson

The Obama administration is reaching out to business-friendly Democrats to win support for free-trade policies that divide the party.

The effort is part of President Barack Obama's push on trade that was launched with his State of the Union address. Obama said he wanted to double exports over the next five years as part of an effort to grow the U.S. economy.

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Drumbeat: February 8, 2010 8.2.2010 The Oil Drum
UK gas traders not worried by cold weather forecasts Freezing temperatures in the UK this week are expected to tighten the gas supply-demand balance but gas prices will be capped by partially replenished mid-range storage and demand ceilings of around 420 million cubic meters/day, UK gas trading sources said Monday. The Rough storage facility is down to 40% of capacity, and short-term storage capacity is also below 50%. The comparative levels held in storage now are far below levels seen even four weeks ago following prolonged heavy draws as the country dealt with the last spell of severe winter weather. So far the gas market has absorbed the impact of the relatively cold winter without any significant impact on the curve, with summer 10 ...
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AP IMPACT: Credibility key in 9/11 health trials 8.2.2010 Boston Globe: Latest
AP IMPACT: Credibility key in 9/11 health trials
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He Won’t Listen… Obama Says KSM May Still Be Tried in NYC 8.2.2010 Gateway Pundit
Sarah Palin was right. The man won’t listen. Barack Obama told reporters yesterday that he still has not ruled out a New York City trial for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. The rest of the country has moved on… Not Obama. FOX News reported: President Barack Obama said Sunday he has not ruled out a New York federal court trial [...]
AP IMPACT: As 9/11 health trials loom, first cases include some with credibility problems 8.2.2010 Star Tribune: Nation
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Expanding ties with China key objective: Zardari 8.2.2010 DAWN
Expanding ties with China key objective: Zardari
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My Name is Khan Movie Review 8.2.2010 A Pakistan News
MUMBAI: My Name is Khan Movie Review, The countdown has begun. There are just four days left for the release of Bollywood’s most-hyped flick, filmmaker Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan,and the uproar is deafening. The factions trying to put a spoke in the wheel of MNIK will be clearly outnumbered by a community called SRK [...]
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Samsung, Sharp agree on cross-licencing deal 8.2.2010 Earth Times
Seoul - South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co said Monday it concluded a cross-licencing deal with its Japanese competitor Sharp Corp, ending patent disputes in liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. Samsung, the world's largest maker of LCDs and te...
In Secret, Nations Work Toward Crackdown on Piracy 8.2.2010 International Herald Tribune: Business
Negotiators, under intense pressure from media companies, luxury brands and other corporate victims of piracy to complete a deal, are facing criticism over the process.
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China Brings EU to WTO over Shoes 8.2.2010

shoes.jpgChina has complained to the World Trade Organization about anti-dumping duties imposed by the European Union on shoes made in China.

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Traders cautious as contagion fears linger 8.2.2010 Financial Times US
Global Markets Overview: Fears over the possible fall-out from the Greek debt crisis weigh, but Wall Street’s late rally on Friday helps Europe rebound
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