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Copernicus Sentinels: UK industry loses out in European satellite bids 1.7.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
British firms fail to win leading roles in the expansion of the Copernicus Earth observation project.
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Here is how ‘Modern Monetary Theory’ could save the American economy 1.7.2020 Raw Story
Stephanie Kelton has found herself at the center of a blossoming debate over a provocative economic idea known as Modern Monetary Theory (often called MMT) — a theory that seeks to flip much conventional economic wisdom on its head. As one of the foremost advocates and articulators of the theory, she has just come out […]
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Coronavirus: Geneva Motor Show 2021 scrapped and event to be sold 30.6.2020 BBC: Business
The organisers of one of the world's biggest car shows have seen weak demand for next year's event.
Kweichow Moutai: 'Elite' alcohol brand is China's most valuable firm 30.6.2020 BBC: World
Kweichow Moutai's share price rockets thanks to its popular and sought-after baijiu drink.
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Brexit: Face-to-face trade talks between UK and EU begin in Brussels 29.6.2020 BBC: Front Page
UK and EU negotiators are meeting in person for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak.
Who will blink first? Xi or Modi? 29.6.2020 Rediff: News
'There is a compulsion to look hard, decisive, and risk-taking; start something; and then conclude it in a way you can claim victory.' 'That is not such an easy option against China,' notes Shekhar Gupta.
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How oil holds the key to India's economic health 29.6.2020 Rediff: Business
Every time the Indian economy has faced headwinds due to international developments, the oil sector has played a crucial role, explains A K Bhattacharya.
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Trump is attacking Biden’s verbal slip-up — but here are 10 of his own embarrassing gaffes 27.6.2020 Raw Story
Former Vice President Joe Biden has a long history of being gaffe-prone, and President Donald Trump is using Biden’s gaffes to claim that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is unfit to be president. He, along with his friends at Fox News, have recently seized on Biden’s relatively minor slip-up of referring to “120 million” COVID-19 […]
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3 things protesters are pushing that could actually move the US away from racist policing 25.6.2020 Raw Story
Protesters against police brutality and racism have gathered to demand systemic change since the end of May, holding events in all 50 U.S. states and around the world. Impelled by the police murder of George Floyd on May 25, the protests amplify a long-standing call by social justice organizations, Black civil rights leaders like Angela Davis and many others for […]
Colorado gamers, developers surge as video games become new lifeline during the pandemic 25.6.2020 Denver Post: Local
At long last, are we ready to embrace gaming without shame or qualifications?
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US threatens tariffs on EU beer, gin and olives 25.6.2020 BBC: Business
New taxes could be imposed on thirty EU goods as part of a long-running row about aircraft subsidies.
Russia and Europe trade barbs over WWII narratives 23.6.2020 Raw Story
The Kremlin has become entrenched in a war of words with Europe over the legacy of World War II, as both sides accuse each other of cynically rewriting history for political gain. The Soviet victory over Nazi Germany is personally important to President Vladimir Putin, who has harnessed the USSR’s military triumph in 1945 to […]
Coronavirus: UK car industry claims 1 in 6 jobs could be cut 23.6.2020 BBC: Business
The industry's trade body says it needs help to restart production and prevent more redundancies.
Paris statues of Voltaire and a colonial-era general splashed with red paint 22.6.2020 Raw Story
Two Paris statues related to France’s colonial era were found covered in red paint on Monday amid global calls to take down monuments commemorating figures with links to slavery or colonialism. One of the statues drenched in red was of Voltaire, a leading thinker and writer of the French Enlightenment but who owed part of his fortune to colonial-era trade. […]
Saudi Arabian Football Federation writes to major sports bodies after WTO report 21.6.2020 BBC: World
The Saudi Arabian Football Federation acknowledges it has a "responsibility" to help fight broadcasting piracy.
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Python skin jackets and elephant leather boots: How wealthy Western nations help drive the global wildlife trade 20.6.2020 The Moderate Voice

Python skin jackets and elephant leather boots: How wealthy Western nations help drive the global wildlife trade Protesters hold signs outside women’s fashion designer Eudon Choi in London during Fashion Week in 2017. Elena Rostenova/ Maria Ivanova, University of Massachusetts Boston and Candace Famiglietti, University of Massachusetts Boston Three-quarters of new and emerging infectious diseases […]

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Anti-racism rally held despite 'stay away' warning 20.6.2020 BBC: Front Page
Police, politicians and Glasgow's council had asked members of the public to avoid George Square.
After weeks of no guests, Chicago’s tourism industry is betting on local leisure travel to help it rebound 20.6.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Without major events that draw millions of people to the city each year, the chances of Chicago’s tourism industry rebounding will be slim, experts say.But as Chicago moves forward with a phased reopening, there is a glimmer of hope. More visitors are coming from outside the state, and suburban folks are venturing downtown after weeks of being cooped up at home.
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Trump warns of ‘complete decoupling’ from China despite talks 19.6.2020 Raw Story
President Donald Trump warned Thursday the United States had the option to separate from China’s deeply intertwined economy, despite the powers’ pledges to move forward on a trade deal. Tensions have been mounting between Beijing and Washington on a number of fronts including trade, although the two sides signed a “phase one” deal earlier this […]
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Australia targeted by 'state-based' cyber attack, PM Morrison says 19.6.2020 BBC: World
The country is being targeted by a "sophisticated" state actor, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says.
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