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France to extend lockdown as virus deaths soar in Europe, US 9.4.2020 Raw Story
France said Wednesday it would extend a lockdown aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus as the death toll soared across Europe and the US — and experts warned the looming global recession could be the worst in decades. Governments are grappling with how to balance public safety against the devastating economic impact of […]
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Coronavirus plunges world economy into brutal recession 8.4.2020 Raw Story
Measures imposed to slow the spread of the coronavirus are pushing the world economy into a recession deeper and more painful than initially expected, even if a rebound is still on the cards for next year. A week before the International Monetary Fund updates its forecasts for the global economy that will take into account […]
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Global trade will plunge by up to a third in 2020 amid pandemic: WTO 8.4.2020 Raw Story
Global trade growth is expected to plummet by up to a third in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the World Trade Organization said Wednesday, warning that the numbers would be “ugly”. “World trade is expected to fall by between 13 percent and 32 percent in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts normal economic activity […]
Coronavirus: 'Drop in global trade to be worse than 2008 crisis' 8.4.2020 BBC: Business
The World Trade Organization (WTO) predicts a contraction of between 13% and 32% this year.
Hotels and cruise ships offer to serve as hospitals. Is it a good idea? 8.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Hotels are housing the sick and first responders, but cruise ships are less suitable because of tight quarters and shared ventilation, experts say.

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Doctors Are Not Happy With Donald Trump's 'Cringeworthy' Medical 'Advice' 8.4.2020 Crooks Liars
During Donald Trump's daily sh*tshow Tuesday, he threatened to defund the World Health Association (WHO) and did his usual snow job on the drugs that, if shown to be effective, will make him and his cronies rich, most likely. Doctors were not amused. Dr. Vin Gupta and Lipi Roy had some really harsh words for the Snake Charmer-in-Chief. Not only did they make the observation that no American money has gone to WHO to fund pandemics in the last 3 years, but Dr. Roy had some advice for his "harmful" push for hydroxycloroquine: Allow the medical people to field those questions. As for me, I continue to be absolutely furious that every day Donald Trump laughs at all of us as the Very Serious Beltway Media continues to cover his idiotic "briefings" like they are serious events instead of the campaign rallies he intends them to be. He laughs and brags that he gets high ratings and free media, and they just bow and scrape and continue to be co-dependent with him. It's ...
Column One: Pet parents rejoice: These new products will take pampering to a new level 8.4.2020 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Some of the many new contraptions on the market for pets -- or are they really for pet owners?

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Coronavirus: Exploiting nature 'drives outbreaks of new diseases' 8.4.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
New evidence has emerged of a link between our impact on nature and pandemics sweeping the world.
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Coronavirus pandemic pushes U.S. and China closer to cold war 8.4.2020 LA Times: Business

The health crisis has strengthened hard-liners and driven China and the U.S., the world's two biggest economies, closer to collision.

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NBC Still Pushing Fake News That Trump Called Coronavirus a ‘Hoax’ 7.4.2020 NewsBusters
Despite the false claim being debunked months ago, on Tuesday, NBC’s Today show incredibly still pushed fake news that President Trump labeled the coronavirus a “hoax” in the early days of the pandemic. In reality, Trump made it clear that he thought efforts by Democrats and some in the liberal media to politicize the global health crisis was the “hoax,” not the serious threat from the disease ...
India says it will ship hydroxychloroquine to U.S. after Trump threatens retaliation 7.4.2020 L.A. Times - World News

The Indian government lifted a ban on the export of hydroxychloroquine, which President Trump has touted as a possible "game changer" in the fight against the coronavirus despite a lack of conclusive evidence.

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Oil prices jump on hopes for output cut deal 7.4.2020 Raw Story
Oil prices rebounded Tuesday on fresh hopes an OPEC-led meeting this week will reach an agreement to reduce oversupply and shore up the market. Prices have fallen sharply since expectations for a quick deal to cut output levels were dashed, but the rescheduling to Thursday of a meeting of major crude producers boosted sentiment. US […]
Coronavirus: Don't bail out airlines, say climate campaigners 7.4.2020 BBC: Business
Climate change: Use crisis to turn aviation green, say campaigners
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Coronavirus: Putting the spotlight on the global wildlife trade 6.4.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
Conservation experts say the pandemic is a watershed moment for curbing global wildlife trade.
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Trump appears to have fraudulently manipulated financial markets yet again 4.4.2020 Raw Story
Welcome to another edition of What Fresh Hell?, Raw Story’s roundup of news items that might have become controversies under another regime, but got buried – or were at least under-appreciated – due to the daily firehose of political pratfalls, unhinged tweet storms and other sundry embarrassments coming out of the current White House. It was […]
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Trump’s alarming attempt to use the coronavirus crisis to ‘Mexicanize’ the US-Canada border 3.4.2020 Raw Story
For more than 150 years, the United States and Canada have shared what is commonly called the “longest undefended border” in the world. And yet in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, reports emerged that the United States was intending to place military troops near the border as part of Washington’s plan to stop the […]
Editorial: Can we still fight the coronavirus while holding the surveillance state at bay? 3.4.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Some of the most effective strategies at containing the coronavirus are also the most intrusive. Can we adopt them without damaging our liberties?

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Why China's wildlife ban is not enough to stop another virus outbreak 3.4.2020 LA Times: Science

China's multibillion-dollar wildlife industry is driven by corporate interests and traditional Chinese medicine companies whose animal-based remedies are prescribed as treatment for the coronavirus.

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Will coronavirus reverse globalisation? 2.4.2020 BBC: Business
Could Covid-19 permanently change how the global economy works?
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Insider trading by members of Congress may be difficult to prove 2.4.2020 Raw Story
Recent allegations regarding stock trading by members of Congress in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic have raised calls for the investigation of these politicians for illegal “insider trading.” But successfully prosecuting such cases will be very difficult. Even federal judges struggle with writing clear instructions to lay jurors in insider trading cases. Often, verdicts […]
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