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US opens door to talks to resolve Airbus tariff dispute with EU 19.10.2019 Raw Story
Hours after the United States imposed tariffs on a record $7.5-billion worth of European Union goods on Friday in a dispute over Airbus, there were signs the combatants might be ready to negotiate a settlement. French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire lambasted the US move, calling it a “hostile act” from an ally but later […]
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California defies recession fears to post job growth, record low unemployment 19.10.2019 LA Times: Business

Joblessness stood at 4% in September, less than any month since the current methodology was introduced in 1976, state officials reported. That was down from 4.1% in August and a year earlier.

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US Airbus row: European goods hit by new US tariffs 18.10.2019 BBC: World
Wine, cheese and cashmere jumpers are among the EU items that have gone up in price in the US.
US imposes tariffs on EU goods, targeting Airbus, wine and whisky 18.10.2019 Raw Story
The United States imposed tariffs on a record $7.5-billion worth of European Union goods on Friday, despite threats of retaliation, with Airbus, French wine and Scottish whiskies among the high-profile targets. The tariffs, which took effect just after midnight in Washington (0401 GMT), came after talks between European officials and US trade representatives failed to […]
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China economy: Third quarter growth misses expectations 18.10.2019 BBC: Business
The world's second largest economy is battling a trade war with the US and slowing domestic demand.
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IMF: What is it and why does it matter? 18.10.2019 BBC: Business
The annual meeting of the IMF gets under way in Washington this week.
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Savile Row tailors caught up as US tariffs come in 18.10.2019 BBC: Business
Men's wool suits are among the products facing new tariffs at a crucial time for UK trade.
The world is staring at Trump, mouth agape 17.10.2019 The Moderate Voice

WASHINGTON — President Trump stood in a crowded East Room on Wednesday afternoon with the Italian president at his side, scores of aides and reporters at his feet, and a bank of cameras relaying his words to millions. Yet he seemed alone against the world. The House on Wednesday condemned his sudden Syria pullout in […]

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How to radically change finance through startups at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 17.10.2019 TechCrunch
Fintech has been a very popular area for venture investment, and this is particularly true in Europe. Dozens of high-growth fintech startups have launched over the past decade, from challenger banks and neobanks to new payment services and better ways to save and invest wealth. Embedded finance, or why fintech mega VC rounds have become […]
Global investors taking risks for higher returns, says IMF 16.10.2019 BBC: Business
In its latest economic assessments, the IMF says risks to global financial stability remain high.
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Column: Trump has foreign policy principles: Syria shows how they work. Don't say you weren't warned 16.10.2019 LA Times: Nation

President Trump never wanted to put U.S. troops in Syria.

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Founders, get advice from top experts at Disrupt Berlin this Dec. 11-12 16.10.2019 techCrunch
What are the best strategies today for raising your startup’s first funding round, finding users and building your team? How can you best handle major new challenges like Brexit and global trade wars? These are the some of the key questions we will be answering this year at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, as part of a […]
Saudi Arabia warms to Russia 16.10.2019 BBC: World
Saudi Arabia rolls out the red carpet for Vladimir Putin, signalling a seismic shift in relations.
Trump trade adviser busted for making up ‘whimsical pen name’ to quote himself in his books for years 16.10.2019 Raw Story
A senior economic and trade advisor to President Donald Trump has been busted for making up a person he can quote in his books and to justify his policies. A shocking expose in The Chronicle of Higher Education revealed that Peter Navarro invented the name “Ron Vara,” an anagram for Navarro, to justify his own […]
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IMF warns world growth slowest since financial crisis 15.10.2019 BBC: Business
The International Monetary Fund warns against "policy mistakes" such as tariffs and a no-deal Brexit.
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Death threats for cryptocurrency 'scam' whistleblower 15.10.2019 BBC: Technology
Jen McAdam, from Glasgow, was threatened after speaking out about the OneCoin cryptocurrency.
County lines: Girls under the radar in drug gangs 15.10.2019 BBC: Front Page
How violent gangs put vulnerable young women and girls at "the forefront" of their business.
India’s Reliance Jio unveils video call assistant to help businesses automate customer support 14.10.2019 techCrunch
Before Google moves to bring its human-sounding robot calling service Duplex to help users automate their interactions with businesses to international markets, an Indian giant is deploying its own solution to get a jumpstart on the local market. Reliance Jio today unveiled AI-powered Video Call Assistant service that will allow businesses to automate their customer […]
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The Problem with Trump: The Turks and the Kurds 14.10.2019 Outside the Beltway
Trump's error in Syria.
Giuliani was always a fraud — just ask the FDNY 13.10.2019 Raw Story
The anonymously sourced reports that former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s global fixer, is under criminal investigation by the very same Federal prosecutor’s office he once led represents a truly Shakespearean arc of irony. There’s much speculation as to how “America’s Mayor,” the widely admired civic leader who presided over New York City during 9/11, […]
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