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Republicans not letting up on NLRB 10.12.2011 Politico
Republicans not letting up on NLRB
Pipeline now payroll tax sticking point 9.12.2011 Politico
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House GOP releases payroll tax package under Obama veto threat 9.12.2011 The Hill

The move sets up a vote on the year-end package as early as Tuesday; many Dems oppose it.


The GOP’s Constipated Congress 9.12.2011 The Moderate Voice
This is the week Barack Obama declared political war on an obstructionist GOP, invoking Theodore Roosevelt. In Osawatomie, Kansas, the President cited TR who came there in 1910 and “was called a radical…a socialist—-even a communist. But today, we are a richer nation and a stronger democracy because of what he fought for in his [...]
Fracking may be causing groundwater pollution, says EPA report 9.12.2011 Guardian: Environment
Environmental Protection Agency announces findings after Wyoming residents complained well water reeked of chemicals The US Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday for the first time that fracking — a controversial method of improving the productivity of oil and gas wells — may be to blame for causing groundwater pollution. The draft finding could have significant implications while states try to determine how to regulate the process. Environmentalists characterized the report as a significant development though it met immediate criticism from the oil and gas industry and a US senator. The practice is called hydraulic fracturing and involves pumping pressurised water, sand and chemicals underground to open fissures and improve the flow of oil or gas to the surface. The EPA found that compounds likely associated with fracking chemicals had been detected in the groundwater beneath Pavillion, a small community in central Wyoming where residents say their well water reeks of ...
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EPA theorizes fracking-pollution link in Wyo. 9.12.2011 Durango Herald
CHEYENNE, Wyo. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday for the first time that fracking a controversial method of improving the productivity of natural-gas and oil wells may be to blame for causing groundwater pollution.
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Northwestern Wisconsin taconite mining proposal sets off environmental debate 9.12.2011 Local

Assembly Republicans finally introduced a sweeping bill to streamline Wisconsin's mining regulations Thursday, unveiling language that calls for state regulators to make a permit decision within a year and limits environmentalists' challenges.

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Obama denounces vote to block consumer agency chief 9.12.2011 Nation

WASHINGTON - An agitated President Barack Obama accused congressional Republicans on Thursday of not standing up for ordinary Americans after the Senate derailed his nominee to head a new federal consumer protection agency.

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House kicks up controversy with new dust bill 9.12.2011 Salt Lake Tribune
By JUDY FAHYS AND Thomas Burr The Salt Lake Tribune Published Dec 8, 2011 07:57PM MDT Farmers and miners wouldn’t be bothered by new “nuisance dust” regulations any time soon if the U.S. Senate goes along with a bill passed Thursday by the House. Utah’s three representatives supported the “Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act,” which passed by a convincing 268 to 150 in the GOP-dominated House, but likely faces tougher going in the Senate, controlled by Democrats. Still, the House action prompted an outcry from environmentalists and their representatives in Congress. Some say the... ...
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Holder Clashes With Republicans on Fast and Furious 9.12.2011 International Herald Tribune: Americas
The House Judiciary Committee brought forth little new information, but it was the most politically charged session yet about Operation Fast and Furious.

EPA suggests fracking-pollution link 9.12.2011 Star Tribune: Nation
It announced for the first time that the oil and gas technique could lead to pollution of groundwater.
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DealBook: Corzine Says He Was 'Stunned' by Missing MF Global Money 9.12.2011 NY Times: Business
At a House hearing on his firm's collapse, a humbled Jon S. Corzine insisted that he "never intended to break any rules" while running MF Global.

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Excuses don't cut it in Air Force's dumping of war dead remains. Accounting needed. And some respect 9.12.2011 Daily Kos
Caskets of U.S. troops arrive at Dover Air Force Base (Biggunben) The secretive dumping, the subject of an 18-month-long investigation, was deliberately concealed from the families of the dead. They had authorized cremation and "burial" of the partial remains that would be done in a respectful way. The practice ended in June 2008 and was replaced by burial at sea. Even though the Air Force never formally approved of the dumping and it did not meet military regulations, nobody has been fired or disciplined for it. The Air Force has no plans to tell the families of the dead what happened. At the time the original story was written, it was not known how many remains were treated this way. And it still isn't certain. But, according to the Post 's latest piece on the subject by Whitlock and Mary Pat Flaherty, the cremated partial remains of at least 274 troops were dumped in the landfill, more than previously acknowledged. Anyone who has lost a loved one and not recovered the body, no ...
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RI prosecutor: don't ease rules on automated calls 9.12.2011 Boston Globe: Rhode Island
RI prosecutor: don't ease rules on automated calls
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Sen. Hatch Falsely Claims That Consumer Protection Bureau Director Is An ‘Almighty God’ With No Oversight 9.12.2011 Think Progres
Senate Republicans today filibustered the nomination of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray to be the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. For months, the GOP has been insisting that it would not confirm any director for the Bureau until the Bureau’s structure is changed so as to weaken it significantly. Since the [...]
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Corzine can't explain why MF Global is missing $1.2 billion 9.12.2011 Star Tribune: Business
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Bernie Sanders Introduces OCCUPIED Constitutional Amendment To Ban Corporate Money In Politics 9.12.2011 Think Progres
Last month, Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) stood up for the 99 Percent by introducing the Outlawing Corporate Cash Undermining the Public Interest in our Elections and Democracy (OCCUPIED) Amendment, which would overturn the Citizens United decision, re-establishing the right of Congress and the states to regulate campaign finance laws, and to effectively outlaw the ability [...]
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The Loyal Opposition: Senate Blocks CFPA Nominee Richard Cordray 9.12.2011 NY Times: Editorials
Republicans have blocked confirmation of Richard Cordray, President Obama's pick to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

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Wisconsin GOP introduces long-awaited mining bill 9.12.2011 News

Assembly Republicans finally released a draft of a bill designed to streamline Wisconsin's mining regulations today, introducing language that calls for state regulators to make a permit decision within a year and severely limits environmentalists' ability to challenge it.

Legislative Stranglehold 9.12.2011 American Prospect
With only four Democrats voting for the measure, yesterday the House passed H.R. 10, “Rules from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny” (REINS). If it were to become law, this radical piece of legislation would prohibit all federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Securities and Exchange Commission from minting any new regulations unless they passed both the U.S. House and Senate within 70 legislative days. The requirement that regulations be agreed to by both the House and Senate would give the staunchly anti-government Republican majority in the House the ability to unilaterally veto any new regulations by simply refusing to being the legislation to a vote. Many of the new protections scheduled to go into effect this year and next are the result of laws passed by Congress and signed by President Barack Obama in his first two years in office. These laws, including the Dodd-Frank Act, which regulates Wall Street banks, and the ...
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