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Which Way on America's Road to Ruin 27.2.2011
Both Right and Left see America on the "road to ruin" but they urge going in opposite directions, observes Don Monkerud. February 22, 2011
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The Nascar Dem divide and other issues that split party leaders 27.2.2011 The Hill

More than 100 votes over four days yielded a rare glimpse into policy divisions within the Democratic and GOP leadership teams.


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Sexual assault in the armed forces 27.2.2011 Boston Globe: Opinion
Sexual assault in the armed forces
Cable bills: More leverage for the mayor 27.2.2011 Boston Globe: Opinion
Cable bills: More leverage for the mayor
Pay czar took on Wall Street, and Wall Street won 27.2.2011 Boston Globe: Opinion
Pay czar took on Wall Street, and Wall Street won
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Green Diary Rescue returns 27.2.2011 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Today the Green Diary Rescue begins anew. It will appear every Saturday afternoon. I was going to save this re-debut for Earth Day but decided not to wait. The GDR and the Eco-Diary Rescue that preceded it is dedicated to those who believe that environmental advocacy is an essential part of progressive politics. Every week at Daily Kos, diarists take on various aspects of the environment, from sustainable agriculture to alternative energy, from the use and enjoyment of public lands to environmental justice. Because many of these go relatively unseen, the GDR seeks to afford them a little extra attention. I urge you to follow as many links as you have time for. When you're done, let me encourage you to read Bruce Barcott's two-part series at SolveClimate, In Thawing Arctic, Fragile Food Web at Risk of Unraveling (and Part II ). A nibble to whet your interest: "The more complicated and interconnected the food web, the less damage you can expect if one or two species are lost," explains ...
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Online gambling could be California revenue source 26.2.2011 SFGate: Top Stories
Online gambling could be California revenue source
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A look at Team Dayton 26.2.2011 Star Tribune: Politics
Here are the bios of the new class of commissioners.
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NJ's gov speaks loudly and carries a big stick 26.2.2011 AP Politics
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- It was the kind of dilemma that could make a new governor wring his hands....
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New Jersey's Christie — a governor who speaks loudly and carries a big stick 26.2.2011 Star Tribune: Nation
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Panel supports bill to exempt SITLA from oversight 26.2.2011 Salt Lake Tribune
The Salt Lake Tribune Published Feb 25, 2011 09:47PM MDT A Senate committee on Friday advanced a bill that would exempt Utah’s School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration from a state law requiring legislative approval of the fees it charges. HB51, sposored by Rep. Roger Barrus, R-Centerville, would exempt school trust officials from a reporting rule that applies to all state agencies. SITLA officials say the rule was meant to keep track of agencies trying to pad their budgets through fees, but SITLA is required to place its fee income into th... ...
Editorial: 3 to 2 for Health Care Reform 26.2.2011 NY Times: Editorials
Enormous attention has been focused on two judges who ruled against the health care reform law. Less attention has been paid to three judges who upheld it.

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Four Dem Senators lead charge against GOP efforts to block Net Neutrality rules 26.2.2011 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Sen. Al Franken at Netroots Nation 2010, warning against the looming corporate takeover of the Internet. Congressional Republicans have stated their intention to use the Congressional Review Act to prevent implementation of any number of executive branch rules, in addition to taking any number of regulatory hostages with the threat of a government shutdown. The CRA gives the GOP-controlled House the opportunity to pass "resolutions of disapproval" on any number of regulations. It also gives the obstructionist GOP in the Senate the ability to force votes on them, requiring only a simple majority to pass. High on the list (because they love democracy and freedom?) of regulations they want to block is net neutrality. Under that looming threat, four Democratic Senators have written to Congressional leadership to try get the Senate to not play along. In a letter they're circulating to colleagues, Sens. John Kerry (D-MA), Ron Wyden (D-OR), Al Franken (D-MN), and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) say the ...
After Leading Bush Admin Charge To Kill FOIA, Issa Issues First Subpoena On Obama FOIA 26.2.2011 Think Progres
After Leading Bush Admin Charge To Kill FOIA, Issa Issues First Subpoena On Obama FOIA
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Get Ready: The GOP Has Declared War on the Environment 26.2.2011 AlterNet
Republicans are trying to take down the EPA and with it environmental regulation that seeks to protect our air, water, food and health.
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GOP Attacks Women : Weiner Responds 26.2.2011 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Thank you Congressman Weiner for calling out these hypocritical Republicans for their so-called conservative views. As Anthony Weiner pointed out here, Republicans are all for less government regulation, unless it means the right to regulate a woman's uterus. They don't want government to get between a patient and their doctor unless it means making sure that poor women don't have access to a legal procedure. Sarah Seltzer at AlterNet has more on what the House has been keeping themselves busy with when they're not making sure they take care of their millionaire and billionaire campaign donors -- The GOP Unleashes a Horrifying Attack on Women : Republicans came to D.C. "and immediately started putting the government in charge of every single pregnancy in America," said Rachel Maddow on Tuesday night. She's right, and it's horrifying: the blows to women's rights keep coming out of Washington every hour, it seems. The latest? A bill that would strip Planned Parenthood of all funding. This ...
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John Marshall and the Commerce Clause (and the Ongoing PPACA Argument) 26.2.2011 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Yet again: to the Commerce Clause!
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Someone asks 'Who is going to shoot Obama?' Rep. Paul Broun doesn't raise an eyebrow 25.2.2011 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Blake Aued, who blogs at the Athens (Ga.) Banner Herald , attended a Tuesday townhall meeting hosted by Rep. Paul Broun (GA-10), a Congressman who has said he doesn't know if Barack Obama is a citizen or a Christian, but he does know that the President wants to impose a Marxist dictatorship. The main topic Tuesday was Broun's plans to use his chairmanship of the Science, Space and Technology Committee's subcommittee on investigation and oversight to hold hearings into "opposing views" about global warming. That's because Broun is another one of those Congresspeople who claims climate change is a "hoax." But while he discussed that particular idiocy with the passion of a creationist describing Noah's feeding of dinosaurs on the Ark, his essential failure at the meeting had nothing to do with his scientific IQ. It was instead his totally unacceptable response to a member of the audience who had won the right to ask the first question by virtue of having driven the farthest to get to the ...
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Okla. gov criticizes federal road regulation needs 25.2.2011 Boston Globe: Latest
Okla. gov criticizes federal road regulation needs
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Abortion Clinics In Va. Face Regulation Like Hospitals 25.2.2011 NPR: Healthcare
Abortion rights opponents, who pushed for the law, say it will hold clinics to higher safety standards. But advocates for abortion rights in the state warn the law will place such heavy burdens on clinics that many may be forced to close.
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