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Durbin urges customers to flee BofA (Politico) 4.10.2011 Yahoo: Politics
Politico - “Bank of America customers, vote with your feet,” the Senate majority whip says in a floor speech.
FLASHBACK: Herman Cain Says States Can Ban Firearms 4.10.2011 Think Progres
Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s (R) radical belief that everything from Social Security to Medicare is unconstitutional rocketed him to the front of the GOP presidential race, but he collapsed just as quickly once GOP voters learned that he supports allowing undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition at public universities. Perry’s loss has been Herman Cain’s [...]
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Koch brothers flout law with secret sales to Iran 3.10.2011 Daily Kos
Oil billionaires and scofflaws Charles and David Koch Bloomberg details activities from bribing officials in Africa, India and the Middle East to win contracts to rigging prices with competitors to the most damning action: using foreign subsidiaries to sell equipment to Iran. A Bloomberg Markets investigation has found that Koch Industries—in addition to being involved in improper payments to win business in Africa, India and the Middle East—has sold millions of dollars of petrochemical equipment to Iran, a country the U.S. identifies as a sponsor of global terrorism. Internal company documents show that the company made those sales through foreign subsidiaries, thwarting a U.S. trade ban. Koch Industries units have also rigged prices with competitors, lied to regulators and repeatedly run afoul of environmental regulations, resulting in five criminal convictions since 1999 in the U.S. and Canada. From 1999 through 2003, Koch Industries was assessed more than $400 million in fines, ...
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This Week in Washington – October 3, 2011 3.10.2011 Red State
The House and Senate have another Continuing Resolution (CR) on the agenda that would fund the federal government into next month. The House will consider a measure aimed at over regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Senate will debate a bill addressing China’s currency and trade issues. The Super Secret Committee marches on behind closed doors to cut a deal on $1.2 trillion in cuts over 10 years. The President is expected to keep pushing his so called jobs bill, yet the evidence from his own Administration proves that each job created is costly for the taxpayer. Watch this week for the rhetoric of class warfare to heat up as desperate Obama Administration officials try to reverse terrible approval ratings. Real Clear Politics has the President at 43% approval and 52% disapproval. The House kicks off the week with 7 votes on the Suspension Calendar on Monday. The bills are H.R. 686 (Utah National Guard Readiness Act), H,R, 765 (a bill dealing with ski areas), H.R. ...
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Health care law looms over new Supreme Court term 3.10.2011 Post-Bulletin: Local Politics

WASHINGTON — The nine justices of the Supreme Court, who serve without seeking election, soon will have to decide whether to insert themselves into the center of the presidential campaign next year.


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WSJ reviews Public Parts 3.10.2011 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
“I’m delighted that Gordon Crovitz reviews Public Parts in the Wall Street Journal. Snippets: “For many years, privacy has been evolving to become a right as fundamental as equal protection or free speech. But what if it comes at too high a cost? What if we have too much privacy when technology now makes [...]
JSW Steel denies CBI raid reports 3.10.2011 New Kerala: World News
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Health care law looms over new Supreme Court term 3.10.2011 Star Tribune: Latest
The nine justices of the Supreme Court, who serve without seeking election, soon will have to decide whether to insert themselves into the center of the presidential campaign next year.
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This Week in Congress: China currency manipulation, and yet another CR 3.10.2011 Daily Kos
If there's an upside to coming back from a recess, it's that there's usually not much (if anything) to write about in the recap of the previous week. In this case there actually was some activity last week, but we'll have to reverse our usual order of reporting to cover it. On Monday, the Senate passed amended versions of two continuing appropriations bills and sent them back to the House—one keeping the government running until this Tuesday, October 4th; one lasting slightly longer, until November 18th. The House , during its September 29th pro forma session, approved the shorter term bill—H.R. 2017—by unanimous consent, allowing the government to keep operating until the full House could return from the recess. That's where things stand on government shutdowns, and the sum total of the substantive work done in Congress last week. This Week in Congress This week, the House returns with the traditional first day slate of suspension bills, including the critical Ski Area Recreational ...
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Flood of food imported, just 2 percent inspected 3.10.2011 MSNBC
More than 10 million food shipments arrived in the U.S. last year — and the federal Food and Drug Administration was only able to inspect 2 percent of them, a number the agency says will shrink in the future. ...
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Reconciliation Is Back 3.10.2011 American Spectator
Reconciliation Is Back
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Clean Air's Dirty Residue 3.10.2011 American Spectator
Clean Air's Dirty Residue
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The Week Ahead: Back to the budget battle 3.10.2011 The Hill

Congress returns after its one-week recess to prepare for the next phase of the budget battle.


Political Blotter: Oakland medical pot case might predict Supreme Court's health care ruling 3.10.2011 San Jose Mercury News: Local News
This is a sampling from Bay Area News Group's Political Blotter blog. Read more and post comments at IBAbuzz.
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Supreme Court may rule on health 3.10.2011 Durango Herald
WASHINGTON The nine justices of the Supreme Court, who serve without seeking election, soon will have to decide whether to insert themselves into the center of the presidential campaign next year.
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Himachal extends ban on non-biodegradable plastic 3.10.2011 New Kerala: World News
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AP's Choi Fails to Identify the Law, the President, or the Political Party Responsible for New Debit-Card Fees 3.10.2011 NewsBusters
If you only read Thursday's coverage of Bank of America's decision to impose a $5 monthly debit card fee by Associated Press Personal Finance Writer Candice Choi, you would have no idea that last year's "Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act" triggered BofA's decision. The legislation gave the Federal Reserve the power to limit debit card interchange fees. The Fed's limit -- 21 cents plus 0.5% of each purchase transaction -- basically cut the banks' fees by about half from their pre-Dodd-Frank level. estimates that the cap will reduce banks' fee income by $9.4 billion annually. Ms. Choi only cited the existence of "a new rule" in her opening paragraph. She then waited until the ninth paragraph to vaguely cite the existence of "a regulation." It hardly seems accidental that most news consumers who didn't follow the fee fight a year ago will probably have the impression that banks are driving the fee ...
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BET Founder Bashes Obama: “You Don’t Get People to Like You By Attacking Them or Demeaning Their Success” (Video) 3.10.2011 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed

Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson bashed Barack Obama today. The successful entreprenour said,

“The president needs to change his message. You don’t get peole to like you by attacking them or demeaning their success.”

Robert Johnson:spoke with Chris Wallace today on FOX News Sunday:

Himachal bans disposable plastic products 2.10.2011 New Kerala: World News
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Forget consensus politics – now it's Barack Obama the class warrior | Michael Cohen 2.10.2011 Guardian: Comment is Free
The divide between the Democrats and the Republicans is wider than it has been since the 30s and the president is exploiting this to the full For the past few years, one of the favoured parlour games in American political punditry has been to figure out which former resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Barack Obama most closely resembles. His youth and oratory reminded some of Kennedy; his appeals to national unity brought Lincoln analogies; his entering office in the midst of a historic economic downturn spurred FDR comparisons. For the non-charitable observer, there have been likenesses to the failed presidencies of Carter and Hoover; escalation in Afghanistan was reminiscent of Johnson and Vietnam; and Obama's continuation of his predecessor's civil liberties policies conjured up Bush. However, if Obama's emerging re-election strategy is any indication it might be time to add Harry Truman. It would be a surprising imitation. After all, Truman was a tough partisan; Barack Obama is a ...
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