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Mental health spending creating haves and have-nots 26.6.2011 San Jose Mercury News: San Jose/Valley
Prop. 63 money can't be used to offset cuts in established programs
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GOP Business growth continues to struggle 26.6.2011 Durango Herald
DENVER Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper told Colorado lawmakers this year he wanted to them to carefully consider how their decisions affect businesses. Republicans say they did and they blame Democrats for quashing GOP attempts to implement Hickenloopers vision.
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Deduct This: History of the Tax Attorney's Fees Deduction 25.6.2011 Personal Finance News
Wait? You mean that you didn't know that there was such a thing as the tax attorney's fees deduction?
Drumbeat: June 25, 2011 25.6.2011 The Oil Drum
‘Safety Myth’ Left Japan Ripe for Nuclear Crisis Over several decades, Japan’s nuclear establishment has devoted vast resources to persuade the Japanese public of the safety and necessity of nuclear power. Plant operators built lavish, fantasy-filled public relations buildings that became tourist attractions. Bureaucrats spun elaborate advertising campaigns through a multitude of organizations established solely to advertise the safety of nuclear plants. Politicians pushed through the adoption of government-mandated school textbooks with friendly views of nuclear power. The result was the widespread adoption of the belief — called the “safety myth” — that Japan’s nuclear power plants were absolutely safe. Japan single-mindedly pursued nuclear power even as Western nations distanced themselves from it. Disappointment toward Tokyo Electric Power Co. for its failure to guard the safety of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant and anger at the central government's inept handling of the ...
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America's role in this Greek tragedy | Mark Weisbrot 25.6.2011 Guardian: Comment is Free
Greece faces unacceptable conditions for a new bailout. If it defaults, the US had better be ready for the economic shock The European authorities are playing a dangerous game of "chicken" with Greece right now. It is overdue for US members of Congress to exercise some oversight as to what our government's role is in this process, and how we might be preparing for a Greek debt default . Depending on how it happens, this default could have serious repercussions for the international financial system, the US economy and, indeed, the world economy. The US government has a direct and significant role in the Greek crisis because the US treasury department has the predominant voice in the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF, together with the European Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB) – the three are commonly referred to as "the Troika" – are negotiating a new austerity package with the Greek government, in return for a new bailout deal . This package promises more suffering ...
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Syrians flee to Lebanon, death toll rises to 20 25.6.2011 Hindu: Home
The Lebanese official says up to 1,000 Syrians crossed overnight through the al—Qusair crossing in the region of Akkar near Wadi Khaled in northern Lebanon.
Evan Bayh working with Chamber of Commerce to weaken regulation 25.6.2011 Daily Kos
Evan Bayh (Official portrait) Bayh, Card, and the Chamber are pushing the REINS Act, which Ezra Klein describes as: really a very clever little bill: It would destroy the government's capacity to pass major regulations, but it sounds like it'd merely involve Congress more fully in the process. As such, I expect it to hang around on the wish list of things Republicans will try and pass next time they do have the votes. Bayh and Card, of course, would have us believe that safety and environmental and other regulations will devastate the economy and cost bajillions of jobs. But Think Progress guest poster Sidney Shapiro writes that: Employers themselves consistently attribute “unextended mass layoffs” to causes other than regulation; Department of Labor statistics analyzed by the Economic Policy Institute show that from 2007 to 2009, only .3 percent of such layoffs were pinned to rules. Extreme weather events actually accounted for more layoffs . And it’s important to remember that our ...
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Santa Clara County bans international export of electronic waste 25.6.2011 San Jose Mercury News: Breaking News
The county ordinance approved Tuesday is believed to be the first of its kind in the nation.
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UPDATED: Bill Will Be Voted On In Senate, Read The Religious Exemptions To The Same-Sex Marriage Bill 25.6.2011 Think Progres
The following has been introduced in the New York Assembly: “[N]otwithstanding any state, local or municipal law, rule, regulation, ordinance, or other provision of law to the contrary, a religious entity as defined under the education law or section two of the religious corporations law, or a corporation incorporated under the benevolent orders law or [...]
Lawmakers Rip Gun-Tracking Effort In Mexico 24.6.2011 NPR News
While Republicans in Congress and the Justice Department trade accusations over who approved the operation, the bigger effort to take down violent drug and gun traffickers is getting lost in politics.
Time to target gun control | Rodrigo Camarena 24.6.2011 The Guardian -- World Latest
US public opinion will never be more favourable than now, after the Giffords shooting and disastrous ATF gun-tracking scheme When Republican chairman of the House oversight and government reform committee, Representative Darrel Issa, called for the resignation of ATF acting director Kenneth Melson , few in American political circles found it controversial. Melson, after all, was responsible for overseeing the ATF's botched gun-tracking operations that led to the trafficking of thousands of weapons into Mexico and countless consequent deaths – including that of US customs agent Brian Terry. Prior to the Republicans taking control of the House in the midterms, incoming chairman Issa had threatened to conduct "seven hearings a week, times 40 weeks" as a means of keeping Democrats on the defensive. Since assuming chairmanship of the committee, Representative Issa has led hearings into Tarp, the financial crisis and FDA, but to little avail. With Issa finally finding bipartisan support for his ...
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America, land of the free to go hungry | Eric Augenbraun 24.6.2011 The Guardian -- World Latest
The GOP's Ryan plan caricature of food stamps as a welfare entitlement out of control will tug the safety net from millions As unfortunate as our current age of austerity is claimed to be, legislators at both the federal and state levels seem to relish the opportunity it has provided them to dismantle the last vestiges of the social safety net. If the economic crisis taught us anything, after all, it is that there is too much government regulation on Wall Street, and too many government safeguards for those most in need, right? With the latest set of proposals, "belt tightening" will have a very literal meaning for millions of Americans as Republicans in Congress have now proposed cutting and radically restructuring the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programme (Snap) – the programme more commonly known as food stamps – despite record numbers of people presently on the rolls. Without question, these cuts and changes would prove devastating for many of those to whom food stamps represent a ...
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5 Ways The United States Can Get Out Of Debt 24.6.2011 Personal Finance News
If you watch CBS news, maybe you caught anchorman Russ Mitchell's recent interview with investor and economist Jim Awad, managing director of the investment firm Zephyr Management. While Awad acknowledged the United States is in serious debt, he stressed the problem can be fixed if the government gets going on it right away.
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Calif. 'dust-bowl': Real danger or a mirage? 24.6.2011 MSNBC
Signs declaring "Man-made drought" in Central Valley, which provides many of the nation's fruits and vegetables, are a reminder of California's decades-old water war. ...
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Water plentiful, drought signs dot Calif. roads 24.6.2011 Boston Globe: Latest
Water plentiful, drought signs dot Calif. roads
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House bill would grant states right to regulate marijuana, opening door to medical, recreational use 24.6.2011 Denver Post: All Political News
The federal ban on marijuana would end and states would earn the right to regulate the drug under a bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday.
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Minn. Rep. Kline questions No Child Left Behind waiver 24.6.2011 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Minnesota's Rep. John Kline on Thursday questioned the legality of a plan to grant waivers to the No Child Left Behind law.
Take GOP to task for partisan ways 24.6.2011 Boston Globe: Opinion
Take GOP to task for partisan ways
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Supreme Court strikes down Vermont prescription privacy law 24.6.2011 Daily Kos
Vermont's law which provided that unless the prescribing doctor consented, pharmacies and similar entities could not sell identifying information regarding the doctor's practices to pharmaceutical manufacturers or for other marketing purposes. (Individual patient confidentiality remains protected; this is about the doctor.) According to the three dissenting Justices (Breyer, Ginsburg, and Kagan) , this prohibition could have been upheld on any number of constitutional grounds: The Vermont statute before us adversely affects expression in one, and only one, way. It deprives pharmaceutical and data-mining companies of data, collected pursuant to the government’s regulatory mandate, that could help pharmaceutical companies create better sales messages. In my view, this effect on expression is inextricably related to a lawful governmental effort to regulate a commercial enterprise. The First Amendment does not require courts to apply a special “heightened” standard of review when reviewing such an ...
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Senate Dems introduce comprehensive immigration reform bill 24.6.2011 Daily Kos
Sens. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., Harry Reid, D-Nev., Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., Dick Durbin, D-Ill., Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., John Kerry, D-Mass., and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., have reintroduced comprehensive immigration reform legislation in the Senate. Menendez’s office said in press release that the bill is “aimed at addressing the broken immigration system with tough, smart, and fair measures.” The Immigration Policy Center explains that Menendez’s proposal includes the creation of Lawful Prospective Immigration (LPI) status. Applicants for LPI status would be required to submit biometric data, go through security checks and pay a fine. After six to eight years of LPI status, undocumented immigrants could transition to Legal Permanent Resident status only after they pay taxes and additional fines, learn English and U.S. civics, and undergo additional background checks. And even then, LPIs would have to wait behind those already in line for LPR status. The Policy Center also says the bill ...
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