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No Plenary Power Over Indian Nations 14.11.2011 ICT - National
For generations now, Indian Country has been conditioned to believe and act upon the false view that the United States Congress has plenary power over all Indian affairs, and, by implication, over Indian Nations. This has resulted in our Indian...
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Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Serious issues 14.11.2011 Daily Kos
Visual source: Newseum Jonathan Bernstein on torture: Nothing that the Republicans said [Sat] night is going to change the various candidates’ chances of winning the nomination. Perhaps the headline in that sense is that Rick Perry managed to make it through 90 minutes without making a fool of himself, but that’s about it as far as nomination news. But it certainly is important that several candidates — Perry, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, and Michele Bachmann — confirmed their position in favor of torture and against normal rule of law constraints on the U.S. government and the president of the United States. For the details, see Conor Friedersdorf , Adam Serwer , and Steve Benen .. NY Times on federal power: If the federal government can require people to purchase health insurance, what else can it force them to do? More to the point, what can’t the government compel citizens to do? In the face of the country’s unemployment crisis, many politicians have portrayed ...
EPA poised to roll out 2012 agenda 14.11.2011 Politico
EPA poised to roll out 2012 agenda
Far From Washington, Obama Defends His Policies 14.11.2011 NYT: Home Page
President Obama will be far from Washington this week meeting with Pacific Rim allies, but on Sunday he weighed in on simmering domestic issues.

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Midday open thread 14.11.2011 Daily Kos
One hears Mitt Romney's name and immediately thinks of visionary leadership : Mitt Romney's energy plan is likely to endear him to the conservatives he badly needs to win the Republican presidential nomination, but it could hurt him with the moderates he'd need to win next November's election. Romney calls for greater U.S. production of coal, oil and natural gas. He'd block new pollution regulations and roll back some old ones. He'd also abandon federal subsidies for "green" technologies such as wind and solar power, deriding the Obama administration's "unhealthy 'green' jobs obsession." Romney's energy blueprint, part of his "Believe in America" vision for the economy, says the Clean Air Act is outdated and needs an overhaul. His policy says nothing about reducing the risks of climate change; he doesn't accept the National Academy of Sciences' conclusion that emissions from burning coal, oil and gas are what's mainly warming the Earth. Nineteenth Century visionary leadership. And keep ...
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SAARC countries need to cooperate: PM 13.11.2011 New Kerala: World News
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Holder pushes back against GOP lawmakers over Fast and Furious 13.11.2011 The Hill

The attorney general has embraced a new strategy, actively confronting and rebuffing the mounting criticism from lawmakers.


Need clarification on Foreign Currency Regulation Act: CII 13.11.2011 New Kerala: World News
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A buoyed healthcare law reaches Supreme Court 13.11.2011 Chicago Tribune: Nation
A buoyed healthcare law reaches Supreme Court
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A buoyed health care law reaches Supreme Court 13.11.2011 San Jose Mercury News: Politics
So far, most appellate judges have rejected attacks on mandate
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A buoyed healthcare law reaches Supreme Court 13.11.2011 LA Times: Nation
Justices are expected to announce as soon as Monday that they will hear a challenge to President Obama's landmark legislation, which bears the surprising approval of prominent conservative judges.

After a year and a half of legal skirmishing, President Obama's embattled healthcare law has arrived at the Supreme Court riding a surprising winning streak and carrying a constitutional stamp of approval from prominent conservative judges.

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India is at your side, PM tells Maldives 12.11.2011 New Kerala: World News
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Tech at Night: Public Knowledge attacks me, Wireless subsides, Bad laws 12.11.2011 Red State
It turns out it’s not just a few of us on the right who know Tech at Night exists. Gigi Sohn says Tech at Night shapes the debate along with good old Less Government . Of course, Sohn also told a lie about me and claimed AT&T pays me, but… that’s the head of a Soros-funded group for you. Media Marxists and all that. Something I did not know: Millions of Americans are getting subsidized wireless . And gee, they’re using it to replace home phones rather than as a mere supplement, draining money from the government right to Sprint. But we’re supposed to think they’re the victims of unfair competition. Right. Sadly the Congress is busy trying to regulate the Internet instead of trying to end wasteful subsidies. The Net Neutrality repeal failed in the Senate (and look at the angry comment Seton Motley got!), as the Democrats refused to control the Obama FCC’s excesses. ACLJ warns of the problems with SOPA and PROTECT IP, the national Internet ...
Male People's Majlis a testimony to faith in democracy, says Manmohan Singh 12.11.2011 New Kerala: World News
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Traffic advisory for 4-day Nirankari Samagam 12.11.2011 New Kerala: World News
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Open thread for night owls: Regulation by loophole 12.11.2011 Daily Kos
[N]o one should take too seriously Republican complaints about burdensome regulations strangling the economy. The truth is that most reformers prefer fairly simple rules. In the tax world, they'd prefer to simply tax all income. In the environmental world, they'd prefer to set firm limits for pollutants. In the financial world, they'd prefer blunt rules that cut off risky activity at its knees. But businesses don't like simple rules, because simple rules are hard to evade. So they lobby endlessly for exemptions both big and small. This is why we end up with tax subsidies for bow-and-arrow makers. It's why we end up with environmental rules that treat a hundred different industries a hundred different ways. It's why financial regulators don't enact simple leverage rules or place firm asset caps on firm size. Those would be hard to get around and might genuinely eat into bank profits. Complex rules, conversely, are the meat and drink of $500-per-hour lawyers and whiz kid engineers. If the rules ...
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The Sewers of Jefferson County 12.11.2011 Crooks Liars
In case you haven't heard, Jefferson County, Alabama (JeffCo) commissioners have voted to declare the largest municipal bankruptcy in history . This did not happen overnight -- in fact, it required decades of poor leadership. Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi, who has followed the story closely , points to Wall Street's "continual screwing" of JeffCo and the way their Washington representative, Spencer Bachus, has held up new Dodd-Frank regulations that would prevent further screwing. ( Click here for a detailed history of the bond issues that sank JeffCo.) A court ruling nixed the county's occupational tax in 2009, right as the county's bond fees were inflating. JeffCo was forced to refund tax receipts in hand . By 2010, State Senator Scott Beason (who wants to " empty the clip " on illegal immigration) single-handedly killed an attempt to reinstate the tax , saying he did not think "new taxes" were needed. JeffCo leaders simply wanted their old taxes back, but it didn't matter: JeffCo is ...
The Loyal Opposition: Eric Holder Should Release the Awlaki Memo 12.11.2011 NY Times: Editorials
Where's the document outlining the legal justification for killing Anwar al-Awlaki?

Unions urge Congress to save jobs at the largest civilian employer of veterans: The Postal Service 11.11.2011 Daily Kos
On Veterans Day today, lawmakers will make a lot of speeches honoring the service of the nation’s military veterans. But many of these same lawmakers are backing legislation that could cost the jobs of 26,000 veterans who work for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). The bill (H.R. 2309), sponsored by Reps. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Dennis Ross (R-Fla.), was approved by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Oct. 13. It would force the Postal Service to lay off as many as 120,000 workers, including veterans who served our nation. ...
A legislation in offing to protect street vendors 11.11.2011 New Kerala: World News
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