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Paul Ryan Seemingly Endorsed The Volcker Rule At A Recent Town Hall 8.5.2012 Think Progres
MOUNT PLEASANT, Wisconsin — Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) made a surprising policy assertion late last week, seemingly telling a Wisconsin town hall that he supports a key financial regulation pushed by President Obama and progressives in Congress. “If you’re a bank and you want to operate like some non-bank entity like a hedge fund, then [...]
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Obama Gets Tough, Finally 7.5.2012
Obama Gets Tough, Finally
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Irreconcilable Budget Differences 7.5.2012 American Spectator
This week you're likely to hear a lot more about the death of one of the Beastie Boys and the French election than what Republicans are trying to do to save the Pentagon budget from the wrecking ball of sequestration. The reasons you won't hear about it are lessons for Mitt Romney, who remains oddly disconnected from what House Republicans are doing. That's the first problem. Romney, the presumptive nominee, is rapidly earning the reputation attributed to the Palestinians almost forty years ago by Israeli Prime Minister Abba Eban: he never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Romney could be working closely with House leaders to pass legislation -- putting Senate Dems under the gun for killing the bills - to illustrate vividly how a Romney presidency would help save the nation from Obama's spending spree, reductions in military strength and over-regulation. But he isn't. One of the biggest problems that will come to a head soon after the election is the result of last year's ...
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It's the Economy, Smartypants 7.5.2012 American Prospect
Karl Rove's signature contribution to campaign politics was the insight that the most effective way to defeat an opponent was not to attack his greatest weakness, but to attack his greatest strength. (There's some vivid detail from Joshua Green's classic 2004 article on Rove's history as a campaigner. Sample: Your client's opponent volunteers to help abused children? Spread rumors that he's a pedophile!) There's no doubt that at the moment, Mitt Romney's greatest strength is the idea that as a successful businessman, he will do a good job stewarding the American economy. In fact, that may be his only strength. He's stiff and awkward, he has a well-earned reputation for changing his stated beliefs to suit the political moment, he just went through a primary campaign in which he took numerous unpopular positions in order to please an extremist party base, the severe unpopularity of his party in Congress will drag him down, he has nothing particularly compelling to say about foreign policy—you ...
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Our Battle Scars 7.5.2012 American Prospect
I t’s taken me almost my entire life to come out of the closet as a liberal. In college at the end of the 1970s, I was no revolutionary, but I thought of myself as a radical. Working at “the independent socialist newspaper” In These Times in the 1980s, I tried on actual socialism, with some relief at having a name for what I thought I believed. Later I became a progressive, when that term came to stand for the Paul Wellstone-Howard Dean “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.” In middle age, I’ve belatedly found solace and realism in calling myself a liberal. Eric Alterman and Kevin Mattson’s The Cause: The Fight for American Liberalism from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama explains why. The book also makes clear why it took me so long to come to terms with my sober, modest, occasionally enervating political identity. Alterman and Mattson remind us how much liberalism has accomplished over the past 75 years: protecting workers; advancing civil and economic rights for black people ...
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Pawtucket World War II vet to get Bronze Star 7.5.2012 Boston Globe: Rhode Island
Pawtucket World War II vet to get Bronze Star
George Will: Liberals, of all people, are waging war against freedom of speech 7.5.2012 Post-Bulletin: Local Opinion

Controversies can be wonderfully clarified when people follow the logic of illogical premises to perverse conclusions. For example, two academics recently wrote in the British Journal of Medical Ethics that "after-birth abortions" — killing newborn babies —

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Nebraska AG Bruning Says Local Non-Discrimination Laws Unconstitutional, Lincoln To Consider One Anyway 7.5.2012 Think Progres
In an advisory opinion issued last week, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning (R) said that he believes under the state’s constitution, local governments have no authority to enact non-discrimination ordinances. This opinion came at the request of State Senator Beau McCoy, who had proposed legislation earlier this year to strip localities of that power, arguing [...]
Oil Not Guaranteed: The XL Pipeline's Accidental Activist 7.5.2012 Esquire
What's the real price of oil when companies like TransCanada are plowing through the family homestead? A report from the surprising front lines.
This Week in Congress: looking to duck the debt deal, Republicans palling around with reconciliation 7.5.2012 Daily Kos
We were out on another recess last week, during which much of the traditional media world caught up with us in realizing that this Republican-dominated 112th Congress has accomplished next to nothing , not to mention the fact that the Republicans doing the dominating are nuttier by far than they've ever been before . This Week in Congress It's back to work, but with the routinely slow start. In the House , that means suspension bills on Monday, with votes delayed until after 6:30 pm. Nothing particularly controversial for today, though the John F. Kennedy Center Reauthorization Act might make Rick Santorum want to throw up. Tuesday also begins with suspension bills, and I wonder if Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA-07) wouldn't be politically pleased to see his "United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act" defeated under suspension of the rules, leaving him free to pin the "anti-Israel" label on House Dems. Things really start rolling in the House toward the end of the week, ...
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Final stretch headliner Civil unions 7.5.2012 Durango Herald
DENVER Politicians are prone to putting off tough decisions until the last possible moment.
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New Kansas abortion bill lets doctors lie to patients, withhold cancer treatment 6.5.2012 Boing Boing
The Kansas House of Reps passed one of the most draconian and awful abortion bills imaginable last week. Among other things, it allows doctors to lie to their patients to keep them from getting abortions, even if the mother's health demands it, and mandates that doctors lie about health risks from abortion. It also allows [...]

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Romney’s Red Herring: Blaming Regulation On Fishing Woes That Smart Regulations Could Have Prevented 6.5.2012 Think Progres
Campaigning in New Hampshire earlier this week, Mitt Romney took yet another stab at the evils of regulation — this time with a focus on fisheries. Speaking with New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte in the seacoast city of Portsmouth, the two railed against regulations that “burden [companies] with red tape and put them out of business.” [...]
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Occupy and the Constitution 6.5.2012 Daily Kos
"I would not look to the U.S. Constitution if I were drafting a constitution in the year 2012." - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg The weekend before May Day, I was at a conference at the Yale Law School (segments viewable here ) on Jack Balkin's book Living Originalism (which I wrote about here ). One of the running themes of the conference was an attempt at understanding where exactly we are in terms of the Constitution. Is the Roberts Court in the process of (or at least a threat to) a constitutional counterrevolution, reversing the constitutional understanding established by the New Deal? Or as President Obama phrased it, is the Roberts Court intent on returning us to the Lochner Era? Conservative legal scholar Michael Greve described the atmosphere in this fashion : It is impossible to convey the constitutional establishment’s near-clinical obsession with, and hysteria over, the possible invalidation of the ACA’s individual mandate. It would, they say, amount to an unconscionable act ...
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9/11 defendants ignore judge at Guantanamo hearing 6.5.2012 CNN-IBN: World
The second attempt to prosecute the self-proclaimed mastermind of the September 11 attacks and four men accused of helping orchestrate the plot got off to a rough start, with the defendants disrupting their arraignment and forcing the proceedings to drag on late into the night.
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Medical marijuana bill gets OK in Connecticut 6.5.2012 MSNBC
Medical marijuana bill gets OK in Connecticut
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Obama launches re-election campaign with warning 6.5.2012 MSNBC
Analysis: The president tries to paint this campaign as a choice between a Republican rival set on undoing his first-term agenda and an incumbent trying to build on his achievements. ...
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Destroying the California Dream (Guest Voice) 6.5.2012 The Moderate Voice
Destroying the California Dream by Michael Reagan Cuba is a one-party state. North Korea is a one-party state. California is a one-party state. I’m not trying to draw any false parallels. But I’ve noticed bad things happen when one political party has complete control of a government for too long, whether it’s the Communist Party [...]
Connecticut aims to avoid states' medical marijuana woes 6.5.2012 San Jose Mercury News: Politics
HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- Connecticut lawmakers' approval of the use of medical marijuana includes strict regulations for the cultivation and distribution in an attempt to avoid problems other states have run into when legalizing the plant for medical use.
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McManus: Coming clean on drones 6.5.2012 LA Times: Commentary
McManus: Coming clean on drones
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