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Women activists condemn Afghan marriage law 17.8.2009 Boston Globe: Latest
Women's rights activists alleged Monday that Afghan President Hamid Karzai has used a constitutional loophole to enact a law that allows minority Shiite Muslim husbands to refuse food and money to their wives if they deny them sex.
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Threat of violence looms over Afghan vote 17.8.2009 Boston Globe: Latest
The threat of violence looms over Afghan presidential election Thursday. And not just from Taliban militants.
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US claims success in thwarting Taliban 17.8.2009 Financial Times US
The US said that Taliban insurgents had failed to derail Afghanistan's elections, to be held on Thursday, with a wave of violent attacks.
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We must face reality in Afghanistan 17.8.2009 Financial Times US
America still has a limited and achievable objective in Afghanistan: securing a viable state and preventing al-Qaeda from regaining its lost base. But US planners must recognise that the public will not countenance an endless demand for more troops, says Gilles Dorronsoro
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Karzai, the Pashtuns, and the Taliban 17.8.2009 Common Dreams: Views
by Robert Dreyfuss

The prospects for Afghanistan's election on Thursday are murky, at best.

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Afghan Campaign Issue: Talking to the Taliban 17.8.2009 NY Times: Asia-Pacific
Whether and how to negotiate peace with the Taliban has become the one issue that no candidate in the Afghan presidential election can avoid taking a stand on.

Afghanistan Says Ex-Militia Chief Free To Return 17.8.2009 Afghanistan Conflict Monitor
'Afghanistan Says Ex-Militia Chief Free To Return', Reuters, 16 August 2009 EXCERPT: "Exiled Uzbek General Abdul Rashid Dostum can return to Afghanistan at any time, the government said on Sunday, after his supporters threatened to withdraw backing for President Hamid...
Afghan warlord Dostum returns 17.8.2009 Raw Story
General who killed thousands now supporting US-backed Karzai.

A look at the top Afghan presidential candidates 17.8.2009 Boston Globe: Latest
A look at the leading candidates in Afghanistan's Aug. 20 presidential election: ABDULLAH ABDULLAH
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How Did a Suicide Bomber Get Into Kabul's NATO Headquarters? 17.8.2009 Truthout - All Articles

    Kabul, Afghanistan - Afghan authorities are trying to determine how a suicide bomber breached tight security in Kabul's diplomatic quarter on Saturday and detonated an SUV packed with explosives in front of NATO headquarters five days before the presidential election.

    At least seven people died and 91 others were injured by the explosion, according to a Defense Ministry statement.

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Dostum Returns as Elections Near 17.8.2009 All Quqnoos Articles


An influential Afghan leader, Gen Abdul Rashid Dostum, has retuned to Afghanistan four days before the presidential elections


Last hours of campaign, Karzai seeks warlord edge 17.8.2009 Hindustan Times: News
Hamid Karzai and his main rival Abdullah entered the last day of campaigning for the Afghan presidency with the outcome hanging on the threat of violence and the clout of old militia chiefs.
Op-Ed Contributor: Afghanistan’s Tyranny of the Minority 17.8.2009 NY Times: Editorials
The Taliban has gained support from many Pashtuns, Afghanistan’s largest ethnic group, because their rivals have more power.

Afghanistan’s President Moves to Bolster Bid for Re-Election 17.8.2009 new york times afghanistan
President Hamid Karzai appeared in a live televised debate and allowed an Uzbek warlord to return to Afghanistan to rally support.
Afghans in U.S., Unable to Vote in Presidential Election, Campaign From Afar 17.8.2009 Washington Post: World
Late at night, after he gets home from his job managing an Afghan restaurant in Alexandria, Mir Farid Hashimi makes long-distance calls, trying to convince relatives in Afghanistan that despite the hard times there, Hamid Karzai should keep leading the country.

Fear of the Taliban Discourages Afghan Voters 17.8.2009 International Herald Tribune: Front Page
The insurgents’ campaign against this week’s election may cost President Hamid Karzai vital support from his fellow Pashtuns.
Karzai Takes on Presidential Rivals During Two-Hour Debate 17.8.2009 Washington Post: World
KABUL, Aug. 16 -- After failing to show up for the first televised debate, President Hamid Karzai took on two rivals on Sunday night who described his government as mired in corruption and deficient in bringing jobs and security to Afghanistan.

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No sex, no food: new Afghan law 16.8.2009 Hindustan Times: News
Afghanistan has enacted a new legislation empowering men of Shia sect to deny their wives food and sustenance if they refuse to obey their husbands' sexual demands, a media report said.
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Taliban threaten attacks on Afghan polling stations 16.8.2009 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Taliban threaten attacks on Afghan polling stations

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Fear of Iran-style unrest grips Afghans 14.8.2009 Hindustan Times: World
In Herat, Afghanistan’s cultural capital, less than two hours’ drive from the Iranian border, the influence of the country’s western neighbour permeates the streets and cafes.
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