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Afghanistan conflict: US to cut $1bn in aid over political feud 24.3.2020 BBC: World
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announces the sanction after failing to get rival politicians to agree.
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One country, two Presidents and an endless war 14.3.2020 Hindu: Diet & Nutrition
Ghani and rival Abdullah have formed parallel governments, complicating the peace process
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Afghanistan government to release 1,500 Taliban prisoners 11.3.2020 Hindu: Fitness
The militants say the agreement requires the government to release 5,000 prisoners before talks begin. The government says the talks must begin and violence subside before it will free them all.
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Taliban prisoner swap begins as part of Afghan peace talks 11.3.2020 BBC: World
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani agrees to release 1,500 Taliban prisoners as negotiations begin.
Afghanistan conflict: US begins withdrawing troops 10.3.2020 BBC: World
The withdrawal is part of an historic peace deal with the Taliban that aims to end the 18-year war.
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US starts withdrawing troops from Afghanistan 10.3.2020 Raw Story
American troops have begun leaving Afghanistan for the initial troop withdrawal required in the U.S.-Taliban peace agreement, the U.S. military confirmed Monday, amid political chaos in Kabul that threatens the deal. Army Col. Sonny Leggett, spokesman for U.S. forces in Afghanistan, said in a statement that the U.S. is moving ahead with plans to cut the […]
Afghanistan Has Two Presidents 9.3.2020 Outside the Beltway
As if the country needed more turmoil.
Ashraf Ghani sworn in for second term as Afghan President amid crisis 9.3.2020 Hindu: Fitness
Two blasts were heard as Afghanistan's two rival leaders held parallel presidential inaugurations in Kabul.
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Afghanistan: Rival 'presidents' plan rival inaugurations 9.3.2020 BBC: World
Both men insist they won the presidential election, which took place in September.
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Afghan political rivals to hold parallel swearing-in events 8.3.2020 Hindu: Fitness
Abdullah contests Ghani’s win, claiming he will form govt.
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Gunmen stage deadly attack on Shiite memorial service in Afghan capital 6.3.2020 Raw Story
Gunmen attacked a memorial ceremony for a minority Shiite leader in Kabul Friday, killing at least 29 people and wounding more than 55 others in the first major attack on the Afghan capital since the US reached a troop withdrawal agreement with the Taliban. The attack occurred in the predominantly Hazara Dasht-e-Barchi neighbourhood of Kabul […]
Attack in Kabul kills at least 27 people, wounds dozens 6.3.2020 Hindu: Rx
The Taliban, the largest Islamist militant group in Afghanistan, said in a statement they were not involved in the attack. A top Afghan political leader, Abdullah Abdullah, was present at the event but escaped unharmed.
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Trump’s Afghanistan Deal Prioritizes Bragging Rights Over Lasting Peace 4.3.2020
Trump’s own former national security aides say he is “far less interested in an actual Afghan ...
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The sum and substance of the Afghan deal 4.3.2020 Hindu: Lead
The United States is on its way out and this does not ensure peace for the people of Afghanistan
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Return to chaos in Afghanistan? 3.3.2020 Hindu: Fitness
An intra-Afghan dialogue should have preceded the Doha deal
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Letters to the Editor — March 2, 2020 2.3.2020 Hindu: Opinion
Deal with the TalibanFew except the families of the American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan will celebrate the U.S.-Taliban deal as a major blow fo
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A deal that increases uncertainty 1.3.2020 Hindu: Rx
The U.S.-Taliban agreement achieves some objectives, but may not bring lasting peace
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Experts raise concerns for India over U.S.-Taliban agreement 1.3.2020 Hindu: Health
The proposed Afghanistan-Pakistan dialogue, facilitated by the U.S., must not cut India out of the region’s security architecture, warn experts
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Tough talks ahead as Ghani rejects Taliban prisoner swap 1.3.2020 Hindu: News
Clause part of pact that lays out foreign forces’ pullout plan
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U.S. and the Taliban sign accord to end war in Afghanistan, draw down American forces 29.2.2020 LA Times: Nation

Taliban militants and the Trump administration take another step forward in a risky bid to end nearly two decades of fighting in Afghanistan.

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