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America under Donald Trump: A failed state in slow motion 23.5.2020 Raw Story
What is a failed state? It’s a country that would hire me to make things work. I learned that the night I made the trip between Kabul and Jalalabad. The main trading route between the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan was how virtually everything needed in Afghanistan was shipped into the country, from automobiles to […]
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Op-Ed: The American defeat in Afghanistan 4.3.2020 LA Times: Opinion

The U.S. has little to show for its years at war in Afghanistan, despite more than 6,000 American soldiers dead and some $1 trillion spent.

Afghan heroin addicts meet brave woman in 'Mother Camp' rehab 14.2.2020 LA Times: Nation

The woman who runs the Mother Camp heroin rehab clinic in Afghanistan defies a male-dominated in the war-broken land

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God, gas and heroin. Now, the fight's over water 6.2.2020 LA Times: Nation

Men on the border between Afghanistan and Iran have battled for centuries. Now a fight over water is brewing.

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How War Targets the Young 19.12.2019
At home or abroad, the “war on terror” has also been a war on youth and ...
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How Edinburgh became the Aids capital of Europe 1.12.2019 BBC: Front Page
The doctor who discovered why drug addicts in Edinburgh were infected with the new disease Aids.
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US meth lab strikes in Afghanistan killed at least 30 civilians, says UN 9.10.2019 BBC: World
The United Nations says the attacks in May killed at least 30 civilians, including children.
Why is there a war in Afghanistan? The short, medium and long story 8.9.2019 BBC: World
Why is there a war in Afghanistan? America's longest war explained in 100, 300 and 800 words.
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At the baseball stadiums, patriotism is always on sale 25.5.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
It's Memorial Day weekend, the annual tradition in which sports teams and businesses can cash in on the sacrifice of soldiers.
Brutal truths about our failure in Afghanistan are being drowned out by fake news 4.5.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

It has become a journalistic game of sorts: Keeping a running tally of President Trump’s half-truths, untruths and outright lies. That game is not without entertainment value. Yet arguably at least as interesting and perhaps more instructive are the genuine truths that go essentially unnoticed,...

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How the US military's opium war in Afghanistan was lost 26.4.2019 BBC News - US & Canada
The US has spent $1.5m a day fighting the opium war in Afghanistan. Why is business still booming?
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Heroin used to pass through South Africa en route to Europe. Now much of it stays, with devastating effects 21.4.2019 L.A. Times - World News

James Mashakeni, 22, began smoking nyaope, a heroin-based narcotic, after a blowout fight with his dad nine years ago. When his father burned his clothes and schoolbooks, he recalls, friends offered him the street drug as a means of escape.

“I became addicted quickly,” he said. “I was smoking every...

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Calculating the Damage From a Century of Drug Prohibition 9.4.2019
The influence of the drug war has reshaped U.S. society.

The post Calculating the Damage From a Century of Drug Prohibition appeared first on Truthout.

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WILLIAM BLUM: Sucking Liberals into a New Cold War 19.3.2019
Out of fury against President Trump, many liberals have enlisted in the ranks of the New Cold War against Russia, seeming to have forgotten the costs to rationality and lives from the first Cold War, warned the late William Blum.…Read more →
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Meet Global Crime's Elon Musk 22.2.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
In 'Hunting LeRoux,' Elaine Shannon reveals a vast, shadowy alternate economy with "bad people doing very bad things...The body count is going to keep rising."
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Afghanistan: How does the Taliban make money? 22.12.2018 BBC: Front Page
The Taliban maintains a sophisticated financial network and taxation system to generate income.
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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says sanctions may lead to drugs, refugee, bomb ‘deluge’ 8.12.2018 Raw Story

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani predicted a “deluge” of drugs, refugees and attacks on the West if U.S. sanctions weaken Iran’s ability to contain them. “I warn those who impose sanctions that if Iran’s ability to fight drugs and terrorism are affected … you will not be safe from a deluge of ...

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How to Fight a War of Ultimate Repetitiousness in Afghanistan 16.8.2018
The US military is now heading into record territory in Afghanistan.

The post How to Fight a War of Ultimate Repetitiousness in Afghanistan appeared first on Truthout.

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How WhatsApp has helped heroin become Mozambique’s second biggest export 9.7.2018 BBC: Technology
As many as 40 tonnes of heroin could be passing through Mozambique every year, in a trade that is boosted by the use of mobile phone apps.
Taliban overrun parts of Afghan city of Farah in major offensive 16.5.2018 Washington Post: World
Afghan and U.S. planes bombed the area to halt the insurgents’ advance.
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