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Afghanistan woman breaks ground with Kabul recycling plant 25.11.2019 LA Times: Nation

Zuhal Atmar is the first woman in Afghanistan to run a recycling plant, driven by her wish to help the environment and fight climate change.

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A diplomat with a history of voicing concerns set to testify in impeachment inquiry 21.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
David Holmes is a top staffer at the U.S Embassy in Ukraine. He overheard a phone call between the U.S. ambassador to the European Union and the president in which "investigations" were discussed.
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Medicaid Tweak Might Offer Means to Improve US Reproductive Health 18.11.2019
A pregnant woman relaxes in bed
The U.S. is one of only three countries where deaths related to pregnancy and birth are on the rise.
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50 Years of US Arms Sales Have Had Severe and Lasting Impact on Middle East 18.11.2019
soldiers load artillery into a missie launcher
Most Americans oppose runaway arms trading. Will our government change course?
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Democracy Shouldn’t Be About Celebrating Military Overlords 24.10.2019
Democracy Shouldn’t Be About Celebrating Military Overlords
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Extorting Ukraine is bad enough, but Trump has done much worse 20.10.2019 Raw Story
Recently a friend who follows the news a bit less obsessively than I do said, “I thought George W. Bush was bad, but it seems like Donald Trump is even worse. What do you think?” “Well,” I replied, “in terms of causing death and destruction, I suspect Bush still has the edge.” In fact, the […]
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Letters to the Editor: Trump betrayed the Kurds. Will he try to take credit for saving them? 16.10.2019 LA Times: Opinion

The president opened the door to a Turkish invasion, and now he's trying to slam it shut. It's similar to how he creates other crisis and then tries to "solve" them.

Trump’s high crimes: Why impeachment fever is catching on — and could stop a historically destructive president 16.10.2019 Raw Story
Recently a friend who follows the news a bit less obsessively than I do said, “I thought George W. Bush was bad, but it seems like Donald Trump is even worse. What do you think?” “Well,” I replied, “in terms of causing death and destruction, I suspect Bush still has the edge.” In fact, the U.S.-led […]
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Extorting Ukraine Is Bad Enough, But Trump Has Done Much Worse 15.10.2019
Donald Trump is a threat to the whole human species, and for that he should be ...
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Robert Reich walks through all the ways Trump is selling America to foreign powers for his own personal profit 14.10.2019 Raw Story
Notorious class warrior Robert Reich wrote a sharp attack of President Donald Trump for his international policies that are doing nothing more than scoring him personal cash and power. Writing for The Guardian, Reich called Trump “the most xenophobic and isolationist American president in modern history,” saying that the president has been “selling America to […]
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Citing corruption, US slashes Afghan aid days before election 19.9.2019 Raw Story
The United States on Thursday accused Afghanistan’s government of failing to fight corruption and cut more than $160 million in direct funding, little over a week before the country’s elections. While Washington has long complained of graft by its ally, the harsh measure comes after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani clashed with President Donald Trump over […]
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ERROR: Missing Story Title 11.9.2019 The Moderate Voice

WASHINGTON — There are many things to fear about the Trump presidency. Scariest of all may be those things we don’t even know we have to worry about — such as President Trump preparing to surrender to the Taliban at Camp David on the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Few could have […]

The post appeared first on The Moderate Voice.

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ABC, NBC Aid Biden’s Rationalization of Inaccurate Medal Pinning Story 30.8.2019 NewsBusters
Former Vice President Joe Biden found himself at the center of yet another controversy on Thursday, after it was discovered he had stitched together several stories to construct an emotional tale of pinning a medal on a serviceman in Afghanistan. If President Trump got as many details wrong about a story, the liberal media would declare that he was intentionally trying to “gaslight” the country. Instead, ABC and NBC helped him rationalize it, albeit in different ...
Trump’s ignorance has touched off a new crisis in Kashmir 19.8.2019 Raw Story
South Asia is again in crisis and could be on the brink of war. For the second time in six months, the world is on tenterhooks, waiting to see what turn events will take. Because the two antagonists are armed with nuclear weapons, the possibility of a confrontation is taken seriously. And as has happened […]
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The 1990s: The Golden Age of Travel? 15.8.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Modern-day social media is hampering our travels and the ability to truly experience a new place. Johnny Bealby reminisces about the time before cellphones.
No deal yet in latest Afghanistan talks, but Trump planning big cuts in U.S. presence 14.8.2019 L.A. Times - World News

Another round of U.S. talks with the Taliban ends, apparently without a deal on declaring a cease-fire or other objectives.

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You Never Knew You Needed a Book on Richard Holbrooke, but Goddamn Is It Good 31.7.2019 Mother Jones
Longtime US diplomat Richard Holbrooke was many things: US ambassador to Germany, an author, assistant secretary of state, and a womanizing, social-climbing jerk. While the larger-than-life statesman saw “power the way an artist sees color,” as one former military leader put it in 2009—the year before Holbrooke died at 69—another former colleague described him as […]
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How to end wars: Get Congress to act, and reinstitute the draft 26.7.2019 LA Times: Opinion

The president says he could destroy Afghanistan, and Congress acts as if it is powerless over him. It's not supposed to be this way.

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Opinion: Jay Inslee on persuading Americans to save ourselves from climate change 25.7.2019 LA Times: Opinion

Washington Governor and 2020 presidential candidate Jay Inslee say down with the Los Angeles Times editorial board to discuss climate change and the coming election.

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U.S. and Pakistan: Can Donald Trump and Imran Khan's Tough Ties Turn to Opportunity? 22.7.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
Among the top subjects likely to be discussed by President Donald Trump and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan were counterterrorism, the Afghanistan war, economic aid and China.
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