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Obama's Muslim liaison 22.7.2008 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Obama's Muslim liaison

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Zahir, Prince Mustafa 20.7.2008 All Quqnoos Articles


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Obama's Visit Renews Focus on Afghanistan 20.7.2008 Truthout.com

    Kabul, Afghanistan - Senator Barack Obama met with President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan here on Sunday, the second day of Mr. Obama's high-profile foreign trip in a country that is increasingly the focus of his clash with Senator John McCain over whether the war in Iraq has been a distraction in hunting down terrorists.

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Gitmo lawyer drops drawers at presser 18.7.2008 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
In a recent interview with the Yemen Observer, David Remes, a Covington & Burling partner who was in Yemen working on his representation of 15 Yemeni detainees at Gitmo, told the journalist that he had “two missions” during the visit: “first to meet the families of the men that I represent in Guantanamo and second, to do what I can to promote the cause of these men.” RemesIt was in the name of this zealous advocacy that Remes (Columbia, Harvard Law) removed his pants at a news conference on Monday. This morning, we caught up with Remes, who had just landed at JFK after a 14-hour flight from Dubai.

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“A new strategy for a new world”: Obama lays out his foreign policy 17.7.2008 Crooks Liars
During a speech Tuesday in Washington, D.C., Barack Obama laid out his vision for America’s role in the world, focusing specifically on Iraq and Afghanistan. “George Bush and John McCain don’t have a strategy for success in Iraq – they have a strategy for staying in Iraq. They said we couldn’t leave when violence was [...]
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C&L, Klein discuss Shock Doctrine 17.7.2008 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Ever have one of those metaphysical moments where you realize you’ll never look at things the same again? For me, the first time I traveled abroad and saw life outside my heretofore sheltered existence changed me. So did falling in love and marrying my husband. Having children was a HUGE paradigm shift in the way I viewed the world. None of that is particularly surprising nor singular. However, it’s not only major life milestones that can rock your world and feel like a pair of metaphoric eyeglasses have been placed on your face, allowing you to see edges just a little sharper and distances a little clearer. Reading Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine definitely did just that for me. Boy, did it.

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"Screwed Up" and "Abused": The Interrogation of 16-Year-Old Omar Khadr 16.7.2008 AlterNet
A closer look at the first Guantánamo interrogation to be released on video reveals, above all, a "victimized and exploited" child.
Karzai ousts Afghan attorney general over presidential bid 16.7.2008 Star Tribune: World
Karzai ousts presidential rival 16.7.2008 SFGate: Business & Technology
President Hamid Karzai ousted Afghanistan's top prosecutor on Wednesday, a day after the official announced he would run in next year's presidential election. Karzai's office said Attorney General Abdul Jabar Sabet's plan to contest the election amounted to a...

Karzai ousts presidential rival 16.7.2008 Boston Globe: Latest
President Hamid Karzai ousted Afghanistan's top prosecutor on Wednesday, a day after the official announced he would run in next year's presidential election.
Afghan attorney general is sacked 16.7.2008 BBC South Asia
Afghan President Hamid Karzai dismisses his attorney general after the latter says he will run for president in next year's elections.
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Bush For Sale 14.7.2008 Crooks Liars
 Download | Play    Download | Play  (excerpt courtesy of Bill W, full video available at Times Online) Steve Benen:  Fundraising for a presidential library has always been controversial, in part because, unlike contributions to U.S. political campaigns, donations to libraries can come from foreign sources, and are easier to conceal. But this kind of corruption is striking, even by the Bush [...]
In election dispute, a challenge for Mongolia's democracy 8.7.2008 International Herald Tribune: Front Page
The outburst of violence was shocking and without precedent in democratic Mongolia, and many here are deeply ashamed of what unfolded.
Harvesting crime to make a living 7.7.2008 NewsTrust Yahoo Pipes Feed
Afghan farmers forced
to feed Taliban insur-
gency to survive.

UN envoy to Afghanistan in Kabul, to revamp international aid modalities 6.7.2008 New Kerala: World News
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UN to urge revamp of Afghan aid 6.7.2008 BBC South Asia
The UN's envoy to Afghanistan is to set out a new plan on aid spending, amid concern millions have been wasted.
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Poppy trap 5.7.2008 BBC South Asia
The Afghan farmers caught in a struggle for survival
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Crunch time comes in Afghanistan 5.7.2008 Hindu: Opinion
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I'm Worried 3.7.2008 The Atlantic - Matthew Ygblesias

David Broder:

I have not worried about the fundamental commitment of the American people since 1974. In that year, they were confronted with the stunning evidence that their president had conducted a criminal conspiracy out of the Oval Office. In response, the American people reminded Richard Nixon, the man they had just recently reelected overwhelmingly, that in this country, no one, not even the president, is above the law. They required him to yield his office.

That is not the sign of a nation that has lost its sense of values or forgotten the principles on which this system rests.

And yet here we are in 2008. And I don't think anyone can seriously dispute that the current President of the United States violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or any number of legal commitments to refrain from torture. Some people think these violations were good policy. Many of those who regard those violations as good policy, also maintain that higher constitutional principles grant the President the right to break the law. Which is precisely what you could say on behalf of Richard Nixon. And Bush, like Nixon, has become unpopular. But Bush won't be hounded out of office.

I'm not exactly sure what accounts for the difference. I wasn't alive in 1973-74. I have a vague sense that at that time America's elites operated with some sense of conscience and dignity, and it was taken for granted even among Republican leaders that one couldn't just break the law. These days, a misleading deposition taken in the course of a frivolous lawsuit aimed at avoiding the revelation of an affair is a grave national crisis, but it's taken for granted that only a lunatic would believe that Bush or any of his henchmen should be held accountable in any way for repeated violations of the law. I don't really know what changed, or why David Broder and other gatekeepers of elite consensus can't see that something's gone wrong here, but I'm not happy about it.

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Is Obama Considering Keeping On Robert Gates? 30.6.2008 Crooks Liars
TimesUK: In defiance of traditional party labels, Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, may ask the defence secretary of President George W Bush to stay on if he wins the White House. Obama’s top foreign policy and national security advisers are pressing the case for keeping Robert Gates at the Pentagon after he won [...]
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