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Govt to set up expert committee to monitor avian flu 13.11.2005 Sify News
Government will soon constitute a high level expert committee to keep a close watch on bird flu cases and also to suggest preventive measures, a top official said.
Border with Nepal sealed 12.11.2005 Hindu: National
Keeping a watch on winged visitors 10.11.2005 Hindu: Opinion
A key part of the Union Government's strategy to protect the country from bird flu outbreaks is to monitor wild birds for signs that they might be diseased or infected.
'I have your cell no!' 8.11.2005 TOI: Pune Times
The security agencies have pitched for a cell-phone directory. PT finds out from celebs if this move would interfere their privacy.
<b>Indian tea trade faces tough times with new EU norms</b> 6.11.2005 Deccan Herald
<b>Indian tea trade faces tough times with new EU norms</b>
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CCTV to be installed at Uppal stadium 6.11.2005 Hindu: Andhra Pradesh
Control room to be in place for one-day tie
Your cell # as public info? 5.11.2005 TOI: Hyderabad Times
Mobile phone directories will aid the cause of security, but what about the individual's right to privacy?
Is your cell public info? 5.11.2005 TOI: Calcutta Times
Mobile phone directories will aid the cause of security, but what about the individual's right to privacy?
Muslims asked to register before air travel in US 5.11.2005 Sify News
The head of civil rights for the US Department of Homeland Security is urging Muslim air travellers to register with the federal government before flying to reduce the chances they might be stopped at an airport because their name is on or similar to names on an anti-terrorism watch list.
Fighting terror 4.11.2005 Hindu: Opinion
The Delhi blasts remind us that the Government needs to send a strong signal that India does not have infinite patience. The police must be vigilant not only in matters of VIP security but also in protecting the defenceless common man. They ...
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Diabetes-related kidney disease rates falling 4.11.2005 New Kerala: Health News
NEW YORK: The number of new cases of the most advanced form of kidney disease -- end-stage renal disease -- attributed to diabetes mellitus (ESRD-DM) is declining among US women, whites, and persons below 65 years of age, according to U.S. surveillance data reported in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report November 4th.
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Nepal travel runs into identity hurdle 4.11.2005 Telegraph: Nation
Ashok Yadav had never imagined that not carrying an identity card could spoil his Diwali.
India free from Bird Flu, says Government 1.11.2005 New Kerala: India News
New Delhi: The Indian Government has that the country is free from bird flu after extensively testing of over 14,000 birds across the country.
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"India is free from bird flu" 1.11.2005 Hindu: National
Random samples of poultry and migratory birds tested
Briefly 30.10.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
An awareness rally on disaster management was held here on Saturday from Collectorate to Paneerselvam Park. NCC, NSS, Scouts, Guides and Red Cross students participated in the rally. - Staff Reporter Injured in ...
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Delhi targets flu drug stockpile 27.10.2005 Telegraph: Front Page
The health ministry has said it wants to stockpile one million doses of the anti-influenza drug oseltamivir, but officials appeared unclear about legal mechanisms and the source of raw material for local production of the drug.
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Proposed amendments to Information Technology Act "anti-women" 26.10.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Women facing abuse on the Internet will get a raw deal under the planned changes, say representatives of the Cyber Society of India
CCTVs to be installed at the Taj for added security 25.10.2005 Rediff: News
None of them will be installed on the main monument.
Reports of appalling working conditions in call centres denied 25.10.2005 Hindu: National
``We are going to be more forthcoming about the image of the IT industry'' The degree of surveillance required at work is even comparable with situations of nineteenth century prisons or Roman slave ships, says labour institute study
Gwyneth Paltrow keeps her kid under satellite surveillance! 21.10.2005 ET: Jobs
London: Gwyneth Paltrow?s daughter is indeed the ?apple? of her eye, as the actress reportedly carries high-tech monitoring equipment with her to keep an eye on the baby all the time.
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