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Katana Zero Free DLC Still In Development And It's Now "3x The Original Planned Size" 16.2.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Worth the wait. Despite having some classification issues in Australia around the time of its release, the 2D side-scrolling slash 'em up Katana Zero was one of the standout indie titles of the past year. When it arrived on the Switch in April 2019, we praised its tough hair-raising action sequences, gripping narrative, and impeccable sense of style. If you loved it as much as we did but wanted more, the good news is the DLC – previously announced last year – is still in development. According to the @askiisoft Twitter account, this add-on content is now three times the size of what was originally planned. The indie developer also confirmed it would still be a "free" ...
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Call of Duty Mobile UPDATE: COD event news as new Android and iOS version rolls out 14.2.2020 Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

A NEW Call of Duty Mobile update has been confirmed for this week, bringing with it a special event and a small patch to Android and iOS.
Nintendo Switch fans can breathe sigh of relief ahead of Animal Crossing release date 13.2.2020 Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

NINTENDO appears to have backtracked on controversial plans to monetise Animal Crossing New Horizons.
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Lineage Was Up, But Aion, Guild Wars 2, And Blade & Soul All Took A Dive In Q4 13.2.2020

If you like mobile games, you’ll love how NCSoft’s Q4 2019 financials look. If you like any other part of NCSoft’s games portfolio … well, buckle up, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. As you can see from the sales breakdown above, that mobile sector is all aces, and it could have been […]

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Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game Allegedly Leaks 8.2.2020 IGN Video Games
A Temple Run-style Crash Bandicoot game has allegedly leaked for mobile, complete with Aku Aku, wumpa fruit, Coco, and Dr. Neo Cortex.
Random: Activision Turns Crash Bandicoot Into An Endless Runner For Mobile 7.2.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

With the help of the Candy Crush dev.

Adapting major video game characters to mobile devices is all the rage nowadays. Sega's been doing it for many years with Sonic and even Mario has had quite a few mobile games, so it's no surprise to hear Activision is now extending the reach of its own video game mascot Crash Bandicoot.

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This Isn't the New Crash Bandicoot Game We Were Hoping For 7.2.2020 Push Square | Latest Updates

Crash landing.

There have been strong rumours floating around over the last few months regarding a brand new Crash Bandicoot game. Following the huge success of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, an eventual announcement seems inevitable, but as it happens, it looks like Crash is back already -- although probably not in the form that you were hoping for.

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Black Desert Details Kunoichi Ahead Of Console Launch, Mobile Gets Field of Valor Update 5.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Black Desert is busy, whether it's launching new classes for its console versions or updating its hugely popular mobile game. The team behind the MMORPG posted a GM note on the Black Desert website detailing the Kunoichi, which is coming to Xbox One February 5th, while PlayStation fans will be waiting a day for February ...
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Florence Brings An Intimate Tale Of Love And Life To Switch Next Week 4.2.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

An interactive story.

Annapurna Interactive has revealed that Florence, described as an "interactive storybook", is launching on Nintendo Switch next week.

The game has players experiencing every moment of Florence and Krish’s relationship through a series of gameplay vignettes, following the couple as they grow together, drift apart, and everything in between. It originally launched on iOS and Android devices, snapping up an Apple Design Award and a BAFTA for Best Mobile Game in the process.

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Mobile Hit Fire Emblem Heroes Introduces A New Subscription-Based Service 2.2.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

Will cost $9.49 per month.

Following in the footsteps of Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo's hit mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes will be introducing a subscription-based service. This news was shared in the official Feh Channel video update for this month.

In exchange for a set monthly fee of $9.49 (or the regional equivalent), subscribers will be able to enjoy access to special multiple benefits. This includes the distribution of two resplendent heroes per month as well as four perks each month.

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Apex Legends Mobile release date news ahead of Season 4 update 1.2.2020 Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

GREAT news for Apex Legends fans waiting for the Mobile release date, as EA provided the latest on the exciting port ahead of the big Season 4 update.
Nintendo Mobile Games Reportedly Gross Over $1 Billion 31.1.2020 IGN Video Games
Nintendo has reportedly grossed over $1 billion with its smartphone titles. Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo's biggest mobile success, accounting for over half of the total revenue.
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Review: Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf - The Emperor Will Not Be Pleased 28.1.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
All bark and no bite. You find yourself all alone on an alien planet, nothing ahead of you except filthy worshippers of the evil Chaos Gods. That would usually be fine, as you are a Space Wolf; a son of Russ, bred specifically for battle and ready to die for your cause. But this time, there are a lot of enemies, and your mission is to search for an ancient relic, so death would be in vain. Can you hold off the opposing Word Bearers long enough for your battle brothers to reinforce your position? Only time will tell… Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf finally landed on Switch this week after initially launching on Apple phones back in 2014, Android in 2015, and on PC in 2017. So, how does a six-year-old mobile game hold up now it has touched down on the Nintendo Switch? Not too well, to be honest. The game is a complicated mash-up of X-Com-esque turn-based tactical gameplay and a collectable card game and deck builder. However, neither of these ideas come across too well on the ...
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Pascal?s Wager Review: A Touch of Death 28.1.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
How do you make your Soulsborne clone stand out in a sea of clones? Give it the edgiest name you could possibly think of. Pascal's Wager is a new Souls-inspired mobile game currently only available on iOS, and it's a surprisingly full-featured experience. So why am I taking a pot-shot at the name? Because it has absolutely nothing to do with the ...
There's "No Store" Or Microtransactions In DOOM Eternal 28.1.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

Doing it the right way.

A lot of big video game releases nowadays include microtransactions and online stores where players can go to purchase exclusive items and cosmetics. The upcoming release DOOM Eternal won't be following this common trend.

Responding to a fan over on Facebook recently, id Software creative director Hugo Martin said there would be "no store" in Eternal because it's not a "free to play game or a mobile game" and the developer wanted to offer fans the "complete" experience.

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9 Facts, 1 Lie: DOOM 28.1.2020 IGN Video Games
Here’s 9 fun facts about the DOOM franchise plus one infernal lie. See if you can exorcise the demon of falsehood before the end of the article...or GO TO HELL.
Don't Worry, There Are No Microtransactions in DOOM Eternal 28.1.2020 Push Square | Latest Updates

Eternally grateful.

In case you were ever worried DOOM Eternal might employ such hellish practices as microtransactions, fear not. The upcoming FPS will have some unlockable items, but you won't be able to pay for them; you have to earn them.

This information comes straight from the title's creative director, Hugo Martin. Responding to a fan question on Facebook, Martin assures them that DOOM Eternal won't have an in-game digital store or microtransactions of any kind. Furthermore, the unlockable items are cosmetic, and have no gameplay impact at all.

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Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game Coming This Spring 23.1.2020 IGN Video Games
A new Kingdom Hearts mobile game has been announced, with a planned Spring launch window.
Video: Reggie Fils-Aimé Gives Heartfelt Speech After Receiving Video Game Legend Award 23.1.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
And all winners revealed. Towards the end of last year, it was revealed that ex-President and COO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aimé, would receive an Andrew Yoon Legend Award . That time has finally come, and Reggie's entire acceptance speech has been shared to YouTube in the video above. The video begins with an introduction for Reggie followed by a tribute video; his speech itself starts at around the 10:10 mark. The Legend Award "recognises individuals and organisations that exhibit a significant, sustained body of work that shows exceptional achievement and innovation", with past recipients including the likes of Jade Raymond and Todd ...
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Runescape Hits 1.1 Million Paid Memberships, an All Time High 16.1.2020

Despite RuneScape originally launching back in 2001, the game continues to thrive. Jagex, the company behind the game, reported that the franchise hit 1.1 million paid memberships, an all time high in 2019. Much of the game's continued success is due to the popularity of Oldschool Runescape which achieved its highest active daily player count ever in 2019. “Putting Jagex [...]

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