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Peripherals Manufacturer Gamevice Files New Patent-Infringement Complaint Against Nintendo 1.4.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Wants to block all US imports of the Switch. Last month, we heard how Nintendo had won a lengthy legal battle against the peripherals manufacturer Gamevice, who accused Nintendo of America and Nintendo Co. Ltd in Japan of violating its patent on a "combination computing device and game controller" with a "flexible bridge section". At the time, it was thought to be game over for Gamevice, but it appears not. According to Bloomberg Law , the company has gone and filed a new patent-infringement complaint against Nintendo and has also appealed the case it previously ...
Rumour: Nintendo Is Bringing Some Of Mario's Most Obscure Adventures To Switch Online 1.4.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Mama mia! Following the report from a few days ago that Nintendo is planning to bring some major Mario titles to Switch this year to mark the character's 35th birthday, we've been given a bit more information from a source familiar with the matter which suggests Nintendo is casting its net even wider than originally expected. Our source has told us that alongside the likes of Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 3D World , Nintendo will be bringing some of the plumber's other '90s adventures to Nintendo Switch Online. These include the SNES outing Mario is Missing! , Mario's Time Machine and the Philips CD-i release Hotel Mario. It is also believed that Nintendo is working on a brand-new title which pulls in elements of all of these games, with the current working title New Super Mario Bros. is Missing! + Bowser's Minions HD ...
Terraria Has Has Now Sold 30 Million Copies Worldwide 1.4.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

An incredible achievement.

Terraria might have started out as a 2D take on Minecraft when it first launched in 2011, but since then it's morphed into its own style of game and has been ported to just about every platform possible including the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii U.

It looks like all the hard work for Re-Logic and 505 Games has paid off over the years, as the game has now sold more than 30 million copies across all platforms. A developer from Re-Logic even provided a breakdown of sales, revealing the console version had shifted 7.6 million copies (unfortunately it didn't share individual console stats). Here's the full breakdown:

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Rumour: Nintendo's Internal Development Servers Might Have Been Hacked 1.4.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Pokémon music leaks surface online. At the start of this week, screenshots of Flipnote Studio for Nintendo Switch were apparently leaked online. Source Gaming took a closer look at the time and said it all checked out. Now, according to a post over on ResetEra , two music tracks for the Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC have emerged online. Keep in mind, this first part isn't due to arrive until June. The uploader supposedly received the music from an "anonymous source" although the timing of this is concerning, considering it's now 1st April in some parts of the ...
A Fix For The Cross-Play Loophole In Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Is Now In The Works 1.4.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

"and will be available soon".

Last weekend, there were reports of an issue with the online multiplayer component of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy on the Nintendo Switch, which allowed PC players to join the same servers.

Our friends over at USgamer reached out to Aspyr to ask what exactly was going on, and were informed a fix for this cross-play bug was on the way. Here's the full statement:

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Animal Crossing QR Codes and How to Download Them 1.4.2020 IGN Video Games
Here's how to download Animal Crossing: New Horizons QR codes.
Minecraft Dungeons Release Date Announced 31.3.2020 IGN Video Games
Mojang has announced the official release date for Minecraft Dungeons, a new adventure spinoff of the popular online game.
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Ubisoft Announces Month of Free Games, Game Trials to Include Assassin's Creed, Rayman, and More 31.3.2020 IGN Video Games
Ubisoft will offer free games and trials over the next month to encourage people to stay home during the COVID-19 outbreak. The promotion begins with Rayman Legends.
Review: Zombie Army Trilogy - Undead Action From The Team Behind Sniper Elite 31.3.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Schlock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It's 1945, World War Two is drawing to a rather bloody close and everybody's favourite angry auntie Adolf Hitler has just been informed that it's not looking great for him and his goose-stepping grunts. Being the level-headed Fuhrer that he is, little Adolf reacts to this news by immediately killing the messenger who uttered it and giving an order to execute Plan Z, resurrecting an army of undead Wehrmacht soldiers and setting them loose on war-torn Germany. It's now up to you, playing solo or with up to three other players, to blast your way through the Teppichfresser's undead task force, blowing off limbs, exploding skulls and lining up some super slow-motion sniper shots as you make your way to a final face-off with a reanimated version of Herr Wolf himself. Zombie Army Trilogy , a spin-off of Rebellion's excellent Sniper Elite series, arrives on Switch here some five years after its initial release, comprising three chapters of non-stop Nazi-zombie bludgeoning ...
Every Major IGN Mario Review Ever 31.3.2020 IGN Video Games
With the report of Nintendo planning on re-releasing some of Mario's greatest games on Switch, we thought it'd be a good idea to take a look back at every main Super Mario review from IGN.
Review: One Step From Eden - A Mega Man Battle Network Spiritual Successor With Brutal Difficulty 31.3.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
The rockin'est, rock-steady beat of madness. One Step From Eden makes absolutely no secret of its cribbing from Capcom's late, occasionally great Mega Man Battle Network series. It essentially lifts the ingenious battle system from the GBA cult classic wholesale, makes a series of tweaks and additions, then sets you to work. There's no gallivanting around the UnderNet here; all semblance of exploration has been stripped out, offering a pure combat experience that's both refreshingly focused and staggeringly demanding. The real-time combat sees your player character (initially Saffron, with many more to unlock) moving around a 4x4 grid one square at a time, with your enemies holding a similar grid directly opposite you. Their own spells will (usually) be flagged on your grid before they land, giving you some warning to move out of the way of their increasingly complex and speedy attack patterns. Every battle is randomly generated, and victory moves you along a map with the occasional branching path ...
Airhead Brings New Metroidvania-Style Platforming To Switch In 2021 31.3.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

"An immersive 2.5D platform experience".

Nintendo Switch will be getting its hands (and head) on a promising looking platformer next year in the form of Airhead, it has been announced.

The game has you diving into dark caverns and exploring ancient structures in a bid to solve the mystery of Head's significance in this world. You see, you'll be playing as Body, who joins Head - a head that has lost his air-pumping heart - on an adventure full of friendship and responsibility. We're struggling to wrap our heads around it all, so let's quickly pass you over to this official description:

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Random: Bored At Home? Why Not Try Making This Delicious Looking Animal Crossing Cake? 31.3.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

Straight from the Nook Cook Book.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is turning out to be a truly scrumptious game to play both at home and on the go, but this is taking things to a whole other level.

Instagram user keempossible, a self-taught baking enthusiast and instructor, has gone to the trouble of making this adorable Animal Crossing-inspired cake for her daughter to celebrate the game's release. Featuring the one and only Tom Nook and New Horizons' signature leaf design, the cake has taken the shape of a deco roll and somehow looks even more yummy when cut into slices.

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Video: Nintendo Takes A Look Back At Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Biggest Moments 31.3.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

What a game, huh?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now well over a year old, and what an amazing time we've all had with the latest entry in Nintendo's all-star series.

The gaming giant itself has shared a new video today to celebrate all things Smash, taking a look back at some of the best moments of the past year and a bit. Understandably, much of the video revolves around DLC fighter reveals - we remember reacting in exactly the same way when the Banjo-Kazooie reveal was taking place live - as well as some of the highlights from a number of the game's biggest competitions.

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The Outer Worlds Will Release On Switch This June 31.3.2020 IGN Video Games
The Outer Worlds is finally arriving on Nintendo Switch this June.
The Outer Worlds Gets A New Switch Release Date And A Day-One Patch 31.3.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Make sure you have space. After being pushed back due to issues surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, The Outer Worlds finally has a solid release date on Nintendo Switch. You'll be able to get your hands on the game both physically and digitally from 5th June. As you may remember, the physical version of the game was initially planned to release with a digital download code in the box , rather than a cartridge. Thankfully, that decision was overturned, and the physical release arriving in June will indeed now have a cartridge as you'd ...
Atari's Arcade Classic Pong Comes To Switch As An RPG 31.3.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

Pong Quest.

In today's episode of 'gaming mashups we never expected to see', we share the news that Atari classic Pong is headed to Nintendo Switch in the form of an RPG.

PONG Quest is "a humorous new RPG reimagining of the flagship arcade classic" that's set to launch on Switch and other platforms this spring. The game has you exploring a fantasy world where you'll encounter a variety of paddle opponents and take them on in heated "RPG-esque" battles. There are even special, unlockable balls and costumes to unlock, the former of which are said to add more strategy into the mix.

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Nintendo Direct April 2020: Switch fans get an early taste of INCREDIBLE games line-up 31.3.2020 Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

NINTENDO Switch fans are in for a treat in 2020, as Ninty celebrates Mario's console anniversary in style.
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Nintendo Announces 'Up To 80% Off' Switch Sale, More Than 300 Games To Be Discounted (Europe) 31.3.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

It's a big one!

Nintendo of Europe has today lifted the lid on a mighty-sounding Nintendo Switch sale.

More than 300 games on the hybrid platform are set to be discounted starting from this Thursday, 2nd April. As you can see below, you'll be able to get up to 80% off the games available as part of the new offering.

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Video: 'Sexy Senior Dating Sim' Later Daters Gets Its Very Own Raunchy Theme Song 31.3.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

Try getting this out of your head.

Later Daters will be swinging onto a Switch near you next month, so developer Bloom Digital Media has shared a brand new music video to get you all in the mood.

This 'sexy senior dating sim' has you rocking up as the newest resident to the Ye OLDE retirement community. There, you’ll join a cast of flirts and lovemakers on the prowl, dating and flirting with eight fetching residents while exploring different relationships and intertwining stories.

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