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Review: Invisigun Reloaded - A Tense Action Title Blessed With An Ingenious Twist 25.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Can you see me now? The stealth genre has always been a bit of a love-hate affair. Some people relish the thought of sneaking past oblivious guards and knocking on walls, whereas others find the very concept of keeping schtum completely repellant. There’s rarely an in-between, but Sombr Studio has crafted an experience with Invisigun Reloaded that actively encourages stealth and patience, but manages to feel thrilling and chaotic at the same time. It really is the best of both worlds. A multiplayer game at heart, Invisigun Reloaded pits up to four combatants against each other within a confined arena. The twist? Every player is completely invisible for the majority of the match. You’ll only ever reveal yourself by shooting your weapon or activating your character’s unique ability. What this means is that for long stretches of time, you and your opponents will be carefully navigating the arena, moving in short bursts whilst actively avoiding walls and puddles that may give your position ...
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Random: Superhot Trailer On European Switch eShop Causes Some Confusion 25.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

"This trailer is absolutely recorded using our Switch edition".

When Superhot got a surprise release on the Switch eShop this week, a trailer for the game was uploaded alongside it. If you happened to catch the European version of this video, you might have noticed some text towards the end of the brief clip, instructing the player to press 'R' to restart their run.

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Review: Grandia HD Collection - Two Classic Games, Shoddily Remastered 25.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Not as grand as we'd hoped. You’d be forgiven for not immediately recognizing the Grandia series at first glance. This adventurous JRPG series is one of those that – for better or worse – never really found its footing with a wider audience, and though it had a strong start in the late ’90s, Grandia mostly fizzled out by the mid-2000s for a number of reasons. Despite its relative ‘failure’, Grandia has had a lot of influence on the JRPG genre in the years to follow, and it’s certainly acquired a passionate fanbase as time has passed. Indeed, that small, but vocal fanbase is probably the main reason why Grandia HD Collection has now been released for the Switch, collating the first two releases under one up-rezzed and prettied-up banner. Or, so it would seem. Though the two games included here are still enjoyable RPGs in their own right, Grandia HD Collection is, unfortunately, a game that embodies the concept of ‘cut corners’. Let’s get the additions (or lack thereof) of this re-release out of the way ...
Inti Creates "Loves Nintendo" And Intends To Release Every Game It Can On Switch 25.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

"don't expect us to pull our support".

Inti Creates has been releasing its games on Nintendo systems for many years now. More recently on the Switch, we've seen titles such as Dragon: Marked for Death and Blaster Master Zero 2 made available. There's no plan to stop anytime soon, either.

During a recent chat with Nintendo Everything, company president Takuya Aizu reassured loyal fans the Switch would remain a priority and further explained how the Japanese developer built its legacy on Nintendo's systems:

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Poll: Box Art Brawl #5 - Super Mario Kart 25.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Before the big blue shell. Welcome to Round 5 of Box Art Brawl , where we take a gander at the box art of a certain retro game and crown one regional variant as champion. Last week the classic NES brawler River City Ransom duked it out with its counterparts until the Japanese version emerged bloody-nosed but victorious, beating down the North American version while the lowly PAL cover never really had a look-in and slipped out the back, unloved and unmissed. This week we're heading to the races with the progenitor of an entire genre, Super Mario Kart for the SNES. As you'll see, there's no shortage of colour and energy here, and with today's competitors very evenly matched it'll be interesting to see which has the horsepower to take the chequered ...
The Terminator In Mortal Kombat 11 Will Not Be Voiced By Arnold Schwarzenegger 25.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

But he’ll be back in Dark Fate.

There was some momentary excitement earlier this week when Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon said he couldn’t believe NetherRealm had “got” Arnold Schwarzenegger – aka. the time-travelling cyborg assassin from The Terminator movies.

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EA Reminds Switch Owners The FIFA 20 Legacy Edition Won't Include Volta Football 25.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

New season, same game?

Earlier this year, EA revealed Switch owners would receive a watered-down legacy version of FIFA 20 instead of the full experience. Nintendo fans will miss out on some "big new features" and modes, according to the executive producer Aaron McHardy:

You're gonna get a fresh new look in Switch, with kits and player lists and all of that, but you're not going to be getting Volta or any of the big new features.

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Nintendo's North American Website Now Only Advertises The 2DS Line 25.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

But what about the 3D one?

The 3DS is easily one of the greatest Nintendo systems of all-time thanks to its vast library of games and fancy features that took handheld gaming to the next level. As its time in the spotlight draws to a close, Nintendo appears to have officially phased out the 3D model on its North American website.

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Yuzo Koshiro Confirms That Switch Gotta Protectors Sequel Is Coming To The West 24.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
English version available "by next spring". Ancient's Gotta Protectors was one of the last truly essential eShop games for the Nintendo 3DS, and we awarded it a much-deserved 9/10 back in 2016. Koshiro revealed in 2018 that the next game in the Mamotte Knight / Protect Me Knight series – entitled Susume!! Mamotte Knight: Hime no Totsugeki Serenade – is coming to Switch, and the Ancient president has confirmed to us in an exclusive interview that the western version will be coming out early next ...
Zavvi UK Celebrates 10th Birthday With Limited Edition Boo Merch 24.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

Don't turn your back...

Zavvi is celebrating 10 years of being online with a special selection of discounts and limited edition products across the store.

Earlier in the year, the UK based online retailer had a limited edition Super Mario series which we thought was pretty nifty, continuing the same "Original Hero" theme they have a couple more limited edition products available - this weekend only - as part of the birthday celebrations.

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Director Of Dragon Quest Builders Series Leaves Square Enix 24.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

Looking forward to a "new development environment".

With Dragon Quest Builders 2 now available on the Switch, series director – Kazuya Niinou – has decided to move on from Square Enix. After "about seven years" at the company, he's now looking forward to a "new development environment", having worked on two Dragon Quest games in a row.

Niinou is believed to already have plans in place – with more details about his future to be revealed next week. Despite moving on, he'll reportedly continue to overlook Dragon Quest Builders 2 and will act as an external staffer for Square Enix. In saying this, there's no guarantee there'll be additional updates and DLC for the second game.

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Feature: Streets Of Rage Legend Yuzo Koshiro On Music, Game Dev And Nintendo Switch 24.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
"I want young people to be able to play my games!". As one of the video game world's first musical superstars, Yuzo Koshiro needs no introduction. He took the relatively humble audio hardware of the Sega Mega Drive and made it do things no one thought were possible; his soundtracks for the likes of Revenge of Shinobi and Streets of Rage are lauded as classics to this very day. However, Koshiro-san's career has been so much more than just music for key Sega games; he has a strong portfolio on Nintendo systems thanks to the two ActRaiser games and the Etrian Odyssey series. He also runs Ancient, a studio he founded with his mother and sister in the early ...
Days Gone 1.4 Patch Adds Gyro-Aiming, More Challenges, and General Fixes 24.8.2019 Push Square | Latest Updates
Four more challenges added. The post-launch support for PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone continues with patch 1.40 , which adds even more accessibility options to the game, a number of fixes to bugs and glitches, and even more free challenges. It's available for download on PS4 right now. The headline addition is gyro-aiming, a feature that allows you to make small tweaks to your aim by moving the PS4 controller itself. They're pretty much motion controls, something that has been rather popular over on the Nintendo Switch with the likes of Splatoon 2 . Over a year ago, we asked you lot if this was a feature you'd be interested in, with the poll suggesting that just over a quarter of you love the idea, while 37 per cent aren't interested at all. If you haven't tried gyro-aiming out before, this is probably your best opportunity ...
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Yacht Club Games Broadcasting A Special Video Presentation Next Week 24.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Yacht Club Direct. The face of indie games – Shovel Knight – was oddly missing from Nintendo's Indie World Showcase earlier this week. Thankfully, Yacht Club Games has a "treasure trove" of news to share about him, next week, on 28th August. Yes, it's got so much news to share, it has decided to broadcast its very own video presentation on YouTube and . The YouTube page is already up, and at the time of writing, goes live in approximately four ...
Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (August 24th) 24.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Here are our picks, but what are yours? Another busy week has slipped by as we descend inevitably into the clutches of 2020. Things kicked off with the Nintendo Indie World Showcase which featured some cracking 'available now on Switch eShop' games such as Superhot and Hotline Miami Collection . We got hands on impressions of the upcoming Witcher 3 Switch port . Nintendo gave us a better look at three of their big upcoming releases at Gamescom in Germany. And, perhaps most unforgettably, we all got a look at the bare chests of gaming's finest physical specimens, Dr. Robotnik and Wario . Lovely! As we've finally reached the weekend, it's time once again to sit back, relax, and chat about our gaming plans. We've done that below and we'd love for you to get involved via our poll and comment sections below. ...
Nintendo Switch update: Nintendo Direct set to reveal HUGE amount of new games 24.8.2019 Daily Express :: Gaming Feed

NINTENDO SWITCH fans could be finding out about tonnes of new games heading to the hit hybrid console in an upcoming Nintendo Direct.
Square Enix Confirms Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Will Be A Digital-Only Release 24.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Physical release not happening. Not long after Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy VIII Remastered for multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch at its E3 2019 live presentation, there were murmurs about a possible physical release. DotEmu, the developer helping out with the remastered version of the game, even responded to a fan question asking about a hard copy. This followed with sites such as Play-Asia opening pre-orders for a physical release. Despite looking increasingly likely, Square Enix has now confirmed via its Japanese website , that the game will be digital-only. And here's the news from Play-Asia (thanks to Nintendo Life reader ...
The Persona Series Has Now Sold More Than 10 Million Copies Worldwide 24.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

No joke.

The Persona series might not be as globally recognised as Mario or Pikachu just yet, but it's certainly grown in popularity over the past number of years. In fact, it recently reached a significant milestone in its history.

According to Atlus, in a blog post over on the official Japanese Persona website, the entire series has now sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. This reportedly includes every single game, since it debuted in 1996 as a spin-off to Shin Megami Tensei. We're talking about the main role-playing adventures and every other game with the Persona name attached to it.

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Limited Run Reveals River City Girls Collector's Edition, Pre-Orders Open 30th August 24.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

Get ready to kick some butt.

The beat 'em up genre is alive and well on Nintendo's hybrid device. Earlier this week, DotEmu confirmed Streets of Rage 4 for the system and now the girls from the River City series are vying for your attention as they gear up for their big September release.

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Poll: How Do You Pronounce These Nintendo-Related Words? 24.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Let’s call the whole thing off. As British film critic Mark Kermode often says, we should never make fun of people for mispronouncing words because - more often than not - it means they learned it through reading. This holds true whether they were found in a book or a video game, and many of us as kids gleaned new vocabulary from instruction manuals or the TV screen itself. Voice acting these days tends to do away with confusion, but back in the day you generally had to read names off the packaging or in text boxes; reading and saying are two very different things, though, especially in the English language. It’s the fault of video games that this writer’s childhood pronunciation of ‘chaos’ more closely resembled the word ‘trousers’ for years thanks to collecting emeralds as a blue hedgehog and reading the word on the Special Stage ...
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