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Review: Invisigun Reloaded - A Tense Action Title Blessed With An Ingenious Twist 25.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Can you see me now? The stealth genre has always been a bit of a love-hate affair. Some people relish the thought of sneaking past oblivious guards and knocking on walls, whereas others find the very concept of keeping schtum completely repellant. There’s rarely an in-between, but Sombr Studio has crafted an experience with Invisigun Reloaded that actively encourages stealth and patience, but manages to feel thrilling and chaotic at the same time. It really is the best of both worlds. A multiplayer game at heart, Invisigun Reloaded pits up to four combatants against each other within a confined arena. The twist? Every player is completely invisible for the majority of the match. You’ll only ever reveal yourself by shooting your weapon or activating your character’s unique ability. What this means is that for long stretches of time, you and your opponents will be carefully navigating the arena, moving in short bursts whilst actively avoiding walls and puddles that may give your position ...
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Blizzard To Add New WoW Classic Realms Monday, August 26 25.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
In a forum post earlier, Blizzard announced new WoW Classic realms to open on Monday, August 26.
Cyberpunk 2077 Map Smaller Than Witcher 3, But More Dense 25.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
In speaking with GamesRadar, Cyberpunk 2077 producer Richard Borzymowski compared the map in the upcoming game to that of Witcher 3
New Star Citizen Video Focuses On Quality Assurance Team 25.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
In a new video (via MassivelyOP), Inside Star Citizen highlights the QA team behind Star Citizen.
New WoW Classic Video Discusses Early Stormwind Design 24.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
A new WoW Classic video via tweet discusses the early design and easter eggs of Stormwind.
New Co-Op Game Takes The Heist Formula And Adds Competitive Team Action 24.8.2019

A new heist game has entered Early Access on Steam this week, offering a fresh take for players with a more competitive spirit. Rogue Heist, a 6v6 multiplayer game that tasks both teams with nabbing the same item, launched on Steam this week. The game offers players several roles to choose from — even allowing […]

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Astellia Gender Unlocked Gameplay Trailer 23.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Astellia shows off new gender unlocked gameplay in a new trailer.
ArcheAge To Receive Major Content Update This Fall 23.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
ArcheAge is set to receive a major new content update this fall, as outlined on the Trion Worlds site.
Kingdom Come Deliverance Now On Xbox Game Pass (Console + PC) 23.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Medieval RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance by Warhorse Studios is now available on both the PC and console variant of Xbox Game Pass.
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Nearly One Hour of MCC Firefight PC Streamed 23.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
In a stream captured by Chief Canuck (via PCGamesN), we are graced with nearly one hour of MCC Firefight on PC.
New In-Game Trailer for Ashes of Creation MMORPG Released 23.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
A new in-game trailer for Ashes of Creation MMORPG has released.
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Expansion Adds More Missions and Game Modes on Sept 30 23.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
An expansion pass for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is set to add more content and game modes to the existing game, the first of which arrives on September 30.
Cyberpunk 2077 Coming to Google Stadia 22.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Cyberpunk 2077 will arrive on Google Stadia, according to an official dev diary released by CD Projekt RED.
Free to Play Weekly – Fortnite’s Mech Causing Waves Ep 384 19.8.2019

Epic Games keeps Fortnite mechs and ArcheAge teases a secret project! All that and more, I’m Ethos and this is free to play weekly! Free-To-Play Weekly with Ethos is your weekly web show about free to play multiplayer online games from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about […]

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No Man's Sky Beyond Patch 2.06d Live on PC 19.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
No Man's Sky Beyond received a new patch, dubbed 2.06d. It's live on PC, with consoles to follow.
Age of Empires Announcement Coming Monday During Gamescom 19.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
According to a tweet (via PCGamesN), an Age of Empires announcement is set to arrive on Monday August 19 during Gamescom.
Review: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Complete Edition - This Anime Adaptation Misses The Target 18.8.2019 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
Hollow Fragment. Sword Art Online has been around in some form or another since all the way back in the prehistoric times commonly referred to as 2002. Originally a series of light novels, it’s been praised for its exploration of themes relating to the intertwining of real and virtual worlds and the effect this has on the psyche and physicality of those who experience it in a long-term capacity. Set in the near future, it sees protagonist Kuzuto “Kirito” Kirigaya and his friends locked in a VR tournament in which death means actual death; their real-world bodies withering away in hospital beds, they have no choice but to ascend the 100 levels of Aincrad in order to be set free. After this initial incident is resolved the heroes go on to duke it out with evil forces, laugh, love and form relationships together as they take part in various virtual reality massively multiplayer online games, or VRMMOs, across the several series that make up Sword Art Online as a whole. These VR tournaments and battles have ...
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Borderlands 3 Will Launch With Denuvo Anti-DRM Software 17.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Borderlands 3 will launch on the Epic Store with Denuvo DRM, according to Reddit (via VG247).
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Secret Mission In GTAO Only Unlocks After Getting Wicked Drunk 17.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
As reported by Gamespot, it appears there's a secret mission awaiting you if you get wicked drunk in GTA Online's casino.
WoW Classic AMA Coming August 20, 10a PDT 17.8.2019 MMORPG.COM Latest News
In a forum post (via Wowhead), Blizzard has announced an AMA on Reddit for WoW Classic.
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