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New World: Hands-on With Amazon's New MMORPG 19.2.2020 IGN Video Games
Amazon Games Studio's upcoming MMORPG is making a move to be more accessible and organized but it's still very much a PvP-centric affair.
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Free to Play Weekly – Could Virtual Currency Be Taxed? Ep 407 18.2.2020

CS:GO introduces a new auto mute system and the IRS may be planning on taxing virtual currency. All that and more, I’m Ethos and this is Free to Play Weekly! Free-To-Play Weekly with Ethos is your weekly web show about free to play multiplayer online games from This show presents you with the most […]

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Planetside 2 Escalation Getting Brief Delay 17.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
The Escalation update for Planetside 2 will see a brief delay according to a letter posted by the Executive Producer.
ArcheAge Public Test Server is Open 16.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
The ArcheAge public test server is now open for...testing. Here are the details.
Mini Review: Tilt Pack - An Accessible Yet Shallow Arena Brawler 16.2.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates

Smash Bros. stripped to its bones.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is undeniably brilliant, but there's a fundamental disconnect at the heart of it. Despite its bright, inviting presentation, the series has traded its knock-about couch co-op appeal for an increasingly technical fighting system and reams of esoteric fan service.

Don't agree? Start a game up and place a pad in the hands of a casual or non-gaming friend. See how long they last before putting the pad down, making their excuses and heading to the kitchen to make a drink.

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Feature: Cosmic Defenders Dev On Partnering With Natsume And Life As A Tokyo-Based Indie 15.2.2020 Nintendo Life | Latest Updates
"Living in Japan has been an amazing experience". Last year Natsume announced details of a new Indie developer partnership program with 2D revolving shooter Cosmic Defenders (originally Cosmos Defenders) the first title scheduled for release this year. The game charges you with defending the universe from chaotic aliens who want to steal the Tree of Life. With 96 levels across a solo or co-op multiplayer Story Mode, plus bonus challenge levels, Survival and Versus Modes, it's shaping up to be a fun little Switch shooter and we're eager to give it a blast. The game is still in development with a planned Fall release, but we had recently had the chance to ask Henry Fernández - the one-man team behind Fiery Squirrel - about developing Cosmic Defenders while also working on a PhD, his partnership with Natsume and the experience of living in Japan as an indie game ...
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Control Dev Remedy Has New Game in the Works Alongside Multiplayer Project 15.2.2020 IGN Video Games
A recent financial report revealed a new project for the Remedy development team.
Ashes of Creation Dev Discussion #15 Ask For Your Favorite & Ideal Classes 15.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Ashes of Creation have announced a new dev discussion Q&A for the community.
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Free to Play Cast: NCSoft And Nexon Financials, PSO2 Beta Review, And Rapid Fire News Ep 328 14.2.2020

On this week’s show NCSoft and NEXON release financials and the West isn’t doing so hot for one of them, we review Phantasy Star Online 2’s Closed Beta, and so much more in a Rapid Fire news round. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast! Discussion Timestamps: 01:51 Rapid Fire News […]

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World of Warcraft: Mythic Dungeon International and Arena World Championship Return in 2020 14.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Blizzard has revealed plans for World of Warcraft esports Arena World Championship & Mythic Dungeon International 2020.
GWENT Arrives on Android March 24 14.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
GWENT is almost here for Android.
ESO Live to Discuss Housing Today 14.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
ESO Live, the weekly Elder Scrolls Online community live stream, goes live today at 5p ET and will discuss housing and more.
Warframe Devstream 138 Happening This Afternoon 14.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Warframe's dev stream 138 will be taking place later today at 11a PT / 2p ET.
Blackwing Lair Live in WoW Classic 13.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Blackwing Lair is now live in WoW Classic, offering new reputation rewards, new class quests, and more.
Lineage 2: Revolution Raises Player Level Cap to 440, More in Latest Update 13.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Lineage 2: Revolution has raised the level cap to 440 in a new update, along with other additions.
DOOM Eternal: 12 Minutes of Battlemode 2v1 Multiplayer Gameplay 12.2.2020 IGN Video Games
Two Demons, one Slayer.
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Bethesda Announces Bethesda Game Days 12.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Bethesda Game Days have been announced for Boston this year for the end of February.
Borderlands 3 Getting Seasonal Event and Level Cap Increase 12.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
A new community love letter for Borderlands 3 has outlined a new seasonal event and level cap increase.
Albion Online Announces Test to Limit Alliance Size 12.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Alliance size limits are set to be tested in Albion Online.
This Week in Star Citizen Features Inside Star Citizen and More 11.2.2020 MMORPG.COM Latest News
Cloud Imperium Games released some new information on what's in store this week in Star Citizen.
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