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Why Growing Veggies in the City Isn’t Just a Feel-Good Exercise 18.2.2018 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by CityLab and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  Gotham Greens’ boxed lettuces have been popping up on the shelves of high-end grocers in New York and the Upper Midwest since 2009, and with names like “Windy City Crunch,” “Queens Crisp,” and “Blooming Brooklyn Iceberg,” it’s clear the company is selling […]
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Be green without giving up luxuries 11.2.2018 Washington Post
Manufacturers have stepped up, and eco-friendly products no longer mean you have to do without.
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From Bel-Air to Encino, a look at L.A. County's high-water home sales in January 10.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

A contemporary mansion with big-band ties, the onetime estate of a sandwich king and the new home base of a former baseball player were among the most expensive homes sold in January in Los Angeles County. Here’s a larger look.

$22.5 million — Bel-Air

On Somma Way, a contemporary mansion built...

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Quantum dots can make TVs and smartphones brighter, lighter 1.2.2018 Technology – The Indian Express
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Natural gas is energy's new king — but how long will it reign? California may offer some clues 22.1.2018 LA Times: Business

King Coal has been kicked off the throne.

Natural gas is now the nation’s leading source of electricity. It is abundant and cheap, which has not only crippled the coal industry but has also affected virtually every other source of power that makes up the energy grid.

Some have estimated there is...

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Why you should switch to LED lightbulbs right now, before the law requires it 18.1.2018 Washington Post
Why you should switch to LED lightbulbs right now, before the law requires it
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Brawny pickups, SUVs star at Detroit auto show 16.1.2018 AP Business
DETROIT (AP) -- It's the year of the pickup truck at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit as General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and Ford unveil new trucks in a fast-growing and highly competitive U.S. auto market....
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Ondrej Kase's clean bill of health a boost for Ducks 15.1.2018 LA Times: Commentary

With Ondrej Kase recovered from a battle with flu, the Ducks finally had their full complement of players Saturday and they showed the kind of force they can be down the stretch.

Kase wasted no time resuming his breakout season with his first career three-point contest. With a third-line player...

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Haiti and Africa? No, thanks. Trump prefers immigrants from some of the least diverse countries on Earth. 12.1.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Trump's embrace of Norway as an example is probably a coincidence but one that's, nonetheless, symbolic.
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Here's one city turning India's mountain of trash into cash 3.1.2018 LA Times: Business

It’s 6:30 a.m. in the Indian city of Mysuru and the streets are full of the sound of whistles blowing as workers in olive green aprons and rubber gloves begin a door-to-door search. They have come to collect one of India’s biggest untapped resources: garbage.

The roughly 1 million citizens in the...

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Goodbye to the incandescent light. Climate change means you have to go, but you'll be missed 1.1.2018 LA Times: Commentary

This week marks not just the start of a new year, but a bright new day for energy conservation. Or maybe it’s the tragic end of an era, with a beloved product now wiped out of existence by a government forcing its environmental agenda on the rest of us. Which view you take depends on how strongly...

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How to be more human in 2018? Try less. 1.1.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Don't worry about “making the most” of every moment, about constantly creating, commenting, accomplishing.
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In the heart of Trump Country, his base's faith is unshaken 27.12.2017 AP Top News
SANDY HOOK, Ky. (AP) -- The regulars amble in before dawn and claim their usual table, the one next to an old box television playing the news on mute....
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Dark, desperate life without power in Puerto Rico 25.12.2017 Washington Post: World
Three days before Christmas, Doris Martinez and daughter Miriam Narvaez joined their neighbors in a line outside city hall in Morovis, a town of 30,000 people still living without electricity in the mountains of central Puerto Rico a month after Hurricane Maria battered the U.S. island.
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The history of Williamsburg’s beloved (but not so Colonial) holiday decorations 21.12.2017 Washington Post
The history of Williamsburg’s beloved (but not so Colonial) holiday decorations
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Why all the outdoor 'prison-yard lighting' in Los Angeles? 17.12.2017 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: “Why aren’t people outraged about this?” asks Mariel Garza. (“Just because we can light up the night sky like it’s noontime, doesn’t mean we should,” Dec. 9)

Well, I was outraged when the prison-yard lighting in the alley behind my house first went in and proceeded to beam its invasive...

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Suit in New York asks, is graffiti art protected by law? Graffiti 'writers' seek damages for destroyed works 17.12.2017 LA Times: Nation

For more than a decade, they came from across New York City and around the world to leave their mark at the place they called 5Pointz.

Armed with cans of spray paint, they left bubble-lettered tags, outlined buxom cartoon women and undertook elaborate murals of a green Mother Earth and of a white-haired...

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A Florida city tried to shut it down, but a massive Christmas display is back 17.12.2017 LA Times: Nation

The sparkle is back in Mark Hyatt’s yard, and it’s brighter than ever.

His family’s massive Christmas display lights the night with a seemingly infinite number of bulbs.

The Plantation attraction — one of South Florida’s most controversial — is in full swing, drawing groans from neighbors and cheers...

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Feature and TV films 16.12.2017 LA Times: Commentary
Movies on TV the week of Dec. 17 - 23, 2017
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This Colorado city declined to allow pot sales. Now it's having second thoughts 16.12.2017 LA Times: Nation
Five years after Colorado legalized marijuana a handful of cities in the state do not allow it to be sold. Among them: Colorado Springs, the state's second most populous city. Why? A mix of conservative politics and religious values have kept this city from raking in big bucks from legal pot.
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