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Climate change: Warming signal links global floods and fires 15.11.2019 BBC: Science
Scientists say rising temperatures are having a big influence on the scale and frequency of extreme weather events.
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Scottish Rugby accepts £70,000 World Cup fine 14.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
World Rugby says the Scottish Rugby Union has "expressed its regret" over conduct at the World Cup and has made a £70,000 "donation".
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Venice floods: Italy to declare state of emergency over damage 14.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
The damage from the 1.87m (6ft) high waters is a "blow to the heart of our country", PM Conte says.
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'Venice is on its knees': Mayor blames worst tides in 50 years on climate change 14.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The highest tide since 1966 brought seawater into the city, threatening monuments and works of art. Mayor Luigi Brugnaro is asking Italy's central government for help.
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Australia bushfires: How extreme 'firestorms' make their own weather 13.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
As Australia faces a large-scale emergency, scientists report a "crazy increase" in firestorms.
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Venice floods: Italian city hit by highest tide in 50 years 13.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
The mayor of Venice says he will declare a state of disaster after a high tide topped 1.87m.
England flooding: Why insurance may not cover damage 13.11.2019 BBC: Business
Schemes are in place to protect most householders, but businesses may face extra costs.
Hurricanes that cause major destruction are becoming more frequent, study says 12.11.2019 LA Times: Science

The most damaging hurricanes, by area of total devastation, are increasing the most, according to a study of 247 hurricanes that hit the U.S. since 1900.

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Thousands face risk because of aging U.S. dams, including some in Colorado, AP finds 10.11.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
On a cold morning last March, Kenny Angel got a frantic knock on his door. Two workers from a utility company in northern Nebraska had come with a stark warning: Get out of your house.
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How do you stop flooding? 8.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
Parts of the UK are under several feet of floodwater - but what is being done to fight flooding?
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Persistent rainfall leaves city streets of Sheffield flooded 8.11.2019 BBC: Front Page
Sheffield is facing "near biblical" scenes of floodwater with more rain expected in the early hours.
Japan typhoon Hagibis: Ten flooded bullet trains scrapped 6.11.2019 BBC: World
The damage to the trains formed an iconic image of Typhoon Hagibis and will cost more than $100m.
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Army Corps raises failure risk rating of Mojave River Dam 6.11.2019 LA Times: Environment

Federal engineers, citing the threats posed by climate change, have found that a dam protecting the California high desert communities of Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley and Barstow could fail in an extreme flood.

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Storm Amélie leaves thousands without electricity in France 4.11.2019 BBC: World
Heavy winds and rains hit the south and west, leading to power cuts in 55,000 homes.
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Cameroon landslide kills dozens 29.10.2019 BBC: World
At least 37 people have died and people are thought to be trapped underground, officials say.
'Very dangerous situation' as California braces for 80 mph winds, major fire risk 27.10.2019 LA Times: Environment

The extreme Diablo winds that threaten to spread the Kincade fire this weekend could bring one of the most dangerous periods of fire weather in a generation.

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Japan floods: Death toll reaches 10 after heavy rain and landslides 26.10.2019 BBC: Front Page
Torrential rain and mudslides have hit parts of Japan just weeks after Typhoon Hagbis left almost 80 dead.
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Severe flooding in south of France leaves three dead 24.10.2019 BBC: World
The town of Béziers saw two months' average rainfall fall in just six hours on Wednesday morning.
North Dakota governor to ask for federal help following snowstorm, flooding 19.10.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum said Friday he will ask for federal help in dealing with the widespread flooding that occurred in the aftermath of heavy snow that fell last week.
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As waters rise, so do concerns for sports teams along coast 18.10.2019 Denver Post: Local
The infield is made of asphalt right now. So are the dugouts, the outfield and the stands. Someday this might be home to a baseball stadium, but today the Howard Terminal is little more than a parking lot for 16-wheelers, populated by far more sea gulls than baseball fans.
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