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Racist Policies in Urban Neighborhoods Have Created Deadly “Heat Islands” 20.1.2020 Mother Jones
This piece was originally published in The Guardian and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. Deadly urban heatwaves disproportionately affect underserved neighborhoods because of the legacy of racist housing policies which have denied African Americans home ownership and basic public services, a landmark new study has found. Extreme heat kills hundreds of people in […]
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Climate change: Last decade confirmed as warmest on record 15.1.2020 BBC: Front Page
Global data from three agencies also shows that 2019 was the second warmest year since 1850.
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Racist housing practices from the 1930s linked to hotter neighborhoods today 15.1.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
A study of more than 100 cities nationwide shows neighborhoods subjected to discriminatory housing policies nearly a century ago are hotter today than other areas.
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Australia fires: Thousands of camels being slaughtered 8.1.2020 BBC: World
Feral camels and horses will be shot dead as they are damaging settlements in search of water.
Australia fires: Evacuation call stepped up as crisis worsens 3.1.2020 BBC: World
People are told to flee as extreme heat and winds are expected to further stoke fires this weekend.
Wettest year, extreme cold: Minnesota's top 5 weather events in 2019 1.1.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Much of Minnesota saw the coldest air mass in 26 years and the wettest year on record in 2019.
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Australia: Volunteer firefighter killed by 'freakish' wind 31.12.2019 BBC: World
There are also concerns in Australia that "extraordinary fire behaviour" will increase the flames.
Gavin and Stacey: Behind the scenes as Christmas reunion filmed 24.12.2019 BBC: Front Page
BBC Breakfast were the only people invited on set during filming, back in July, during a heatwave.
Australia fires: Travel warnings issued over 'catastrophic' blazes 21.12.2019 BBC: Front Page
Firefighters tackle "catastrophic" blazes in New South Wales as residents are urged to stay at home.
Here’s What’s Missing From Mayor Pete’s Plan for Climate Justice in Latinx Communities 21.12.2019 Mother Jones
Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg released a white paper on Monday focused on a slew of policy proposals aimed at Latinx voters. Entitled “El Pueblo Unido/A People United: A New Era for Latinos,” the 20-page document explores how a Buttigieg administration would address access to voting, a lack of affordable housing, draconian immigration laws, and […]
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Australia fires: A visual guide to the bushfires and extreme heat 20.12.2019 BBC: World
The scale of the nation's ongoing emergency is terrifying - here's what fire crews are facing.
Climate change threatens billions in CalPERS pension fund 20.12.2019 LA Times: Environment

A new assessment finds that one-fifth of CalPERS' public markets portfolio is in business sectors exposed to financial risk from climate change.

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Australia endures hottest day on record 18.12.2019 BBC: Front Page
The continent records its highest national average temperature, worsening the bushfire threat.
Climate change: Last decade 'almost certainly' warmest 3.12.2019 BBC News - Science & Environment
Provisional data suggests the decade from 2010-2019 is the warmest yet recorded.
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Climate Change Is Brutal for Everyone but Worse for Women 29.11.2019 Mother Jones
This piece was originally published in Wired and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. The climate crisis is so epic, so vicious, so wide-reaching, that at this point there are few aspects of the human experience it isn’t transforming. Supercharged wildfires are devastating California, heat waves are killing more people and more crops, cities are […]
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Here’s Why NOAA Under Trump Is in a “Holding Pattern” 26.11.2019 Mother Jones
After spending two years in confirmation purgatory, Barry Myers, the Trump nominee to head the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), asked the White House last week to rescind his nomination. Myers explained that he needed to step down because of recent cancer surgery and chemotherapy, but his nomination has been stunted by controversy from […]
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Australia woman charged with murder after toddlers die in hot car 25.11.2019 BBC: World
Temperatures in Australia at the time the two children were discovered were about 31C (88F).
This Report Shows How Climate Change Will Affect Every Child. Its Authors Hope Congress Will Listen. 19.11.2019 Mother Jones
On Monday, some of the authors of the annual Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change, a massive report compiled by 120 health and climate experts from around the world on the relationship between climate change and global health, gathered in the Russell Senate office building. They called on policy makers and Congress to act […]
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A warmer world is an unhealthier place for children, doctors warn 14.11.2019 LA Times: Science

Children are growing up in a warmer world that will hit them with more and different health problems than their parents experienced, doctors say.

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The Photos of Wildfires Raging Across Australia Are Devastating 13.11.2019 Mother Jones
Residents of Sydney, Australia, are bracing for the worst as catastrophic bushfires rage across the state of New South Wales. Though Australia’s summer fire season has just begun, 150,000 hectares of land have already burned in one fire alone, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Since Friday, the fire has killed three people and destroyed 170 […]
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