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Climate change 'driving UK's extreme weather' 31.7.2020 BBC: Front Page
Last year was remarkable for high temperatures and severe swings, according to the Met Office.
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Denver weather: Hot temperatures with a chance of showers in the metro area 13.7.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
It will be partly sunny with a high of 95 degrees with a chance of rain throughout the day in the Denver metro area, according to the National Weather Service.
Denver weather: Still hot, with temperatures expected to hit 97 12.7.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
Denver's in for another scorcher on Sunday, with temperatures soaring into the 90s yet again, according to the forecast from the National Weather Service in Boulder.
This Colorado city set a record high and a record low on the same day 12.7.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
Sure, Colorado is pretty well known for its extreme weather. But what one city in southern Colorado saw on Friday might raise some eyebrows, even for Colorado's lofty meteorological standards.
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Denver weather: Metro area slated for hot and sunny forecast on Monday 29.6.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
Break out those sunglasses, it's going to be a hot one.
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Amber Alert issued for missing 12-year-old boy from Aurora 28.6.2020 Denver Post: Local
Authorities have issued an Amber Alert of a missing 12-year-old boy out of Aurora.
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Denver weather: Recapping the wild weather along the Front Range Friday 27.6.2020 Denver Post: Local
After a slow start to the severe weather season along the Front Range, Friday featured more than a little bit of everything: flooding, large hail and even tornado warnings. More storms could be in the forecast for Saturday as well, though this weekend isn't expected to be as eventful as Friday.
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Climate change: Sport heading for a fall as temperatures rise 20.6.2020 BBC News - Science & Environment
A new analysis says global sport faces major disruption from climate change in coming decades.
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UK weather: Sunniest spring since records began 29.5.2020 BBC: Front Page
England is set to have its driest May in 124 years as some areas warn of drought conditions.
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Coronavirus: What does it mean for natural disaster response? 21.5.2020 BBC News - US & Canada
How are emergency services preparing for natural disasters amid the coronavirus pandemic?
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Social distancing: When extreme weather and coronavirus collide 20.5.2020 BBC: World
People displaced by extreme weather are forced to break Covid-19 social distancing safety guidelines.
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As If We Weren’t Already Dealing With Enough, the Polar Vortex Is Back 7.5.2020 Mother Jones
First came the pandemic. Then, the giant murder hornets. Now, a freak May snowstorm is set to blanket the Northeast, adding a new degree of absurdity to year that can’t seem to get any weirder. The polar vortex will send temperatures plummeting about 20 degrees below average in many parts of the Northeast and the […]
Why today is Denver’s most interesting weather day of the year 27.4.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
We all know that Denver is prone to having crazy weather. But today's weather statistic might have all of those other days beaten.
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'Hope isn't a strategy': How to prepare for a natural disaster during COVID-19 11.4.2020 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
If a major hurricane, flood or wildfire happens during the pandemic, evacuation shelters could be dangerous and cross-state aid impossible. So disaster response experts are planning new strategies.
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Colorado weather: A warm, dry spring ahead? 8.4.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
If the Climate Prediction Center's (CPC) outlook is right, Colorado could be in for a warmer and drier spring than normal.
Meals on Wheels Is Already Feeling the Symptoms of Coronavirus 13.3.2020 Mother Jones
For 66 years, Meals on Wheels has been providing regular meals for elderly Americans—along with a host of other services like companion visits and errand shopping. Today serving 2.4 million people, the service is often the one factor that separates an elderly person from both hunger and social isolation. It has managed to function through […]
'Crabbing': Why your pilot might land sideways in high wind 27.2.2020 BBC: World
Stormy weather can make flying planes tricky, leading pilots to adopt a technique called "crabbing".
Australia fires were far worse than any prediction 24.2.2020 BBC: Science
The 'breathtaking scale' of the Australian bushfires were way beyond anything climate science predicted, say scientists.
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Australia weather: 'We’ve gone from hell to high water' 20.2.2020 BBC: World
Australians on the drought, dust, fire and floods of one of the most turbulent summers in memory.
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Russia, Turkey spar over Syria operation 19.2.2020 Hindu: Rx
Erdogan threatens to attack advancing Syrian troops; Kremlin warns against the ‘worst scenario’
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