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Why your pizza may never be delivered by drone 14.12.2018 BBC: Front Page
The biggest obstacle to delivery drones isn't technology, it's regulation and public acceptance.
Unhealthy air alert posted for Twin Cities, western Minnesota 12.12.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Conditions are now considered unhealthy for sensitive groups in those areas until a weather front moves through Thursday evening, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency says.
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Trump EPA proposes big changes to federal water protections 11.12.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The Trump administration wants to substantially limit which waterways are protected under the Clean Water Act. Farmers and developers have long lobbied against the current rule as too expansive.
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Carbon dioxide emissions are up again. What now, climate? 6.12.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The fortuitous dip in emissions of the main greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, during the past three years is over, as economies turn up. The trend in the near future looks grim, say climate scientists.
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Environmentalists go to court to fight PolyMet mine permits 4.12.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Environmental groups have gone to court to challenge the state's decision to grant key permits for the proposed PolyMet copper-nickel mine in northeastern Minnesota.
Five gross things we used to dump in the Mississippi River -- and what we're dumping now 3.12.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
From raw sewage to industrial waste, the Mississippi was the dump for all sorts of pollution. A retired state regulator and history buff helps us compare past and current threats to the river.
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How America’s Bluest State Can Be a Model for the Other 49 3.12.2018 American Prospect
AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom shakes hands with an election night crowd after he defeated Republican John Cox to become 40th governor of California in Los Angeles.  In the 2018 “blue wave” that flipped the House of Representatives, California flipped the most. Of the  seven target  congressional races in the state, all seven were won by Democrats. Orange County—a key launching pad for the anti-government ideologies of the modern Republican Party—will now be represented in Congress entirely by Democrats. Democrats also won every statewide office and will enjoy super-majorities—sufficient to pass tax legislation—in both state houses. (They’ll hold at least 60 of the 80 Assembly seats and 29 of the 40 in the Senate.) Golden State progressives may be permitted a brief moment – well, maybe a long weekend – of celebration. After all, the state that gave the nation Ronald Reagan, tax-cutting frenzy, and anti-immigrant hysteria now seems to have a Democratic advantage locked-in; even ...
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Why some see Chile's plastic bag ban as a rubbish proposal 2.12.2018 BBC: Science
Chile has banned stores from handing out free plastic bags to shoppers and it is a headache for some.
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State officials issue permit for Minntac tailings basin 1.12.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
State officials plan to issue a water quality permit Saturday to U.S. Steel for a massive mining waste pit on the Iron Range.
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Air pollution: Madrid imposes tough measures on motorists 30.11.2018 BBC: World
Driving restrictions introduced in the Spanish capital aim to reduce air pollution by up to 40%.
'Miss Environment': The 11-year-old girl 'saving Lagos' 30.11.2018 BBC News - Science & Environment
Misimi Isimi is an 11-year-old environmentalist on a mission to clean up Lagos.
Climate change: EU aims to be 'climate neutral' by 2050 28.11.2018 BBC: Science
The European Union says it wants to become the first major economy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.
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Sark electricity: The Channel Island that could lose its power 26.11.2018 BBC: Front Page
The Channel Island of Sark has no cars or streetlights - and by the end of the week might have no electricity either.
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The friends who giggled their way to an incontinence business 25.11.2018 BBC: Business
Friends Judith and Anne turned insecurity after surgery into an environmentally friendly business.
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Climate change is already hurting U.S. communities, federal report says 24.11.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
A massive new federal report warns that extreme weather disasters, like California's wildfires and this year's hurricanes, are worsening in the United States.
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Dead Chinese sturgeons halt China eco resort construction 23.11.2018 BBC: World
About 6,000 of the critically rare fish are thought to have died because of the construction work.
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China-backed coal projects prompt climate change fears 23.11.2018 BBC News - Science & Environment
A new unit at a Serbian coal-fired power station focuses concerns on China's role in global warming.
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Minnesota gross: Don't pour that turkey fat down the drain 20.11.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Thanksgiving may be a time of joy for you, but for sewer workers it's the season of dread — a holiday when clogged fats, oil, grease and disposable wipes can lead to sewer backups.
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Hospital noise levels growing worse, say researchers 19.11.2018 BBC: Health
Noise in hospitals often exceeds harmful levels and can affect the wellbeing of patients and staff, research finds.
Delhi's rickshaw pullers: Toxic air is killing us but we can’t quit 18.11.2018 BBC: World
Delhi's rickshaw pullers say they don't contribute to air pollution, but are still the worst affected.
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