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Trump administration says conserving oil is no longer an economic imperative for U.S. 19.8.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Conserving oil is no longer an economic imperative for the U.S., the Trump administration declares in a major new policy statement that threatens to undermine decades of government campaigns for gas-thrifty cars and other conservation programs.
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Revival of Sanctions Delay China, Russia Oil-Field Deals in Iran 8.8.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
China, Russia and India say they will continue to buy petroleum from Iran, despite U.S. sanctions that would prohibit those sales. But they’re having problems making investments in Iran’s oil fields.
American Refiners Reap Big Profits as Production Soars 7.8.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Gasoline makers are thriving on record domestic crude production and pipeline bottlenecks that have lowered their oil costs and boosted their margins.
Trump Administration Aims to Freeze Fuel Standards, End Tougher California Rules 2.8.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
The Trump administration is proposing to freeze fuel-efficiency standards for cars and light trucks in 2020, a move that will ease rules for auto makers and also likely intensify a legal fight with California.
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Bigger Oil Pipelines Are Coming to West Texas to Ease Bottleneck 30.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Companies building new pipelines for the Permian Basin are making them bigger amid surging shale production in West Texas and New Mexico.
Mexico's López Obrador to Start New Refinery in Boost for Pemex 28.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
Mexican President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Friday his government will earmark 175 billion pesos ($9.4 billion) in additional investment next year at state-run energy companies.
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Higher Fuel Costs Hit Airlines 27.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Many of the biggest U.S. airlines are cutting flights and raising fares to counteract rising fuel prices that are threatening a long run of profitability.
Global Oil Industry Prepares for a Revival 20.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Oil producers are ordering more equipment and lining up drilling rigs for later this year, according to top industry executives, indications that international activity is picking up.
GE Still Wrestles With a Big Problem: GE Capital 17.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
General Electric continues to work with bankers and advisers to determine the best way to proceed with GE Capital, the lending unit that nearly sank the company in the financial crisis.
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Steven Donziger Gets His Due 14.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
The lawyer who tried to shake down Chevron loses his law license.
U.A.E. Backed Militia Leader's Bid to Take Control of Libyan Oil Exports 13.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
United Arab Emirates officials have engaged in secret talks with a Libyan military commander seeking the Gulf state’s help in exporting Libya’s oil outside of United Nations-approved channels, Libyan, Emirati and European officials said.
More than a dozen RTD bus routes, including 16th Street Mall shuttle, to see reduced service starting next month 11.7.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
RTD will reduce service on more than a dozen bus lines starting next month, including the 16th Street Mall shuttle and Routes 3, 10, 20, 24, 46, 73 and 133. Most of the changes are minor, like discontinuing an early-morning or late-evening trip or reducing frequency during times of day with low ridership.
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Multi-vehicle crash shuts down eastbound lanes of I-70 in Jefferson County near Colfax Avenue 11.7.2018 Denver Post: News: Local
A multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 70 in Jefferson County has shut down the eastbound lanes of the highway.
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Feds back off push to open land near Sangre de Cristo Wilderness, Great Sand Dunes for oil and gas development 11.7.2018 Denver Post: Local
Federal Bureau of Land Management officials on Tuesday delayed a push to open 18,316 acres in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve for oil and gas development, saying they will first honor a Navajo Nation request for consultation.
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Denver’s dockless scooter pilot program prompts permit applications from 7 companies 11.7.2018 Denver Post: News: Local
Soon there may be more than just the green and red scooters of Lime and Bird buzzing around Denver's streets.
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Colorado oil and gas ballot initiative would bar extraction on more than 80 percent of non-federal land, state regulators say 10.7.2018 Denver Post: Business
More than 4 of every 5 acres of non-federal land in Colorado would be off-limits to new oil and gas drilling if voters this fall approve a proposed ballot measure that aims to significantly widen the distance wells have to be from occupied buildings and water sources, according to an analysis released this month by state energy regulators.
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Boulder County decries addition of last-minute possible well site to open space drilling plan 7.7.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Boulder County is objecting to the inclusion of a new, alternative drilling site proposed by Denver-based Crestone Peak Resources in formal comments sent Friday to the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.
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Trump Asks Saudis to Pump More Oil, Citing High Prices 1.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: Policy
President Trump said he asked Saudi Arabia to significantly boost its oil production, but a senior Saudi official said the kingdom has made no specific promise.
Trump urges Saudis to raise oil output 'by two million barrels' 1.7.2018 BBC: Business
The US president says he asked Saudi Arabia to increase oil production due to "turmoil in Iran".
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The Deepwater Horizon Spill Happened 8 Years Ago. The Ocean Still Hasn’t Recovered. 30.6.2018 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by the Guardian and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster may have had a lasting impact upon even the smallest organisms in the Gulf of Mexico, scientists have found—amid warnings that the oceans around America are also under fresh assault as a result of environmental […]
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